How To Cook Rice In A Pressure Cooker

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You can actually prepare rice perfectly using a pressure-cooker without the need of a price-cooker. However, grains like rice require precise amounts of time and liquid in order to achieve perfect results when using a pressure-cooker and too much time or water when cooking rice may actually lead to soupy/gummy rice which looks like baby-food. at the same time, too little time and water when cooking rice can also result into incredible hard or carbonized rice. on the other hand, you should also know that each type of rice has its time and liquid requirements so you should take note of this before beginning to prepare rice using a pressure-cooker. all in all, preparing rice using a pressure-cooker is very easy as long as you follow the provided instructions but below i have provided some of the methods and steps you can use when preparing rice in a pressure cooker:

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  • Prepare the rice: this step will involve taking one cup of rice and then pour it in the vessel. Rinse the rice in this vessel and drain the water until you notice that when put water into the vessel again, it looks clear. But only do the rinsing in case your rice needs it and in fact some rice varieties are fortified with supplements/vitamins hence you may not have to rinse such types of rice.
  • Pour 2-ups of water into the pressure-cooker: pour at least 2-cups of water into a pressure cooker and then pour the rice within the vessel into the pressure-cooker. Make sure that the water-level in the pressure-cooker covers all the rice to cooked.
  • Close the pressure-cooker lid: carefully close the of your pressure-cooker in-case its fitted with a rubber-gasket until you notice that its locked firmly.
  • Place the pressure-cooker onto the stove: set the pressure-cooker onto the stove that has been lit and set to a medium heat-level and then wait until you see stem escaping from the vent. in fact, the time it will take for the steam to build-up depends on the quantity of rice being cooked and the heat-intensity of the stove.
  • Place the weight/metallic-valve on the pressure-cooker: once you notice steam escaping from the vent, place the weight or metallic-valve on top of the vent in such a way that it snaps firmly into place. The cooker will then whistle twice as the steam escapes from the vent covered by metallic-valve.
  • Switch off the stove: after, switch-off the stove and let the pressure-cooker release the pressure as it prepares the rice for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Remove the weight and lid: carefully remove the weight and the gently open the pressure-cooker lid. You actually notice that your rice is well-prepared and ready for consumption.



  • Prepare the ingredients and rice: add the ingredients directly into the pressure-cooker and then add the rice. Add some water to the mixture but don’t fill your pressure-cooker more than half-way with rice and water. Additionally, the ingredients to use include; 1-cup (250ml) of rice, 1.5-cups (375ml) of water or vegetable-liquid and a 1-teaspoon of olive oil or butter.
  • Close the pressure-cooker: after preparing and pouring your ingredients and rice into the pressure-cooker, close and lock the lid of that pressure-cooker and make sure that its securely locked.
  • Time the rice you’re cooking: in case you are using an electric pressure-cooker, cook for about 3-minutes at high-pressure. But if you are using a stove-top pressure cooker, turn the heat up to the highest-level until the pressure-cooker reaches the highest-pressure level and then lower the heat to maintain the pressure, wait for about 3-minutes of pressure-cooking time.
  • Use a 10-minute natural release method: move the pressure-cooker off the burner/stove but don’t remove the lid. But instead wait for about 10-minutes for the rice to finish cooking and steaming while using the pressure-cooker’s residual-heat and the carefully open the lid. For electric pressure-cookers, when the cooking-time is up, try to wait for about 10-minutes of natural open-time and then release the rest of the pressure using the valve/weight.
  • Open the lid: when all the pressure is removed from the pressure-cooker, carefully open the lid and then fluff your rice gently with a fork and it this point it will be ready to serve.



This method involves steaming rice in a heat-proof dish which is then placed inside the pressure-cooker. In fact, this method is very useful when pressure-cooking something else that will be served with rice like when preparing brown-rice and chickpea curry recipe. Below are the steps you can use while preparing rice using the Bain-Marie method.

  • Prepare the rice to be cooked: get 1-cup of long-grain white rice, 1.5-cups of water and a teaspoon of oil then mix them up.
  • Prepare the pressure-cooker: this step involves adding 1-cup of water or with a minimum amount required to maintain pressure. Afterwards, lower the steamer basket into the pressure-cooker. But remember not to fill the pressure-cooker more than half-way with the cooking-liquid.
  • Add rice to heat-proof bowl: you will now have to add rice, water and oil to heat-proof bowl and then lower this un-covered bowl onto the steamer-basket inside the pressure-cooker.
  • Close the pressure-cooker: gently close and lock the lid on the pressure-cooker and make sure that the lid is well-sealed so that the steam does not escape while cooking the rice.
  • Time the rice being cooked: if you are using an electric pressure-cooker, cook the rice for only 3-minutes at a high-pressure. But in case you are using a stove-top pressure cooker, then turn heat up to a high-level and when the pressure-cooker reaches a high-pressure, lower the heat in order to maintain the pressure-level then wait for about 3-minutes of pressure cooking-time.
  • Adopt the 10-minute natural-release method: remove the pressure-cooker off the burner after the 3-minutes of cooking but don’t remove the lid. Wait for about 10-minutes for the rice to finish cooking and steaming. for electric pressure-cookers, when the cooking time is up just wait for other 10-minutes of natural open time then release the remaining pressure using the valve.
  • Open the pressure-cooker: carefully open your pressure-cooker and then remove the heat-proof bowl from the steamer-basket. Gently fluff the rice using a fork and then serve your meal.

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