Disadvantages Of Using Technology In Business

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Businesses all over the world are embracing the use of technology because of the incredible way it increases productivity and the fact that it really eases your work however this doesn’t mean that it only has advantages. The extreme adaptation of businesses to using technology has also come with several disadvantages and this is exactly what this post seeks to identify, these disadvantages. If you are out there and looking for the damages that might arise from using technology in your business, this is definitely the perfect place for you to look from. There are different types of technology used in businesses however research has found that technology has to some extent turned out disastrous to businesses. It is no secret that the introduction of technology in business has come with lots and lots of outstanding advantages that have led to development and success of both small and large businesses but even though that is the case, we still ought to watch out for its disadvantages which are well explained in this article……

  • Lack of security

The rate at which crime is rising through technology is alarming, there is no day that goes by without the news reporting cases of people who have lost millions or been hurt all as a result of technology. As people provide detailed information while purchasing various goods and services, lots of hackers are always on the look to steal people’s information details to use them for the wrong reasons which has ended up causing purchasers extremely high losses. A certain department of justice in the US reported that many young people around the age of 21 years are part of crime rings engaging in technology based offences. Additionally several reports form computer security institutes showed a drastic increase in finances lost through technology. Millions and millions of dollars have been lost in cases where systems were penetrated by unauthorized people, viruses and so many other instances of financial fraud.

  • Abuse of email and internet privileges

In businesses where workers are given the privilege to access the internet at any time, workers end up misusing these privileges. Some send wrong emails with internet availed to them by the company while others use the internet for viewing and downloading their own personal staff. This has led businesses into failure because workers use working time for other unconstructive things on the internet. This is all a result of technology because before it was easy to supervise workers and find out what they are doing during working hours however with technology it is not that easy to supervise workers.

  • Increased expenses

The costs of bringing technology into a business are quite high, reason being many of the technological equipment that should be used are quite expensive. And this is not all, technology also comes with costs of maintenance, new changes or updates and also expenses of training workers to use the different machines. Therefore for a business to achieve all the advantages they want to achieve from using technology, they must first of all spend huge sums of money adapting to it. And to make matters even worse, once there is system failure the entire business will be gone resulting into horrible losses for the business owners and definitely those who have been receiving the services and products from that particular business.

  • Too many distractions

Together with the physical distractions like system failure, there are so many distractions all over the internet that interrupt with people’s work. There are thousands of games, videos and music to check out and after checking them out it takes some good time to gain back the concentration that workers need to get back to work and work as productively as they are supposed to. Many people whose businesses involve the use of internet will spend more time of the fun sites instead of their business website or emails. Working under all this kind of distraction is very unpleasant to the growth of the business.

  • No team work

Using technology in the business creates disconnectedness among business members reason being the ease of communication created by technology leaves no room for people to team up in person and discuss as a group. In businesses technology, superiors communicate through emails, websites, texts and so many other platforms which cause them to ignore important techniques like holding business meetings in the work place yet they are important for togetherness and overall production. Researchers say that physical communication is better than electric communication because in physical communication there is use of body language and room for questions in case of any misunderstandings which is not the case for other kinds of communication that are electronic.

  • Excessive competition

Competition is good but not when it is excessive and this is what technology creates, every business is now struggling to afford technology because those that are not yet developed to the era of using technology are overly losing their long time consumers to those businesses that have already implemented the use of technology. This has therefore brought about unnecessary competition among business owners which in the end causes some sellers or retailers to run out of business completely.

  • Increased unemployment

Unemployment is such a huge problem for various countries however the rise in use of technology in businesses has even worsened the problem because it takes over jobs that would rather have been done by human beings. For example instead of hiring someone to grind coffee, companies now prefer to buy a coffee grinder since it does the job better than the human hand and this has left many people without jobs. Another good example is the accounting sector which is very important in any business, today business owners prefer to use applications and software for their accounting tasks since they are much more accurate instead of hiring an accountant. And as we all know there are so many dangerous outcomes of unemployment like increase in crime rate.

