9 Steps On How To Give Gifts Unconditionally

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At times gift-giving can feel like chore yet it’s something we are obligated to do especially on those special of our loved ones. In fact, gift-giving can sometimes leave us feeling resentful and stressful because it requires a lot of time and thinking about the gift you choose for someone. On the other hand, giving gifts unconditionally is not that simple because most times we offer gifts expecting something in return even if it’s simple “thank-you” from the recipient. However, you can learn to give gifts unconditionally in case you develop a sense of humor or when you share a piece of yourself in terms of love, care and esteem for the other person receiving the gift.



  1. Look for a gift that means something to the recipient and yourself: try to take time when selecting a gift for someone and don’t just purchase anything just to get rid of someone. So, consider choosing a gift that will make you and receiver feel proud and attached by simply putting in more effort and consideration into what you buy or create as a gift to your loved one. In fact, creating the gift yourself is actually a good idea because creates a sense of attachment between you and the receiver.


  1. Make it a surprise: a gift that is just requested is not as exciting or fulfilling as a gift that is received by surprise. However, this requires you to observe the receivers way of life so that you can point-out what works best for them then offer it as gift. This will actually make both the receiver and you to feel attached and unconditionally.


  1. Try to think beyond products: products can actually look nice to the eyes of the receiver especially when wrapped-up but products end-up drowning us. In fact, offering a product as a gift can be like a burden to the recipient because it involves storing the product with their already over-crowded places or rooms. so, in case your gifting someone who already has everything then avoid giving them products but consider other alternatives that won’t add clutter on their side. Such gifts may include; promising a monthly visit to take the recipient for a movie or art galleries, taking them for dinner, offering a house-cleaning service, offering a gift-voucher for a massage, fitness-class or spa-treatment and much more.
  2. Think and take note of what the recipient wouldn’t buy for themselves: try to avoid giving products that the receiver wouldn’t buy for themselves but instead go for products they never think of to buy like offering them unique-items, getting them a voucher-ticket for a trip to a spa, resort-beach, dinner or even cooking them a new food recipe they had never tried before. However, this requires you to know the recipient well in order to get them the right gift package.


  1. Avoid offering products that the whole household uses or needs: gift like a toaster, microwave or car-cleaning equipment can actually be of use to everyone in the house and this makes them not to be gift in actual sense. In fact, such gifts can be used personally and this actually makes them conditional since someone else gets to use them. So, consider buying someone something that can be used personally on their special day like; birthday, mother’s-day, father’s day. However, such gifts can be offered on weddings and other occasions that require a universal gift.


  1. Always expect nothing in return: you should always know that you’re giving a gift because you actually want to and this means that you should not expect gratitude or something in return also well-behaved people will show some gratitude. However, there are people some people who won’t show you some gratitude but that does not mean that they don’t respect or appreciate your gift. In fact, at times people feel so surprised, ashamed, shy, embarrassed or even self-conscious to react in joyful way after receiving a gift. So, if you have given them in good heart, then don’t about their reaction or lack gratitude after receiving the gift.


  1. Try to be considerate and organized with your gift presentation: to wrap and present a gift well will actually help to demonstrate your sense of style and that you also care about the receiver. In fact, this also shows that you respect the recipient but don’t make this process so complicated for you.


  1. Consider gift giving as an energy exchange: in case you don’t know what to buy for someone then just remember that gift-giving is not only an exchange of physical items but it’s an exchange of positive-energy as well. So, just choose anything that you feel will work for the recipient and then offer it in good heart by either smiling or using positive-comments when handing it over to receiver. In other words, learn give your presents without strings attached and this will even facilitate for a liberating feeling towards you and the receiver.


  1. Try to stick to your budget: you should always stick to your budget whether its money or time and this can be achieved by identifying the time and money you’re willing to spend when looking for gift. In fact, if someone feels obligated to spend more money or hours than he/can afford while searching for a present, then they are more likely to start resenting the receiver (people) that they are shopping for. All in all, setting a boundary when searching for a gift makes you feel better and also removes conditions between you and the receiver.


  • In case the gift-giver and recipient know how things run in a civilized environment, then giving gift unconditionally will be much easier and smooth because the giver won’t expect anything back from the receiver while the recipient will show some gratitude or appreciation.
  • The best unconditional gift is actually an anonymous gift because it won’t let the receiver know who sent it hence removing any string attached.
  • Lastly, try offering a gift on a random day without any reason because this will actually show that you do not expect something back if you’re really willing to offer a gift without a reason.

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