35 Best Toys For 7 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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Don’t be surprised to see your little girls being more interested in physical activities and toys that are more engaging reason being it is at the age of seven that kids are confident about their balance and motor skills. This is when kids are more motivated by performing in groups or teams or actives games such as sports that require competition. It is no issue of worry if your girl develops differently from the neighbor’s kid however there are some things that they will sure have in common  for example all of them will be attracted by interesting reading books. When she is seven years old her brain actually functions with greater ability which explains her desire to engage into complex problem solving activities and get much more creative. Their logical thinking skills have greatly developed so they really love games and toys that are more challenging.

  1. Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse

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It is every little girl’s dream to own their own Barbie doll house and I can guarantee you will never find one better than the Barbie dream house. Before even looking at the components of this house I must I appreciate it is breathtakingly beautiful, it has a really exquisite appearance that any young girl will fall completely in love with. This palace features items that any house should have to make play time more realistic for your little girls take for example the furniture setting, TV and remote among several other items that make the space look splendid. It is a three floor house with a working elevator to Barbie to any of the seven rooms therefore all kinds of stories will flow just perfect in this house. It comes with smart interactive features such as the aquarium that makes bubble sounds and has fish that swim. The house also has a car garage with a door that flips open and closes. This Barbie dream house is designed just like all modern day houses. For young girls that are crazy about dolls, there is no gift better for imaginative and interactive play.

  1. Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

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Well if you thought your little farmer was left out on this list of the best toys well you sure got it wrong because the Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is absolutely everything they ever wanted. Having  a miniature is actually much simpler than anyone could have thought for the reason that this terrarium doesn’t require too much effort, you just have to assemble it well, add some decorations, water it as required and let it grow. This is such a great toy for little ones to experience the wonderful way small seeds develop and turn into plants, we all know nothing can beat the beauty and magic of nature. The terrarium teaches younger farmers how to be more responsible with their plants just like they do with pets since it needs to be watered at a particular period of time and when they forget they learn the importance of not forgetting their responsibilities. The Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is such an amazing decoration as it looks fabulous during day and glows in the night as well.

  1. Kids binoculars

Educational Insights 5260 GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

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The GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars features a very unique and outstanding design just because it is made particularly for kids. With its large eye pieces that are three times bigger than that of ordinary binoculars there is absolutely no need for little ones to strain their eye sight trying to focus. In addition it also features foolproof placement goggles with a guide that fit so perfectly to ensure that even the youngest kids can have a close look through it. It is designed with 2x magnification, a removable neck strap for easy carrying and really tough construction that lasts for years and years even with kid’s reckless handling. The GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars by Educational Insights is such a great toy to introduce little ones to scientific investigation and discovery as it also encourages several other fun activities such as bird watching and exploring nature.

  1. Drawing Board Sketcher Pad toy

Wishtime Drawing Board Sketcher Pad Doodle Writing Painting Toy

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Without you having to spend too much on crayons, pens, paint or pencils, this Wish time Drawing Board Sketcher Pad stills gives your baby a platform to practice writing and drawing. The doodle writing sketcher pad comes with its own pen and magnetic shapes that kids use for drawing and showing off their creativity. The bottom of this drawing board features a handle which they slide to get rid of any drawing or writings that they want to remove, it is a quick and frustration free way for them to erase what they don’t want and begin all over again. It is super easy and convenient for little ones to play various games as they expose whatever they have in their imagination. Unlike using paper, this drawing board saves you the expense of buying new items for them to use every other time yet it at the same time helps to keep your house completely mess free.

  1. Rainbow In My Room

Uncle Milton - Rainbow In My Room

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What on earth can possibly be more beautiful than looking at the rainbow spread all over the walls and ceiling in your own room? The rainbow in my room toy is one toy that will make your little princess’s bedroom worth staying in as it creates a really magical appearance of a rainbow. The rainbow projector uses LEDs that are multicolored to show off pictures of the rainbow in your room, the most amusing part is that it is super easy to operate, she just has to push a button and that’s it. The cheapest way to use this toy is by using an AC adapter reason being rechargeable batteries will easily run out. With its compact and portable design, you can easily find a spot for it on your child’s dresser. This will even be a quick for your girl to master the rainbow colors.

  1. Sweetheart Treasure Box

Melissa & Doug Peel & Press Sticker by Number with Sweetheart Treasure Box

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Pretty as it looks, the sweetheart treasure box is definitely a favorite possession for any young girl. The treasure box is not empty but it is an arts and crafts kit with 90 sparkling gem stickers that kids put together to come up with several creative ideas. When all the craft is over, this box is durable enough to safely store some of her favorite items such as jewelry. All pieces in the box are accented with beautifully dazzling glitter that gives off such an appealing appearance.  The stickers don’t require glue which makes them easy to stick and remove which makes this box such a great way to develop your child’s creativity and motor skills. If you want a gift to give to your seven year old girl this will be the perfect way for you to show her how much you love her.

