50 Best Gifts for Kids 2017 – Unique & Cool Gifts For Kids

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Unlike people, kids are much easier to please reason being even the things that seem really small or not that exciting make them happy. Getting the best gift for kid is not as stressing only that there are just too many kids items that you have to choose from so that is where it becomes slightly disturbing but good enough this post is here to help you out with its extremely exciting gifts for both boys and girls. When buying gifts for kids it is not a good idea to only concentrate on toys, educational gifts are one really good option since they don’t just keep your baby busy during playtime but also help them to learn different things faster.

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Birthday Gifts for Kids:

  1. Gift Baskets:

Gift Baskets

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Whether it is a boy or girl, there is absolutely no kid who would not be excited on receiving this gift basket and what makes it even most perfect is that it works well for any occasion. However upset a child may be only a glance at this basket will be enough to put a smile on their face. This basket is spacious enough to accommodate a really huge amount of presents that will be suitable for whoever you are taking the gift for. You can fill this with chocolates, candy, sweets, cookies, small toys that kids love to play with and so much more.

  1. Puzzle Toys:

12 Styles Wooden Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Toys With Animals Pattern For Children

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Putting aside the fact that they keep kids entertained during playtime these animal pattern puzzles are also much recommended for building children’s sense of recognition as well as imagination. This gift is most appropriate for kids starting from one year up to around five years. Animals are fun things for kids to see which is why these puzzles come with different animal patterns that any kid will love arranging in its proper shape. There are 9 solid woods in each puzzle and they rotate easily to complete the image.   Because your choice is much treasured they are designed with many different animals that you can select from.

  1. Boys toys:

IKEA Train Set 20 pcs Wood Wooden Track Childrens Kids Boy Girl Toy

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And for anyone who wants a really unique gift specifically for boys then I guarantee you will not find anything more appropriate than this wooden train track and train. This toy from IKEA lillabo is most ideal for logical thinking and fine motor skills development in kids aged three years and above. It is made of solid beech wood, has a total track length of 300cm and can be changed into various formations. It comes along with a railway system that makes it even more interesting for kids to play with. You however need to take note of the fact that this track is not recommended for kids that are below three years.

  1. girls toys:

Disney Frozen Elsa&Anna princess stuffed Soft Plush Dolls gift

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The two favorite princesses for Disney will sure make any baby girl smile, so if you want the best gift for her then this it. This set of dolls comes with two pieces Elsa and Anna stuffed with soft and lavish material. They are dresses in cute little dresses that will amaze any child, I don’t doubt that she will love playing with this set. This will be your way of putting an end to the fantasy of watching these two on TV, they will become a reality in her life.

  1. doll house:

KidKraft Disney® Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse

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With plenty of space for more than just one kid to play, your kids will enjoy every bit of playing with the Kid Kraft Disney® Frozen Snowflake Mansion. This super adorable dollhouse features 19 nicely detailed pieces of furniture together with the stunning icy throne. The mansion has four floors with nine open space rooms, two extra play spots and plastic stair case that link the first floor to the second one. It also features a crafted ice fountain with beautiful Disney theme artwork in each and every room. Only a touch of a button will light up vanity mirror and lam lights. Since it can house all those fashion dolls makes the mansion a gift worth saving to get for your kids.

  1. Puzzle Step Stool:


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On this beautiful stool your child not only has a comfortable place to sit but also will gain more skills in spelling their name. It looks very pretty in white and pink so it will make such a great addition to your kid’s room. Another very important and interesting thing about the puzzle stool is that it gives your kid the challenge of fixing the right letter into the right spot. One that note you will need to get a gift that is personalized with your baby’s name to make them more interested in the stool.

  1. Activity Toys For Kids:

For Hasbro Children NERF N-Strike 200 pcs Blue Toy Gun Bullet Darts Round Head

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The NERF N-Strike Blue Toy Gun is such a perfect gift for both boys and girls who are 8 years of age and above then you will not regret getting the NERF N-Strike toy gun for them. Combining both mobility and speed, this gun makes play time with friends even more interesting. It is very easy and fast to load with darts and each time the trigger is pulled it will quickly fire out the dart to any spot targeted. It comes with 200 pieces of darts made with soft round heads so even when fired at a friend they will definitely not get hurt.

