How To Buckle Up A Small Child

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Parents with toddlers should always ensure these children are kept safe when travelling and this can only be achieved by safely buckling the little-child into his/her car-seat. In fact, every state/nation offers it own opinion on when a child needs to be in a car-seat and when it’s necessary to buckle-up child with a regular seat-belt. Some of the factors considered during the buckling-process include age, height and weight on the little-child so make sure that you follow your state’s regulations so that you don’t get fined for not buckling your little-child correctly. All in all, I have listed for you some of the steps that you may follow in order to correctly buckle your child into his/her car-seat.

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  • Read the user-manual: before you do anything, start by thoroughly reading through the user-manual that came with your child’s car-seat so that you can learn how to properly install that car-seat depending on your car-model. Additionally, read the age, height and weight requirements for the car-seat in order to ensure that your little-child can properly fit into the seat’s parameters.
  • Install the car-seat into the back-seat of the car: in case your car has 2-rows of seats, then install the car-seat into the back-seat of your car. Additionally, in case your vehicle features 3-rows of seats, then try installing the car-seat in the middle-seat because this helps to provide extra-protection for your child incase a side-impact accident occurs. On top of that, always follow the steps in the user-manual carefully when installing a car-seat so that you don’t make any mistakes during the process.
  • Tighten the seat-belt and latch-tethers on the car-seat: after, try kneeling on the car-seat and then tighten the seat-belt and latch-tethers. But you may also decide to use something heavy like hand-weights over the car-seat in order to weigh it down or get help form a friend as you adjust the fasteners. In fact, placing weight onto the car-seat helps to weigh it down allowing the user to get a tighter-fit for car-seat so that it can be more secure.
  • Have the car-seat inspected by a professional: in case you are not sure whether you installed the car-seat correctly or incorrectly, then try going for an inspection in order to check-out whether the car-seat has been properly installed. Likewise, you can also find a trained car-seat inspector online or by calling the organization responsible for car-seat inspection in your state/country for help.



  • Place the child into the car-seat: begin by placing your little-child into the car-seat while sitting upright with his/her back against the back of the car-seat. Make sure that the head is also properly sitting into the headrest in order to ensure optimum safety and comfort.
  • Check the position of the shoulder straps: after, try checking to see whether the shoulder-straps are right below the little-child’s shoulders. In case they the shoulder-straps are too far below or above, then take the child out of the car-seat and adjust the position of these shoulder-straps until they are correctly aligned. On the other hand, it’s recommended to check-out the car-seat’s manual in order to get specific details on how to position the shoulder-straps.
  • Move the shoulder-straps around each arm: this involves bringing the shoulder-straps around each arm and then buckle-up with a chest-clip. But remember to adjust the chest-clip so that it levels with your child’s armpits because helps to provide optimum safety.
  • Click the buckles in-between the child’s legs: after buckling the shoulder-straps, get the bottom-strap and then buckle it up in-between your kid’s legs. Do this carefully so that you don’t hurt your little-child during the process.
  • Measure-up the tightness of the straps against your little-child: you will need to measure the tightness of the straps against the child and in case you can fit more than 2-finger in-between the straps and the child’s body, then try to tighten the straps a little more in order to ensure maximum-safety.



The safest way for you little-child to travel in a vehicle is by using an approved car safety-seat which is suitable for their weight, size and also suits your car-model.

A properly fitted child-seat helps to keep the child in his/her seat hence preventing them from being ejected or thrown-around inside the car in case an accident occurs. This will greatly reduce on the risk of your little-child being injured or even killed in case a car-crash occurs.

All children that are under 12-years or younger should always travel in the back-seat of the vehicle and buckled-up properly in their car-seats in order to achieve optimum safety/protection.

Placing a little-child under seatbelt instead of using a car safety-seat or booster-cushion before the child is big enough will actually put his/her life at risk of serious injuries or even death if a car-crash occurs.

It’s the driver’s responsibility and legal-obligation to ensure that a child is properly buckled-up in a car safety-seat or seat belt where necessary.

Using a car safety-seat in a proper way will greatly save the life of your child and should always buckle-up your child even going for a short trip.



Never place a child safety-seat in a vehicle-seat that features an air-bag in front like the front-seat because this can cause serious injuries in case an accident occurs.

Never buckle-up 2 children in 1-seatbelt because this is dangerous and could lead to serious injuries if a crash occurs. In fact, a seatbelt is designed and tested to accommodate only one occupant.

Installing a car-seat improperly could lead serious injuries or death to your child incase a car accident occurs. So it’s highly-recommended to install the child’s car-seat properly for his/her own safety.

Never place a seat-belt around yourself and the baby/child because if an accident happens your little-child will be the first to be injured or crushed to death.

Little-children under the age of 1-year should be buckled-up in rear-facing, infant car-seat in order to provide them with optimum protection.

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