50 Best Gifts for Teens 2017 – Both Boys and Girls

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Because it is just a few months into the New Year, every teen out there would look to try out the latest and trendiest staff on the market this year so that is something you must keep at the back of your mind when buying a gift for a teen. This list of the best gifts for teens includes a wide range of items that will love to get on any special day. Whether it is your friend, sister, brother, niece, nephew etc that is no issue of concern, one thing I can assure you is that this post
has the most appropriate gift that you need to buy for them, check through it and see for yourself.



Smart inch 2 wheel self balancing electric scooter

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In this generation I dint know of any teen whether girl or boy who wouldn’t love to have an amazing ride on a hover board, this is the most stylish and trendy things on the scene this year and this is why the unicycle self balancing hover board. This 2 wheel electric self-balancing scooter drifting displays a very modern golden appearance that will attract any teen’s attention together extremely simple operation. Controlled by dynamic equilibrium, this hover board has the ability to go backward, forward and steering. With its high self balancing technology, it is very easy for anyone to ride on the scooter. If she or he is an outgoing person, I guarantee they will fall in love with such a trendy gift.


SEABOB F5 The World Fastest Underwater Scooter

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People say swimming and diving under water is fun but that is only because they haven’t tried out something interesting like driving under water on the fastest under water scooter in the whole world. The Seabob F5 is high performance machine designed with environment friendly technology to ensure that much as it performs exceptionally it is still won’t cause any kind of harm to the environment. What makes it even more outstanding is that unique E-jet power system which works with the principle of water displacement, this way the scooter is able to keep going forward. From the control grip you can control its speed for that personalized ride under water.


BUZRUN Cruiser Board Professional Complete Penny Style Skateboard

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Riding on a skate board has never been more fun, now with the new BUZRUN Maple Wood Deck Wide 8″ Complete Skateboard you can ride on pathways knowing that you are very safe. This is a professional skateboard built with the highest quality together with a very attention grabbing modern design. It features ABEC system and precision bearings with 0-9 ratings where you can select the speed you wish to ride from. It also features heavy duty wheels where the front wheels are larger than those at the back to make it much safer for riding on all kinds of drive ways.


Mountain Bike Speed MTB Bicycle 17 in Carbon Fiber Frame

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With this 20 inch Black Mountain Bicycle your mountain trails will not be limited by absolutely anything thanks to its exceptional design. Made from aluminum material this bike has a very durable and foldable design that makes it very portable and hence easy to store. Its seat is well padded to ensure maximum comfort while riding on the bike and it features 6 gears so you can always change to whichever works best for that particular place that you’re riding in. its V-brake has two brakes a front brake and back one, this bike is perfect for both boys and girls.


Kawasaki Ninja

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The 2014 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R ABS is one hell of a bike that will leave all other teens envying you not only because of its performance but also because of its extremely stylish appearance. With a combination of the most advanced technology and anti-lock braking, this bike is one of the classiest you can find out there. It is put together with small and light weight materials to come up with incredible weight that this gorgeous machine has. It response time is super fast while the powerful engine and customizable system make it just the perfect gift for teens out there that are into biking.



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For any teen who is a surfer, this magnificently painted surf board will not only get the attention of everyone around you but also enable you hit those waves without any worries. It is crafted from long hand curved wood and stunningly painted with the word “PARADISE” so the moment you step on it will make surfing paradise for you. It is also detailed with eye catching colors and a multi-colored parrot for a whole new interesting look.


Smart One Wheel Self Balance Electric Scooter LED Cyboard Solowheel Hover Board

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There are so many types of hover boards on the market currently however if you want to stand out and are looking for exceptionality from everyone else then the Smart One Wheel Self Balance Electric Scooter is just the best choice you ought to make. This solo wheel hover board features an LED cyboard for a more attractive appearance. It is very powerful operating with 200watts and gives chance to choose the sped you want to ride at, it maximum speed is 18km per hour. Since it is not that heavy, you can easily carry it away for storage or to wherever you may wish to take it to.


