35 Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys – 2017 Selection

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At one year your boy will start to get choosier with the toys they want to play with so if you are looking for toys that they will not get tired of even after daily use – this post has it all. What I have displayed for you here are the best toys for a one year old boy therefore those of you whose sons, nephews or friend’s sons are turning one soon you are going to find some of the coolest toys that you should invest your money into. Check out my selection below;

1.  1Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Structure

Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Structure

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For both indoor and outdoor enjoyment the ECR4Kids Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Structure is without a doubt the perfect toy to get for your one year old boy. To make matters even more interesting this toy will take them until they are about four years old. Featuring wide purple segments and huge multi-colored feet, this caterpillar calls for children’s attention on first sight. The wide variety of activities that kids engage in with this caterpillar will help them to develop many different skills such as counting that they learn by counting the holes on the segments and counting how many legs it has. The feet of the caterpillar have different colors to introduce your baby into recognizing colors. Kids can go through the tunnel or stretch their legs to sit on top of the caterpillar which strengthens limbs and encourages them to engage into playing with others. Everyday will be a fun day with this amazing toy in your home.

2.  Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

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The Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move Beat Bo is definitely going to become your baby’s best friend, they will never go anywhere without him. This three mode toy does a lot of things that get kids attention, it dances and moves, sings and at the same time teaches so it is practically everything you need to keep your baby entertained for hours. All that the baby needs to do is press BeatBo’s stomach or any of the buttons on his feet to make him dance or walk, sing those beautiful melodies that babies to sing along and learn from the educative phrases and games. You can as well choose to make the toy more fun by remixing any of the songs with either baby’s voice or any of the parent’s voices. In a midst of the fun that this toy gives your baby, it teaches your baby numbers, songs, letters among so many others.

3.  Magic Star Learning Table

Magic Star Learning Table

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For English and Spanish speaking kids, the Magic star learning table is made to specifically designed meet those needs as it is meant to teach kids in both Spanish and English. The diversity of this kid’s learning has continuously made it popular over the years as it offers 6 learning activities to inspire your kids to learn and explore more while keeping them well entertained. This table features a steering wheel and turning gears that are much recommended for developing motor skills as kids grow together with an interactive book with different nursery rhymes. Its colored buttons not only play sounds and music but also introduce your little one to colors. It further displays toy phone that kids use to pretend call their mom, dad or friend. Besides its durable designed, the table is also built at a perfect height where babies can easily reach out for whatever they want to access.

4.  Cozy Truck

Cozy Truck

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It is every boy’s dream to own a car and with this Little Tikes Cozy Truck you will have his dream satisfied because this is one monster ride that you need to rush out and get before your baby boy’s one year birthday. In navy blue and yellow with large black wheels this riding toy car has that masculine appearance that any little boy will fall instantly fall in love with. It gas cap opens and closes easily so he can be able to load in smaller toys and drive around with them and kids also love the flatbed with a drop-down track.  It features an extremely stylish front-grill that looks more like that of a real pick-up and a working horn that kids love to play with as they drive. This rugged pick up only requires simple assembly and will not only take your baby through their first year but all the way to about five years.

  1. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

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With Vtech’s Drop and Go dump truck learning and counting has never been easier and more fun for your one year old boy. As he picks up the colorful rock and drops it into the trunk of this truck, he will be encouraged to throw in another and another which in the end teaches them how to count, master the specific colors and also develop their motor skills by loading the rocks on and off the truck. It has a string that kids pull and push after loading the truck which is very interesting for most of them. On the side it has three large buttons which when pressed will play phrases and melodies which your baby will learn from. You will have to load the truck with new batteries daily if you want your baby to use it every single day.

6.  Rocking Horse Blue

Rocking Horse Blue

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Knowing how stubborn baby boys usually are, they break their toys only after days of playing with them but trust me the blue Little Tikes Rocking Horse is not anything they can defeat. With the ultra-solid and sturdy plastic construction used to create this horse you can have guarantee that it will last a really long period of time, your baby will play on this toy from when they turn one until they are three years. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play reason so those with limited space indoors can let kids rock on the horse from outside. Its seat is large enough and ergonomically shaped to prevent the child from falling off. The unique toy additionally has handles onto which he can hold and rock comfortably. All corners are well curved to ensure maximum safety of the child while its smooth surface makes cleaning easy.

