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In today’s century business and technology are inseparable and there is no debate about that because it is clearly evident, the businesses that are using technology are prospering while those that are still using the old techniques are lagging behind. Business technology management (BTM) involves several services that are meant to help any business that lacks its own information technology section. It delivers a combined structure for the planned use of technology in development of businesses and growth of organizations. Business technology management techniques on the other hand are those techniques that allow you to merge technology and business into decision making. For successful management of any business or organization, one needs to have a well put out plan and set up guidelines which all other members of the organization should follow in order to meet their pre-set goals. In any business there are different techniques that they use to get to what they want however when all of those techniques are joined together, success is a guarantee. Business technology management gives organizations the ability to implement its goals and visions. Well this is post is about to take you through the techniques in business technology management………….


  • Senior stake holders should be the holders of authority; using technology in our businesses can be very beneficial but only if managed and used correctly, this is why it is much recommended that authority should only be left in the hands of the senior stake holders rather than the lower stake holders or employees. This is because the employees or workers can easily misuse the technology used in a business for example for in companies where internet is free, workers instead end up using it for downloading immoral videos and many other unacceptable things and this is what happens when authority is left in the hands of workers. Yet on the other hand the senior stake holders can easily regulate it to make sure that it is used only of the things that are developmental to the organization and result into achievement of the company’s set goals.
  • Use part-time assignments; when people get too used to a particular task it actually becomes boring and they will eventually end up becoming less productive, in the large business all the different sectors tend to use different kinds of technology therefore switching up users for part-time assignments help to reduce the monotony of using one particular type of technology that is used in only that one department. It also brings about the excitement of using new technology every other time which is important in making workers much more productive. Additionally part-time assignments help workers to get used to all the different kinds of technology used in the company so that when one worker is not present, there is always another that can stand in for them.
  • Create expert groups and task teams; for company needs that are more specific it is always important to have a well skilled group of people that will always respond to those needs. For example it is recommended for any company to have a group of engineers because of their experience and expertise in the more technical tasks of the company that not just any employee can work on. Therefore the creation of such project teams is what helps companies develop easily since there will be skilled personnel in every section of the company. Every growing business has specific or more important needs that they pay more attention to since they are the biggest source of income, such needs always require specialized groups.
  • Provide all necessary information on decision making; before you go ahead to execute any decisions it is very important that the very first thing you do is that you communicate with all business members. With all the technology in place of late it is super easy to communicate to all business members and partners so that you give them details about each and every decision that you plan to implement. Such information sharing makes members feel important in the company and thus participate more in helping the company achieve all of its goals. This is a way of valuing workers and once they feel valued they will definitely work more towards helping the business prosper instead of being reluctant.
  • Publish operational data and performance statistics; there is no use in hiding operational data and worker’s performance statistics because much as some workers love the confidentiality it is not good for the business. To help your business grow, there is need to show off those performance numbers so that employees find out who is performing better in all of the various departments and eventually those that are performing poorly learn from those excellent performers. Performance statistics also motivate those workers that are misusing company technology to perform to focus more on the business’s strategic goals so that they are also acknowledged by the superiors as good performers. And lastly your operational data will help the senior stake holders recognize departments in the business that still need improvement, those that are no longer relevant and those that are most relevant.
  • Exploit technology to keep all business components connected; each section of the company is of great importance to the business as a whole but when all departments are merged the results are even more amazing which is why business professionals advise managers to use the technique of linking all the different components of the business together through technology. Through applications, websites, emails and so many other platforms it is extremely easy to share information from all the various departments just to ensure that all individuals are on the same page. When you have technology at your disposal, you have all the rights to utilize it to the best of your ability in order to make your business successful and that is exactly what you have to do in business technology management.
  • Automate repetitive jobs; the best techniques are those that make the job easier for employees therefore automating repetitive tasks is a good way to make the job less stressful for them. As long as you are using technology in your business, it is most likely that you will find some basic procedures which you end up using frequently so in those cases there is no reason as to why you should strain your workers making them repeat the same processes over and over when you can simply automate the system and make the process a lot simpler for them. This will reduce on time wastage since workers will be finishing jobs much faster and also using less effort on the job.
  • Always make and share operational reports; before you start on any business operations, it would only be wise to start by clearly planning out all the operations so as to avoid any inconveniences and regrets later when you have already started on the job. Any operation that has been planned earlier is easier to execute and as soon as you are through with making the plans the next step has to be sharing operation reports with the rest of the business members. When such unique techniques are used in business technology management it becomes way too easy to achieve all of the business’s set goals. Before you even start on the operation, everyone in the business will already be familiar or at least have an idea of what they are supposed to do.
  • Endeavor to analyze operational data; the mere fact that you are already using technology in your business will make all your work easier since there are several tools available that you can use to critically analyze operational data. At the end of every operation that you engage in as a business you must always analyze the operation data to find out how well your business is doing. This way you will find out how big or how small the impact of using of technology in your business is on your profits. Analyzing operational data also helps you to identify any problems in your business so that you find solutions to them before they cause greater damage.
  • Maximize compliance with company regulations at all levels; it doesn’t matter level of seniority one has they should always follow the company regulations and management should always ensure to that. Senior stake holders need to be exemplary to the workers by complying with company rules at all times, this will give a challenge to the workers to copy from their superiors which is very good for the business. For example if the company sets regulations against time for using the internet, senior members should be the first to abide by that rule and make sure that they are not using the internet during forbidden hours and you will eventually see how fast the employees copy. Business owners need to be very strict on making sure that the set rules are followed by all members of the company.
  • Create both long and short term deliberate plans with associated budget; you must to make focused plan and not only for the long term but for the short term too. In business technology management you will definitely come up with plans that need to be implemented as soon as possible because of their level of importance while on the other hand you also need to think about the long term plans which are important for the business but can wait to be implemented later. Either way it doesn’t really matter, the important thing about this is that for every plan you make whether long term or short term, you must link a certain budget to it. This helps you to make more realistic and achievable goals other than frustrating ones.
  • Carefully select and accomplish anticipated projects; a business manager, you need to welcome ideas from all groups of people that you are working with so that you have a bigger number to choose from. After looking through lots and lots of suggested ideas, pick out those that you feel will be of help to the development of the business. At the end of this process if all the projects that are selected and anticipated must be executed however they must be in alignment with the strategic plans of your business.
  • Create a long term structural plan; the advancements in technology keep increasing day by day which means that you must always be ready for what is coming next. This calls for a bigger architectural plan so that when you need to use more machines that are bigger than what you already have there will be space to accommodate the changes. For a growing business you should always have in mind that you will need a bigger plan in terms of space.


In implementing business technology management there are specific types of technology that are used in businesses and below are some of these types.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems; this is a system that tracks all of your customer’s records right from when they start purchasing from your business. It will track all conversations you have with that particular customer and record their orders for a service or product. This technology is basically used by managers to maintain exceptional and trustworthy relationships with their clients.
  • Computers; in many organizations computers are the most important type of technology because they are the most used. They are so many types of computers and brands that you can choose from depending on how much you are willing to pay.
  • Soft ware; a computer becomes more useful with soft ware loaded onto it, different software accomplish different tasks so it is up to you as the user to choose which soft ware will be mostly used in your business.
  • Telephone systems; the office telephone is also a type of technology, it helps you to stay in close contact with members from all the various departments in the company.
  • Networking; this is mostly used for information share, people can now share data and information very quickly through networking.
  • Inventory control systems
  • Accounting systems

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