50 Best Gifts for Husband – 2017 (Ideas) – For Birthday or Anniversary

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For a man you will be spending the rest of your life with, it definitely won’t hurt to get him a gift every once in a while. It doesn’t necessarily have to be valentines’, his birthday or your anniversary, anytime you feel like showing him how much you love him or how special he is to you get your husband one of these extremely amazing gifts. Finding the perfect gift for your man is not an easy task – not even the one you have leaved with for years. However that should be no issue for you to worry since I have a collection of the most appropriate gifts that you can give your husband to make him feel like he is really different from all other men……..


A watch seems like one of those obvious gifts but the PATEK PHILIPPE 3970G is not just any watch, this one is the real definition of the word classic so there is definitely not way he won’t love it. This extremely beautiful watch features unique 18k white gold and silver dial that stands out of the white background. It is not only built with high quality but also with skill to ensure that it lasts for a really long period of time. This watch displays the calendar day and month, both 24 and 12 hour clock so you can read from whichever is easier for you to read from, a leap year indicator and 30 minute chronograph totalize

Classic men wear designer shoes and you definitely find nothing classier than 100% authentic shoes. These are brand new lace up shoes that can easily be slipped on and take off. They are made of highest quality durable leather material in black color which makes them the perfect match for any outfit, black doesn’t look bad on any color. Without any outstanding details and wingtip these shoes have a really elegant appearance. They also feature a Gucci logo imprint to guarantee their authenticity so if he wears size US 9 by any chance this gift will not disappoint at all.



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A wallet is like a must have for every man but it is rare for men to change their wallets even when they have the money to buy a new one. So if you noticed that your husband’s wallet is getting old this Versace collection grey leather wallet will surely put a smile on his face. Its authenticity is 100% undoubtable and its leather is of great quality not just fake or cheap leather. It features a very unique textured finish with a silver brand plaque for a more elegant and appealing appearance. This bi-fold wallet has two bill card slots and two bill sections.

TOM FORD Slim-Fit Wool - Silk Check Suit

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What makes this checkered suit stand out is the fact that it combines a touch of traditional British style together with a blend of modern trend. It is a very unique two button suit in black and brown check so even in a huge crowd, this is just the perfect suit to stand out. The TOM FORD Slim-Fit suit features wool and silk material and its designed to fit to absolute perfection. The jacket has four pockets on its interior while the trousers have angled side pockets. It is recommended that you wear this suit with a white shirt, I hope your husband will be fashionable enough to agree to that.

VERSACE Dress Or Casual Socks

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Having a change of socks each and every day is very hygienic and it is not impossible when there is a good wife that can buy quality socks to make sure her husband has enough pairs to change on daily basis. These genuine Versace socks are the perfect gift for your husband as they are not just durable but also very soft and comfortable. They come in sizes, large, medium and small yet they are also made in a variety of designs and colors so you will probably not fail to get the pair that suits his taste.

GUCCI Sunglasses 1078-S OHQ

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Who wouldn’t be happy to receive one of the most current innovations from Gucci, the GUCCI 1078/S OHQ Y1 Black Havana/Grey Sunglasses are a complete stunner. The glasses feature a frame with black and Havana blended in with grey lenses and detailed with nylon material which is well known for keeping your eyes safe from those strong sun rays. Their square shape is the most perfect shape for men’s faces with square jaws. I love the fact they are not just perfect for protecting the eyes but also very stylish.


Mens Genuine Leather Salvatore Ferragamo Black Belt Gold Buckle

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Don’t beat yourself over what to get for your lovely man when you can get them this exquisite and classic belt. This is a 100% genuine leather belt so that is number one assurance that the belt is amazingly durable, he will wear this for a really long period of time. It is a Men’s Genuine Leather Salvatore Ferragamo belt in black color detailed with a quick and easy locking gold buckle. The gold buckle is just to make the belt stand out more. It is so adjustable to the extent that it can by men of different sizes, it fits from sie 32-40.


