50 Best Gifts For Wife 2017 – A Collection of Unique Ideas

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With everything a wife has to go through to make sure you and your kids are in perfect shape the very least you can do is get her a gift either on her birthday, Christmas, anniversary, mother’s day and not forgetting women’s day. With all the pressure impacted on you to get the best gift for the most special person in your life, it becomes quite hard choosing the best gift out there. However you can put your at ease now that I am making it a walk over for you with my incredible list of best gifts for wife. For all the adorable husbands out there that are willing to anything just to see their wives happy, here are treasurable gift ideas to select from.


  1. Classic Handbag:

BOTTEGA VENETA Women's Classic Mallow Intrecciato Nappa Messenger Bag ITALY

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Because of its Bottega Veneta inspired design this Women’s Classic Mallow Intrecciato Nappa Messenger Bag is one of the most anticipated bags by thousands of women. This is simply for the reason that it is made of superb quality, it is very essential and so womanly, it is simply the bag she would want to make a part of her wardrobe. The bag uniquely and beautifully designed from long lasting Nappa leather with a really spacious interior to accommodate all necessary items. It has small drawstrings, an adjustable shoulder strap and detailed with brunito-finish accents. In its pale purple color, this is just so unique she will fall in love with it.

  1. Short Dress:

Glamour Lace Sexy Winter Designer Bodycon Long Sleeve Wiggle Dress

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In this sexy dress trust me you will be proud to call her your wife as she will be the center of attention at just any occasion. This body hugging dress is designed from polyester, cotton and lace material, it’s a mini dress with lace detail for a sexier and more stylish appearance. Its long sleeves, comfort and flattering fit makes this dress appropriate for several occasions such as dinners and cocktails. That see through detail and raffles are very trendy currently on run ways so this body con dress is definitely the perfect choice to pick from the store for your wife.

  1. Classic watch:

Diamond Watches Movado Rondiro Baguette Designer Bracelet

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Sweep her off her feet with this sparkling 100% authentic Movado Rondiro Baguette Designer Bracelet, this is not just a pretty bracelet but a watch as well. It had pretty diamonds around the watch and all around the band to come up with the stunning appearance that it has. The exquisite piece is mounted on stainless steel for added durability. The tiny diamonds surrounding this watch weight about 2.25ct and cut in round shape, they beautifully sparkle and have an extremely luxurious feel. If it is for your own wife then its price shouldn’t really matter, she definitely worth it.

  1. Designer Shoes:

ALAIA Womens Pink-Black Satin Leather High Heel Platform Wedge Pump

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Many of the ladies love that is why I greatly appreciate the color for these, I am more than certain she will immediately fall in love with adorable pair. These pretty platform wedges feature a very beautiful black accent at the back off the heel detailed with a lace up for a super unique appearance. If you don’t feel comfortable in high heeled shoes, wedged shoes are just the way to go. The canvas heel and leather upper offer many years of wearing this gorgeous pair.

  1. Long Dress:

VALENTINO Womens Brown+Red Print Sleeveless Full Length Long Draped Dress

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The valentine sleeveless dress is simple but super elegant, it will make you woman stand out in a crowd. It is a full length dress featuring a super unique print in brown and red and created from 100% silk material that shine to grab everyone’s attention. To spice up the appearance of this dress it is made with a V-neck having a crystal clad buckle in between while the back is made with cutout straps. Don’t worry about your body not being well framed just because it is a very long dress, with this dress’ sexy fit, you will sure look stunning wearing it.

  1. Designer bracelet:

Ladies 14K White Gold 3.96 ct. Diamond Flower Set Designer Link Bracelet

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This sparkling bangle is one of the special jewelry pieces that you must look out for, it comes from the great new jewelry for less collection. The rare bracelet glitters with brilliant round cut diamonds with SI2-SI3 clarity in white diamond color. This diamond bangle is fixed on to 14K white gold and shine amazingly to grab attention even from a distance. Trust me you will also be amazed by how happy she will be after receiving such remarkable gift.