  1. Singing & Dancing Toolbox:

Handy Manny Singing & Dancing Toolbox with 4 Tools

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Any kid will enjoy the Handy Manny Singing & Dancing Toolbox with the four interesting tools it comes with. It is just another one of the really interesting tools from Disney, they produce interesting music that kids above three years love to listen and dance to and they don’t only stop at the music, they also dance. The four tools that come with the tool box include a pair of pliers, a hammer and other two tools that are animated to get the attention of kids. This tool box runs on 3 AA batteries. It is loud enough and light so it is very easy to carry around.

  1. Kids Watch:

Kids Watch Mouse Cartoon Child Wristwatch Casual Vintage Leather Silicone Rubber

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The mouse cartoon wristband watch is a favorite for many kids which is why it is one of the demanded gifts for kids, you child too will love it. The watch is designed in many various ways and with different types of bands. Some of them have a vintage silicone band, rubber bands in different colors and finally some come with a leather band. It is only made with a 12 hour because it is what kids are more familiar with. Don’t buy this gift if it is for you are buying for a boy though, it is more suitable for girls.

  1. Dinosaur Toys:

Kids Toy Walking Dinosaur T-Rex Toy Figure With Lights & Sounds Real Movement

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Being kids, some of them are likely to fear the T-Rex dinosaur that is why it is recommended for kids who are older who will just enjoy playing with this super amazing creation. For the recommended age, kids will fall in love with this gorgeous toy, the T-Rex dinosaur toy has the ability to walk on its own without any help so your kids can run after it as it walks away. It also goes on to make those weird noises just like the real dinosaurs makes and is detailed with sparkling lights to make it even more interesting and attractive to kids. It performs with three AA batteries and no matter what occasion it is, this gift will leave your baby smiling.




  1. Caster Board:

Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard with Light Up Wheels and Carrying Bag

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Wherever you want to cruise from the Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Wave board is a great choice. This caster board features a whole new and stylish design that kids really love to ride on. With its outstanding and exceptional graphic designs, it looks very different many other caster boards we have seen around. While riding in the night, its wheels light up to create that super stunning appearance. It is made of durable metal and ABS material for long lasting use as its light weight and the carrying bag make it much easier to carry around. It comes fully assembled so there’s completely nothing to worry about.

  1. robot toys:

Rare Tekno The Robotic Puppy Dalmatian Edition Robot Dog

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If you are looking for one of the most interesting gifts on the market then look no further than the extremely unique Tekno Robotic Puppy. This little robot is infused with technology that enables it to act just like a real puppy pet as he whines and barks the same way puppies do. He also moves in different directions that is to say to both sides left and right then forward and backward. Tekno doesn’t stop at that, he also moves his ears, head and tail. With this gift, your baby will not be able to sleep on the first day they receive it because of the excitement it brings.

  1. Two Wheels Self Balancing Smart Electric Scooter:

Smart Electric Scooter 2 Wheels Unicycle Self balancing Balance Hoverboard

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Surfing over the road has never been more interesting thanks to the great innovation in technology in this 2016 that has come up with hassle-free self-balancing hover boards. Without any exceptions in ages, the Smart Electric Scooter Unicycle Self balancing Hover board is simply the way to go currently, this is what is trending. It is a two wheel hover board designed with smart balancing technology for much safer and quicker riding. With its Li-ion battery this scooter can go all the way to about 7miles per hour since its battery is really strong. There are so many colors that you can make your choice from.

  1. Toy Box:


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From clothes to toys to all those story books that you kid loves to read, everything that you baby keeps close to them will fit in this super pretty storage cubby house. This is such a multi-purpose bench to put in your baby girl’s room not just for storage but also to keep the room looking tidy and neat at all times. It is created from top MDF and beautifully hand painted with gorgeous colors and dolls, the paint is completely free of toxics. Its four doors open wide for easy accessibility of items and it is very easy to assemble.

  1. kids backpack:

Cute Kids Plush PreSchool Backpack Toddlers Baby Childrens Boys Girls School Bag

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An easy way to make your kids love going to school even more is by getting them gifts as pretty as these doll back packs. The bags are made from very comfortable and smooth plush material that feels good on the child’s skin. They also feature perfectly fitting shoulders that are well padded for maximum comfort. These pre-school backpacks are designed in form of dolls and in very attractive colors that kids will instantly fall in love with. The disappointing news is that if your baby is already five she might find these too childish, they are most suitable for kids between the ages of 1 and 3.