HUGO BOSS Hugo Boss Vipiato Mens Boots

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The HUGO BOSS Hugo Boss Vipiato 50273505 Men’s boots don’t just look good but feel good too. They are one of those pair that offer a lot of versatility due to their fashionable design, they can be worn with those formal attires like suits and at the same time be perfect to wear together with a casual outfit like jeans. Remember that men’s style can usually be told from the shoes they wear and these boots perfectly bring out a person’s personality, you will love to see your husband rocking these amazing boots. And since they are black in color it will be even much simpler to find the perfect outfit to wear them with.


LORO PIANA Baby Cashmere - Silk Crewneck Blue Sweater

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Featuring periwinkle blue this sweater is another really good looking item that you can add to his closet. It is a medium size sweater made from baby cashmere and silk yarns with an expertly designed outline that will look very good on his body. 65% of this knit wear is silk while the other 35% is baby cashmere that feels really smooth and comfortable along the skin. With its ripped cuff and hem together with a crew-neck the sweater looks really stylish and modern.

Natural Bamboo Wood Wooden Hard Case Cover For iPhone

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Fashion is not only about what you can wear even just a phone you have can show how fashionable someone is and I guarantee you will not find a phone case as unique as this wooden hard case for the iphone 4/4S/4G. This natural bamboo wood phone case is a very stylish way in which you can keep your phone very safe and at the same time get everyone’s attention. It is designed to perfectly follow the shape of the phone and allow you to access all buttons with ease. It is very easy to snap on and off the phone so with the high quality and fashionable design any man will be very happy with this gift.




14k Men Solid Yellow Gold Hand Made Regular Rope Chain Necklace

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This is a very simple, very elegant and its price can tell can clearly tell it is very classy. It is a regular rope chain with 14K solid yellow gold, it is handmade and it is 100% genuine, this is not plated or coated gold that will fade away after a period of use. The metal used to design has been tested and found totally authentic. Whether it is for just a casual occasion or those special red carpet events this chain will make him noticeable.


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Don’t let the cold winter season mistreat him when you could save him with this highly fashionable winter coat. This brown leather jacket is one of the trendy ones from the popular Boss selection, it is detailed with a fur collar to make it more eye catching. It has well-spaced snap chest pockets together with flap pockets that also provide plenty of space. It is nicely padded to keep you very warm when it is snowing in the winter season. In its outstanding brown color it will make a great addition to his wardrobe.

Gift For Husband T-Shirt Hubby Since 2015 Tee Shirt Anniversary T-Shirt

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With this T-shirt you will not spend too much but you will definitely be able to make your hubby feel as special as he deserves, such small things can put a mark in your marriage that will last forever. This revolutionary HiDensi-T shirt is shrink resistant, has an extremely smooth surface and for maximum comfort it is made with a very smooth feel. It has double needle short sleeves together with a double needle cover-stitched neck which ensures long lasting durability. This T-shirt is a perfect gift for the man you married either on his birthday or his better yet your anniversary.

ersonalised Pocket Watch SILK GIFT BOX For Husband

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Many of the possible gifts we have been looking at seem quite obvious but take a look at this Personalized Pocket Watch, it is just too unique. It is simply one of those gifts that will surprise your husband, I am sure he will not open that gift box expecting something as rare as this. The most amusing thing about this pocket watch is that you can actually personalize it with either your husband’s names or any message that you would like to send him. It also comes with a 12 inch box and to make it really presentable it comes in a black box with a silk lining and silver label.



Chevre leather Black Briefcase Business bag

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If you want to ensure that he moves around with all his important documents safely held together then the ideal gift to get for him is this fashion leather business handbag. It features high quality faux leather material with an interesting texture and offers you two carrying options whereby you can either carry it in your hands or as a shoulder bag. It has enough space for a variety of items and its unique closure makes it very easy to access whatever is inside the briefcase. This one is black in color but just in case you don’t like, you can as well get the optional color which is brown.