Rock Climbing Gear Address Labels Tags - Nuts Cams Hex Slings Carabiner

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For whichever gear climbing needs you may have, the Nuts Cams Hex Slings Carabiner will not disappoint at all. These 158 climbing gears are made in three different sizes to perfectly suit your needs. They are created from heavy duty polyester material that is tear proof and come with matt surface labels that are to write and don’t slip off by any chance during your session. Therefore as you climb up or down those heavy rocks on high mountains, these gears will guarantee your safety all the way.





Seben Zoom Reflector Telescope 700-76 Big Pack KT1

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The Seben Zoom Reflector Telescope is not just telescope but rather a great quality product that any astronomers would love to have. Featuring only high quality products, this Seben telescope is extremely durable while at the same time very functional. This is absolutely worth the money you will be spending reason being it is not made for the expertise of already experienced astronomers but also for first time users. This telescope allows you to watch things that are unimaginable distance away from you while delivering crystal clear images. Most importantly it comes with accessories that are available everywhere in the market, it will not be hard for you to find spares for them.



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In this 21st century which teen doesn’t want to pose around riding on a one wheel self balancing scooter, the two wheel scooters are trendy but I can assure you that the one wheel hover board is also much adored by teens lately. To make it more user friendly it is designed with on key start user technology even when it is your first time to use it you will have no problem starting it. It also features a very colorful LED scooter light to make it one of the coolest you have ever owned while its speed limitation makes it much safer to ride on.




VERSACE Native American print T-Shirt

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While talking about the most fashionable things, you cannot live out teens because they are one of the biggest fans of fashion. Here I have displayed a VERSACE Native American print T-Shirt with a vintage yet one of the trendiest designs. If you want to turn heads this is the perfect T-shirt to throw on. For any sort of causal occasion, this T-shirt will be one great option to pick out.



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In the world of foot wear one of the latest that you must look out for is this levi’s men’s Hamilton buck high top canvas upper sneakers. Along with extraordinary construction and memorable flair any teen will be proud of walking around in these shoes. They are made from great quality with a canvas high top upper together with a lace up closure for quick wearing. As the rubber sole provides ideal support and grip, the lightly padded insole makes the shoes super comfortable. The displayed in this picture are black however there are many more options that you can select from.


EVISU2000 special No.1 Lot 2000 Unwash Denim jean

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One gift that you buy and your are more than sure a teen will love it is a pair of jeans simple because even those that already have many of them still want more, no one gets tired of jeans. Denim jeans have always been trendy, they are still trendy and will forever be, that is a fact. These quality Yamane jeans have been designed from Japan, they have both back pockets and front ones and have a very nice color that will match easily with anything you wish to blend with it.  These straight leg jeans are size 38.


Diesel Original DZ7312 MR DADDY Multiple Time Chronograph Black Watch

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With the Diesel Original DZ7312 MR DADDY Multiple Time Chronograph Black Watch you will not be a trend follower but instead a trend setter all thanks to its super unique design. With such a beautiful watch on your hand you will have more confidence be more stylish and grab all the compliments you ever wanted to have. It has three extremely detailed dials that is to say the analog movements, chronographs and tiny digital dials to let be the controller of absolutely any time zone. With its dynamic and extremely modern design, this is another of those gifts that you to give great consideration.


Dalia Tobacco Leather Ankle Boots New Womens Shoes

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In the new Lucky Brand Size 5.5 M Dalia Tobacco Leather Ankle Boots, there is absolutely no doubt you will stand out from a crowd. Am more than sure any woman more so a teen would love to flaunt in this adorable pair of boots. It displays a genuine leather upper so if it durability you are looking for, that is exactly what you will get from these shoes. You don’t have to worry about slippery floors in them because of their rubber sole that is not just long lasting but also grips firm onto the ground in each and every step you make.