  • Too many fake and duplicated products

There are so many businesses conduction their services via the internet in fact the best retailers in this technology filled era own online stores however the problem with this is that business dealers sell products that are either duplicates or completely fake. People who buy products online have complained over and over about sellers that label their products authentic yet on receipt by the consumers, it is realized that the products are actually not real but simply a copy of the original. Sometimes they are authentic but with a color or size that you didn’t order for and sellers don’t even mind because by the time they deliver a product they have already been paid.

  • Lack o f privacy

Online business professionals use all kinds of ways to market their products and that includes both legal and illegal ways. For example they make use of cookies in order to find out more about customers and they will access this information without seeking any kind of permission from the consumers which is invasion of privacy. They therefore use this information to advertise and suggest the products that they deal which is in the best of their interest, they completely don’t care about the privacy of consumers.

  • Over dependency

Because of the incredible way that technology eases work, businesses have become overly dependent on using technology and this has greatly affected worker’s creativity. People now prefer to work with computers, software and so many other kinds of technology and this means that in case the machine is not in good working condition, the production process will have to be paused and this is bad for business. The confidence in people’s creativity and skill is greatly reducing with the increased use of technology in businesses.

  • Poor customer care

Since sellers communicate and deliver products to customers without necessarily meeting them for face to face conversations it is very easy for them to be rude to them unlike when they have to meet the customers physically. This kind of rudeness is also experienced from the customers especially through reviews, some purchasers comment rudely about products which kills the morale of other customers that were willing to actually try the product out.



Now that we know the disadvantages of using technology in a business, it is also important to know which technology types these disadvantages arise from. Here are the different types of technology that are used in businesses.

  • Communication hardware; any business depends mostly on communication because however much the resources are available, if there is lack of clear communication workers will not know how to make use of the available resources. In business communication is made easier with different technologies including computers, VIOP machines, internet modems and phones, all these devices help members to communicate through the internet. With this hardware business owners easily keep in touch with their best clients and at the same time keep in very close contact with their suppliers and distributors to enable business run smoothly. Social media, text messages and emails are the communication forms though emails are the most efficient for business matters.
  • Business soft ware; to make daily tasks easier and less stressful for workers, businesses today are opting for business soft ware. There are different kinds of soft ware that are used however most businesses make use of data bases to store all the important information for the business. After the database is created, it is made accessible to all member of the business so that whenever a business member finds any difficulty with any of the business procedures, they can easily access the data base to clear up any confusion.
  • Business hardware; any business will acquire hardware to help out in its operations therefore hardware differ from one business to another depending on the kind of business that people engage in. there are so many kinds of hard ware that businesses but in every business you will definitely find a computer installed with the most with the basic software such as Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, internet explorer, notebook, calculator, calendar and so on which are essential for daily activities.
  • Networking; this is simply sharing of information where by data is shifted to all the different members of a business. That main advantage of networking is the speed and efficiency with which it transfers information within the business. This type of technology can used also for secure keeping of strong business documents. Networking creates cheap information share and this prevents the business from going through the expenditure of moving information to all various departments.
  • Customer relationship management systems; these are systems put in place to ensure that ensure excellent customer service. These systems help to keep track of track a client from the very first time they work with a company and all through their time working with the company. As soon as you gain information about the customer a customer relationship system installed in your company will help to keep tracking all their transactions with you. When the client calls for any queries or wants to order a product the CRM system will inform the responsible department about when a product will be available or when it will be shipped. Through customer relationship systems, business owners are able to create stronger relationships with their customers which is great for growth of the business.
  • Inventory control system; an inventory control system is that system that keeps track of each and everything that happens with your inventory. This means that the system will always update about how much stock you are left with and how much you will need but also controls it so that you don’t end up ordering more than you think. An inventory system is definitely one of technologies you will need for the good of your government

In conclusion, technology comes with some disadvantages but of you compared them with the advantages you will realize that it is actually inevitable for you to use technology in your business for it to be prosperous. The world is changing so all you need to do is avoid the disadvantages and enjoy its benefits.

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