HUGO BOSS Florios-m Mens Florios Slip-On Loafer

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No matter how much busy he may be, he will definitely need a pair of casual shoes for the weekend or one of those days that are not so busy with meetings at office. These modern slip on loafers are very elegant and very appropriate for men of all ages. They are designed in form of moccasins with genuine and durable leather material and a rubber sole that is not only supportive but also very strong to endure daily use. In grey color they look so unique and this suede calf leather has become so trendy lately.




Boss Bottled Oud by Hugo Boss Eau De Perfum

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With the masculine base notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and vetiver, the Boss Bottled Oud by Hugo Boss Eau De Perfume is one of most anticipated perfumes by all men and without even a single doubt your husband will fall in love with it. It has both fruity and fresh notes infused and nicely balanced to give it the warm appealing scent that the perfume has. The bottle it comes in is detailed with a boss logo in huge capital letters for a more elegant appearance. With its lasting harmony, your man will walk around smelling all nice all day long.

Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File Callus Shaver

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For him to have extremely smooth and silky feet without using too much effort, this Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File Callus Shaver/Remover is sure the perfect gift that you need to get your husband. This electronic foot file is so user friendly, super gentle on your feet and designed to eliminate all that irritating rough skin off your feet in just a few minutes. It is ergonomically shaped to make it even more comfortable and easier to hold, this tool is not just effective but also very safe to use for a perfect pedicure right inside your home. It runs on two pairs of AA batteries.



Shave Ready New Classic Vintage Straight Razor Straight Cut Throat Shaving Razor

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The advancements in technology have switched almost everyone away from using straight cut razors but I can assure you that straight razors are the most effective for getting a really close shave especially if used by someone who the experience of how to use it. For a husband who wants that traditional shaving experience without spending too much, this Leopard Vintage Style Straight Razor would make such a perfect gift. It is portable enough for use in any of favorite shaving spots at home yet at the same time very easy to carry when on the move. It is not advisable to use a cut throat razor when in a rush because it can easily cause harm but when used properly it will shave even closer than a safety razor.


VINTAGE H-2 1962 Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor

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The Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor features a beautiful vintage design that is slim and easy for anyone to use to achieve the perfect shave. It has a very shiny nickel plating that looks really amazing on any bathroom counter, it is very quick to open and close in case you need to change and replace the razors. Being adjustable, this Gillette safety razor allows you to have a completely personalized shaving experience. It comes with five sharp and high quality stainless steel razor blades for you to replace the old ones and avoid those skin irritation caused by blunt razor blades.






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If he has a really sensitive skin don’t bother with other gifts because the most perfect of them all for him is this Philips series 7000 electric shaver S7530/50 with beard trimmer. The S7530/50 is engineered with micro beard coating which eliminates friction along the skin and keeps that whole process very smooth. This shaver can be used both in the shower with shaving soap or out of the shower on dry skin and it will still provide the same amazing results. It head pivots in five different directions to ensure that it gets to those hard to reach areas with great comfort and ease. Its gentle and accurate blade system finds no difficulty in cutting flat lying, short and long hairs.


Mo Bro's XL Unscented Grooming Kit

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For husbands that grow a mustache or full beard there is just no gift better than Mo Bro’s XL Unscented Grooming Kit. Growing the beard may not be too much of a problem however taking care of a full beard is no joke unless you have an excellent kit like this one. It is ideal for all types of beards as it is infused with ingredients that make a beard look good and make it more manageable. In the kit you will find beard balm which locks moisture into the beard, beard soap for thoroughly cleansing the beard, beard oil which gives the beard a silky and shiny appearance, mustache wax for easy styling of the mustache, a comb, scissors and a carry bag that stores each of these items.