7.  Grow and Discover Tree House Toy Tent

Grow and Discover Tree House Toy Tent

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If you are looking for a way to make your little one’s imagination wide then the VTech Grow and Discover Tree House Toy Tent is the perfect way to go. With its extremely wide variety of activities, your baby will never get enough of this toy reason being every other day there is something new to explore and discover. For maximum motor skills strengthening, each of the four sides that this tent has offers a different activity of the kid to engage in. additionally the tent features a well equipped panel with over 20 early learning concepts such a letters, counting, colors and shapes among others. There is no way a kid can become dormant with such an innovative toy, if plays more than forty songs and melodies together with phrases that encourage the little one to participate. It is durable, automatically shuts off and has a volume control feature so parents are in love with it and so are their kids.

8.  Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

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An easy and quick way to make your baby move from sitting to standing is with this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, it is just so amazing how this learning walker makes your baby go from making baby steps into bigger ones. Its detachable activity panel has a lot of features for the little to explore while they are seated comfortably on the floor such as music, numbers, letters shapes and colors since it is all brightly colored. With its two playing modes, this exciting walker keeps your baby entertained with music while helping them learn with just the touch of a button in learning mode. Whenever the baby turns a flower, they are rewarded with a sound or phrase that keeps them engaging even more. As your boy grows bigger you can make the panel stand so that he is encouraged to stand up and then walk after that.

9.  VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

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Imaginative play, a lot of learning and several activities to try out, all of that is found in just this one toy, the VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube. This cube gives your baby as many as five sides with different features to play. First of it is all brightly colored to grab the baby’s attention and then it is made with buttons that light up to initiate him about the different colors. It is also accented with four buttons in different shapes so each button that the baby touches introduces a name of an animal, makes a sound and also plays a melody. When the cube is moved it makes fun sounds as the 14 engaging features help him to improve fine motor skills.

10. Educational Family Fun for Baby and Toddler. 

Educational Family Fun for Baby and Toddler.

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Are you looking for that toy that will make your baby engage into playing or competing with others? Then the ball drop stack them high game is perfect choice to try out. This game includes two five tier towers and durable balls to keep your baby playing for several hours every single day. Because it is more of a competition game between the baby and a friend or with his mom or dad, it teaches kids to become more socially interactive which is great for their emotional development. The balls make funny noises when rolled and the pieces easily get stack together. This is essential for cause and effect learning and improving skills in problem solving.




11. VTech Spin and Learn Ball Tower

VTech Spin and Learn Ball Tower

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The VTech Spin and Learn Ball Tower is another great toy especially if you are buying it for your one year old boy. All this tower does is helping your baby learn a series of things while ensuring that they are having fun to the fullest. It displays four buttons which when pressed will introduce letters, numbers, insects, music and so on and so forth. There is a hollow through which the baby can throw a ball and this baby ball toy will say out exactly which animal and color it is. Every ball dropped inside the toy is counted and when the knob is twisted kids greatly enjoy the sound and look of balls spinning inside the tower.

12.Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

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Melissa & Doug’s deluxe pounding bench creates a fun way for kids to develop their motor skills and enjoy naming colors. It comes along with a well-constructed hammer that kids use to pound the up and down moving pegs, this toy is very good for widening children’s imagination. Each of the pegs has a cute smile that they love to look at and as they name colors, babies are inspired to master the colors by head. Thanks to its sturdy wood construction, this playing bench will give your kids something to play with for a really long time.

13. Push & Ride Racer

Push & Ride Racer

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Your baby and his little bear will enjoy having a ride in this incredible Little Tikes Push & Ride Racer. Its features two seats that is the low back seat at the front where your baby can climb on and off without any difficulty and the high back seat for added safety. This scooter has perfectly situated handlebars which make it easy and more fun for your son to ride around. At the rear of the spoiler is a hidden storage compartment where the baby packs any toys that they want to ride along with. This push and ride racer is great to play both indoors and outdoors.

