10 Tips On How You Can Accept A Terrible Gift

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Today, some people will offer terrible gifts that the receiver won’t like but actually accept them just for the purpose of making the giver happy. In fact, almost everyone will someday receive a terrible gift but this doesn’t mean that you should reject the gift because it will actually make the gift-giver feel sad too. So, it’s for this reason that I have written a quick guide on appropriate ways of receiving a terrible gift from a friend/family and these ways will actually make the receiver and giver feel comfortable no matter how terrible the gift looks like.



  1. Try to be prepared for the worst: you should always be prepared to receive anything because at a particular age you will actually figure-out which of your family and friends have a problem of gifting you with something that is not suited for you or terrible-gifts. so, the best way to solve this is to always approach every gift you’re given with caution and you may even have to lie about your feelings towards the gift in order to make the giver feel comfortable although his/her gift is terrible.


  1. Show positive facial reactions: knowing that you have been given a terrible gift makes you feel uncomfortable or sad and the only way to prevent showing your sadness is by faking smiles until you make it through the whole process. In fact, every gift-receiver needs to show an array of positive facial-expressions in order to appease the giver even if he/she has offered a terrible gift. All in all, faking reactions that make you look happy and surprised is actually very essential when receiving gifts including terrible-gifts.


  1. Consider determining how awful your gift is: incase the gift is just a lousy piece of clothing, then calm down and wait because after sometime a friend may invite you to an ugly-sweater-party where you will be able to offer this terrible-gift. However, not liking what you have been given does not necessarily mean that the gift is bad or terrible. So, you actually have some time to decide where a specific gift falls on your gift-scale and then act according to your instincts.


  1. Get to know the type of person you’re dealing with and act appropriately: it’s very crucial to know the type of person you’re dealing with and then prepare yourself for anything he/she offers as a gift. Additionally, it’s very important to base your reaction towards giver not the gift. In fact, there is a huge-difference between a terrible gift from a grand-parent and terrible-gift from someone who came to the party with jealousy. On the other hand, if someone spent a lot of energy and time looking for something to give you, then you should apply the same amount of effort into pretending that you have liked the gift even when it’s terrible.


  1. Fake your reactions well when receiving a terrible-gift: in case you’re going to fake a positive-reaction when receiving a terrible-gift, then try doing it well so that the gift-giver does not notice that you haven’t liked their gift. in fact, people actually have an instinct of telling or noticing whether you have liked or not liked what they have offered as a gift and people can even know or see when you’re lying or pretending about something. So, you will only have a fraction of time to decide whether you’re going to react in a genuine way or react as the giver wants you to.


  1. Open the card first and then the gift later: most people make a mistake of opening the gift first then the card follows. This is not good because you may not love the gift yet the content in the card is good and you may even end-up ignoring reading the card which is bad. So, it’s best to open the card first and then the gift after because this will help to create a distraction from whatever awful-gift you had received and a sad reaction. In fact, you’re most likely to get a positive reaction from a card than from a gift because cards always carry information which is genuine, sentimental, light-hearted or humorous and this actually makes the gift-receiver to feel more comfortable and happier even after receiving a terrible gift.


  1. Try to cover-up when doubting: your face and eyes are actually the window to soul and this means someone can easily notice that you’re lying to them through those features. So, in case you feel like you can’t realistically show fake-happiness or pretend, then consider using your hands in order to partially block your facial-expression because this will provide you with extra time to compose yourself before the gift-giver notices that you’re faking an expression. However, this is just a temporary fix so don’t do it for continuously because the other person will notice that you’re not happy and just pretending.


  1. Say something obvious when receiving the gift: at times its best to describe the gift and its used when receiving or opening it. In fact, if there is some information on the box containing the gift, then consider reading it loud. But in case there is no information then consider coming-up with something about the gift and after start discussing it with the gift-giver. This will actually seem like you genuinely are about the gift and its giver and will even prevent you from discussing on how you feel about the gift if it really terrible or awful.


  1. Deal with the post present/gift depression: you’re mostly likely to feel bad and depressed after opening a terrible gift. However, this is ok because it’s just natural for people to feel disappointed but never complain because your friends/family may have received even the worst gifts before than the gift you have received. So, figure-out what to do with the gift because this will save you a lot of time and even decrease on the depression.


  1. Consider other options of getting rid of the gift: in case you don’t the gift, then there is no need of keeping it and this means that you can tryout several ways of getting of such a gift which include; attempting to exchange or return the gift to the store in-case that tag was left-on, re-gifting the present to another person or even donating the gift to a person in need or institute.

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