Educational Gifts for Kids:

  1. math educational toys:

Children Kids Educational Toy Learning Teaching Math Tool Developmental Baby Toy

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It is not in class where kids learn to add, multiply, subtract or divide even the toys you buy for them can be of big help to your kid’s learning and one of those really interesting education toys is this Kids Educational Teaching Math teaching Developmental toy. In its cylindrical shape, this tool has very many ways of teaching your baby a lot about math, it has very beautiful attractive colors and each side they change it to has a thing to develop them intellectually. Many parents have fallen head over hills for this amazing toy.

  1. building blocks educational toys:

Kids Baby Educational Toys Wood House Building Intellectual Developmental Blocks

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There is no reason as to why you should keep your baby dormant when you can get them gifts like the Baby Educational Toys Wood House that build their intellectual development. This house is made in a way that it helps kids to exercise their quick thinking and motion sensitivity. It features numbers from 0-9 plus the different arithmetic signs as well as different shapes. Besides teaching the baby how to recognize colors it also helps them to recognize and memorize the different shapes. It is recommended for babies in between 1 and 4 years.

  1. letter Puzzles for kids:

EVA Foam Alphabet Letter Numbers Soft Play Mat Educational Puzzle Toy For Kids

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This Alphabet Letter Numbers Soft Play Mat is made from soft EVA foam that is very soft not just for maximum comfort but also safety as it prevent kids from getting hurt as they play on it and it doesn’t contain any harmful products. The high quality mat features 10 digits or numbers that is 0-9 and all the 26 alphabetical letters. These are all made in different randomly selected colors to attract the child’s attention and also create a more interesting place for your baby to play and learn.

  1. Brain-Teaser Puzzle Tetris:

Wooden Tangram Brain-Teaser Puzzle Tetris Preschool Educational Toy Game For Kid

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From around three years of when kids start to put their brains to task which simple makes the Wooden Tangram Brain Teaser Puzzle one perfect gift for children who are about that age. The main aim of this very unique puzzle is to teach kids colors and shapes, improve their eye-hand coordination together with their imagination. These may seem like just pieces of high quality wood but they are very good and developing coordination skills in children. Don’t worry about the paint because they are all painted with toxic-free paint that is very safe for your kid’s health.

  1. abacus toys for kids:

Childs Abacus Wooden Eductional Activity Toy

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The Childs Abacus Wooden Educational Activity Toy is another great contribution that you should be considering to add into your baby’s room. This toy is crafted in form of a house but detailed much more interesting and helpful details to the child’s development. It comes with cut out shapes so as the baby fits in those shapes they learn to recognize the different shapes. On the roof of the house it has counting beads that help to better the child’s counting skills.




  1. story books for kids:


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What is the life of child who grows without story books? Even if they don’t love to read they will at least enjoy being read to so you will never go wrong buying books as a gift for your little ones. This book set has nine different stories of Thomas the tank engine & friends, many kids have shown a great interest in these stories I more than certain your child will be more than happy to receive this one from you. Books are the most outstanding of developing a kid’s imagination.

  1. Art Set for Kids:

Art Set for Kids

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This 132 piece art set for kids comes with all the supplies that any kid the courage to take part in various art activities. All the different items in the set have really beautiful colors that will grab a kid’s attention to try using them. The art set comes in a really compact and sturdy case with handles for easy transportation and opens wide to make all items very accessible. These items include, oil pastels, colored pencils, water color paints, water-based glue, fine tip markers, brushes, a water bottle, an eraser and pencil sharpener. It is great gift for children 6 years and above.

  1. Musical educational toys:

Children's simulation electrical GuitarToys Musical Gifts with Mircophone+Strape

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For kids that love to play the guitar or if they have been showing interest in playing the guitar then please do them a favor and buy them this adorable gift, it is an electric toy guitar. It produces crystal clear sound that will make a child who plays it believe in themselves as its smooth balance to tone nicely supports vocals. It is a six string stainless steel guitar perfect for kids of all ages to play either at home or at schools during their interaction sessions with other kids. It is entirely made of durable ABS plastic material.