  1. Classic perfume:

Vintage Gucci 1 perfume parfum

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Many perfumes have come up on the market but nothing has been able to beat the great aroma of vintage Gucci perfumes. This classic vintage perfume has a very rare and pleasant scent that stays on all through the day. This Gucci perfume comes in a 15ml bottle and original mint box that is presentable enough to you will not have to suffer wrapping the gift all over again.

  1. Casual Leather Wallet:

Womens Hugo Boss Leather Fold Wallet Casual Coin Zip Coin Purse Cards Yellow

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A wallet is one of the most essential things every woman need to have in her bag, so definitely it is one of those gifts that you are sure she will love no matter the occasion. From shiny excellent quality leather, this wallet will last a whole lifetime besides i also love the fact that it has a very rare color, yellow is very outstanding. It is left all plain with just two button accents and stitches. It features a foldable design which when opened reveals a very spacious interior with card slots as well as a compartment for coins.

  1. Authentic Eye Sunglasses:

Authentic CHANEL 5013-C Black Cat Eye Sunglasses with Chain Trim

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An extremely gorgeous gift to put into consideration are these black cat eye sunglasses from the famous Chanel. They are not just authentic but also extremely fashionable thanks to their superb black color, chain trim and unique shape. The sun glasses have durable acetate frames with black lenses which are very protective from the sun. Along with the sunglasses, you also get a soft cotton cleaning cloth and a hard cover carrying case.

  1. Women’s Scarf:

Scarf Shawl Authentic Woman New Wool Large

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A very fashionable and unique scarf is both a great compliment to casual attire yet at the same time will be of great help during cold seasons. The scarf shawl features authentic woolen material that feels very soft and pleasant on the skin so even for those with very sensitive skin it will not cause any irritation. It is detailed with blue pink and black stripes together with raffles for a more interesting and trendier look. The scarf is long enough which makes it easier to be styled in just any way you know how to.



  1. Women’s Sweater:

Women's Umgee USA BOHO CHIC Blush Frayed Fringe Knit Sweater-Cardigan

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And if you want to keep her on trend then you will not think twice when you come across this chic Boho frayed fringe sweater, it is simply amazing. It features 35% polyester and 65% cotton hence the smooth and comfortable feel along the skin. The knit sweater is made very attractive with frays both on the arms and bottom, this makes it look supper cool. This knit sweater looks best when worn over a nice pair of jeans and top to make you casual look much more stylish.

  1. Designer Jacket/ Blazer:

GUCCI Plaid Check Wool Belted Jacket Suit Coat Blazer

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This plaid jacket will never go out of style and it is perfect for office days when you’re going to attend work but would also compliment a causal style perfectly. It is an authentic Gucci jacket and being brand new it even has the Gucci that will prove to you it is 100% original. The multicolor woolen jacket comes with a matching belt having a shiny gold buckle to make it more outstanding. It also has flap pockets on the front, it is a size US 6.

  1. Necklace & Bracelet Set:

Yellow Gold Diamond Brick Pattern Necklace & Bracelet Set

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If you are not willing to get her this super adorable set then I don’t what else you will get for her that will be this breath taking. The set include a super cute bracelet and necklace. The astonishing necklace is fixed onto 14K yellow gold and detailed with a pendant of five squares, three of which are accented with small shiny diamonds. Generally the whole chain is completely stunning. Then just like the necklace the bracelet is also mounted in 14K yellow gold to make it blend perfectly with the necklace, on the center the bracelet is designed with three squares detailed with diamonds which create a totally dazzling look.