The Art Of Shaving 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Starter Kit

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Shaving is not such an easy task for every man but the equipment you have for the process help in making the experience even much simpler take for example this 4 elements kit. The Art of Shaving 4 Elements Kit features only handmade accessories and high quality products that you need to have ultimate shaving results without any skin irritations. This kit provides all the necessary items to ensure that you have a really close and comfortable shave free of nicks and cuts, ingrown hairs, skin bumps and razor burn. The items in the kit include, shaving cream, pre-shave oil and finally trial size badger shaving brush.


Philips 7500 Multi-groom Waterproof Rechargeable Grooming Kit

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No matter what his favorite beard style is, get him the Philips 7500 Multi-groom Waterproof Rechargeable QG3392 Men’s Grooming Kit because it has the versatility to perfectly accomplish any style. This styling tool is not only for facial hair on the contrary it is equipped with each and everything he will need for grooming the entire body. It comes with eight different attachments and 18 length settings for any length and any style you want for whichever parts of the body you are working on. It is super easy to use and being waterproof cleaning it is so effortless too.



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For those with husbands who will not shave unless it is with a safety razor, well here is a gift that will make his shaving experience very safe and even more interesting. This is a shaving kit with many different items that are necessary for having a quick and great shave with a safety razor. It includes a pure black badger hair shaving brush that performs well on gel, cream and soap, a double edge shaving razor that comes with five spare razor blades, a ceramic shaving bowl, William Marvy shaving soap and travel safety razor cover to help keep the razor safely during travels.

4 Piece Proraso Shaving Set

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From a brand that has existed for over eighty years like Proraso, you cannot expect anything less than quality products. On that note this proraso set is not just a perfect gift but a quality one. The plush set made up of only luxurious items. Among these there is a shaving brush that helps to form a really thick lather from shaving soap, shave cut healing gel to take care of nicks and cuts from shaving, shaving cream jar containing eucalyptus and menthol and lastly pre and post shaving cream also with menthol and eucalyptus. This is the ideal set to prepare the skin before shaving and take care of it after shaving.




Quality Wooden Magnetic Chess Set Gift Ideas for Him

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For his birthday this quality chess set is one really great gift you can put into consideration, in any case chess is such a good brain booster it will help to keep him productively busy during his leisure time with his friends. This heaven scent chess set features a uniquely designed board, it is very rare, most chess boards are square shaped but this one is made in circle shape. Its main color is brown and it is crafted from high quality long lasting wood.
28. WINE


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You will never go wrong with an expensive wine, for the simple reason that wine is an appropriate gift for whichever occasion you want to celebrate. This is a full and original sealed imperial bottle of wine that comes packed in a classic wooden case. This wine is made with remarkable flavors and aromas for a really strong masculine taste that last for a long period of time.

Counting Coin Money Sorter - Digital - Counter Cash Change Bank Machine Gift

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A counting coin money sorter is such a simple but very important gift to get for the man you love. In this stylish digital coin bank you can have all your coins sorted and safely kept. All coins thrown inside are automatically identified and pushed into the matching slot. On its LCD screen the value of the coin is shown and so is the amount you have saved so far. This little machine doesn’t just sort but also counts the coins sealed inside with its black lid.

Large Storage Man Tin Gift Ideas for Him

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This man tin can also be another really special and rare gift to get for your hubby either on his birthday or a special recognized day like father’s day. It features vintage style printing on top in different colors and characters to add more fun to its appearance. In this metal he will be able to store many different items that he needs to keep close by. Also if you have an anniversary coming up a man tin will be a great gift.


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With its beautiful and striking design, the key ring is beautiful gift that will hold his keys together and also get him lots of compliments. It comes in a very unique and eye catching two piece set which makes it more than just a key holder but a real stunning decoration. It is very modern with a lock and key pendant shape, there is no doubt he will love it on first sight.

