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Choosing a good domain-name for your website is actually very important especially when you want to make the website successful. In fact, choosing a wrong domain-name can easily affect your website and that’s why it’s recommended to choose the best domain-name from the beginning. So, in this article I will list for you some of the tools and tips that you will need when searching for domain-name ideas for your website.

How To Choose A Domain Name

Steps to follow when choosing a good domain name:

  1. Choose a domain-name with a “.com” extension: there are actually a lot of domain-name extensions available on the market today. These extensions include; .com, .net, .org and there are even niches-extensions like .photography, .blog and a lot more. However, it’s recommended to choose a “.com” domain-name because it’s the most credible and established domain-extension. In fact, newer domain-extensions like; .photography, .blog can at-times be untrustworthy. Lastly, most Smartphone keyboards are equipped with an automatic .com button and this is mainly because most people today access the internet from their Smartphones.


  1. Use keywords within your domain-name: keywords actually play a big-role within a domain-name most especially when your website is about a particular-topic. In fact, using keywords within your domain-name helps to tell the search-engine what your website is all about and this will actually enable your website to rank higher within the search-engine. however, it’s very hard to find a good domain-name with your target keywords because such domains are already taken but you just need to be creative a combine other keywords in order to make a great domain-name that can also stand-out in the search engine.


  1. Keep the domain-name short: although keywords are very important within a domain-name, try not to create a lengthy domain-name because longer domains make it hard for your website-users to remember. So, its recommended to-go for domain-name that is short and memorable. Additionally, try to keep your domain-name under 15-characters in order to achieve great search-engine results.


  1. Choose a domain-name that is easy to spell and pronounce: you actually need to create or choose a domain-name that is very easy to spell and pronounce because such a domain-name will be easy to share and write by your fact, long and hard-to-write domain names give website-users a hard-time and this will actually affect the website traffic within the search-engine.


  1. Choose a unique and brandable domain-name: you need to choose or create a domain-name that is unique and brandable in order to standout within your competitors. So, it’s recommended to first make some research on other website within your niches in order to find out what domain-names they are using so that you can get a clue on the type of domain-name you need to create or choose. However, avoid using trademarked names because you may get accused of copying another website-name. Lastly always choose a brandable domain-name that looks catchy and memorable like is a more brandable that


  1. Avoid hyphens within your domain-name: never choose or create a domain-name with hyphens because this can act as a sign of spam-domains. In fact, hyphenated domain-names are even prone to typos and this implies that if your website users forget to type-in the hyphen then they might end-up visiting your competitor-website or any other website with a domain-name similar to yours. All in all, if you don’t want to give your potential website-visitors a wrong-impression or confuse them, then consider avoiding a domain-name with hyphens and just choose a simple domain-name that is free of any symbols.


  1. Avoid domain-names with double-letters: it’s advisable to avoid domain-names with doubled-letters because they tend to increase on the chances of losing traffic due to typos (typing-errors) for example a domain-name like; will be more prone to typos(typing-errors) and this will in-turn lead to loss of traffic. so, always choose a domain-name without doubled lettered for best search-engine results.


  1. Use broad keywords within your domain-name: in case you get a keyword named within your domain-name then this makes it very obvious what your website is all about. however, if you want a keyword-rich domain or keyword-targeted domain then you should stay away keyword-named websites because they don’t carry any weight and meaning anymore and even have a negative associations within internet-users and, go for broad keywords that can easily be branded and remembered such as Google-com, and lot more.


Where to choose and register for a domain-name:

There are several domain-registrars on the internet but its crucial to choose wisely since its very hard to move your domain later after registering it to a specific hosting-company. Additionally, the pricing for domain registrations can vary depending on the company you have chosen to register with and below some of the few genuine places that you should go to for domain-registration;

  1. Bluehost: this is one of the largest and best companies when it comes to web-hosting. In fact, this company even offers free domain-registration services after opening-up a new hosting-account. So, incase your starting a new website or blog then it’s recommended to take advantage of the free domain-name provided to you for a full year. Lastly, Bluehost is also an official WordPress recommended hosting-provider.


  1. GoDaddy:com is the largest domain-registration company in the world and it even provides its customers with several web-hosting plans. On the other hand, you can even use the GoDaddy coupon-code to get a free domain-name for the first year and afterwards renew it incase its gets expired.


  1. IPage: this company powers millions of websites today and it’s the most affordable web-hosting provider yet it even provides its new customers with a free domain-name for 1-year. So, after the first year of domain-registration, you will have to renew your domain-name a low and affordable price. Additionally, iPage will provide you with all the steps you need when choosing a domain-name and installing your website.


  1. NameCheap: NameCheap-com is another popular domain-registration company that provides customers with great deals on domain-registration, domain-privacy and domain transfers.



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