  1. Authentic ear-rings:


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Now that you have this chance to get your wife such a precious gift, don’t let it pass you by. These are extremely pretty original kwiat diamond hoop earrings. The earrings sparkle with stunning brilliant round cut diamonds, they weight about 5.22ct and are pure natural diamonds not artificial ones. Each of the earrings has 17 diamonds of VVS2 clarity and G color mounted onto 18K white gold. On those nights out or red carpet events these earrings will make your wife the most outstanding of them all, get them for her and be one to grab all the compliments for her a flawless woman by your side.

  1. Flat Sandals:

Brunello Cucinelli Taupe Suede-Python Amie Cross Wrap Flat Sandals[markSee price on Ebay….]

Whether it is with skirts short dresses or long ones, these Brunello Cucinelli flat sandals will make the perfect match. For added durability they are designed with leather upper with snake details, the ankles straps are adjustable so anyone can easily change to whichever fit is most comfortable for you. Both interior and outsole are made from strong leather material. Because of their superior comfort, these cross wrap flat sandal shoes can be worn to many different occasions. Their light brown color matches well with a variety of attires. Such a multi-purpose shoes are a must have for any woman, I don’t doubt that she will appreciate this gift.



  1. Makeup Brush kit:

MAC Enchanted Eve Mineralize Brush Kit[markSee price on Ebay….]

For many women, doing eye makeup on their own is not that easy however with the Eve Mineralize eye Brush Kit you would have made things much simpler for your wife. This set is only made of four pieces which are most essential for eye makeup and these include short duo fibre brush, duo fibre face brush, duo fibre tapered blending brush and lastly duo fibre small eye shadow brush. The brushes come in a very durable striped case.

  1. Women’s epilator:

Philips Satinelle Womens Epilator Limited Edition Epilation Shaving Set[markSee price on Ebay….]

In just a few minutes the Philips HP6540/00 Satinelle women’s epilator will give weeks enjoying a super smooth and silky skin. Featuring a super quick and efficient epilation system, this epilator plucks hair out straight from the roots to leave your skin free of unwanted hair and smooth for several weeks. It is also constructed with a very ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in women’s hands to make it more comfortable to handle. The Philips HP6540/00 is cordless and slim so it fit comfortably in those problematic and sensitive areas. It offers two speed settings and a washable head for fast and easy cleaning.

  1. Make Up Palette Set:

Make Up Palette Set Travel Case Cosmetic Kit Beauty Organizer BriConti[markSee price on Ebay….]

Even when on the move this gorgeous cosmetics kit will always keep your makeup essentials close by and handy. It is quite hard to keep yourself looking good especially on those long journeys but this makeup set will make it a lot easier for you too stunning at all times. For that perfect look, this is a 53 piece set that will help you accomplish it as it contains absolutely everything. It involves an inbuilt mirror, four lip gloss colors, five lip balm tins, four brushes, applicators, five powder brushes, eye pencil, mascara, two colors of face powder and more interesting 24 colors of eye shadow.

  1. Hair Dryer and Styling Set:

Hello Kitty Black Hair Dryer&Curling&Straightening Iron Styling SET

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Having this set in your home, you won’t have to face salon expenditures anymore or at least you will spend less since the set includes the most important tools for whatever hairstyles she wants to have. For all styling, smoothing and straightening needs this pretty Hello Kitty set has absolutely every necessary item. The set includes a hair dryer with two speed settings, cold blowing option, concentrator title and three temperature settings. The hair straightener and styling tool with ceramic coated plates that are very safe for use on your hair, on and off power buttons, adjustable temperature setting and LED light indicator.

  1. Electric Toothbrush:

Oral-B electric toothbrush Platinum Black 7000 6 mode

[markSee price on Ebay….]

A wife with whiter teeth and fresher breath all day every day will always attract you to kiss her so you want her teeth sparkling all the time, get her the New Brown D345456X Oral-B electric toothbrush Platinum Black 7000 6. This toothbrush is engineered with extra-high up and down movement speed and rotates both left and right to make brushing much faster but more effective. It features a navigation system that takes care of bad breathe and its high quality makes it amazingly durable. A full charge will take you about 10days so you don’t have to charge it on daily basis. It comes with three different brushes, brush storage holder, replacement batteries and travel case.





