4 Best Stop Snoring Devices – To Help You Get Rid Of Snoring

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What Is Snoring?

Snoring can be referred to as a situation when a person is not able to move air freely through the nose and throat while sleeping. This way the surrounding tissue will vibrate and produce a snoring sound.


What Causes Snoring?

  • Age: usually the throat becomes narrower while the muscle tone in the throat decreases with age hence causing snoring.
  • Overweight: the fatty tissues as well as poor muscle tone in people that are overweight also leads to snoring.
  • Nasal and sinus problems: if the airway is blocked or you have a stuffy nose then it will make inhalation hard and create a vacuum in the throat hence snoring
  • Sleeping position: when you sleep flat on your back, you will cause the flesh of the throat to relax and then block that airway. However if you change position then this can help.
  • Smoking, alcohol and medications: some of these things contain tranquilizers that can increase muscle relaxation and hence snoring.


4 Best Stop Snoring Devices :


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About AirSnore:

This product has been manufactured and then supplied by a leading name in the health industry that is trusted. It is FDA approved meaning it meets the highest standards of quality ingredients and materials used.

How it Works?

This AirSnore mouthpiece works in one of the simplest ways to make using it a lot very easy regardless of the time. It is designed in a way that it will mould itself to the inside part of your mouth. This way it will ensure that you have a very comfortable fit that is just perfect for you. Now once you have placed it on place, it will be able to move your jaw just a little so as to open your upper airway. This way you will be able to breathe a lot more easily as you enjoy your sleep and it will stop you from storing.


  • Helianthus annuus (Sunflower seed oil): one of the powerful ingredients that has been used to make this AirSnore mouthpiece stop snoring device is this Helianthus annuus which is very rich in skin-soothing vitamin E, sunflower seed oil that has the ability to easily absorb into the skin. This way making it a perfect carrier oil for the other active oils that have been blended in the AirSnore™ Drops.
  • Lavendula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil: another ingredient blended in this AirSnore mouthpiece is this lavender flower oil that a highly relaxing oil that has been proven to have the ability to induce as well as improve a person’s sleep. It is for that reason why it is also used to treat insomnia. It contains an antibacterial and stimulating property that will help cure breathing problems through loosening the mucus in the nose and thereby relieving congestion so that you sleep well without any blockage or snoring.
  • Eucalyptus globules (eucalyptus) leaf oil: Another ingredient is this eucalyptus leaf oil that contains a cooling and refreshing ability. This kind of ingredient has the ability to decongest the respiratory system through loosening and clearing the muse so as to allow you breathe easily and also relieve on the cough. It also contains vasodilation properties in it that will dilate the blood vessels so as to allow in more oxygen into the lungs of an individual thereby easing on the breathing.
  • Pinus sylvestris (Scots pineL leaf oil: this kind of ingredient blended in the AirSnore mouthpiece has the ability to help loosen as well as clear the mucus and the phlegm that is in your respiratory system. When these things are cleared then you will be able to breathe more easily. Its natural pain relieving properties will assist you soothes the throat that is sore so that you don’t feel a lot of pain.
  • Menthe piperita (peppermint) leaf oil: finally the last ingredient that is blended in this AirSnore mouthpiece is this powerful peppermint leaf oil that basically acts as a decongestant through opening as well as clearing the airways of a person and thereby assisting to unclog the blocked sinuses. This ingredient also acts as a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant assisting to soothe the sore throats and the aching muscles.

How To Use AirSnore™ mouthpiece

If it’s your first time, you will have to let it stand in some hot water for some few minutes so that it can soften and then after you can follow the instructions carefully. Start by placing it inside your mouth and then bite down on it as it cools and mould itself inside the mouth to a perfect fit. If not comfortable then you will repeat this process till you get a comfortable fit.

Is AirSnore™ mouthpiece comfortable to wear

Yes, it is definitely comfortable to wear. This is because majority of the stop snoring mouthpieces available push the jaws into a position that is so uncomfortable which makes it hard for someone to sleep well and most times leaving the jaws sore the next morning. But this mouthpiece however is designed to move your jaw into a comfortable position that will stop you from snoring without causing any pain. It does this through molding itself in the mouth for a comfortable fit. If you don’t feel comfortable the first time, then you can place it in some hot water for some few minutes and then re-mould it again till you achieve the best fit.

