How To Make Slow Cooker Pork Chops

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I always say the slow cooker makes food preparation very easy and I will say it again because that is exactly what it does when you are preparing pork chops. The process is very quick, requires very little effort however it produces the best results. They are different ways in which you can make slow cooker pork chops and in this post are some of those, do if you are fun of that I am more than certain you will love these simple but very helpful procedures.

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Method 1


  • Onion powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Pepper and salt
  • A tea spoon of chicken bouillon granules
  • Condensed mash room soup
  • One or one and a half boneless pork chops

Spray the frying pan: begin by spraying the frying pan with some cooking spray reason being pork tends to get really sticky so this is the first thing you should do. In case you do not have cooking spray, you can alternatively use vegetable oil but just like cooking spray you should not put too much of it.

Heat frying pan: medium heat is the best to use on this step, so place the frying pan on a stove of whatever else you are using to heat as long as the heat is just medium.

Brown pork chops: place pork chops on the heat frying pan as soon as you get them from the package and simply brown them slightly. You do not want them to get extremely tender so do not spend too much time on just this step. As soon as one side of the pork chops has browned, turn to the other side and brown it as well.

Apply cooking spray to the slow cooker: just like you did with the frying pan in the beginning, also apply some of the cooking spray into the slow cooker interior. Be careful to apply only a reasonable amount, you do not need too much of it.

Place pork chops into the slow cooker: use a pair of tongs to place browned pork chops into the slow cooker, they will be really hot so be careful while handling them.

Add pepper and salt: be very cautious of the salt because you will also be adding bouillon granules later on and they contain a lot of salt too. Therefore if you put too much at this stage you will have spoilt the entire dish as it will be too salty.

Add garlic and onion powder: if you have no problem with either of the two, you can add both and if you have a problem with garlic it is also fine to leave it out. Onions will nicely season your pork chops even without garlic powder.

Add the soup and chicken broth granules: first stir the soup well before adding it and there after pour it over the pork chops, distribute it evenly. Also at this stage go ahead and add the chicken broth granules ensuring that they are not more concentrated in some areas more than others.

Pour in some liquid: do not add too much as it might all not evaporate, just half way the soup will be enough.

Leave ingredients to cook: for best results let pork chops cook for around eight to ten hours and on low setting. When pork is completely tender it will be ready to serve.

Method 2


  • 2lbs of pork loin chops
  • Finely chopped garlic cloves
  • Creamy vegetable mushroom soup
  • Two tables spoons of corn starch
  • White long grain rice
  • Two tables spoons of water
  • Quarter tables spoon of powdered black pepper

Season pork chops with pepper: in this method you actually have to start by applying sprinkling pepper on to the pork chops. You can use your hands to rub the pepper evenly over pork chops.

Put pork chops in the slow cooker:without adding oil or cooking spray like in the first method, place the pork chops into the slow cooker and add garlic. At this same stage you should also pour the soup over pork chops.

Cook on low setting: cover up pork chops into the slow cooker making sure that the lid is tightly fitted and allow it to cook for eight to ten hours. Or cook until pork is perfectly cooked and tender enough.

Get pork chops from the slow cooker: have a plate ready where you will be placing your pork chops and cover to prevent it from getting contaminated and keep it warm.

Prepare white rice: you are about to serve your pork chops with rice so prepare the rice about 20 or 30 minutes prior to the cooking time for pork chops so that by the time they are ready your rice will be ready too.

Prepare soup: make a mixture of corn starch and water, mixing it well to make sure it blends perfectly. Pour mixture into slow cooker and mix in mush room soup as well. Turn on slow cooker to cook the soup for only five minutes, endeavor not to heat it for too long.

Serve your pork chops: you can now serve your pork chops with rice and soup for that super delicious homemade meal.


If you actually do not like over spicing or seasoning you pork chops, the recipe features in this particular method will absolutely work for you as it requires very few ingredients.


  • Pork chops
  • Barbecue sauce

Pour barbecue sauce on the bottom of the slow cooker: barbecue sauce will go in first and evenly spread it over the slow cooker but with a very thin layer.

Put pork chops into the slow cooker: nicely layer pork chops over the barbecue sauce, since only one side of the pork chops will be seated on the sauce you can pour some more barbecue sauce on top of the pork chops. Please try not to soak pork chops into sauce only pour a small amount.

Turn the slow cooker on: you can either choose the high setting to cook pork chops for about three hours or the low setting that takes about eight to ten hours or even all day.

In conclusion, all the three methods deliver exceptional and tasty results, it is therefore up to you to choose one the best suits your desires.

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