The Importance Of Technology In The Workplace

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Today, there are actually several technologies available for use at workplace in-order to help employees and companies become more efficient and productive. In fact, technology has greatly changed the workplaces in developed countries like USA and Europe over the past few decades and this is due to the rapid technological advancements that have enabled employees to interact with the global market in real time while at the workplace. Additionally, most companies today are recommended to keep up-to-date by integrating new technologies into their systems in-order to make more profits and to compete fairly with other businesses globally. Another great thing about technological advancements of today is that even small businesses can afford these technologies in-order to get into new market and increase on their profits thus enabling such businesses to expand more efficiently and quickly than ever before. All in all, incorporating technology into workplaces has enables employees and companies to accomplish different tasks faster and better than ever before leading to the growth and development of our communities.


Importance/advantages of technology in the workplace:

  1. Improved communication at workplace: incorporating technology into businesses is actually very important because it helps to improve on communication in the workplace. In fact, due to technological advancements today, employees are no longer limited to make phone-calls, chat or mail inorder to interact with one another. Additionally, mailing and chat-platforms enable workers to communicate instantly and conveniently than ever before thus improving on their productivity within the company. On the other hand, integrating advanced technology into business helps to improve on communication between clients and business-partners since information can easily be exchanged through different communication platforms conveniently and quicker than ever before. However, although technology improves on communication within the company, some employees may not use it properly thus leading to a decrease in productivity within the company.


  1. Improved efficiency in the workplace: integrating technology into businesses actually helps to save-up a lot of time by simply speeding-up on the work-flow process. Today, information-systems help companies to save-up space, decrease on paper-work and printing costs than ever before. Additionally, if a company has an information system then access to information by employees will be very easy and fast with just a click of a button. So, the efficiency provided by technology has enabled smaller-companies to rise and grow faster than ever before.


  1. Reduced human-error at the workplace: using computer systems at the workplace will enable employees to avoid making certain mistakes and even help them to correct any mistakes instantly. In fact, there even some computer-programs that have been designed to carry out delicate tasks within companies inorder to minimize on the occurrence of errors which could cost companies a lot of money. However, due to the great technological advancements in some companies today, the number of jobs-opportunities has gradually decreased thus leaving many people unemployed.


  1. It eliminates mobility costs: integrating technology into companies actually eliminates unnecessary travels and even saves employees a lot of time. Today, video-conferencing technology enables businesses and clients to interact easily no matter their physical location around the globe. So, it reduces on travel-costs since businesses can easily set-up virtual-meetings and exchange information with their clients without sitting in the same room.


  1. It enables businesses to create a global connection and presence easily: integrating technology into a business will actually enable a company to establish a global presence and connection easily and at an affordable cost than ever before. In fact, today most businesses can easily market or advertise their products and services easily inorder to improve on the profitability-levels.


  1. Technology improves on information security within the workplace: technology actually offers companies with great advantages when it comes to information-security. In fact, technology enables companies to grant only a few qualified employees to access certain sensitive information within the company by simply creating usernames and passwords that must be filled inorder to access that information. Additionally, due to improved information security with companies today, it’s very hard for outsiders to access important company information which is actually a great thing. On top of that, with technology companies can easily protect their clients’ records on electronic databases so that their information cannot be accidentally lost or destroyed. Such important-records can even be encrypted inorder to ensure that they can only be accessed by authorized members of staff within the company. All in all, information is now stored in a digital-format and this helps to eliminate the need of physical documents that can easily be accessed and destroyed by bad people.


  1. Easy storage and processing of information at the workplace: with the integration of technology into business, employees can easily store vast amounts of information onto information systems and even access all the information they need with just a click of a button. In fact, technological advancements at workplaces have gradually eliminated the need to create any paperwork or printing-jobs thus saving employees a lot of time and energy hence saving companies a lot of operational costs.


  1. Technology enables employees to accomplish tasks easily and effectively: integrating new technologies at the work place actually helps employees to accomplish their tasks faster and easily than ever before. for example, machines can help with heavy-lifting of goods with just a single operator in factories, machines can be set to do precise work in construction, machines help doctors to accomplish certain tasks easily and computers help people working in offices to accomplish several task more efficiently.


  1. Increased productivity in the workplace: one of the greatest advantages that technology offers is to businesses is improved productivity which in-turn leads to increased profitability of the company. This is possible because technology enables employees to collaborate more effectively while working with computers and technology has also led to the automation of most tasks thus enabling employees to concentrate on other important tasks or even just supervise the performance of machines.