14.Buccaneer Boat with Pirate Flag

Buccaneer Boat with Pirate Flag

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The buccaneer boat by ECR4Kids will blow your kid’s mind away as it fills it with thousands of imaginations. This ship features really attractive colors and features will keep him busy with his friends all through play time both indoors and outdoors. In this pirate boat with a flag kids get to learn to interact with others and gain strength as they climb to the top of the cabin. The ship is molded from sturdy and durable plastic so as children run around outside it and back inside they can broadly widen their imagination and thus become more innovative. There is a deck on the front for the captain and a cabin at the back for his friends to go that journey too. It is mandatory that you stay in close supervision of the kids while they play in the boat since it is high.

15. Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Lights

Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Lights

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When he has the WolVol Musical Activity Cube in his room, you will never hear him making noise or complaining because there is just too much for him to check out on the play cube. Each side of this cube is designed with something to excite your little and also teach them something new. If you are looking for a birthday gift then this one will sure work for you and your son because it even sings happy birthday along with the other many activities that it engages your little one into. When the mic function is turned an animal appears with a microphone to give your little one the chance to sing their all time favorite song. With its ringing bell, your child always wakes up to beautiful song. It features motor functions, driving skills, a steering wheel and a removable cell phone for that baby to call and speak to whoever they want to speak to.




16.VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels 3-in-1 Launch

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels 3-in-1 Launch

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The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels 3-in-1 Launch & Play Raceway is everything your baby’s will want to have in their home and because of the exceptional fun that they get from running and sliding here, they will develop lots of skills without even noticing. This smart educational toy gives kids a chance to explore their creativity with three different car race tracks, you have no idea of how broad the child’s imagination will become after playing on this toy. It is also infused with Vtech’s smart point technology with two smart point locations so every time the smart vehicle comes into contact with that point fun music and phrases are played to make this even more interesting for your little one. Its race car doesn’t only teach the car’s name but also introduces kids to the letter R.  Its lift up launcher greatly helps in developing fine motor skills.

17.Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

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Don’t keep the great world of smart phones to yourself when your baby too can become a part of it with VTech’s Touch and Swipe Baby Phone. Babies will fall in love with this phone because of its sliding screen that leads them to the phone’s two modes that is music and learning. It features apps that they can use to pretend to call mom or dad. As soon as they swipe between screens they discover a number of apps with colorful icons that will attract baby into tapping any of them. From its twelve pretend apps, there is a lot of learning and the fun music mode with melodies and songs that babies sing along to. With the home button you get a chance to teach the baby how to save a number and at the same time lets you record.

18.Brilliant Basics Boppin Activity Bugs

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin Activity Bugs

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The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin Activity Bugs bless your little one with funs sounds and actions to keep them well occupied all through playtime. From its four treasurable bugs there are lots of activities that your little one can engage in for better development of motor skills. These bugs shake, and for any action such as a slide, turn, toggle or pull the baby will be rewarded with a bug pop-up hence helping them learn about cause and effect. Babies just can’t get enough of the bouncing and bobbling action of these bugs even when they watch it every single day it is still a surprise to them. The entire toy is designed with amazing to entice your baby’s imagination.

19.Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

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It is from play that babies learn most of the things they know so you can as well start thinking about adding these Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups from fisher-price to your baby’s play room. This particular toy is comprises of ten brightly colored cups with textures surfaces for tight fit and also  make stacking easier for those little hands. The cups are labeled with numbers 1-10 which helps the baby to learn more about numbers and counting while their different colors and sizes introduces them into size and color identification.  Its smiling jingle ball fits perfectly into any of the cups and on top of the entire stack. You will be amazed with how fast kids learn from the stack and roll up cups. As kids find new ways of playing with the cups they develop more in creative thinking skills.

20.Activity Garden Baby Playset

Activity Garden Baby Playset

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The Activity Garden Baby Play set by little tikes combines both engaging and interactive play to help your baby develop and grow better both mentally and physically. This two sided play center opens wide for babies to get in and play without requiring any to tools to assemble it. By laying the play panel down horizontally, your kids will have a place to relax and it while they play.  On the versatile play panel there is a spinner mirror, bead tumbler, a huge button which plays kids all time favorites as soon as it is pressed down, turning gear and clicking bugs, this a multi-purpose toy that will always keep your baby entertained. Thanks to its enclosed, durable and extremely safe design, this garden offers a very safe place for the kids to hang for hours. As kids close and open the windows, crawl through the arch way and walk through the its open and close they will experience fine motor skills development.

21. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

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The love to read comes when kids are still very young and it is books like this VTech Rhyme and Discover Book that introduces him into turning pages to know what could be on the next page. This book has six brightly colored pages with each page having some of the most commonly known nursery rhymes. It features three light-up buttons and more than 20 phrases, songs and sounds. The book is not just easy to clean but also easy to clean and it is extremely durable.

  1. Pink Princess Tent

Pink Princess Tent

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This is the most appropriate toy to broaden that little prince’s imagination. The outdoor tent will take your little from the time they make one until they are around 8 years. It comes with over 200-300 balls in different colors and sizes yet its interior is roomy enough for the kid to sit or sleep inside. Its fold up and lightweight design makes the tent very convenient to carry away for storage or to the child’s favorite spot. This pink is more appropriate for girls but it also comes in blue color that works better for boys.

  1. O Ball Rattle and Roll Car Assorted Colors

O Ball Rattle and Roll Car Assorted Colors

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With O Ball Rattle and Roll Car saves parents the burden of buying batteries since it operates with babies’ energy. Made from soft and flexible materials, this car is very safe for your little one’s hands as the large holes make it very easy to carry at any one moment. There are multi-color beads in the wheels that keep the little one excited every time he pushes the car. This soft toy also acts as a teether.

24. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

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And which better toy will you ever find to keep your little super star busy and entertained at all times other than the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center. Its way of introducing kids to numbers is by displaying numbers of baskets on the LED screen each time the child tosses the basketball through the hoop. This electronic center also encourages kids into participating in activities that develop their fine motor skills as it plays a sound or phrase each time a goal is scored into the goal net. Other manipulative features on the center include a gear which plays sound whenever it is turned and shape buttons to teach toddlers about shapes. Fun animations on the LED screen also attract your child more into useful play.

25. Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull Toy

Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull Toy

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The VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull Toy is one toy that will help your child’s mind grow faster as it gives him a wide variety to think about and hence develops his imagination. The set is made up of three animal characters and three vehicles to keep kids toddlers from twelve months and above busy for a logn period of time. All the three cars fit perfectly into the car shaped carrier, each car that passes by is recognized by a fun phrase thank the proximity sensor that is infused into this amazing set. When the child puts all three vehicles into the carrier they are rewarded with interesting phrases, melodies and songs. This electronic learning toy a musical learning facility, and from its CB radio kids also learn about numbers and colors.

26.Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway

Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway

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There is absolutely no better for you to have your child’s play time more interesting other than this VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway. With a remote shaped like a steering wheel, four action zones and nine smart point location your kid will have the most exciting and most helpful interaction with their peers. It comes with a race car which plays music, phrases and sounds with just the touch of its light up button and goes ahead to introduce the vehicle’s name and letter ‘R’ to the little one. This set also comes with interchangeable track pieces and over 8 mechanical features so kids can stop the car at any pit point to repair the car and so much more. There is absolutely no way you can leave this behind if you want the best for your little ones.

27. Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane

Little People Lil' Movers Airplane

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Try to widen your child’s imagination of what it could be like to fly in air by getting them the Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane. The plane has absolutely everything that will make the child addicted to their new toy take for example the pilot who flies the plane with two passengers in the back seats with something that looks like luggage. It wheel move up and down to make it seem like a real aero plane when it is in turbulence. Each time the pilot is pushed, there will be a comment from the flight attendant, lights will flash and it will play sounds similar to that of a real plane. It has six windows, a pilot’s wind shield and light enough for those little hands to carry.

28. Power Wheels Thomas the Train Thomas with Track 

Power Wheels Thomas the Train Thomas with Track

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Make your baby the happiest in the entire world with the Power Wheels Thomas the Train, you will not have to worry about the safety of your kids because they ride right in your sitting room on this track so you can keep a close eye on them. It is designed with user-friendly features that make it super easy to for kids to use so they are always excited about the next they will jump onto the track.   It has Thomas’ funny face, a very comfortable sear and makes fun phrases and sound that kids never get used to. It is very easy to start, steer, push forward and stop so in no time your baby will have mastered all that and will be enjoying the ride. It runs on a 6 volt battery and works both on the train and away from it.