How will you look after wearing AirSnore™ mouthpiece

this mouthpiece has been constructed with a one size fits all so you will definitely look normal, your jaws won’t appear to be larger but rather normal and it will even be hard for someone to notice that you have something placed inside.


  • It pretty simple to fit in the users teeth and mouth
  • It allows easy mouth breathing through the generous air hole that is located at the center
  • Provides instant relief
  • Easy to maintain and clean in a way that all you have to do is soak it in water or a toothpaste solution for approximately between 10 to 15 minutes and then allow it to dry.


  • It can at times cause jaw and face ache and pains
  • It isn’t built with any adjustability
  • It might cause some initial unnecessary drooling which requires some getting used to




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About Good Morning Snore Solution:

Good morning snore solution is basically a new as well as revolutionary stop snoring mouthpiece that has been developed with one of the top sleep disorder medical professionals. It is designed to use a simple tongue displacement technology to heal your snoring problem a lot more effectively and comfortably as compared to any jaw displacement device you will find. It also contains a risk free guarantee of up to 90 days. This means that if you try the products well and within 90 days you are not satisfied at all then you are free to return the device for a full purchase price refund.

How It Works?

This amazing Good morning snore solution simply works through making use of the tongue stabilization strategy method to make it work and prevent snoring on the person using it. Most of the stop snoring devices you will come across are constructed to work in a way that it opens that jaws while using hard plastic and other complicated mechanics. But this Good morning snore solution is different from those in a way that it simply uses a tongue stabilization strategy in a way that it will gently move the tongue forward so as to clear the blocked airways. This is better than the other methods in a way that it is a lot more effective and comfortable for majority of the users and just like any other device, some very few users might experience some side effects in the beginning but it resolves naturally when you continue using it.

This Good morning snore solution can also be described as a hollowed out boomerang that has a rectangular tab at the front of it. Now that part that has been described as rectangular and looks like a hollowed out boomerang is the part you get to attach to the tongue.  Its shape is created to let a very small amount of suction to develop once you have placed your tongue inside of it.

This tab will be able to go in between your lips immediately the Good morning snore solution mouthpiece has been put in place. When you lightly pull it with your tongue tip then the device will be kept from flopping over the place. This way it will be able to keep the airways open. What impressed me most about this stop snoring device is that the tongue won’t have to fall back or even roll into a ball so that it doesn’t block the throat or airway. Rather the tongue will be held flat and forward so that everything is left open as it can be.

Research and Reputation

This stop snoring device is manufactured by a company known as the Mpowrx Health & Wellness Products and they are based in Canada but perform businesses in many countries. This company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and they have an A+ rating currently. When it comes to their reputation, so far there haven’t been any negative complaints at all with their products.

Clinical Proof

This is one of the few mouthpiece devices that have been clinically proven. In May, 2008, there was a published article in the journal of sleep and breathing after a randomized, crossover and controlled study was conducted by Dr. Leslie Dort (MSc, DDS, Dip ABDSM) for sleep disordered breathing.  There was a group of up to 32 patients that were subjected to a randomized  and controlled cross-over study that engaged the anti-snoring mouthpiece which is the Good Morning Snore Solution® by MPowrx™ and a control device that is of the same design but with no suction mechanism.

These patients were allowed to each use the device for a period of 7 days and then evaluated in regards to the three standard industry measures of snoring which include:

  • Respiratory Disturbance Index which is the measure of the number of the sleep disturbances divided by the number of the hours sleep
  • Epworth sleepiness scale: which is a measure of the sleep propensity during the day as recognized by the subjects and then obtained from the answers to 8 questions.
  • The Snoring Index: that measures the average number of the snores per hour

It was obtained that on average, this device was able to minimize the Snoring Index by approximately 40% while the Respiratory Disturbance index minimized by 50%.

How Long Will It Last?

The lifespan of this Good morning snore solution is on average about one year especially depending on your use. Sometimes it can even go more than a year and other times it will be less than a year depending on your personal use and even care for it. You will have to get a new one if you see signs of tear and wear and if the performance has declined.

Should I Breathe Through The Nose When Using This Device

Yes, the user can still primarily breathe via the nose when wearing this Good morning snore solution. However you should be aware that it might cause some obstruction of the oral breathing and it is not recommended for the users that have chronic nasal congestion, sinusitis or blockage. If you know you have a serious respiratory disorder then don’t use this product.



