9 Steps On How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Presents – NO: 3 Is The Best Solution

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Most people receive gifts on special days like birthdays, weddings, Christmas and many other occasions. However, we at times receive gifts we don’t like and end-up tossing them somewhere so that we don’t have to look at them again or even forget about such gifts. Additionally, by the time the festive season passes most people will be having a bunch of gifts yet they won’t be able to use them all so they always try to find ways of getting rid of some gifts that they may not like. So, below are some of the ways that will help you get rid of unwanted gifts without the gift-giver noticing:



  1. Consider getting gift-receipts politely: you should actually consider accepting all the receipts that people offer along with their gift but in a polite way. These receipts will actually enable you to go back to the store where the gift was bought in order to make exchange for something else that you prefer most. However, if the gift-giver has not given you the receipt, then consider lying to them that you prefer such a gift in a different color or size so that they can be able to give you the gift-receipt that will enable you to make an exchange.


  1. Re-gift your gifts to other people: in case you don’t really like the gift given to you, then consider re-gifting it to someone else who does not even have a clue about where you got the gift. in fact, re-gifting has rules and these include; only re-gift products which are still brand new or haven’t been used, never re-gift homemade or unique-gifts, don’t re-gift an item within the same circle of friends/family because they may happen to know where the gift came from and also remember to remove all the personalized-wrapping or details showing where the gift came from before you re-gift it to someone else. All in all, it’s much better to re-gift something than throwing or abandoning it because such a gift can be great use to the other person who needs it.


  1. Sell the gift online: if you really to want to keep an eye on particular gifts that have been given to you, then consider selling such a gift online. In fact, there many websites that will help you sell that gift and these include eBay, Amazon and many others. Such websites will enable you to sell-off both new and used products hence this makes them a perfect place to get rid of unwanted presents while getting paid. However, you will need to upload photos of the items you want to sell onto these websites and also set the pricing.


  1. Donate the gifts to a charity-organization: donating gifts your don’t like to charity or local thrift-shops can be a great thing because there are many people out there who will find such a gift of great importance in their lives. In fact, the charity-organizations will help find a home or someone who will appreciate such a gift which is a good act.


  1. Consider swapping gifts with different people: another great idea of getting rid of gifts is by swapping them with some other person on the party. In fact, if you have been invited to an office-party then consider bringing-up a swamp-gift game so that all the people on the party can swap gifts within themselves. You may even decide to trade gifts among friends while you enjoy the party and this can actually be a good way of getting rid of unwanted gifts.


  1. Sell the gift to a friend or local-store: incase the gift is still brand new, then consider selling it to a friend who you think may need it or to a local-store that buys second-hand things. In fact, with selling the gift you will be able cash-in more money yet you have even gotten rid of the item that you don’t like.


  1. Throw the gift away if no one else wants it: if the unwanted gift is not like by other people out there, then consider throwing it away but make sure that the person who gave you such a gift does not notice or even get to know about such a gift. However, throwing things away is not a good thing and you try to at least donate the item to a charity before you decide to throw it away.


  1. Hide the gift a closet: in case you don’t really like the gift yet can’t get rid of it, then consider hiding it somewhere far in the closet so that you don’t get a chance of looking at the item all the time. However, if you happen to find someone who would make use of such a gift, then consider removing it from the hide-place and then sell off give it to that person who needs it.


  1. Consider returning the gift from where it was purchased: during the holiday season, many stores will expect product returns. this means that you can return the gift to the store for an exchange or refund and you may not even need a receipt to do so incase your worried about disappointing a particular gift-giver by simply returning the gift without asking them the gift-receipt. However, with returning the gift you need to act quickly before the returning period expires and you need to also know the return policy for best results.



  • Think twice before getting rid of unwanted gifts because the person who gave you such a gift took his time and money looking for the gift and this implies that you should think of other option before dumping the gift.


  • Be careful when selling or swapping the unwanted gift because it will look very bad if the person who gave such a gift finds in a charity-shop or with another person.


  • Always remove all the wrapping and the details showing where the gift came from before re-gifting the unwanted present. This will actually make the other person receiving the gift to thin that it’s new.

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