Genuine Ray-Ban Sunglasses Aviator RB3025 001

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A teen who wants to stand out from the rest must always go an extra mile and go in for the classic and stylish things just like these Genuine Ray-Ban Sunglasses Aviator RB3025 001/51. They are designed with a really stunning and shiny matte gold frame and brown gradient lenses. These can be worn both by boy and girls thanks to their unisex aviator frame. To ensure that you will be 100% comfortable in the shades, they are detailed with adjustable nose pads and temples. Due the uniquely designed high quality lenses, they offer optimum clarity and maximum protection from the sun.

Military Tactical Backpack

Outdoor Hiking Trekking Camp Travel bag Military Tactical Backpack Rucksack

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This military back up is of those multipurpose items anyone will love to have, for travels, hiking or just when you need to go with a pack of clothes it is all you need. The bag is designed with comfort in mind starting with the padded shoulder straps that reduce pressure on the shoulder when the bag it too loaded then the mesh backing that is very breathable especially during those extremely hot seasons. It features a really large main compartment, and interior pocket and front pockets all with zip closures for added safety of your items. It also has mesh side pockets so it can accommodate just everything you may need when on the move.



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You know how much teens get obsessed with their pets so getting a gift for his or her pet will probably be the best thing you ever did for her. These military personalized dog tags comes as a pair and they are made from two shiny stainless steel material and rounded up with black rubber silencers for a totally elegant look. One tags has a long chain which is about 30 inches long while the other has a shorter that is 4 inches long. The tags can be labeled with any number or letter of the alphabet that you would to appear on, you can even choose which message the person you are buying them for should see on the tags.




Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset

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As they say at times being alone is better than being in bad company and the Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset is designed to make you enjoy your time alone much better. This mobile virtual reality allows you to keep in touch with your friends in a more practical setting, keeps closer to your best games and also lets you watch your favorite movies just the way it would be in the cinema. It features such a light weight and ergonomic design with a simple to use touch pad and adjustable padding to maximize both comfort and ease of use. Don’t worry about it durability reason being it is made from great quality. The Samsung Gear VR is compatible with many different Samsung phones.



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Are you looking for the best gift to keep your teens busy? Well I can confidently assure you that the Final Fantasy XIV heavenward Sony PS4 play station has just ended your search because it will do exactly what you want. This is one of the most interesting gifts you can possibly get for the teens in your home, its level cap has been increased from 50-60 and it includes Dark knight, astrologian, and mechanist which allows dealing with damage from a distance with attachments, firearms and turrets necessary for the battle field. This pack comes with a whole new race.


X Rocker Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair

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Whether it is to read, watch television, play video games or just to have a relaxed time all by yourself the X-Rocker Surge 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair provides you with the comfort you need. So the teen you are buying for is such a huge fan of playing games, they will fall entirely in love with this unique gift. To ensure long lasting durability, this chair is designed with a PU seating surface and polyester back. It offers a very comfortable seating position to prevent body pains even after long hours of sitting. What teens love most about this chair is the side facing sound speakers with separate bass and volume controls.


V-805 RF USB Wireless 2.4GHz Gamepad Handle Joystick Controller for PC Laptop

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You can choose to make their game playing more amazing with this advanced V-805 RF USB Wireless 2.4GHz Gamepad. The joystick controller runs on three AAA batteries so you can be able to use for even more than 10hours without stopping. It supports both analog and digital mode so you can use whichever you prefer. The wireless gamepad allows real time control, multi-loop signal with totally no mutual inter-face. Its vibration motor delivers exceptional expression from a maximum distance of 10meters. Its exceptional performance is attached to its 2.4GHz wireless technology.


Saitek Farming Simulator Wheel - Pedals - Vehicle Side Panel Bundle

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With the Saitek farming simulator is a simple way to get closest to the reality of agribusiness. It includes a steering wheel, a programmable panel and real pushing pedals. Just like real farming equipment, this simulator rotates 900 degrees and a steering wheel that turns from lock to lock so this would be a great for the real farm. The gamepad has inbuilt controls with button and switches plus a joystick that gives you maximum control over the person farming. The user friendly farm sim controller features over 25 programmable buttons and a speed dial for managing the vehicles that make it even more enjoyable, teens will are totally crazy about this one.


