How To Remove An Airlock From Your Hot Water System

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A hot and cold water airlock is usually caused by the tank running dry or presence of air-bubbles within a hot-water-system where the pipe work runs-up and then back down causing the air to get trapped and not vent-out as it should be happening. In fact, getting-out an airlock may take about 3-seconds depending on the length of the pipe but if this becomes more complicated, then it about a minute or more. Additionally, the best method of getting an airlock out of your hot-water-system is to cross the hose from a hot-water fed to a cold-water fed. All in all, ever switch-off and drain your hot-water-system to fix a leak and then turn-on your water but without finding any hot-water, then read through the methods and steps i have provided below on how to get rid of that airlock from a hot-water-system.

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  1. Turn on the hot-water supply: before doing anything else, make sure that your hot-water supply is on because this the only way you can know whether it’s giving-off cold or hot water.
  2. Inspect the water coming from the hot-water-system: incase the cold water runs-out well but the hot-water does not run-out or runs slowly then trickles-off, then the hot-water-system may be having an airlock. In fact, this means that the air inside the pipes is not moved by the hot-water hence blocking the pipe.
  3. Use a garden-hose: get a lengthy garden-hose which is about 1-foot and also grab some duct-tape because all these materials will be of great importance during the process of removing of removing an airlock from your hot-water-system.
  4. Connect the cold water: use your duct-tape and garden-hose to connect the cold-water tap to the hot-water tap. Make sure that both taps are properly sealed to prevent any leakages form happening.
  5. Open the hot-water tap: afterwards open the hot water tap in order to prepare it for any water they may come from the other tap.
  6. Open the cold-water tap: likewise, open the cold water tap for about 3-5 seconds because this will actually help to move cold-water into the hot-water tap hence removing the airlock inside.
  7. Check for hot-water at another nearby tap: check or analyze for hot-water-system on a nearby tap to make sure that the airlock is fixed or fully removed from this hot-water tap. In case, the airlock is still present within your hot-water-system, then repeat all the steps listed above until it gets fixed.
  8. Switch-off the taps: incase the hot-water tap is working properly, switch-off all the taps and any remaining duct-tape and hose from the 2-taps. However, if you do this process for several times and you fail to get rid of the airlock then call a professional-plumber in order help you solve this problem.



  1. Disconnect the blue-pipe: begin by disconnecting the blue-pie from the back of your washing-machine but try to do this gently so that you don’t cause any damage. In fact, you may even use tools to unscrew the blue-pipe incase this can’t be done with your bear hands.
  2. Disconnect the red-pipe: likewise, disconnect the red-pipe that runs from the washing-machine to the hot-water pipe/tap. In fact, the end of the pipe is always connected to a hot-water connection of the washing-machine.
  3. Connect the blur-pipe to both water-outlets sources: connect one-end of the blue-pipe to a hot-water outlet or where you just removed the red-pipe and then leave the other remaining-end to its cold-water outlet. In fact, this will create a U-shape between cold and hot water pipes.
  4. Open the hot-water tap/source: afterwards open the hot-water outlet so that you can keep it free for air on the other side to enter.
  5. Open the cold-water tap/source: likewise open the cold-water tap for at least 3-5 seconds so that you can let cold water run into the u-shaped pipe and then into the hot-water tap in order to get rid of the airlock. Additionally, always make sure that the airlock is fixed by simply touching the pipe to feel the temperature-levels inside the u-shaped pipe and incase the water feels warm, the airlock has been removed but if it still feels cold then the airlock isn’t fixed yet.
  6. Check hot-water at the next tap: incase there is a nearby hot-water tap, then check for hot-water on that tap to see whether the airlock has been fixed. In case, the airlock is not fixed yet, then repeat the steps listed above for about 3-times or until the problem gets fixed.
  7. Switch-off all the taps: incase the hot-water is coming out properly on the nearby hot-water tap, then switch-off all taps and remove any duct-tape and disconnect the blue-pipe from both outlets.
  8. Call a plumber in case you fail to fix the airlock: lastly, in case you completely fail to get rid of the airlock after trying this process for several times then call the plumber in order to help fix the airlock.



  • Always make sure that the air-lock is completely removed or fixed before disconnecting the pipes. Otherwise, if an airlock is not completely removed then the hot-water-system may still fail to work properly.
  • The 2 airlock removal-methods featured above can still be used to fix an airlock on your mixer-shower. This can be done by simply blocking the water from coming-out of the shower-head using a thin plastic-bag put over the pipe.
  • Don’t use any of these methods in case you have a pump pressurizing the water-system like for people with power-showers.
  • Lastly, hot-water can actually scald even if there is an airlock, so try to be extra careful when removing an airlock form your hot-water-system.

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