  1. ZQUIET:

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About Zquiet:

This is basically a device that was designed by dentists to assist help the people kick the snoring problem out of their bed or sleep in a very quick and effective as well as easy to use way.

How It Works?

If you need a stop snoring device that will take on your problem then look no further than this ZQuiet especially with its performance that is so effective, comfortable and simple. It works in a way that it will push the lower jaw forward and therefore opening up your airways and keeping the tongue in place. Another way in which it works is that it is able to tighten the muscles around the jaw and the throat and so restrict the mechanism that usually causes snoring.

Now those are the only similarities that you will find on the stop snoring device with the others out there because this exceptional ZQuiet stop snoring device doesn’t depend on the boil and bite technology that majority of the other stop snoring devices use and it’s so incredible that it doesn’t even require a set up…yeah you read right…no set up!

This is because it is constructed ready to use immediately you get it out of the box. The only thing you should do is quickly wash it with some mild soap and water and start using it right away. Another thing that you might also have to perform is to slightly and lightly trim the mouthpiece while using scissors so that you can have a perfect fit in your mouth. After that the ease of how you use it will simply amaze you.

Another unique thing about this ZQuiet stop snoring device is that it is able to incorporate a technology in its build that will let it have a flexible movement of both your mouth and the device. Actually it is known as the Living Hinge Technology and it works without fail.

What excites me about this Living Hinge Technology is that it is able to inhibit the natural movement of either the jaw or the mouth and this will minimize the discomfort problems. You won’t experience a bulky mass of plastic that sits in your mouth but rather you will be free to breathe like you would normally even if it’s through the nose.


This ZQuiet stop snoring device is basically a one size that fits all mouthpiece and it contains no preparation required making it very easy and ready to use. As in you won’t have to boil water or wait for it to cool down in order to use it. Another thing about this mouthpiece is that you don’t need to bite-down in the hope of getting the impression of your teeth right the very first time.

All you have to do is unwrap it, do some little cleaning and then decide on which of the two settings like comfort one and comfort two is perfect fit for you. If not you can just give it a trim and that is about it.


  • Living hinge technology: this ZQuiet stop snoring device is constructed with the living hinge technology that does create a huge impact on how you will be able to breathe and even on how your jaw and mouth will move. The best part about this technology is that it is able to provide the user with a much more natural experience that is hard to obtain from the different stop snoring devices on the market.
  • Quality material: this ZQuiet stop snoring device has been constructed while using thermoplastic materials which are great in a way that they are non-irritating and are very long lasting. This kind of material used is also very simple to clean and it will only need a mild solution that consists of only soap and water to maintain it in a first-class condition.
  • Perfect fit: this ZQuiet stop snoring device comes with two comfort sizes that consist of the comfort 1 and comfort 2 that you can be able to choose from till you obtain a perfect fit. The other good thing is that it also comes with the allowance of letting you scissor trim the mouthpiece so that you can have a perfect fit.


  • Not a perfect fit for everyone: this ZQuiet stop snoring device is built with a one size fits all which is definitely not possible in reality because we all have different sizes. Remember it also doesn’t contain any adjustment abilities apart from the scissor trimming and filing of the mouthpiece so as to change its shape. This is a problem because some users might find it hard to obtain the perfect fit for them.
  • Doesn’t accommodate denture wearers: it is very unfortunate that this ZQuiet stop snoring device has been built in a way that it doesn’t accommodate the denture wearers and it means if you have one then you can use it now but maybe in the future they might be able to upgrade it to accommodate the denture wearers.

Why It Works?

You know what causes snoring is the tissue vibration in the back of the throat and it is for that reason why this ZQuiet has the ability to widen the airways through gently advancing the lower jaw to quiet the noise immediately. The products have been designated a Class II medical device by the FDA. In order for this device to meet the regulatory requirements that are needed for your peace of mind, they had to prove that the materials are safe and that it will effectively achieve its intended purpose. At the end the secret key on how this device works falls back to the revolutionary approach that will gently lower the jaw so as to create a wider airspace in the back of the throat reducing vibration of the surrounding soft tissue.