[markSee price on Ebay….]

For healthy, smooth and extremely attractive hair this PYT Argan hair care kit is just what you have to look out for. All these are designed with completely natural ingredients that are very important for healthy growth of your hair. This is a 3 piece set including clarifying shampoo that thoroughly cleanses, repairs and strengthens hair yet it is gentle enough for use on treated hair and daily use too. A hydrating conditioner which moisturizes, softens, detangles and makes hair more manageable and lastly a replenishing mask for deeply conditioning hair and preventing it from getting damaged and at the same time get rid of split ends.

  1. Skin Care Set:

dōTERRA's Essential Skin Care Set

[markSee price on Ebay….]

The dōTERRA’s Essential Skin Care Set will without a doubt turn your wife into a beauty queen, as a man you may know nothing about these products but one thing you should know is that they are original and very essential products for the skin. These skin care products are made to specifically provide all important natural oils that aid the skin to appear and feel much younger than it really is, looking good and also very healthy. The cutting edge technologies added to the oil completely get rid of both mechanical and cellular aging. These dōTERRA’s Essential Skin products include pore reducing toner, tightening serum, facial cleanser and an anti-aging moisturizer.

  1. Portable Handheld Mirror:

Portable Handheld Mirrors Beauty PU Leather Makeup Compact Folding Table Mirror

[markSee price on Ebay….]

It is not appropriate for any classy to walk out of the house without looking at herself in the mirror because it is just not right which makes this unique mirror a perfect gift for your wife. It is uniquely made with durable PU leather in a very stylish, functional and fashionable design. It is very portable so you can easily carry it to any room of your choice at just anytime you feel like so that you have your makeup done more comfortably. Any lady would definitely love it.

  1. Personal manicure set:

Nail Care 10pcs Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set

[markSee price on Ebay….]

This cuticle clippers cleaner grooming kit is one of the best that you will find on the market. It contains about 10 pieces of stainless steel items to give a manicure that is as perfect as the one you would get from the parlor. It is perfect for both daily life and travels as it comes in a sturdy and good looking case. The 10 pieces in this manicure set include a cuticle remover tool, nail file, a nail cutter, tweezers, ear pick and many others that are essential for keeping your nails in perfect shape.

  1. Hair comb set:

Black Women Cosmetic Travel Makeup Hand Hair Brush Comb Mirror Set

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Not only is this hair comb set good for travel but also perfect to keep on any counter top reason being it includes all essential combs and at the same time looks good on any counter top. The set is made of brand new and high quality combs with strong plastic material and attractive black color. Because of their light weight and comfortable grip it is very easy to use the combs for many different hairstyling needs. They are anti-static to prevent tagging and pulling your hair as you brush and comb. In the set you will find different types of brushes and a mirror.



  1. Glass and jug set:

Vintage Retro Green Glass Decanter-Jug and glasses set

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Another great consideration you need to make is this gorgeous set of vintage green glasses and jug. They are all made of tough glassware that is not easily breakable. This glass decanter is long enough so it accommodates a good amount of juice. Just like they appear in the image, these glasses will make your dining table look spectacular, I don’t doubt that your wife will instantly fall in love with them.

  1. Coffee maker:

ELBSTAFFE Mini Coffee Maker Espresso Machine

[markSee price on Ebay….]

When actually living together only a couple, there will surely be no need of buying a very huge espresso machine when you can get the ELBSTAFFE Mini Coffee Maker Espresso Machine that makes just the 2cups you and your wife need. This machine features a quick coffee drip nozzle for mess free pouring and an auto shut off feature that stops the machine just in case you forget to turn it off. Its power button is strategically located for easy and convenient access. It comes with the 2 cups so it is practically made for you and your woman.