  1. Butterfly toys

Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Made Easy - Butterfly

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Making a magnificent stained glass art piece is not actually as hard as you though it was and that is all thanks to the Melissa & Doug Stained Glass butterfly. All she needs to do is carefully peel off the sticker and press it to a frame to come up with shimmering work of art. As soon as the frame is placed somewhere the sun properly reached like the window, the stained glass glitters and sparkles and the appearance it gives is just so fabulous. The butterfly also comes with colorful stickers are accented with realistic texture to make the entire craft look real. With the attention that kids give this work of art activity, they will greatly improve their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as their concentration.

  1. Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech 80-171650 Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

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Vtech’s DX Kidizoom Smart watch is a lot smarter than it appears to be due to the various activities and games it features. There are so many things that make this watch a favorite for so many parents and kids besides its stylish appearance most especially its incredible features it has such as the three action challenges, five games, three extremely interesting activities and a motion sensor. For all the kids out there that are in love with photography, this would be the most perfect toy reason being it comes with camera featuring photo effects and enough space for them to take as many photos as they feel like. It can as well capture videos that they can personally edit from the watch’s touch screen. Little ones enjoy the voice change because of its effects bit love exploring the new features like the calendar and calculator. The smart watch is designed with both digital and analog displays with more than 50 clock face designs.


  1. Mini Walkie Talkie

Zomei T388 2Pcs Mini Walkie Talkie

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Before you even think about how great the Zomei T388 2Pcs Mini Walkie Talkie you first of all fall in love their unique and attractive kid-friendly design.  The set of two keeps you and your little one in perfect communication with you or her friends during trips and outdoor play so you will know exactly what is happening with her when she is not close to you. The two 3-5mile range radios are made with very lightweight and small size for added portability so that even when kids are running around they will have no difficulty carrying them while their ergonomic design offer firm grip all through play time.  It comes with a simple push button for automatic scanning of frequency and a belt clip for quick attachment when radios are out of use. They are made of such exceptional quality which guarantees their durability year after year.

  1. Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Essential Set

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Essential Set

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With all the essential make up items, the Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Essential Set is definitely the perfect kit to get for your little girl. It is very unbelievable how real this makeup looks yet in actual sense it doesn’t even apply on the skin. Featuring realistic textures, brilliant colors and shades this makeup kit will put a smile of your little Queen’s face but unlike real makeup that is so messy, the makeup here doesn’t leave any clutter behind. Even when you touch the makeup, it feels real but it doesn’t transfer onto the skin at all. The pretend makeup set is designed specifically to encourage creative play that is very important during kid’s development. It comprises of a break-proof mirror, eye shadow, blush, glitter pot, actual makeup brushes and a makeup bag into which all the items fit.





  1. Widescreen Light Designer

Crayola Widescreen Light Designer

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Get the Crayola Widescreen Light Designer for your little ones so that they can create with some of the most eye catching designs. Because it is designed with a really wide screen, kids have plenty of space to doodle, draw, sketch, scribble, draw all the figures they have in their imagination, such a wide screen will not let her compromise her creativity. Whenever she has a new design to create the screen wipes off in just a flash and she will be able to create something new on that same surface. To make your work even more appealing, this light designer adds spectacular lights effects and animations to designs by simply sliding a button. It comes with seven different light effects for little ones to choose from. You can either hang the light designer on the wall or simply display the designs on table top or chest since it comes with a panel kickstand at the back.

  1. Moon In My Room

Uncle Milton - Moon In My Room

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Uncle Milton’s moon in my room brings the beauty of a shining moon right inside your baby’s room. She will not have to wait for the moon anymore when she can have it lighting in different phases in her room whenever she feels like looking at it. The moon features rows of light showing the progression of the moon from light to dark and it appears so natural since it copies the way the moon transforms from different stages until it turns into the full moon. This Moon in my room also comes with an easy to use infrared remote that allows controlling the moon model when you are resting across on your bed. On the remote she will also find buttons for turning the lights on or off. After about 30 minutes with no interruption, the moon automatically shuts off to save power. It is super simple to hang this moon on the wall.