AMD Gaming Desktop PC Computer 4.0 GHz New Fast Quad Core Custom Built System

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When I talk about the best gifts, this is exactly what I mean you need to save up for the MD Quad Core Gaming PC Computer because it is really worth its value. As it delivers stunning 3D graphics, this PC is also super fast so it can handle very many tasks all at once without lagging. It’s accelerated processing unit (APU) increases turbo speed to 4.0GHz which makes this PC perfect for a really wide variety of gaming options. A slow speed is very frustrating especially when you have a lot of things going on with the PC but with this computer’s blasting speed all that will be in the past.


Ipega Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller Joystick Gamepad for Android iOS PC TV

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With such incredible advancements gaming becomes more and more fun so there is surely no way you can say you have failed to get the perfect gift for a teen. The Ipega game controller is a Bluetooth wireless game controller compatible with different iOS, android and PC games that teens love to engage in. this joystick is very and stable all thanks to its 380mAh in built lithium ion battery that can take you for about 20 hours and five multi-media functional keys for added control. It is designed with very software that is so user-friendly as its android system supports a wide range of simulator games as well as games. .


Brand New Pokemon Black Nintendo DS Lite HandHeld Console System

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All you receive from the Pokémon Black Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Console System is hours of remarkable enjoyment. This console features a really convenient 3.12 inch screen display together with a very compact design and wireless internet connectivity. With its slimmer and thinner design the console has a much more stylish appearance and fits well in any bag which makes it easy to take with you on journeys. Its battery lasts quite long, it delivers about 19 hours of use. The brand new Pokémon comes with two bright LCD screens whereby the one on the bottom is infused with touch screen technology for game play that is as thrilling as never before.


Sega Genesis AtGames Arcade Ultimate Portable

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The Sega Genesis At Games Arcade has worn over many teens hearts simply because of amazing portability. Since it is extremely portable this arcade game will go with you everywhere you may wish to go without any difficulty. It runs on a powerful rechargeable battery that operated for a long period of time so you don’t have to face the expense of buying batteries every other time. It comes loaded with eight 16-bit games and can either be plugged into TV or be played via AV cable. The 2.8 inch handheld game player is also designed witha slot for an SD card.


Microsoft Xbox 360 Falcon White HDMI 20GB

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One any good day where you feel like rewarding a teen for behaving like you wanted them to, this is absolutely the perfect gift.  The Microsoft Xbox 360 is an incredible game console with many amazing online experience and super games for you to try out. It doesn’t play all Xbox titles but sure plays a good number of them so that is no reason to leave it out. It features a really user-friendly dashboard to allow you enjoy online games as you also keep in touch with your peers. Featuring an online store makes it much easier for you to get all the best games, movies as well as the most interesting TV shows.




SONY SRS-BTX300 Portable Bluetooth Speaker System Black

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As it produces super powerful sound the Sony SRS-BTX300 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Personal Audio Speaker System will make such a perfect addition to any teen’s room. It has stereo speakers and a radiator and this is number one reason as to why it produces extremely powerful and rich sound. It allows you to wirelessly stream your music via Bluetooth as the in- built ACC and apt-X codec support prevents the possibility of signal getting lost while music streams. With its great portability you can easily carry the speaker to any room of your choice. On this speaker you can charge and listen at the same time and also pick or make calls.



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With such a unique design it is with no doubt that the Sangean Digital Table Top Radio will be an appropriate gift to out a smile on someone’s face. This radio is built with wireless Bluetooth streaming, 20 preset stations yet it also allows you to manually search for anymore stations that you love to listen to. It appears very attractive with an LCD backlight LCD screen display as the high tech panel makes it easy to control. It is also made with an SD card slot and MP3 player so you can actually record and playback you favorite songs.