  1. It facilitates for easy analysis of company progress: with the integration of technology in the work place, analyzers will be able to easily assess the company progress and also quickly identify areas where that company needs to improve on its performance inorder to maximize on its profits. In fact, information-systems greatly improve on the company’s ability to work with stored data while reducing on the amount of space required for recordkeeping thus enabling companies to operate more efficiently and effectively than ever before.


  1. Reduced operational costs: one of the greatest advantages of incorporating technology into a workplace is reduced business-expenses. This is actually possible because companies can easily increase on productivity with fewer workers thus reducing on salary-costs which are usually spent on tasks that can be carried out by computers. Additionally, the advanced communication in the workplace helps to reduce on the travel-costs by simply allowing companies to communicate with their clients easily over the internet no matter their location. On top of that, information systems can actually store large amounts of digital-data thus enabling the company to reduce on paperwork and printing costs. However, you should know that integrating new technologies to a company is a bit costly and requires training of employees’ inorder to achieve effective results within the company.


  1. Technology improves on the client base of the company: using new technologies within the company actually helps to improve on the client-base since the company will be capable of reaching out to more customers easily and efficiently through company-websites, social-networks and several Google apps. This will actually enable companies to get good number of customers and in a short period of time hence leading to a gradual growth and increased profits.


  1. Advanced-technologies give companies a professional-image: a company that has integrated the latest technologies into its offices actually gets a professional image from its clients, competitors and even employees. For example, integrating new flatscreen TVs within the workplace will help to get the employees entertained during free hours like at breakfast and lunch time thus improving on the morale and productivity levels. On top of that, placing flatscreen TVs in the conference room will help to make company-meeting more effective and efficient than ever before. Lastly, placing flatscreen TVs at the reception for enables clients to enjoy themselves as staff works on their work thus giving the company a good customer-care image.


  1. Technology helps companies to analyze employee performance: today, some big companies are integrating advanced technologies in order help assess the productivity levels of their employees. For example some banks have equipped their employees with wearable-sensors integrated into identification-badges inorder to help monitor their performance when at work. This has actually enabled companies to determine which employees are perfect for carrying out certain tasks inorder to maximize on productivity-levels. on the other, hand this technology even enables the company to know when the employee enters or leaves office and this actually enables the bosses to know who are the best and laziest employees within the company.


  1. Improved marketing and advertisement: companies with advanced technologies can easily market their products and services using different online platforms. for example; most companies have created websites, social-media pages and have even entered different online advertising programs inorder to market their products and services globally thus improving on their customer-base and profitability levels. In fact, today a company can reach or target specific customers using the Google advertisement tools and facebook tools inorder to improve on its performance in the competitive business world.


  1. Technology at workplace enables employees to make research and learn new things: companies that offer employees with internet actually help them make research and learn about new things in their free time and this can actually be an added advantage to the company since employees will share the information they have inorder to improve on the overall performance of the company. However, the access to internet by employees can at times be a disadvantage because some employees may decide to spend most of their time on unproductive things like social-media, game-websites, gossip-websites and this greatly affects the company’s productivity levels.


Tips to consider when integrating and using technology in a workplace:

  • You will need to train your employees on how to use a new technology: if your company had just introduced a new technology, then consider training your employees on how to use such technology inorder to achieve efficient and effective results when it comes to productivity. However, this will be a bit costly but your business will greatly gain from it in the long-run.


  • Place security measures on information-systems: make sure that the company has a good information-security team inorder to ensure that only the authorized employees have access to certain sensitive information. Additionally, the company should also protect client information at all costs and also ensure that hackers don’t gain access to its systems by simply using security-software or hiring an information-system security professional.


  • Invest in a monitoring or surveillance system: placing cameras within a workplace will actually help the bosses to know the employee performance by tracking what they are doing. In fact, some employees tend to misuse technology by simply spending most of their time on unproductive things like social-media thus affecting the overall productivity of the company. On the other hand, a surveillance system will help to track any thieves who may have come to steal or destroy technological tools or even steal essential information from the company.


  • Consider keeping the company up-to-date in terms of technology: companies that have advanced technologies actually tend to be more productive than their counterparts. This is because advanced technologies enable employees to work more effectively and efficiently thus improving on productivity. Additionally, customers also tend to prefer companies that use advanced technologies and this means that such companies are more likely to succeed than their counterparts in the competitive business world.

Note: advancements in technology have greatly changed the workplace starting from the equipment used, employee-performance, client-base and how business is carried-out today. So, it’s very essential for companies to integrate new technologies into their systems in-order to increase on their productivity-levels, reduce on production-costs and also improve on overall employee performance.


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