  1. Geosafari Jr. Talking Microscope

Educational Insights 8800 Geosafari Jr. Talking Microscope

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The 8800 Geosafari Jr. Talking Microscope is much more than just any ordinary microscope, it will be the perfect toy for your little science lover. With its 5x magnifier, it shows kids every little detail about any object of their choice, while the light helps them view perfectly even when the lights are dim. It is designed with a dial that kids can easily turn to hear and learn about incredible facts about whatever they look at on the slides. This talking microscope is inbuilt with various fun activities and detailed information about 12 charming bugs and the most interesting thing is that there is a quiz session where kids test their knowledge about what they have just heard. With this they don’t just have a close view of objects but also gain more knowledge about them. This is an excellent way to introduce your little girl to scientific discovery.

  1. Huge Dog Toys

Stuffed Animals Giant Plush Pillow Pp Cotton Huge Dog Toys

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The huge dog toys will sure put a smile on any girl’s face, they are just too adorable anyone she will not want to let them go not even for a minute. This is a set of three high quality dog toys in three different sizes, the giant one which is 47.2 inch, the medium one and the smallest one. They are all made of the same superb poly propylene quality material. Because of their plush, squishy and soft nature the stuffed animals turn to be such great pillows, they are actually great company especially when it is bedtime. They are filled with the same stuffing that is usually used to stuff pillows and in brown they will easily match any other décor in your baby’s room.

  1. Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola 48 Count Sidewalk Chalk

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For the most charming and colorful outdoor art play and chalk games Crayola’s washable sidewalk chalk are definitely the perfect choice. The set is made up of 48 vibrant crayola colors that are perfect for making all kinds of art work on sidewalks, drive aways and pavements starting from wide strokes to thin lines.  The chalk is molded with unique anti-roll shape to ensure that it doesn’t roll away as kids create their large drawings and writings in some of the most attention grabbing and colorful shades. Among the 48 crayola colors different colors such as red, blue and yellow give little ones freedom to choose any shades that they wish. You don’t need to worry about clean up reason being this chalk quickly and easily washes off.

  1. Woodland Animals Craft Kids Sewing Kit

Woodland Animals Craft Kids Sewing Kit

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The Woodland Animals Craft Kids Sewing Kit is such an adorable set that will make your little one drop her electronic toys and get her hands more active for some creative play. Lots of kids have fallen in love with this set for the reason that it has lots of items that they get to share with friends, family or their siblings which makes play time even more interesting. The stunning kit includes all necessities for making the best sewing projects such as straight pins, scissors, sewing needles, non-toxic fabric glue, five pre cut sewing animal projects, a bag in which all accessories fit and most importantly instructions to follow. Crafting these pretty little animals will be the cutest activity your baby ever had to do, it is very entertaining yet helps her gain practical skills that she can use even in the future.

  1. Pink Princess Castle Play Tent

Kiddey™ Girl's Pink Princess Castle, Best Kids Play Tent

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You will never have to complain about your little princess messing up her room or the house when she has her personal place to play the Princess Castle Kids Play Tent. This tent features extremely beautiful shades of pink accented with stars and hearts to make the tent a really fantastic place for your little one to spend some quality time. Assembling the princess castle tent is very easy since it comes with very clear step by step instructions on how to set it up. This play tent is constructed with sturdy and durable springs and flexible steel frame along with 100% polyester fabric which doesn’t easily get torn or worn out. With its perforated mesh windows obviously dangerous insects are kept out of the tent however they perfectly let in air for excellent air circulation.  It can be used both indoors on bad weather days and when it is all clear you can easily carry it out for them to enjoy outdoors play.

  1. Childrens Wooden Acoustic Guitar

Childrens Wooden Acoustic Guitar

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This children’s Wooden Acoustic Guitar is not just easy to play but it also plays the some of the most beautiful melodies. It is designed in different shades of pink with floral accents which is the first thing that will get any young girl’s attention. The guitar has a shoulder string and really lightweight for kids to easily hold it and play comfortably, this however doesn’t compromise its quality, it is still a very durable instrument. With its string type guitar playing method, suits both professional guitarists and first timers. All its 6 strings are firm enough, each of them having different thickness hence making this toy perfect for introducing little ones to music.

  1. Girl’s Bella Classic Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Girl's Bella Classic Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle

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Bicycles are toys most parents buy for boys but they are certainly not only designed for boys, they are made for girls too and the Girl’s Bella Classic Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle by firm strong proves it so, girls too enjoy riding. Featuring an extended length steel frame and such long lasting wheels, this bike will actually be great for both beginners and experienced bicycle riders. Its brakes are uniquely designed whereby when it is time to stop, the child just needs to pedal backward making it a lot simpler for kids to learn how to ride. It is beautifully furnished in pink color to grab lots of attention while it well-cushioned large seat offers the most comfortable rides. Whether it is at the beach, along pavements or in the backyard, this bike will be a really great choice.

