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For people looking for the best juicer, you should know that good juicers are expensive and that is why it’s important ensure that you are happy with the juicer you have chosen. However, choosing a good juicer is not easy and you will actually need to thoroughly examine the juicer and even compare its price with other juicers in order to find out whether a particular juicer meets your juicing needs. In this article I have listed for you some of the steps or ways to follow in order to find a good juicer and if you follow these steps carefully, you will actually get the best juicer that meets your needs.

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Steps to follow when it comes to finding a good juicer:

  • Check-out the juicer price: everyone like having a good juicer but it’s very important to consider budget before acquiring one. In fact, it you should try to find a juicer that fits your budget so that you don’t strain yourself. for example, if you want a good centrifugal-juicer under $200 then tryout the Kuvings 9500U or 9500UB juicers, in case you want an affordable and good masticating-juicer then tryout the Omega 8007 and 8o08 Juicer, if you want a good juicer under 100-dollars then go for the Hamilton Beach Big-Mouth Juice Extractor 67601.


  • Consider the voltage-level of the juicer: during the process of finding a good juicer, try to look at voltage consumption of the juicer you want. In case the voltage is higher, then that juicer will be good because it will be more efficient when extracting juice because of the strong motor that can squeeze out any last drop juice for the produce while giving-off dry pulp. On the other hand, juicer with a lower-voltage tend to be weak when it comes to extracting juice from the produce and should not buy such juicers unless you prefer to one of that kind.


  • Take note of space consumption: when looking for a juicer, try checking the size and how compact it is because a good juicer will consume less space and will be easy to store. However, bulky juicers are not good because they consume a lot of space on the counter and they tend to be hard to store. So, it’s recommended to purchase a smaller and compact juicer which is very effective at extracting juice for best results.


  • Take a look at the juicer blades: when searching for a good juicer, try to take a look at the blades because good-juicers have inner-blades which are fine and evenly spread-out. This means that such a juicer will be able to extract more juice out any fruit or leafy-green. On the other hand, in case you notice that a juicer has weird blades then don’t purchase it.


  • Examine the juicer-mesh: when searching for a good juicer, it is very important to examine the mesh. In fact, a good-juicer should have a mesh made with soft netting because such a mesh is very durable and easy to clean. On the other hand, metal-nettings (mesh) are hard to clean and they can get dents when accidentally cleaned. In fact, some metal-netting will get rusty in case they are kept when still wet which is not the case with soft polymer or fabric nettings. so, it would be best to purchase a juicer with a soft-mesh for best results in case you are actually looking for something good.


  • Look for a juicer with a motor that uses gears: a good juicer is one that is equipped with a motor that uses gears because even when experiencing tear or wear, the teeth on the gears will look intact compared to normal-motors that use conveyer belts. However, most juicers use gears and this is a good thing because you will be able to choose from a wide-range juicers.


  • Take a look at the juicer parts: when looking for good juicer, it best to first examine or consider the durability of the juicer’s parts. A good-juicer should actually have parts which are break-resistant and these are usually made out of metal or hard-plastic. Additionally, find out whether the replacement parts of the juicer are available on the market for purchase incase something happens to old-parts. Likewise, avoid purchasing juicers with cheaply made parts because such juicers won’t last for long period of time with daily usage.


  • Check for product satisfaction and quality: you should actually try to find juicer models that have been around on the market for a long period of time because this means that they are of high-quality or highly recommended. In fact, you should avoid purchasing juicers from brands that are still new on the market because you will not be sure of their quality and performance.


Tips to consider when finding a good juicer:

  • Avoid buying juicers with a very large feeding-tube if possible because just juicers take in a lot of produce thus a making it difficult for the motor-gear to crash the produce in order to extract juice. Try to get juice with an average or small feed-tube for best results when extracting juice.
  • Prepare to do a lot of window-shopping in case you want to get good juicer. In fact, you may not get the best juicer in case you don’t do a lot of research or shopping from different stores.
  • Expect to spend some extra money in case you really want to get a good juicer. In fact, strong and quality juicers are a bit expensive than the weak juicers so it is upon you to select a juicer that meets your needs.
  • You should know that larger and more powerful juicers are harder to work with, hard to clean and even difficult to store. So you should try to consider purchasing a smaller juicer in case you are going to use it for extracting juice for the household.
  • You need to know the difference between a blender and juicer so that you don’t get fooled when you decide to purchase a juicer. In fact, juicers separate liquid from the pulp while a blender liquefies everything that is placed in it and doesn’t separate the pulp from juice.

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