  1. Authentic tea set:

Russian Imperial Lomonosov Porcelain Tea Set

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Now if what you are looking for is a gift to totally sweep your wife off her feet then you will definitely no go wrong with this authentic tea set. It is uniquely hand painted porcelain hard gold diverging patterns. I always say porcelain has not just the best quality but also the best exceptional design and this set has just proved it. The nocturne music outdoor designed set is meant to house about six people as it includes six saucers, six cups, a creamer, a tea pot and sugar bowl.

  1. Blender:

Ninja BL660 Professional 1100W Power Performance Blender

[markSee price on Ebay….]

The Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660) features a very slim design to accommodate those with limited space but this doesn’t compromise its remarkable performance, it still works like the professional blender that it is. Engineered with Ninja total crushing technology, the blender’s blades can crush ice, blend, puree whole fruits and vegetables in just a flash of time. When in hurry the Ninja BL660, you can make all your favorite drinks from its 16oz jar. This blender is simply the perfect solution to extracting all vitamins and nutrients you need to have in your beverages.

  1. dinner set:

Royal Porcelain 20pc White&Silver Dinner Set

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Dinner served on such beautiful ware will taste even better, this Royal Porcelain 20pc “Crocodile” Silver Dinnerware Set will sure put a smile on your wife’s face. These fine looking items will be in your home for a really long period of time thanks to the high and exceptional quality that is used to mold them. With their unique design the items are more than perfect to serve a special dinner for you and your wife or even for guests. Porcelain is very simple but super elegant but even more interestingly it is very famous for its amazing quality. They are dishwasher safe and the white color looks splendid on any dining table.

  1. cookware set:

Rachael Ray 14 Piece Hard Enamel Nonstick Cookware Pot & Pan Set

[markSee price on Ebay….]

For an exquisite and extremely beautiful kitchen which is very woman’s goal, this kitchen set is absolutely the perfect gift to get for the woman of your life. In their orange color, these pans and pots are completely stunning to make your kitchen space super attractive. Their non-stick interior makes clean-up extremely simple as it does with food release. To maximize strength and safety, they are all made with double riveted and comfortable grip handles. Furthermore they come with tight fitting lids that keep moisture in hence cooking your food to perfection. It includes two sauce pans, a stock pot, a sauté pan, two skillets, medium slotted turner, mini spoola and cookie sheet.

  1. Vegetable Processor Juice Extractor:

Cold Press Slow Juicer Fruit Vegetable Processor Juice Extractor

[markSee price on Ebay….]

With the help of its patented low speed technology system the SOGA slow juicer extracts the best tasting and most nutritious juice you have ever tasted. It runs at 80RPM utilizing about only 150 watts of energy to save you those extremely high energy bills. Just like a mortar and pestle, the slow juice uses a screw-like auger to press and crunch fruits to get you a rich-colored and nutritious juice all full of vitamins and minerals. It is very durable, super easy to clean and most interestingly juices without any irritating noise.

  1. kitchen utensil set:

Stainless Steel Utensil Set of 6-7 Kitchen Tools

[markSee price on Ebay….]

For all serving needs this stainless steel kitchen set is just what all women need to have in their kitchens. The set of six is designed from exceptional quality stainless steel with great durability. Each one of the tools has a hole in the handle that makes it easy to hang in the kitchen for easy accessibility. It is made up of a fork, rack, solid serving spoon, slotted server spoon, slotted turner and plain turner. They are all completely safe to be cleaned in a dish washer.

  1. Kitchen Cooking Apron:

Plain Apron Tow Pocket Chefs Butcher Kitchen Cooking Craft Catering Baking BBQ

[markSee price on Ebay….]

You can show your wife how much you think about her by buying her a kitchen cooking apron since she is always in the kitchen preparing you something nice to eat. The apron is made from high quality material and with its size you will purchase knowing it will fit her well enough, its size is meant for almost everyone. It is designed with two front pockets and thick material to ensure that oil spills don’t get to your clothes. Since it is very easy to throw on and take off, it is just perfect for daily use.

