5 Ways You Can Act Surprised By A Gift You Don’t Like

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Gifts are a great way of showing love and care to your friends/family but sometimes the gift-receiver might not get everything that they put on their wish-list. In fact, you may even receive a gift that you don’t like but you have to act surprised so that the gift-giver does not get to know that you’re disappointed in their gift. However, sometimes it is a little hard to act surprised receiving a gift that you don’t like most especially when you get to know about it even before opening it or when you already have the same gift-item. So, below are some of the ways you can act surprised after receiving a gift that you don’t like and they will actually work for you.



  1. Try acting surprised when opening the gift: in case the gift has been wrapped, open it up and then get to see and remove what is included within the package. But after seeing the gift, try to act surprised and happy even when you haven’t liked it. However, this is not that easy to pretend to be surprised but make sure that the gift-giver does not notice that you did not like what they offered.


  1. Consider vocalizing your surprise: after opening your gift, try saying some nice words that show you’re surprised and these can be like; “wow”, “thank-you” and many others. However, don’t over say such words because the gift-giver may think that you re humoring him/her.


  1. Always put on a smile: always smile after receiving a gift even if you have not liked it but make sure that your smile looks true in the eyes of the gift-giver. In case you don’t really like the gift and it makes you feel sad, then consider thinking of someone who makes you smile. Additionally, if you already knew what the gift is and you don’t like it, try as much as you can to smile and also make sure that the eyes show that you’re happy.


  1. Always say “thank-you”: even if you receive the worst gift in the world, always remember to say “thank-you” and mean it because this actually shows some kind of gratitude or respect for something someone has given you. In fact, a thank you means a lot to the gift-giver and if you fail to thank the giver after receiving his/her gift then they will probably think that you did not like their gift which is not good.


  1. Open the card before the unwrapping the gift: opening the card before the gift actually shows the giver that you have more interest in the concept behind his/her gift. in fact, reading the card first will make feel surprised and happy even before opening the gift and this implies that the giver will take perception that you liked their gift even if you did not like it. Additionally, after opening and reading the card try to make eye-contact with the gift-giver and then smile or say “thank-you”.



  • In case it seems hard for people to find something that you will really like, then consider telling them beforehand to come along with an exchange-card with the gift so that you can be able to go to the store where he/she got the gift for exchange in case you didn’t like the initial gift. In fact, this will actually help you get something that you really love without stressing yourself with awful-gift.


  • If you expect to get gifts on any special occasion, then try not thinking too-much about what people will give you. In fact, it’s best for you to just enjoy your special-day rather than thinking about the gifts you received and didn’t like them. All in all, just be happy and grateful that people turned-up and thought of you no matter how awful their gifts are.


  • In case the person who offered the awful-gift lives with you and a someone comes over and asks who gave you the such a gift, then consider lying to them by saying out someone else like a grandmother/father, guardian, cousin or any other person who does not stay with you.


  • Always give an appropriate reaction and feedback after receiving the gift even if you don’t like it. However, your reactions may differ depending on what you have received. For example, your reaction towards someone who has given you a flat-screen TV set will be different from someone who offered you an awful-gift like a sweater. However, show all gift-givers that you have appreciated what they have given you so that no one notices that you did not like their gifts.


  • Learn that people change overtime most especially in the puberty-stage. This means that their tastes and preferences change as they grow hence you’re most likely to give them a present that they won’t like at the moment but will come to appreciate it over time.


  • Gift principles state that once someone gives a present, he/she is not supposed to ask you about it afterwards. This means that the gift-receiver is free to do anything with the gift given to him/her.


  • You may consider telling someone to offer you with a gift-card to a given store or money so that you can go and buy the gift for yourself. But this only works if you know the person better and when you have noticed that they can’t pick the best gift for you.


  • Avoid showing the gift-giver a feeling that you are just pretending about the gift they have given you. So don’t jump and over-shout after receiving the gift because this may show the gift-giver that you’re pretending.


  • Remember to always say “thank-you” no matter the type of gift you have received. This will actually show the gift-giver that you appreciated their gift even if you did not like it.


  • Always open the card first before the gift because this will help you feel comfortable and happy even after opening the gift.

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