  1. Disney Marvel Bowling Set

Disney Marvel Bowling Set

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As parents and adults go to bowling games to have their own fun, your little one will have her own bowling set to play with. The Disney marvel bowling set comes with six pins and a lightweight ball that is easy for kids to pick and throw at the pins. All pins are accented with different colors and recognizable characters which makes them a favorite for many young kids. Each of the pins is 7.5 inches tall, so don’t think twice about getting your little ones such pretty toys that can play with both inside the house and when they move out.

  1. Fashion Design Activity Kit

Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit

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With this fashion design kit, the possibilities are unlimited, the 16 piece kit is made up of nine textured fashion plates that are double sides, a crayon, an easy to grip crayon holder and storage case for safe storage of all items. To come up with fantastic designs, kids hold paper on top of the rubbing plate and rub over the paper to create first class designs just like experts on spot. For all the young fashion lovers, this kit offers an opportunity for them to show off their creativity from the very many chic and stylish combinations. It offers a fun way for kids to engage into active play and improve their fine motor skills. it is a very durable kit that will provide your little princess with several years of play.

  1. Hide N Squeak Eggs

Hide N Squeak Eggs

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After checking out the Hide N squeak eggs, you will agree to the fact that Tomy comes up with some of the most inspiring toys. These adorable eggs are completely unbelievable because unlike the ordinary eggs that are very delicate, they just display the stunning egg-stra chicks when cracked open. These eggs are super easy and filled with several surprises to keep little ones engaged into active imaginative play. Pressing the chicks’ head down activates a cheep sound that kids love yet it doesn’t require any batteries. Each of the eggs fits into its own uniquely designed base so kids will enjoy sorting each egg into the corresponding base. Besides making play time very interesting these eggs also help to gain more skill in color and shape recognition. They are sized just perfect for those little hands to grab.

  1. Cute Toddler Backpack

Coavas Gift For Kids Backpack Cute Toddler Backpack

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With its extremely cute and practical design this is the most perfect backpack you can possibly get for your little one. This coavas features exceptional quality which it great for several activities such as travelling, packing school items and hiking. The backpack has become number one choice for so many people for the reason that it meets both American rules and UK trademarks with their eco-friendly nature. They are designed with the right size to carry necessary items for little ones yet it is not at all difficult to carry. It features a spacious main compartment, mesh pockets in the sides which adjust well to fit a water bottle, Sippy cup or juice box and lastly a front compartment in which they can place a snack. With its durable construction and eye catching design have made the backpack a favorite for many.

  1. Electronic Pet Dog

Electronic Pet Dog

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With all the unbelievable phrases that this electronic dog says there is absolutely no doubt that your little princess will fall madly in love with him. A soon the power button is turned on, the dog quickly introduces himself and asks your child if they can play together. Harry can walk around as he plays a short song and will stop as soon as the power button turned off or automatically stop 30 seconds after. After a long period of play, Harry can actually say that he is tired and need to take a nap, he asks who is touching his nose when tells whoever is touching his tail to stop. Your little will really enjoy having this pretty Dalmatian pet dog in their home.

  1. Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

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Girls love to keep secrets and have their secrets very safely kept which is why you need to get this keepsake box for your little princess. This box is beautifully designed with enough space for many of her most treasured belongings such as her password journal, earrings, necklaces and so much more to ensure that those stubborn siblings don’t get anywhere close to it. It comes with keys and corresponding stickers so that when your little one records memories she can mark them inside each of the keep sakes. The box will only be able to open to the owner’s voice and a hidden compartment for more sacred and treasurable items. For any modern and stylish girl, this will definitely be the most precious gift, it comes with 6 keys and 12 stickers.

  1. Little Tikes Hopper

Little Tikes Hopper

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Your little girl also needs to exercise but with some fun of course and there is no better way for her to get rid of the excess energy other than the Little Tikes hopper. With its heavy gauge vinyl materials your baby can bounce as much as they want and it will not burst. This hopper features a handle on to which kids firmly hold as they jump. It deflates to ensure easier and more convenient storage and it is very important that you don’t inflate the hopper too much. This kind of exercise is great for toning muscles and strengthening the entire body. Kids can use the hopper for different types of workout.

  1. Jumbo Rainbow Magic Spring

Jumbo Rainbow Magic Spring

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Fun central’s Jumbo Rainbow Magic Spring will not disappoint because your little girl will instantly fall in love with it. No matter what occasion it is the rainbow will be an excellent gift, the spring’s diameter is 7 inches and when stacked it goes up to 7.25 inches tall. They are made with high quality, environment friendly and totally toxic free material with exceptional durability so your baby will enjoy playing with for a really long period of time. The magic rainbow spring is super easy to use and it comes in netting which makes it convenient to carry around. The combination of rainbow colors has never disappointed and it sure won’t disappoint this time round.