  1. Dish drainer:

2 Tier Chrome Plate Dish Cup Cutlery Drainer Rack Drip Tray Plates Holder

[markSee price on Ebay….]

This two tier chrome finished dish drainer is another perfect addition to any stylish looking kitchen. Its stainless steel material simply makes the kitchen sparkle. The upper tier of this dish drainer is meant for plates and bowls while the lower tier is for utensils and glasses. On the side is where you can place cutlery and mugs, generally it will help you not just to dry dishes after washing but also keep your kitchen excellently organized. It also comes with a removable drip dry tray so it is super easy to clean, assemble and maintain.



  1. fitness watch:

Polar M400 GPS Running Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Watch

[markSee price on Ebay….]

In this new trend a watch is not just a watch but an activity tracker at the same time and this is exactly what the Polar M400 GPS Running Fitness Watch Activity Tracker is. This stylish watch allows you to monitor steps, calories, distance and pace from your all day movements while at the same time helping you to analyze and plan your training session better. With the Polar flow mobile app it gives you a chance to set goals and challenge yourself.

  1. classic running shoes:

Fashion Womens Sports Air Cushion Athletic Sneakers PU Mesh Running Shoes

[markSee price on Ebay….]

These are super stylish and pretty running shoes with colors just perfect for women. They are designed with PU canvas embroidery and honey comb mesh upper for maximum breath-ability and well cushioned for improved stability and ultimate shock absorption. They feature exceptional rubber sole different from that with other regular shoes while their soft foam show mouth keep you super comfortable at all times. She will also love those quality braided laces that prevent deformation and keep the shoes durable.

  1. heart rate monitor:

Mio Fuse Small- Medium Aqua Heart Rate Monitor

[markSee price on Ebay….]

The Mio fuse heart rate monitor is simple one of those small devices that does a whole lot of activities, it is an all in one device that anyone would love to have. This activity tracker allows you to keep track of your workout intensity as well as your movements all through the day. Without a chest strap, this device has the ability to monitor your heart rate from the wrist and at the same time track pace and goal development, steps distance, calories burned and also sleep quality. It stores information from about two weeks of every day activity, it is water resistant and has an adjustable displayed.

  1. Fitness wear:

Under Armour Cold Gear Storm Gray Zip Front Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodie Women

[markSee price on Ebay….]

This is a brand new Under Armour Cold Gear Storm Zip Front Hooded Sweatshirt in a variety of women’s sizes. The sweatshirt features 100% polyester material, two full front pockets and a draw string hood for adjustable fit. On the interior, it is soft, warm fleece and the sleeves are long which makes it perfect for cold seasons since it will provide all the necessary warmth. It the fact that it comes in grey color, grey is one of the really nice and rare colors.

  1. Dumbbells:

Weight Lose Women's Sports Yoga Fitness Equipment Women Fitness

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Just plain running may not produce the awesome results that you would to have however the solution to making your running sessions more intense are these 0.5kg running dumbbells. They are specially made to ensure that you gain more strength from your workouts. Each of the dumbbells is detailed with PVC coating and soft comfortable grip handles that prevent the dumbbells from slipping through your hands as you workout. Even when you get all sweaty, they still stay firm in your hands.

  1. Walking shoes:


[markSee price on Ebay….]

Enjoy and improve each step you take in these Finn comfort women’s Barletta comfort walking shoes. Coming from one of the best shoe makers in Germany there is absolutely no reason for you to be skeptical about the great quality of these walking shoes as they are designed with a nubuck leather upper and leather lining. They also feature a high arch support insole and foot bed together with a lightweight perfectly cushioned insole to ensure maximum comfort. The spacious toe area also adds up to comfortable fit offered by these shoes.

  1. Treadmill:


[markSee price on Ebay….]