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Well, this SleepTight Mouthpiece was developed by Dr. Mike Williams a US dentist who is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and also a UK mouth guard research and developer.  Well this particular doctor who is the developer had actually suffered from a snoring problem and even endured very many surgeries so as to improve on his snoring and all of this was to no avail. That was when he started looking for snoring surgery alternatives over 10 years ago. For very many years the two collaborated regularly on the snoring and OSA solutions before they decided to come up and design and develop a mouthpiece that could be of great help to people all over the world with a breathing problem at night. This SleepTight Mouthpiece was then born after an evaluation of thousands of customer’s feedback from all over the world.

How It Works

This SleepTight Mouthpiece is basically a MAD that allows a custom fitting while you are in your home. It has been constructed in a way that it will hold the lower jaw in a forward position thus maintaining an airway that is free from any obstruction.

It is also built with an exterior that is very hard making it extremely durable and then the inner core material that will get softened so as to create a mold of the users jaw. This means that if it’s tight then it will stay in position. What impressed most about how it works however is the air hole found on it that measures 6 mm allowing it be very larger so as to let you have enough oxygen that is able to go through the mouth breathers. The good thing is that the side is not very large in a way that it will make you uncomfortable through forcing your mouth to remain in a terrible condition all night long.

What comes in the box?

  • 2 fitting plugs
  • One storage case
  • Easy fitting directions
  • 2 SleepTight Mouthpieces

How quickly will snoring reduce?

The good thing with this SleepTight Mouthpiece is that it works instantly to the extent that when you use this device well and don’t have any tough breathing complications then for majority of the people will know from the very first night of use that their snoring problem was reduced making it a lot more reliable as compared to the ones that take quiet longer like a number of days for their snoring to reduce while they are using a stop snoring device.

How do I know the SleepTight Mouthpiece will work for me?

If you have tried using very many stop snoring devices that have failed to work for you then you should be settled now knowing this SleepTight Mouthpiece will work for you. This is because the FDA of the USA has evaluated fully this mouthpiece for safety and effectiveness and it has also been cleared for all the snoring and sleep apnea treatment. There are also medical organizations like the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) that have recommended it for use to people with snoring issues. If you are still not convinced then I can also say that medical studies have confirmed of its effectiveness as well.

How long will the SleepTight Mouthpiece last?

The durability of this SleepTight Mouthpiece will depend on how often you use it and then how you maintain it as well. It has been proven to last approximately a year with other going over a year and other falling slightly below a year. When you notice that there are some wears, and ineffectiveness then you know it’s time to own a new one.

Will the mouthpiece increase saliva?

Yes, in the beginning this mouthpiece was increase on the saliva only because the body will in the beginning interpret the mouthpiece as a type of food material that needs saliva. Don’t be worried because this is usually common but the good news is that it will dissipate as time goes by of usage.

Can it be used with dentures?

The answer as to whether this SleepTight Mouthpiece is two way in a way that it is yes and then it is also no. it is yes in a way that if the patient contains a partial denture and some teeth at the front in both the upper and lower jaws then this SleepTight Mouthpiece may work. And then it can also be no in a way that if the patient contains a full denture in either of the jaw like upper or lower then this SleepTight Mouthpiece won’t work and in this case you would rather consider using a tongue retaining devices like for instance the aveoTSD.

How do you clean and store it?

The cleaning and storage process of this device comes for easy in a way that you will have to make use of an extremely soft tooth brush with a liquid soap and then put it to store dry. Start by cleaning it through making use of a soft toothbrush with some liquid soap to gently eliminate any debris from it. Remember that the tooth pastes usually have abrasives that can damage the surface of the SleepTight Mouthpiece after a while leading it to be more vulnerable to staining. So make sure to soak the device in a denture cleaner so as to keep it stainless and fresh. After all that you can now store it once dried in a container that you received with you order.



What You Can Do To Stop Snoring While Sleeping?

There are some steps you will have to follow in order to step snoring and some of these involve starting with a lifestyle step to stop snoring. Let’s look at the starting starts;

  • Exercise: there is no secret that exercise in general can assist minimize on snoring. Through exercising you will be able to tone the different muscles in the body like legs, arms, abs that will therefore leading to toning of the muscles on the throat hence leading to less snoring. There is also specific exercises you can perform to strengthen the muscles. While excising you can also lose some weight even if it’s little and this will minimize on the fatty tissue in the back of the throat and lessen or stop snoring.
  • Stop smoking: people who smoke definitely have a higher chance of snoring as smoking irritates the members found in the nose and throat that can block the airways.
  • Raise your head: use a special pillow to assist you elevate you chin and keep the tongue from blocking the back of your throat while you sleep. The best kinds are the wedge-shaped pillows.
  • Avoid alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills: these things are responsible for relaxing the muscles in the throat thereby interfering with breathing. Also if you are taking any prescriptions then you will have to consult with your doctor because some of the do promote a deeper level of sleep that makes snoring worse.
  • Sleep on your side: you should also start sleeping on your sides rather that you’re back to reduce on snoring. You can try attaching a tennis ball on the back of your pajama top or t-shirt. This way it will be uncomfortable when you roll over your back and so you will be forced to sleep on your sides. After sometime it will be normal sleeping on the sides and you will reduce snoring.