Quality Wooden Cased Playing Card - Dice Set Gift

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Given the number of games that you can play with these cards it is undebatable that this wooden case playing card set will add more fun to his free time. It is suitable for just two players that is of course you and your darling husband, it is a dice game, gambling game and party game. It appears very beautiful in its wooden creation with metallic details.

Gifts for him mens her valentines day boyfriend Husband wife engrave red Heart

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If Valentine’s Day is coming up and you feel completely out of ideas of which gift to give your husband then look no further this engrave red heart. Small and simple as it may seem, it is designed with mind blowing words to that will show your husband how much you really love him. The words are crafted to high quality brushed steel that doesn’t easily fade.
34. MUG

Best husband ever-Husband mug-Birthday gift for husband-Gift for husband

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This “best husband ever” printed mug is a great addition to your kitchen that your husband will enjoy sipping from every morning as it will remind him of your love whenever he drinks tea in it. It is made of long lasting ceramic material that microwave safe. Whether it is for just tea or coffee this is the perfect mug to serve from. It is personal present you will want to give your husband on any special day.


Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1 MP Digital SLR Camera

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For landscape and studio photographers the Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1 MP Digital SLR Camera is the ideal camera. It features 1080p 30fps which is ideal for full manual control and gives the camera ability to work even when there is low light. It is sturdily constructed with a very large and high resolution LCD screen. Its high ISO performance is not questionable while its resolution is also superb.



Apple iPhone 4S Smartphone

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Yes there are more current innovations of iphones but that doesn’t stop the iphone from being such a perfect gift for your husband because it is still one of the best smart phones on the market. It is packed with a strong dual-core A5 chip that delivers life-like graphics and really fast performance. With the 8 mega pixel camera it shoots the videos and takes crystal clear images. He will love its sleek and super stylish design.
37. IPAD

Apple iPad 4th Gen

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The Apple iPad 4th Generation is the number solution to put an end to boredom during leisure time. With its long lasting battery life, this ipad delivers exceptional performance to satisfy all your needs. It sports a 5MP rear camera for capturing extremely beautiful images with crystal clear clarity. It is also built with a wide multi-touch screen together with a slim and sleek design that is very modern. With this ipad can download all your favorite videos and games in just a flash.



Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System for iPhone AND iPod

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The Bose Sound Dock Portable Digital Music System sounds as great as it looks. Compared with other iPod speakers, this Bose Sound Dock Portable Digital Music System is a lot more effective and produces better quality audio. It is powered with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that plays for a longer period of time. It’s rotating dock and inbuilt carry handle enables easier and faster transportation. It is not just for your iPod or iphone but also plays audios from CD players, DVDs, MP3 players due to its auxiliary input.




GARMIN Forerunner 210 Teal

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You can also get your husband the GARMIN Forerunner 210 to make his workouts more accurate and more encouraging. This is a GPS enabled and fitness watch designed to keep track of each step you take as it records the time, speed and effort from all your workouts both indoors and outdoors. Even for first time users, this watch is very easy to use due to its simple controls. It is compatible with foot pods for runners and heart rate monitors for those who want to monitor their heart rate. It stores all your information so that you can later go through it and evaluate it.


Hugo by Boss Hitton Mens Walking Shoe

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He will definitely love these stylish and rarely designed walking shoes, these are authentic Hugo Boss shoes and from such a big brand great quality is all you can look out for. They are made with maximum comfort in mind which is why they feature a very breathable upper mesh upper detailed with a touch of leather to prevent the feet from getting sweaty. These walking shoes vary in sizes so you can make a selection that fits perfectly. With their stylish design they can even be worn as a casual shoes.


FITBIT HR CHARGE Wireless Wristband Fitness Sport Sleep Tracker

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The FITBIT Wristband Fitness Sports and Sleep Tracker is a wireless activity and heart rate monitor. With this incredible device, there is no need to look for motivation from elsewhere reason being it records stats from various activities for you to make comparisons and get motivated to work out even more. It is mounted on a large black band with a unique and outstanding texture that fits perfectly and comfortably on your hand. It is only made with environment-friendly materials.