Roland Japan Musical Music Instrument V-4EX 4 Channel Digital Video Mixer

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The Roland Japan Musical Music Instrument V-4EX 4 Channel Digital Video Mixer is a device designed particularly for better web streaming and video performance. With its in built HDMI and multi-viewer with touch screen makes it possible to switch videos from about four different sources, this is therefore a perfect mixer for the club, concerts, events weddings and many other occasions. From it screen you can have a look at all your inputs while at the same time use the camera with just the touch of a button.


Ovation Celebrity Delux Custom Built (1 of 2) Guitar

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If he or she is a guitarist I am more than sure they will love the Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Custom Built Guitar, this is first of all because it is very unique and secondly because it is extremely beautiful. This type of guitar was designed particularly for scorpions so don’t expect to find many of these on the market as they only two that were made. It a deluxe double neck and the signatures on it really prove the guitar’s authenticity. It comes with all tags and documents plus an original ovation hard case that keeps it perfectly protected. This is just so beautiful.


Gretsch Catalina Maple CM1 Black Bronze Sparkle 7-piece Drum Set

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The Gretsch Catalina Maple CM1 drum set is definitely the perfect gift for any teen out there that plays the drums like crazy, instead of going out to practice with other people’s he or she can just improve their skills at home with these totally amazing drums. They stand out beautifully in their shiny black color detailed with bronze, they dazzle to instantly grab everyone’s attention. It is a set of 7 drums of different sizes, it is an entire set. Oh and by the way these are not some pieces of fake drum, they are made of the highest and most durable quality.





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Teens love to experiment which means that whichever gift you may be planning for them will be of great help to their development take for example this flat trumpet, even those friends that come around will be tempted to try blowing the trumpet. This brand new instrument features high quality brass and other materials for undoubtable durability, he or she will be sure to own this trumpet for the rest of the life without it getting spoilt. It produces professional sound which makes it perfect for everyone, students, intermediate players and first timers. It comes with a free mouthpiece and hard storage case.


Natural Acoustic Wood Color Violin Fiddle with Case Bow Rosin

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There is no way you can talk about the most precious, emotional and fun instruments to play and leave the violin out. This Natural Acoustic Wood Color Violin is remarkably beautiful, for a person who loves violins, loves to play the violin or simply wants to learn how to play this is the ideal gift. Its natural color and pretty varnish finish makes this violin stands out yet it also made from durable composite wood on the sides, head and back. The rest of it is quality plastic and give the hard case with a soft interior that it comes in, your violin will always be protected.




Apple iPad 4th Generation 32GB Tablet

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When it comes to Apple devices there is absolutely no way you can be hesitant because of quality because Apple has built a name, it only produces great and exceptional quality products. Now the Apple iPad 4th generation is another of the great items you need to look out for when buying gifts for a teen, this iPad is built with Wi-Fi and 32GB memory where you can save games, songs, pictures and many other files. It shows off a wide 9.7 inch touch screen display as its rechargeable Li-Po battery offers about 10 hours of life.


Original Apple iPhone 5S Gold 64GB iOS 7 8MP Unlocked Smart Phone

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In the world of smart phones, the Apple iPhone 5S Gold is one great innovation everyone needs to try out. It displays a 4 inch LED back lit LCD screen where you can view images with crystal clear clarity. With its 64GB storage memory you don’t even need a memory card because it provides more than enough space for a whole lot of data that includes pictures, songs, videos, games among many others. This phone has two cameras, runs on a strong non-removable Li-Po battery and comes with a breathtaking gold finish.




Beats by Dr Dre SOLO 2 HD Headphones BRAND NEW

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As they become overly popular everyone today would love to own the Beats by Dr Dre SOLO 2 HD Headphones and there is more than enough reason as to why people have fallen in love with these headphones. The solo2 gives you a chance to feel and enjoy your music with clarity and a much wider range of sound. Because of the durable, light weight and being well padded these headphones are super comfortable. The black looks good but just you can as well choose from the many other colors such as blue, pink, white etc.


Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation MP3 Player

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With free unlimited messages, thousands of apps, recording videos and making face time calls the Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation MP3 Player is simply incredible. With its video calling you can always see what your partner and friends are up to and exactly where they are. On instant message you can end unlimited messages via Wi-Fi and with two cameras at the front and back you can take stunning pictures and record those memorable moments on video recording.






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These 30lb Rubber Hex Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell will provide better results from your work out as they add more intensity to your workouts. Each of these hexagon dumbbells weighs 30lbs, they are meant to last for a life time that is why they are made from the best materials. The handles are made finished with chrome plated hammer to prevent them from being slippery when hands get sweaty.



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All you have to do is choose your favorite color and the size of the person you are buying these shoes for, these running shoes are not too expensive yet they offer the best running experience. They are very comfortable thank to the well padded absorbing insole and mesh upper that keeps them very breathable.


Punch Bag

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There will be no need for you to go to the gym when you have a high quality punch bag like the RDX 4FT punch bag. This comes with matching gloves and is manufactured with Maya hide leather technology that doesn’t tear easily even with the roughest punches. It also comes with heavy duty top closure and free steel chains.


Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Running Watch Sports Fitness

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The Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Running Watch is an overly advanced watch GPS watch with a really comfortable light weight and super modern high resolution color display, it features an inbuilt accelerometer which monitors distance, time and pace indoors. It also lets you after reaching a certain personal goal and allows you to share your information through Garmin connect.


Fitbit Charge HR Size Large Heart Rate - Activity Tracker Wristband

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With your heart in good condition your body too will be in exceptional condition and this is why you need this Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Bluetooth Heart Rate & Activity Tracker Fitness tracker. With this device on your hand you don’t just monitor your heart rate but also get know how to sustain a healthy workout, track how many calorie burned and optimize training for healthy wellbeing. From its LED display you can view time of the day, your daily workout stats as well as call notification since it wirelessly syncs with your computer or Smartphone.


Spalding NBA HighLight Basketball

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My gorgeous list even has a gift for the basket ballers, the Spalding Official NBA Game Ball Series Rubber Basketball. The ball is made from extremely durable outdoor cover material and made with the official NBA weight and size. With this gift you can have you can have training sessions with your friends at home.



Nike Hyperdunk 2015 white black size US11 new basketball shoes

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The Nike Hyper dunk 2015 white black size US11, US12 new basketball shoes are to die for. These shoes are built with hyper fuse construction for amazing durability and lightweight while the rubber sole offer firm traction even on slippery floors. Articulated padding lines deliver comfortable fit but besides all that these shoes are super stylish.



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For those who love indoor workouts, this home training treadmill is absolutely what you have been searching for. Its foldable design makes it more versatile as it can be used as a belt massager and at the same time as sitting bench. It designed with a training computer which monitors and organizes data from the training session and heart rate monitor for accurate power regulation. It features bottom rollers and hydraulic lifting mechanism which saves on storage space.




1969 Ford Mustang

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And then here comes this super chic and uniquely designed ride, the Ford Mustang 1969. This car’s exceptional shape has made it a favorite for many especially teens who love to stand out, it can go to a really high speed when you want it to. It is that one rear wheel car that nicely distributes weight to make it easier and more comfortable for anyone to drive.



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The vesper scooter vintage motorcycle has been restored so there is absolutely no doubt that it will take as anywhere you want it to take you. All its components have been stripped off to make it brand new that is why it looks as shiny and attractive as it looks now. It can accommodate one or two people at a time but it is super comfortable and safe to ride on.



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The defender extreme fixed blade survival knife is one perfect hunting tool, it features heavy duty stainless steel material. On the handle it has a metal guard for added safety and it comes with a nylon sheath with belt loop.


Spy Wrist 8GB DV Watch Video Hidden Camera DVR Waterproof Camcorder

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To you it may look just like a mere watch but it has a lot more than that, it is a lot more than just a watch. It supports USB plug and play, and at the same time acts a video recorder with just the touch of a button, this is the smallest one in the world for that matter. It can as well act as an 8GB drive. It operates on rechargeable lithium ion battery.

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