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Unless stated otherwise explicitly at the very beginning of a post, a review on this site has been initiated by www.yosaki.com , and not by the producer of the product or service, or any other third party.

We do not receive compensation for the reviews which have been initiated on www.yosaki.com.

As an attempt to compensate the operational costs related to the reviews and running this website – and may be ultimately make a little profit – the site utilizes affiliate links on some of the products and services reviewed.

Clicking an affiliate link does NOT increase the costs for you, but makes it possible to identify the referral by this site.

There is a lot of variation in affiliate programs, the compensation for a referral will definitely not make me an overnight millionaire!

However, clicking an affiliate link and purchasing the product at the vendors’ website will usually be enough to buy me a cold beer or a takeaway meal for the family at the weekend.

If you have any questions about our disclosure policy please contact us via out contact page.

Vanilla Farmer, Amazon Retailer & Tech Researcher. Yosaki is my personal blog but I'm working on some big tech project back doors. I will keep on posting various topics on things I have knowledge about.

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