10 Ways You Can Stop Making Excuses Not To Jog

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There are many exercises that can be done today and jogging is one of the best activities that will help you improve on your cardiovascular-system, stay fit and even lose extra-weight. Additionally, jogging helps someone to increase on his/her stamina, endurance and even contributes to the development of stronger-bones. So, it’s best to always get out there jog in order to keep your body in a perfect condition but you can also decide to jog over a treadmill if you don’t want to move outdoors. However, sometime you may feel like not going for a jog because you feel tired, you don’t have time or when the weather outside is bad but all these excuses can be overcome by following some of the steps listed below.


Steps On How To Stop Making Excuses Not To Jog:

  1. Always put yourself first: the main reason why some people fail to exercise is because they don’t put themselves at top of the day’s agenda. In fact, grown-up people have a lot of things to do during the day and these actually make them forget to take care of themselves. So, you should always consider putting yourself first by doing things that will to keep your body healthy like exercise. All in all, you should consider doing regular exercises because they provide you with great physical and emotional health thus enabling you to cope-up with all the situations that confront you daily.


  1. Know that your mental-energy depends on your physical energy: you actually need to know that your mental-energy is driven by your physical-energy and the fact is that tiredness-excesses are often mental-energy speaking to you. However, if you decide to exercise then this will help you refresh your body and even reduce on the mental-tired feelings. Additionally, try to give yourself time to exercise for about 10-minutes and in case you still feel tired physically and mentally, then consider resting or going to bed early. On top of that, try to be flexible because sometimes life may get into your scheduled exercising-time but all you will have to do is to rearrange for a day to carry- out that exercise instead of foregoing it.


  1. Always wear the right fitness-gear: if you feel comfortable and good then you’re more likely to feel extra-motivated to get out there and begin jogging. So, try getting a great pair of running-shoes and some great running-clothes because these will enable you to get motivated while having a jog. On the other hand, in case you don’t know what fitness-gear to wear, then consider making some online-research or try asking someone at a sports-store about what to wear when jogging/running but make sure the sports-gear you have acquired makes you feel comfortable when having a workout.


  1. Consider reflecting on the benefits of jogging: try to always reflect on the benefits of jogging because these can actually serve as good-motivators especially when you’re losing morale. in fact some of benefits of jogging include; improving on your cardiovascular-system, reduces on your blood-pressure, improved workout-endurance, produces endorphins(happy or healthy hormones), it relieves you of stress, improves on mental health, improves on your immune-system and even gives you time to go outside and get some time for thinking.


  1. Don’t set-up to big goals to meet: setting up to big tasks to accomplish during your workout will actually sabotage your chances of succeeding and that is why it’s recommended to pull back and go for simpler tasks that you can easily accomplish then improve on your workout gradually. Additionally, avoid thinking negatively when jogging but instead think of all the benefits that you can get because this will enable you to gradually improve on your jogging routine. On the other hand, remember that there is no right or wrong speed to do your jogging and should also know that nobody is monitoring you. In fact, you should jog/walk as desired as long as you can persevere in order to achieve best results.


  1. Try to stay hydrated: you actually need to drink a lot of water before, during and after jogging in order to keep your body hydrated and strong all the time. In fact, you will sweat a lot as you start to jog and its only water that can replace the lost fluids. On the other hand, if you don’t take water as you jog then expect your muscles to feel fatigued and this will actually make you feel tired. Lastly, acquire a convenient water-bottle that you can easily wear as your jog in order to keep your body hydrated throughout your exercise.


  1. Consider dealing with pain associated with jogging: pain actually makes people quite certain activities including jogging and it’s for this reason that you should try to deal with it in order to achieve a wonderful jogging experience. So try to do this like warm-up stretches before jogging because these help to flex your muscles in order to prevent them from becoming stiff and painful as you jog/run. Additionally, try to keep your body hydrated as you jog in order prevent muscles form getting fatigued and also try to breathe correctly while working-out. On top of that, try to stretch for about 10-minutes before jogging in order to prevent any knee injuries/hurting and always wear well-cushioned running-shoes in order to ensure optimum comfort when running.


  1. Be ready for any temperature changes/extremes: you should actually be ready to tolerate any temperature-changes in order to get rid of any weather-excuses. So, if your excuses include weather-changes then it’s recommended to wear appropriate gear/clothing in order to deal with the extreme weather-conditions. On the other hand, you may even decide to jog indoors over a treadmill in case you own one.


  1. Try finding a jogging partner: having a jogging-partner will actually help to increase on your motivation. So, try finding someone or pet that can help you get motivated as you jog with them and always try to be determined to enjoy each other’s company for best workout-results.


  1. Always get out there: all excuses can be dealt with as long as you take action and move out there in order to begin your jogging-routine. In fact, you should know that there will be bad and good jogging-days and every jog will bring about a new-experience in your life.

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