  1. Piano Organ Electric Toy:

37 Keys Electronic Music Keyboard Piano Organ Electric Toy+Mic Adapter for Kids

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If you come along this 37 Keys Electronic Music Keyboard as you look for a gift for your kids, don’t think twice just get for them because they will instantly fall in love with it. This piano toy is designed with a learning function that makes it easier for kids to play so it will definitely be a perfect one for your little one if she or he is three years of age or above. It also features a bright LCD display which appears even more beautiful with buttons in different brilliant colors. It has 37 standard accordion keys with a record and play back function that kids love so much, it is a perfect gift for developing children’s imagination.

  1. Activity Cube Learning Toy:

Toddler Activity Cube Learning Toy Wooden Maze

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During play time this Toddler Activity Cube Learning Toy Wooden Maze has proven to keep kids very busy for long hours which is why it is one of the favorite gifts among many parents. It features the abacus counting on top which kids love to go around as they also learn how to count and the larger beads on the side also make playing with maze very interesting. The entire cube and beads are painted in bright and attractive colors that are safe for kids since the paint in toxic-free.


  1. Video-Games:

Console XBOX 360 Dezaegg Steins

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Coming from one the best makers of video games, I sure know this is another gift that you cannot over look to make your kids happy. The Console XBOX 360 Dezaegg Steins is the latest innovation, so that simply means that there is a lot of interesting features that your kids will enjoy from this video game. If your kid is such a huge fun of video games, the console XBOX 360 is one really cool one that you can get for your kids to keep them busy.

  1. Kids DJ Headphones:

Star Childrens Kids DJ Headphones for iPone HTC LG Sony Nokia Purple Blue

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As other parents buy those common toys for their kids, you can make your kid standout with a gift as unique as these 2Pcs Star Kids DJ Headphones. They comes extremely stunning colors that kids love so much and produce stereo sound that is not irritable to the ears. To ensure maximum comfort, they feature soft touch pads and adjustable headband that can be adjusted to whichever fit is most comfortable. These are appropriate for kids not below three years of age. They come with color cable and are compatible with ipads, iPods, iphones, DVDs and so many others.

  1. tablets for kids:

Android WiFi Bluetooth Touch Quad Core Tablet PC For Kids

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It is the trend, all kids lately want to have a tablet may be because all their friends have one so you cannot imagine how much how yours will be when you get them this precious gift. This 7 inch Android Touch Quad Core Tablet PC for Kids is enabled with both Wi-Fi and blue tooth connectivity. It features 8GB memory where kids can store lots of things like photos, videos and games among others. It is designed with both a front and rear camera and works with android 4.4x.kit Kat. It comes in a very safe red cover specifically designed for kid’s interest.

  1. sports kit for kids:


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Whether it is to play indoors or outdoors, the kids pretend play set sport game golf ball kit. This kit is for both developing a child’s motor skills together with hand and eye coordination which makes it one of the most perfect toys you will find on the market. The kit includes three balls, two tees and a golf cart which keeps the balls and prevents them from getting lost. Only kids who are three years and above will baa be to make good use of such a beautiful gift since they will have learnt to stand, walk and run properly.

  1. drones for kids:

Mini 2.4G 4Ch 4Axis Nano Quad copter Drone RTF RC Quadcopter LED Airplane Kid TR

[markSee price on Ebay….]

The Mini 2.4G 4Ch 4Axis Nano Quad copter Drone is designed specifically for kids and with all its amazing features I guarantee kids will love every bit of it. It features the lightest and smallest volume which makes it very easy for kids to control. Featuring 360 degree rotation, the drone performs excellently as it makes surprising turns and twists. It is also infused with a 4-axis system that provides added stability and resistance in the air as the drone flies. Even when more than two drones are flying, the RTF RC Quad copter LED Airplane will not be interfered due to its 2.4GH technology.

  1. music player for kids:

512 GB iPod classic 7th Generation Silver

[markSee price on Ebay….]

The iPod classic 7th Generation is one of the most current models and it comes in a stunning silver color that will grab your kid’s attention. Small as it is, this tiny device is built with inner memory storage of 160GB which is more than enough space for thousands of songs, videos and games. It features a video playback function, photo viewer and very powerful Li-ion battery that plays for some good time. With its sleek and stylish design this iPod is portable enough to carry around.

  1. bicycles for kids:

scooter PUKY R07L green kiwi for Children 5 years and more boy girl scooter

[markSee price on Ebay….]