29.Thomas the Train Play Vehicle

Thomas the Train Play Vehicle

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Any boy will run to show off to his friends after receiving the Play hut Thomas the Train Play Vehicle so that he drives them along with them since it accommodates over four kids. Knowing how much kids love the famous Thomas the tank engine cartoon they will definitely love this vehicle designed just like the one in the cartoon with Thomas’ face right at the front. This car is easily accessible since it a slit door on the side and tunnel port in the back. It is spacious enough on the inside and also has a sunroof that makes it very breathable and lets in fresh air so kids won’t feel so hot while in there. Being designed from lightweight nylon, mesh panels and collapsible design, the vehicle is super portable both for storage and transportation. You can even connect it easily to other Thomas play vehicles.

30.Whisper Ride II

Whisper Ride II

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By now you must know that Step2 makes the best quality toys and the whisper ride II is just another one that you should be eying especially if your boy will be one anytime. With its super stylish automotive design and soft wheels, this car gives you little one an extremely enjoyable and smooth ride without any irritating noise. Under the hood you will find a really large storage area where kids can place many of their favorite possessions when on the go while its foldable handle makes storage and transportation super easy. This is much more than a ride reason being it can be flipped to turn it into a table or bed. This is a very convenient machine, it also comes with holders for cups or snacks and doors that are easily accessible.

31. Time Sports Climber

Time Sports Climber

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The Game Time Sports Climber from Step2 will provide all the fun your little sportsmen need to stay busy for hours. It offers several activities for your baby to engage into and these include a slide, basket ball for babies to make some shots, a slide and soccer goal, toss through wall and finally the crawl through tunnels. There is absolutely no way kids will ever get tired of playing with friends on this sports climber. If you want your boy to turn into an great athlete then get this toy where he can practice to shoot and score goals on target. It comes with a multi-functional ball so engaging play in this climber will certainly not stop. It is a very important tool in improving children’s gross motor skills.

32.Naturally Playful Lookout Tree house

Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

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In the Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Tree house kids spy, climb and slide as they learn how to associate with others. One side of this tree house has large and safe ladders that kids climb, go through the house and slide out on the other side of the house, every day feel like a fresh and new for kids with this incredible house in their home. It is sturdily constructed so you don’t have to worry about kids falling down as they climb as the shingled roof top provides shade for the kids as they play. The green and brown house accommodates about three kids to play together so it is definitely a perfect place for kids to learn about social skills.

33. Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table

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Kids don’t like to shower but they definitely love to play with water so another great toy you should consider for your one year old boy is this Spiralin’ Seas Water park Play Table by little tikes. With the exceptional features it has, this table offers news new and unusual ways of play to your kids that they will never get bored with it. Kids enjoy dropping balls through the spiral flute love the sight of the balls as they tumble into the water. It features five round ball characters that splash out water and a water cup, it is strategically located to a height that is easy for kids to reach at. Assembling this water table is very easy and its water capacity is about 7 gallons.

  1. Micro Mini 2-Go Kick Scooter

Micro Mini 2-Go Kick Scooter

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For riding outside the house or indoors in the living room or play room, the Micro Mini 2-Go Kick Scooter is just perfect for your boy. Kids love this scooter and that has made one of the most demanded toys lately, it features a storage area where kids store place the things they can’t go anywhere without. With adjustable handle bars and a steering wheel with a weight transfer, this scooter helps kids learn how to balance on a scooter and helps to improve their motor skills. This can also act as a three wheeled scooter when the seat and drawer are taken off. With or without the seat, those young boys just love riding on this bike. It is available in both blue and pink but the blue obviously works better for boys.

35. School Bus Activity Gym

School Bus Activity Gym

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At one year, your baby boy is boy is ready to engage into learning letters, numbers, shapes and colors so they deserve this Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym a as it makes learning a lot more interesting for them. For quick cognitive development and development of motor skills, this amazing play center is distinctively designed with spinning wheels, a dashboard with clickers and a slide. It is not that big so it doesn’t take up a lot of space both indoors and outdoors but there is no doubt it offers a great of fun activities for your kid to play with. The spinning tires show off numbers, shape, letters and colors as the turning steering wheel gives kids the imagination that they are driving the bus. Even its stop signs folds in and out exactly like a school bus.

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