RDX Leather Double End MMA Boxing Floor to Ceiling Punch Bag Dodge Speed Ball DB

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The amazing quality of this RDX Leather Double End MMA Boxing Floor to Ceiling Punch Bag has kept it as a favorite for many men. It features very durable cow hide leather and an inflatable bladder that is very easy to pump in. this swivel can be fixed to any surface as its tie design makes it very replaceable.



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In the perfect quality running shoes, running yields better results. Brooks ST 5 Racer running shoes look very stylish in white, red and grey highlights. They are made really light to keep going on your race as the breathable mesh uppers keeps your feet comfortable all through the session.


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For someone who is crazy about weightlifting the Bow flex 552 Adjustable Dumbbell is such a great gift. Featuring a unique dial system, this dumbbell blends 15 weights into just one getting rid of the need to have very many dumbbells all in one room. It adjusts easily and quickly for one to quickly change from one exercise intensity to another.


5 Pieces Resistance Bands Home Fitness Workout Equipment Yoga Strength Training

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Resistance bands are the most recommended training equipment for building better deltoid and pectoral muscles. They are very light and easy to carry which makes them perfect for working out in any spot of your choice. Resistance bands deliver a very wide variety of strengthening and flexibility exercises that are ideal for both lower and upper body workouts. These are made with amazing quality and an inimitable design.


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A camping tent is a perfect gift for your husband but it will also work for you and the rest of the family if at all you happen to camp together. This track man tent is a water proof double layer camping tent with enough space to accommodate about three or four people. In its outstanding green color and unique design, this tent is made with double doors that spread out to create a shed when it’s too hot. Even when you completely close yourself inside this tent it remains very breathable yet it is both wind and rain proof.

FTK8080 Functional Trainer Home Gym Cable Crossover Strength Fitness Equipment

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For a very wide variety of training activities the FTK8080 Functional Trainer Home Gym is the most appropriate machine to get for your husband. Because it offers very many activities, you will buy this machine for your husband but you can also use it together with other members of the family. It is perfect for kid as young as 8 years as well as old people of about 80 years. It can be used for cardiovascular exercises, functional training and strength training, it is that versatile. Don’t worry about its size as it has been made with a compact foot print to ensure that it also fits in smaller rooms with limited space.


Portable Folding Camping Stool Chair Seat

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A folding camping chair is perfect for the beach, around the swimming pool or even outside in the compound to relax so if he loves any of those activities this gift will sure work for him. It features a light weight and portable design that makes it easy carry around as its being foldable makes it quick and easy to put into the car boot or away for storage. For added comfort and stability this chair is made with four legs while the backpack offers you space for other items you may want to take along. Outdoor activities are much more fun with such a unique and comfortable seat.

RDX 5FT - 4FT UnFilled Punch Bag MMA Set Boxing Gloves Punching Muay Thai Kick U


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And what gift could possibly be better than a high quality punching bag for a husband who is a boxer. This is an authentic RDX 5FT / 4FT Un-Filled Punch Bag that comes along with the matching gloves all made of exceptional quality for added durability. At the base, it is made with tethered loop facility to prevent the bag from swinging too much whereas at the top it has a heavy duty zip fastener. It also features non tear Maya hide leather technology that withstands the toughest rigors.


Men-s Sports Athletic Outdoor Hiking Mountain Climbing Trekking Dunk High Shoes

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With their durable slip-proof rubber sole these bovine anti-suede make outdoor hiking and mountain climbing much easier. They are designed with water proof upper surface and high-tenacity strong rubber that guarantees perfect safety of your feet as well as the shoes themselves. This type of sole delivers firm grip on to the ground as the small holes on its upper surface make the shoes more breathable. A person who loves mountain climbing and hiking will be super happy with this as a gift from his wife.

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