If you are looking for a way helping you kid get to any destination in a fun way then get them the scooter PUKY R07L green kiwi, this scooter is perfect for both boys and girls but only if they are five years of age or above. This two tire sporty scooter is equipped with adjustable handle bars, safety handle bar protection and bell for alerting whoever you need out of the way. It also has breaks to allow you stop whenever you feel like stopping.

  1. Ride In Car for Kids:

Ferrari Styled 12v Ride In Car for Kids Leather Seat Remote Control Yellow

[markSee price on Ebay….]

You would be crazy to think that your kid will not love this incredibly amazing gift, I am talking about the super cool Ferrari Style 12 Volt Ride On Car. Just like the original or real Ferrari this toy is very powerful and made with a very modern design. This is not just for kids but adults too and comes with wireless remote control, seat belts plus lockable doors to ensure maximum safety while enjoying a cool ride in the Ferrari. It features an elegantly designed interior with leather seats foot pedals, steering wheel, MP3 player, loud speaker and horn sounds while the exterior has working lights, stunning wheels e.t.c.

  1. Skateboard for kids:

Dreamworks Kids How To Train Your Dragon Satchel Board Skateboard for Boys Gift

[markSee price on Ebay….]

It is not quite easy to find the perfect gift for boys as it is for girls but this is why this list of gifts will be really helpful as it brings you gifts that will rarely cross your mind just like this Dream works Kids how to train your dragon satchel skateboard. All those young boys who are obsessed with computer-animated fantasy movies will completely fall in love with this gift. It saves you the burden of assembling as it comes fully put together and ready to take your little one on a ride. With its twin kick deck, heavy duty and anti-slip grip surface you can be rest assured you baby will ride safe on the skate board.

  1. bouncing castle for kids:

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

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There’s nothing as fun as a home with a bouncing castle, the Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer is made to accommodate a maximum of three kids weighing about 300pounds. All those parties organized at home will become more colorful with beautifully colored bouncing castle. All you need is a few seconds to blow up the castle and its safe sliding slope makes it a lot easier for little kids to get into the bouncing castle. It is also rounded up with a hook and loop fastener as well as a netting to ensure that as kids play in there they are still very safe. It lasts quite a long period of time thanks to the commercial vinyl floor.


  1. snow globe for kids:

LENOX Holiday 2011 Musical Snowglobe Centerpiece Christmas Santa Snowdome

[markSee price on Ebay….]

For Christmas one really special and remarkably beautiful gift to consider is this Lenox musical snow globe centerpiece. As it stands 8 inches off the tables everyone will be able to notice this snow globe’s stunning beauty even from a distance. Because Christmas is a day for giving out gits, its inside is made with Santa having a gift in hands and three elves also holding gifts. It is a perfect addition to any kid’s room.

  1. Christmas Santa Claus Costume:

Red Christmas Santa Claus Costume Suit Outfit for kids

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Instead your babies having to wait to see Santa you can choose get them these adorable Santa Claus costumes so they can dress like Santa themselves. The Santa suit includes a pair of pants, a red and white jacket, a black belt, white long beard and hat. But it also comes along with some accessories such as the gift bag. There is a suit perfect kids starting from 3 years to 12 years.

  1. Christmas doll:

Cabbage Patch Kids SANTA Doll by Hasbro Holiday Edition

[markSee price on Ebay….]

There is absolutely no doubt that your baby will adore the Cabbage Patch SANTA Doll, this is simply because the pretty thing is all dresses like Santa Claus. It comes dressed in a full red suit accompanied with black boots and black belt with a golden buckle. It also wears the hat like Santa’s, a beard and green gloves for a more appealing appearance. Kids also love its lovely green eyes and pink lips.

  1. rocking horse for kids:

Wooden Rocking Horse Rocking Toy for Children

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As soon as your baby turns one, you can get them this wooden rocking horse to help improve their motor skills. Because it made from durable natural wood your kid will use this horse for some good time and it is made in a way that you little will not trip off by all means. It also doesn’t have any sharp parts that can cause any kind of harm to the baby.

  1. christmas shoes for kids:

Red Fashion Snow Boots For Girls Children Winter Warm Boots Kids Christmas Gifts

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Knowing how cold winter season usually is, I guarantee your kid or kids will need these really beautiful fashionable snow boots. They are detailed with glittering stars to make them even more appropriate for that Christmas season but most importantly they are designed to keep the feet very warm. This would make a perfect gift for girls.