There is nothing that is productive as a workout done in the comfort of your own home that is what you will get from the HAMMER Treadmill Life Runner LR22i. This machine runs at an incredible speed but gives a completely personalized workout as you can easily adjust to the speed of your choice right from the handles. It is preset with 19 different programs to offer you diversified and more encouraging sessions every other time. The LR22i’s running tread is large and spacious enough for fun running designed with soft material that is ideal for your joints.


  1. Garden pot:

Self Watering Planter Container Smart Mini Garden Pot

[markSee price on Ebay….]

There is no more need for you to trouble yourself watering plants every now and then when you can have this extremely unique Self Watering Planter Container Smart Mini Garden Pot. Besides being very unique, this garden pot also looks very attractive, it would a perfect addition to your home. It is infused with smart flower garden technology which combines planting techniques and intelligent control technology. It automatically waters plants and when indicated to show you when the water is completely finished so you don’t have to bother watering it on every day basis. It doesn’t leave any dirt or mess, your wife will fall in love with this beautiful gift.

  1. Gardening Hand Tools Set:

Picnic & Beyond Gardening Tools Carry Bag With Stool

[markSee price on Ebay….]

There are different things that you need to do to keep your garden looking fabulous but no matter what they are, this gardening too carry bag sure has got you covered. In the bag you will find five gardening tools with comfortable wooden handles and pair of protective gloves. The tool include a weeder, hand held rake, a trowel, a spade and garden folk. However that is not all that it has to offer, it also comes with a small and easy to carry stool that makes gardening easier and less tiring.

  1. Indoor garden:

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden EXTRA LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Now this is absolutely what I call beautiful, this indoor is simply adorable, if your wife loves gardening, I don’t have even one piece of doubt that she will love this gift. Miracle-Gro Aero Garden is an out of the ordinary house garden in which plants grow at much faster speed than they grow in soil. It features a really user-friendly panel with LE D light indicators to let you know when to add the special nutrients. In this modern garden, you can grow flowers, vegetables, greens among many other plants of your choice.



  1. Smartphone:


[markSee price on Ebay….]

Offering an incredibly spacious crisp 4.7inch screen, the iPhone6 is a really stylish Smartphone that you can get for a wife as a gift. It created ample storage space with up to 128GB for you to store videos, pictures, music and so much more along with a quality auto focus camera. Its operating system is a lot faster and so is the wireless speed. All in all this phone’s performance is totally amazing.

  1. Car (Porsche 911):

1994 Porsche 911 Speedster

[markSee price on Ebay….]

I haven’t come across anyone who doesn’t love the Porsche 911 speedster because it is such a classic ride. It is a 2-door convertible car with a completely noticeable design, one of those cars you can say is perfect elegant women who love to stand out. It is all white on the outside while the interior is all black. This is not all there is still much more to look out for in this chic car.

  1. Travel digital camera:

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800 20.1MP Digital Camera 5x Optical Zoom

[markSee price on Ebay….]

On those fun trips and nights out the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800 20.1MP Digital Camera is all you need to captures all those unforgettable moments. With just the touch of a button, this camera snaps the best photos and really beautiful videos as its 5X optical zoom brings things that are far much closer to you. Because of its sleek design you can capture the best moments while enjoying them.

  1. Victoria’s secret sexy outfit:

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little T. Dark Naughty Angel Outfit Costume Fantasy Large

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Every husband would love to see his wife dresses in this super hot Victoria secrets costume. This sexy piece is features comfortable lace material with beautiful details. Having that dark naughty angel might just be the best thing that ever happened to you. Don’t think twice about getting her this gift.

  1. Bed Bondage Restraint System Handcuffs:

Bed Bondage Restraint System Handcuffs Restraints SM Strap Fetish Adult Sex Toys

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Don’t leave your marriage on the edge with a boring sex life when you can go an extra mile and make your wife fall more in love with you with these bed bondage handcuffs. They high quality and soft so don’t worry about them causing any damage to you partner. Very easy to set up and will keep her all ready for you.

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