Types Of Snores And What They Mean:

  1. Open mouth snoring: this type of snoring is connected to the tissues in the throat
  2. Closed mouth snoring: is the kind that might point to a problem with the tongue
  3. Snoring in all sleep positions: means that a person’s snoring is more severe and it might need a more comprehensive treatment
  4. Snoring while sleeping on the back: this usually is very mild snoring and it means you will need an improved sleep habit and lifestyle changes might be an effective cure for it


Snoring Remedies

  • Open nasal passages
  • Stay well hydrated through drinking plenty of fluids
  • Practice good sleep hygiene
  • Change your sleeping position
  • Try anti-snoring mouth appliance
  • Keep the bedroom air moist
  • Change the pillows because allergens in the pillow can lead to snoring


Stop Snoring Exercies

  • Go over and over each vowel like a-e-i-o-u loudly for approximately 3 minutes a few times in a day
  • Place your tongue tip behind your top front teeth and then slide your tongue backwards for 3 minutes in a day
  • Make sure to close your mouth and then purse your lips and hold it for about 30 seconds
  • Open your mouth then move the jaw to the right and hold it there for about 30 seconds and repeat to the left side.
  • With an open mouth, contract your muscle at the back of your throat over and over again for about 30 seconds.
  • You can also spend time singing as it will increase the muscle control in the soft palate and throat hence preventing snoring caused by lax muscles.


Proved Medical Treatments For Snoring:

If you are the kind of person that has tried several self-help solutions for your snoring and still has failed then you can resort to the medical treatments that could make a huge difference. But first you will have to discuss it either with your primary physician or an ENTA doctor so that they can recommend you the best advice. However here are some proven medical treatments for snoring;

  • Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP): This treatment makes use of the laser to shorten the Uvula and also to make small cuts in the soft palate either side. When the cut is being healed, its surrounding tissues will stiffen to stop the vibrations that cause snoring.
  • Continuous positive Airway Pressure (CPAP): this one is basically a machine that is placed at your bedside to blow pressurized air into the mask that you wear over your nose or face so as to keep the airway open while you sleep.
  • Custom-fitted dental device and lower jaw-positioners: this operates through opening your airway through bringing your lower jaw or the tongue forward while you sleep.
  • Palatal implants: it is basically a pillar procedure that involves inserting a small plastic implant into the soft palate that will assist stop the collapse of the soft plate that causes snoring.
  • Surgical procedures: there are surgical procedures like Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty (TAP), Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy that will enlarge the size of the airway through surgically removing the tissues or just correcting the abnormalities.
  • Somnoplasty: makes use of low levels of radio-frequency heat to eliminate tissues of the uvula and soft plate that vibrates during snoring.

Dealing With Complains About Snoring:

  • Don’t take it personally remember your partner still loves you
  • Don’t be embarrassed about it because it’s a physical issue like a common cold and so on
  • Make sure to address any inappropriate behavior that could lead to moodiness and even irritability
  • Make it known that you prioritize the relationship

How To Communicate With A Partner Who Snores:

Your partners snoring might really irritate you and this becomes a burden and yet this is the person that you still love and love everything about them apart from snoring. However you have to be very careful when approaching this topic otherwise you might come too hard on them and hurt them terribly. Whatever you do make sure you deal with the problem and not the individual, here is how you can communicate with a snoring partner;

  • Avoid lashing out: I know sleep deprivation can be aggravating and even damaging to your health so you will have to put out your best approach when bringing this up in a way that is not confrontational.
  • Use humor and be playful: you can laugh about it so as to ease the tension when bring out this topic but make sure it’s not teasing.
  • Remember they don’t do it or snore intentionally
  • Carefully time your talk like don’t do it in the middle of the night or very early in the morning while you are still exhausted.


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