  1. christmas bags for kids:

Red Christmas Santa Pants Treat Bag For Candy Gift NEW YEAR Xmas Birthday Kids

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Instead of the usual gift bags everyone is more familiar with, why not consider these super unique candy gift bags for Christmas. They are really cute Santa pants designed from polyester material and with a really great texture. They can be filled with sweets or chocolates or even candy depending on what you want. The Santa pants treat bags just look so beautiful in red and white.

  1. Chocolate bars for kids:

Chocolate Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs Gift Inside Kids

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Surprise your little ones with these chocolates bars that comes cutely designed in form of eggs. These kinder Joy chocolates come in two different colors that is blue and pink whereby blue is meant for boys and pink is meant for girls. This is a perfect gift when you are not ready to over strain your budget.


  1. Walkie Talkies for kids:

Mini Walkie Talkie for Child Amateur 2 PCS Bell South T-388 5km UHF 2 Way Radio

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Mini Walkie Talkie for kids will make playing not just more fun but much more real as it enables two kids to communicate from a distance of about 3KM with no buildings. It is engineered with VOX function and an LCD display which indicates the status of your battery. It also has an in built flashlight and electronic volume adjustment. It is a really perfect gift that kids can use to send out or receive icons.

  1. binoculars for kids:

High-powered HD Telescope 20x22 Night Vision Binoculars for Children and Concert

[markSee price on Ebay….]

If your kid is one of those that really love adventure then do him or her justice and get them this high powered HD telescope to build the viewing skills. It is designed for children for them to view all those beautiful things from the camps and trips they go to. This binocular is made to also view during the night and even when it is raining reason being it is waterproof.

  1. chess kit for kids:

Cutevima Hot Beautiful Crystal Transparent Glass Board Large Chess Set Gift

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Kids love rare and stylish things just like this Cutevima beautiful crystal glass set. The set is designed to accommodate all kinds of play that’s to say it can used for individual games, those between two people and even those among more people like a group. Chess is brain teasing game that helps to develop kid’s logical thinking even tutors recommend it. It is made from long lasting high quality glass and it is not just for kids even adults can play the game.

  1. Smart-watch for kids:

GPS Tracker SOS Call Children Smart Watch For Android IOS iPhone Anti-lost Kids

[markSee price on Ebay….]

The perfect way to always keep in close contact with your baby and have peace of mind when you are not with them is with this SOS Call Children Smart Watch. It features dual control both and two way communication that helps to track and monitor your child in real time positioning. This smart watch further features pedometer for monitoring steps, distance you run or walk and the amount of calories burned as well as a sleep tracker for monitoring the quality of sleep. This is not all there is a lot more you can gain from this remarkable watch.

  1. Laptops for kids:

HP Stream 11-d062sa Light Weight Mini laptop[markSee price on Ebay….]

It is high time you got for your 10 year old their own laptop so that they can stop messing around with yours. HP Stream Mini laptop features a lighter and thinner design that is not just stylish but also very convenient to carry around. It bold colors and attractive finish has made it a favorite for many kids and parents too and since it fan-less it operates quietly without that irritating noise. Its battery can last for about 5 hours.

  1. Spray for kids:


[markSee price on Ebay….]

Considering how much they play and how sweaty kids get, you should be thinking about getting them a spray as well. And I am not talking about the same spray you the parents use because there is this Hello kitty sanrio air Val 3.4 oz that is specifically designed for kids. It is meant for girls though.

  1. Microscope Kit for kids:

Educational Starter Biological Microscope Kit Lab Toy Kids Students

[markSee price on Ebay….]

The Educational Starter Biological Microscope kit is an imitation microscope made from plastic for specifically helping little kids to learn and know more about science. Its adjustment knob practically adjusts to the desired height. It is also a perfect gift to add to a chemistry lab so if you baby is a fun of either biology or chemistry experiments, don’t hesitate to get them this gift.

  1. chair and table set for kids:

Wooden Kids Table and Two Chairs Set - perfect for learning and entertainment

[markSee price on Ebay….]

For playing different games with friends, study time art and crafts and also meal time, this kids table and tow chair set is the ideal gift. In any child’s play room, this set would definitely be an exceptional addition because it is really multi-purpose. It is crafted from strong pine wood with the ability to withstand daily use no matter how rough your baby might be on it.

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