3 Proved Ways On How To Choose, Wrap And Present A Gift

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All people love gifts but it is not that easy to select, wrap and present a gift. In fact, you should know the type of things someone likes before selecting a gift then wrap it well depending on your wrapping-skill and after offer it to the person supposed to receive it. However, most people will find it challenging to select an awesome gift, wrap it or even present it and this mainly because they have less knowledge about the whole gift subject. So, I have decided to list some of steps that someone can follow in the selection, wrapping and presenting of gifts below.



  • Make some research: you may decide to go for window shopping while getting some ideas on the gift you would like to buy or make some online research on gift-ideas and you will somehow come up with great gift idea.
  • Consider making the gift than buying one: making something as a gift to someone actually adds a personal touch and it even gives a chance to customize the gift in different ways. so, some of the things that you may create as gifts include; making a drawstring-bag, blanket, hat, gloves, personalized-cake, cupcakes and a meal(unique-dish).
  • Know the taste and preferences of the person you’re offering the gift: you should try to know the likes, hobbies and interests of the person your offering the gift even when they seem irrelevant. This will actually help you match the present to the receiver’s interests. All in all, with this technique you be able to come up with a perfect gift for your loved-one, family or friend.
  • Consider personalizing the gift: you should try to personalize the gift to your friend by simply adding some decorations on top. This will actually help to make a simple gift look unique and awesome when received. However, this may require some creativeness because not all decorations will look great on specific items.
  • Offer an experience as a present: this can be in form of an all-expense trip to place where your friend, lover or family wanted to go, offering free-voucher to a big concert as gift to your friend. So, try to be imaginative because there are many things that you can offers tickets for depending on what the person prefers.
  • Choose a pack of small items: consider offering a gift in form of a pack of small items but depending on what you’re friend prefers. This pack can actually be a basket filled with organic-soap, basket with pumice-stone, an art-set or pencil-set for a back-to-school gift.


  • Think beyond the box: try wrapping the gift using other items rather than wrapping-paper. So, be creative when it comes to wrapping the gift by either placing it in a pastel-bag, envelope, small-box or anything else that will make the gift look awesome and unique. However, you may decide to add a ribbon on top of the packaging in order to item look like a gift.
  • Use a wrapping related to the gift inside: for example, you may place stationery-supplies into a pencil case, place knitted baby items into a knitted drawstring-bag or place a jewelry set into jewelry-box. So, try to be creative with the packaging in relation to items placed inside.
  • Apply some embellishments to the wrapping: this can be done simply tying all items together with a colorful ribbon, adding a little sticker to the gift, applying some glitter-spray to the wrapping, sticking an artificial flower onto the wrapped gift and so much more depending on your creativeness.
  • Make the card yourself and apply it onto the gift: consider getting a blank card and then write some information on it. After, try to decorate the card with photos, cut-outs or any other stencils in order to make it look awesome. Lastly, you may decide to place this card into the gift before wrapping it or on top after wrapping the gift.


  • Consider giving the present personally to the receiver: if possible, make sure that you deliver the gift personally to the receiver because this creates a bond between you and the receiver. However, if you can’t deliver the gift personally then make sure that it reaches the receiver and with a clear note indicating that the gift is from you.
  • Say something when giving-out the gift personally: you should say something when giving out the present to someone. So, you can say something like happy-birthday, congratulations or something else that will make the receiver feel good and comfortable when receiving his/her gift.
  • Give a hug if necessary: it’s also a great idea to give a hug to someone when giving them a gift because this creates a bond between the 2 of you and a hug also acts as a symbol of love and care.


  • Try to always be creative when choosing and wrapping a gift for someone because this can help to add a personal touch. In fact, being creative makes the whole gift giving process awesome and amazing.
  • Always make extensive research when choosing a gift for someone because this will enable you to select the right present to offer. Additionally, take note of what the gift receiver likes most before you go out to look for the gift.
  • Consider placing the gift in a pastel-bag incase its large because this helps to make the gift look more elegant in case you’re offering it to a loved one.
  • Always remember to place the card onto your gift before giving it out because this will help the receiver to know who has given him/her the gift. Additionally, remember to include your name and some awesome message onto the gift in order to make the receiver feel good.
  • Remember to remove the price-tag from the item before giving it out as a gift. This is very important because it can be very embarrassing if the receiver notices that the gift offered to him was on discount price.
  • Lastly, keep the gifts looking simple by choosing what you can afford and also keeping the wrapping simple especially when offering the gift to adults.

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