What Are The Benefits Of Inversion Table Therapy

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Inversion-tables are actually designed to use gravity in order relieve some excess pressure on the spine which decompresses the back over time leading to serious back-pains. In fact, an inversion-therapy involves someone hanging upside-down at an angle where the head is lower than the feet hence decompressing your spine and this in turn relieves back pain and pressure. So this makes an inversion-therapy one of most effective treatment for back-issues and other related health-problems. However, it’s advisable to first consult a professional-doctor before going for an inversion therapy because inversion-tables tend to be risky to use especially for people with complicated health-issues like heart-disease, glaucoma, hypertension and many other chronic-diseases.



  1. It eliminates the need for surgery due to back-pains: back-pain surgery is actually very painful and it even takes months for the patient to fully recover from it. So, it’s best to go for an inversion therapy since it will totally eliminate back-pain in most people after only a few week of treatment hence eliminating the need for back-pain surgery. Additionally, if an individual prone to back-pain uses an inversion-therapy on a regular-basis, then he/she will be able to virtually live pain-free for years/decades without undergoing back-pain surgery.


  1. It repairs herniated-discs and even offers relief on herniated-disc pain: inversion-therapy will help to gently and significantly decompress the vertebrae allowing the herniated disc to move back into its appropriate position and this will in-turn remove pressure from the pinched-nerves thus reducing and eliminating back-pain. In fact, every person has a backbone with each vertebrae separated by a soft-disc. The soft-disks help to provide space for the nerves to exit your backbone without being pinched but as you’re walking and sitting around daily, gravity tends to pulls the vertebrae and discs resulting into disc-compression which is not good. So, herniated discs usually occur when jelly center-part of the discs moves-out of place between the 2-vertebrae thus putting pressure against the spinal-cord. Herniated-disks will result into pinching-of-nerves and this can actually cause mild to severe back-pain.


  1. It helps to relieve sciatic nerve-pain: sciatic nerve-pain is actually a strange tingling-sensation or outright pain that starts in the lower back-section while travelling across your buttocks into the upper-leg section. In fact, the pain will follow the entire length-line of the sciatic-nerve and it’s a bit long. However, using an inversion table therapy will help relieve on sciatic nerve-pain but consider consulting your doctor before attempting to use an inversion-therapy for best results.


  1. It eases and reverses cervical spinal stenosis: undergoing through an inversion-table therapy for a few minutes daily will actually help to ease or reverse cervical-spinal-stenosis in most patients. In fact, an inversion-therapy helps to gently stretch and relax the backbone-ligaments and also flushes-out the toxins which tend to accumulate within the backbone-area so that your cartilage can easily heal itself. On the other hand, cervical-spinal-stenosis is the narrowing of your spinal-cord in neck-vertebrae and this ends-up causing a stiff-neck and pain that can move up to your shoulders and down to your back-section.


  1. It reduces on osteoarthritis-pain and even prevents osteoarthritis: this disease involves wearing-down of the cartilage the backbone-joints due to inflammation and physical tear or wear leading to bone-scraping which is a very painful situation. however, a few minutes of inversion-table therapy daily will help to significantly reduce on the pain cause by osteoarthritis and an inversion-therapy can also stop or slow-down on the progression of osteoarthritis.


  1. Corrects and reduces pain from scoliosis: scoliosis is actually an abnormal-curvature of an individual’s spine in form of an (S or C) shape. However, research has shown that inversion-table therapy can be used to improve-on or correct scoliosis. In fact, this makes an inversion-therapy a perfect treatment for children with scoliosis because they don’t even think of it as treatment but rather as a fun activity to-do.


  1. It eases on Fibromyalgia Symptoms: studies show that most people with fibromyalgia have higher than normal cortisol-levels (stress-hormone) and lower than normal serotonin-levels (feel-good hormones). However, an inversion-therapy has been proven to affect neurotransmitters in a positive-way hence balancing-out someone’s hormones and making them feel happier and less-sensitive to pain. On the other hand, an inversion-therapy also helps to improve on the functionality of the endocrine-system.


  1. It reduces on headache: an inversion-table therapy actually helps to reduce or relieve on headache in several ways include; relaxing the muscles in the face, neck and skull in order to reduce on the number of tension-headaches, decreasing on stress-levels which in-turn reduces on the number headaches and it also realigns the spine and this help to reduce on muscle-spasms in the neck and shoulder section which usually lead to headache.


  1. It improves on the functioning of the lungs: when sitting or standing in an upright-position, blood tends to pool itself into the lower-lungs. However, when you’re in inverted-position the pooled-blood will be redistributed to the upper-lungs section thus offering more oxygen within and this actually improves on the overall functioning of the lungs.


  1. It makes breathing much easier: the more you carry-out an inversion-therapy, the stronger your diaphragm will become. This will actually make it much easier for you to breath hence leading to increased oxygen-supply to all parts of the body. Additionally, an inversion-therapy even encourages deeper breathing because the lower parts of the lungs will be filled with oxygen often.


  1. It improves blood-circulation: when doing an inversion-therapy, the heart won’t have to work so hard because gravity helps to pull the blood from the extremities to your heart more easily and this will also enable easy circulation of blood into your brain.


  1. It improves on the functioning of the heart: an inverted-position does not work-out your heart so hard and this means that the heart will get more rest. In fact, some inversion-therapy users have shown a reduction in heart arrhymia just after a few weeks of using an inversion-table.


  1. It aids in digestion: an inversion-table therapy also your digestion-process to work more efficiently. On top of that, Peristalsis is aided by an inversion-therapy and this actually helps to remove any old fecal-matter that had been trapped within your intestines.


  1. It boosts your immune-system: an inversion-therapy actually helps to improve on the functioning of the lymphatic-system and this will in-turn boost on the functioning of your immune-system hence making you less vulnerable to several diseases. In fact, most people who start using an inversion-therapy often find themselves less vulnerable to different sicknesses than before.


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