9 Tips On How To Get A Gift For Your Fan-boy Boyfriend

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A fan boy boyfriend can actually make it hard for you to choose for the right gift on that special day. But in this article i have listed several gift-ideas that your Fanboy boyfriend will actually be interested in but make sure that you actually get to know what such a boyfriend loves before picking a gift for him. Additionally, you should consider making extra research on fanboy products that are recently available on the market so that you may get your friend/lover the best gift.


  1. Prepare some money: you will need to get some money for shopping the gifts and you should at least have 30-dollars. This will actually help you get a nice gift for your fanboy boyfriend for his birthday or any other special day of his life. Additionally, try to purchase fanboy products online because you will have a chance of looking for cheaper gifts or gifts that fall within your budget.


  1. Get information from the fanboy about what he likes: you will actually need to start a conversation with your fanboy boyfriend while talking about his favorite topics a week or two before his birthday or any other special day of his life. By the time you finish talking to this fanboy boyfriend, you will be able to know what to buy for him as a gift on that special day.


  1. Find out his taste and preferences: although he might be a fanboy, he also a taste for particular products in his fanboy world. So, take note of what he loves or has been raving about when choosing a gift for him and make sure that you get them the exact product they have been mentioning all along but you may also add a few new things in order to make his gift-package awesome.


  1. Choose for them something fascinating: you may actually just decide to pick something unique and fascinating as a gift for your fanboy boyfriend and this can actually be a comic-bag, action-figures, a watch or anything else amazing. additionally, if you want make him feel very special then consider making him a gift-basket containing some of his best items and these can be comic-books, action-figures and so much more.


  1. Consider personalizing the gift: after buy the gift, try to personalize it by either writing a drabble, drawing a funny art-piece, making a card or even drawing a small sketch of him and then place it inside the gift. This will actually create an extra attachment with your fanboy boyfriend after receiving the gift on that special day.


  1. Wrap or package the gift well: try as much as you can to wrap and package the gift well before giving it out to your fanboy boyfriend. In fact, consider making a packaging that is fit for him and avoid using fanboy wrapping-paper unless he loves it. Additionally, keep the gifts looking neat and tidy by not using a lot of tape over. Lastly, you may spice-up the wrapped gift by sealing it with a kiss-print on top and this will actually make the fanboy boyfriend feel happy.


  1. Create a funny card: you may actually print a card after getting it online and then personalize it with your boyfriend’s favorite character. However, try to neatly write or personalize this card so that it looks great in the eyes of the receiver.


  1. Offer the gift on that special day: it is best to wait for that special day to come and then give the gift to your fanboy boyfriend. This will actually show that you really care and think about him. On the other hand, don’t give out the gift before the special day comes because you may have to get him another gift when the day comes which is quiet expensive.


  1. Give him time on that special day: it’s very important to go there in person on your boyfriend’s birthday or any other special day because this can actually make him feel loved and comfortable than just sending the gift to his place without showing up.


  • Star-lord leather jacket: with such a jacket, your fanboy boyfriend will like it because it will make him look like his wearing his favorite comic figure clothes. Additionally, such a jacket will be of great use during winter season.


  • Halloween costume: another amazing gift that your fanboy boyfriend will love a Halloween costume but make sure that you get him the featuring his favorite action figures.


  • Comic-books: civil-war comics like captain America and many other comics that marvel created will actually make a great gift for your fanboy boyfriend on his birthday or any other special day. However, these comics come in a series of books so make sure that you get all of them so that your boyfriend can be able to read them all.


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Box Set: this box set contains 6 films and other special features like collectables and replica Morag-orb that contains the infinity-stone from the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, this box-set is a bit pricey and you may consider not buying it in case your fanboy already has some of the films in it.


  • A character-specific hoodie: most fan boys love putting on hoodies of their favorite comic characters and then begin playing their games. So, a character-specific hoodie will make a perfect gift for your fanboy boyfriend and some of the examples of the character-hoodies you may buy for him include; captain America, iron man and many others from marvel.


  • Action figures: an action figure of his favorite comic-book or hero can work as perfect gift for that fanboy boyfriend. This action-figure can actually be under his awesome collectibles. So, you may buy for him every marvel super hero action-figure in case you have the money or select the action-figure he loves most.


  • You should try staying within your budget when selecting a gift for your fanboy. So you may get for him multiple small-items or a tee-shirt in case you don’t have a lot of money to spend.
  • Keep the gifts looking neat and tidy by wrapping it well and don’t not using a lot of tape when sealing it?

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