  1. Disney Frozen Dive Characters

SwimWays Disney Frozen Dive Characters

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Because little girls are always watching Disney world on TV, any toy with the characters from Disney will put a smile on her face. Swim Ways Disney Frozen Dive Characters make play time in the pool or bath tab magical because these characters can actually dive into the pool and get back. The set comprises three water toys that amazingly fun to play with whether in or out of water, all the three dolls are very soft and flexible. The characters are Elsa, Olaf and Anna, these are the favorite princesses for many young girls who love Disney.  Diving in the pool will be much more enjoyable with some company and that is for both beginners to swimming and professionals. Bath time too will become more exciting.

  1. Art Lite Brix Girls Sweet Treats Shop

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Girls Sweet Treats Shop

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With the Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Girls Sweet Treats Shop, she can construct an extremely attractive and dazzling shop. This construction set features lite bricks lighted building blocks with inbuilt LEDS in four different colors and special connectors for attaching the different blocks together in order to come up with such a beautiful shop. In this shop, there is a mini figure doll made of plastic. If she wants she can as well use the Lite bricks to build other places of her choice. Some of the accessories include mugs, a laptop among others. The sweet treats shop has so many play areas including a candy counter and cash register. As soon as setting it up is finished, she can turn the lights on to begin selling candy.

  1. Kids’ Learning Tablet

LeapPad2 Explorer Kids' Learning Tablet

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Displaying some of the most fabulous features, five incredible apps and a wide variety of ways to play, the LeapPad2 Explorer Kids’ Learning Tablet from leap frog is a must have for all the kids out there who are between the ages of three to nine. It features two cameras on the front and back video recorders, an incredibly fast processor and memory of 4GB to introduce your little one to a world filled with games, music, videos and so much more. The touch screen tablet comes with stylus for kids to create words and characters and on this same touch screen kids get to enjoy a lot of motion based play. It has five different apps for them to learn and engage in a lot of creativity. These apps include the learning songs app, art studio app, free download, cartoon creativity app and the art studio app. It has each and everything to keep a child busy.

  1. Little Adventures Girl Superhero Cape

Little Adventures Girl Superhero Cape

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It is not only male Heros that have the power to save the world, even women can if she throws on her extremely cute Girl Superhero Cape from Little Adventures. The cape is made of stretchy velvet that is super easy to clean reason being it is machine washable yet it is at the same time very durable. I bet your princess will look super cute in her super hero attire.

  1. Xylophone Musical Instrument for Children

Xylophone Musical Instrument for Children

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With its excellent sound quality, this Xylo fun xylophone is just the perfect instrument you should be getting for your little girl. Unlike the more notes common xylophones made of wood, this one has metallic notes for superior quality sound, it is however constructed with two durable wooden but first class quality mallets that stand the test of time. This colorful xylophone is such a fantastic way for your child to enjoy exploring and discovering all she didn’t know about rhyme and rhythm. It comes along with a song book featuring some of the favorite melodies that both kids and adults love to play. This xylophone will make such a beautiful addition to her toy box.

  1. Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

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Super easy to open yet super easy to close as well, the sunny patch butterfly chair is the ideal chair for your girl at the beach, on picnics or besides the pool. The brilliantly striped chair is made with a very sturdy frame for long lasting use and a well designed seat with armrest for maximum comfort.  It also has a cup holder to ensure that her drink is right at her fingertips whenever she needs to refresh. The chair’s well protected feet make it excellent to use on all kinds of floors while its tear and fray resistant material offers years and years of play.

  1. Gabby Interactive Doll

Gabby Interactive Doll

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Gabby is not just any doll, she is a more fun and interactive doll. She offers cool games and activities for kids to have fun with through six interactive accessories. Gabby can chat and when she does show various colors and animate. There are more than 25 games to play with cute little doll and she says over 300 rare phrases and words. She is so pretty but above all makes the perfect partner for your little girl.

  1. Cool Baker – Magic Mixer Maker

Cool Baker - Magic Mixer Maker

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The cool baker magic mixer gets some delicious snacks for your little one to enjoy in as few as 15 minutes. This mixer maker refrigerator recipes instead of oven ones and comes with recipes that little ones need to follow to make the delicious treats. What is more exciting about the mixer maker is the fact that it comes with ingredients for preparing four chocolate brownies and four sprinkle cupcakes.

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