35 Best Toys for 7 Year Old Boys – 2017 Selection

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Now that he is 7 years old, there is really no more need for close supervision however your little man still needs to a lot of guidance and still needs to be reminded about what is right for him to do and what is wrong. At seven years he does lots of things independently and that includes making decisions for himself, he can make his own choices about clothes, books and toys too. Because he is not a child anymore and is still not yet an adult, you need to be more selective with the toys that you buy for your seven year old. Such kids are so collective with different items which is why you need to focus more on toys of that kind because they will be of great interest to your little one. For boys at this age it is actually common that they will get addicted to a particular toy that they love so much, they will talk about it all the time and will find ways of getting better at it. These are the toys you should be considering for your seven year old boy…….

1. View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

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The View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack places right in the middle of a 360 degree view of whatever you feel like exploring to ensure that you enjoy each and every bit of the experience. All you need to interact with the image or survey virtual world around you is click the lever, it is that simple. Whichever move you may decide to do with your head whether it is tilting it forward, to the side or backward will change the way you an image, it will almost feel like you are really experiencing that particular situation you are looking at. This is an extremely easy to use gadget that operated with a Google card board compatible with devices using Android system and iOS  therefore after downloading the app and inserting the card board you will be more the ready to start using the VR. Clicking the interactive hot spots introduces you to a world of discovering and uncovering lots of fun facts while you absorb yourself into an amazing interaction of different environments during tours and journeys.

2. Quadcopter With HD Camera

Quadcopter With HD Camera

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The X5C camera drone is with no doubt the ultimate drone for any beginner thanks to it exceptional performance both indoors and outdoors. Just with the touch of a button, this drone will perform some really cool and amusing flips, capture videos and take photos in just seconds. It runs on a 3.7volt 500 Mah Li-POLY battery that gives you up to 7 minutes of fly time after 100 minutes of charge time. Its 6-axis gyro stabilization system gives the helicopter the ability to remain stable and very flexible as it flies. It has four rotating blades with blade guards so that when it bumps into any obstacles the blades are well protected and the drone still performs perfectly. It is designed with a 2GB memory card onto which it stores whatever it captures. You can smoothly control your X5C even at a long distance without interference thanks to the spread spectrum technology infused in its 2.4Hz remote control. You can assemble the drone in just a flash of time.

3. Face-Off Air Hockey Table

Face-Off Air Hockey Table

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And if your boy is a huge fun of hockey, this is definitely the most appropriate gift that you can get for him. The Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table is sturdily constructed, large enough and comes with electronic scoring. This table is tough enough to endure rough table play on daily basis yet it is only designed from environment friendly so it cannot cause any kind of damage to your little man.  The table is 5 feet which makes it easier for seven year olds to play from, its playing surface is super smooth and poly-sealed. It is power-driven by a 110V blower fan which provides utmost flow of air all through the playing surface. Even on the toughest slap-shots, the table remains very stable reason being it is made with L-shaped unbreakable legs with side panel supports. It is accented with attention grabbing detail and some cool hockey graphics that he will love.

4. Basketball Double Shot Arcade System

Basketball Double Shot Arcade System

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Whether it is so early in the morning or very late in the night, having a little fun playing basket inside the house will surely not hurt especially with a cool place to play like the Basketball Double Shot Arcade System by lifetime. With the two basket ball hoops located about 8 feet away two of your boys can compete to find out who shoots best as they also develop the basket ball skills. The entire system is molded from thick steel tubing, it is features such exceptional quality yet it doesn’t really cost much. It is very adjustable and easily foldable which makes transportation and storage not just convenient but also extremely easy. To catch children’s attention even more the basket ball system is made with buzzers plus several other sound effects as they enjoy the electronic infrared scoring.

5. Kick Scooter with T-bar

Kick Scooter with T-bar

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But of course any seven year old boy will enjoy showing off some cool tricks on this well constructed Micro Maxi Kick Scooter. It is colored just perfect for him, in black a color that definitely looks good on boys. Scooting on this kickboard feel like riding on a skateboard however it is much easier to maneuver and control because of the features on its steering. That T-shaped handle bars and wide make the scooter very comfortable to ride at all times. The Micro Maxi Kick Scooter flaunts three wheel construction and glides so smoothly that kids never want to get off so you can be rest assured it will keep your boy occupied for some good hours. This scooter offers two steering options for kids to select from the traditional T-bar which makes it much simpler to balance or the joystick which is better for curving and carving.  Its steering adjusts to fit kids of all sizes at various stages.

6. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

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The Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is not just good looking but also very safe and fun for kids. The set features a 16 inch dart board and 6 extremely safe magnetic darts of two different colors, three of them in orange and the other three in blue. The magnets used in these darts are not just any fake but magnets but rather very rare ones that are very strong perfectly balanced neodymium earth magnets for excellent dart performance. This game is so much recommended at improving kids aiming skills, concentrations and also fine motor skills. Lots of parents have fallen in love with this magnetic dart board which has the same style and appears exactly like the real dart board, they also love the fact that these darts are just magnets that can’t cause any harm to kids or the walls. It is just so perfect for the whole family.

7. Virtual Reality Glasses Headset

Virtual Reality Glasses Headset

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With style, ease of operation and maximum comfort the Motoraux 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Headset is what any soon to be teenager would want to have. It features very stable knobs and it a lot more comfortable to give little ones the chance to enjoy the high precision with absorbing 3D immersive experience. It is made with a reasonable lighter bare weight of just 280g to ensure that you remain comfortable even after hours of use as the adjustable straps allow you to choose the most perfect fit. It is compatible with a series of smart phones such Samsung, iphones, LG, Huawei and so many more yet there is no need to download any apps. These virtual reality glasses are made from piano paint technology ABS material that is very harmless so that you enjoy situations with peace of mind.

8. N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

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Trying out how accurate his targets can be is super fun and with the  N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set your boy will sure be occupied all through his free time. This set comes with absolutely everything that any boy will want to test their precision when it comes to target, it includes a stylishly designed fire blaster, 10 brightly colored darts and a target board. There aren’t any steps for getting up this game ready for your little one to play, you just have to hang the target board on the wall and he will find his target spot then start firing. Each target dart that is fired sticks on the board so that on your next shot you can easily see how better your accuracy has become. This is a fun game so whether he plays alone or with friends he will still enjoy every bit of it.

9. Larger Ring Toss Game

Larger Ring Toss Game

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Any good parent will always look out for the best and most interesting games for her children and one of those games is this ring toss game that is not only super easy to understand but also very easy to set up. When kids are done playing, you can as well pick up the pieces in less than minutes. The game is designed from high quality solid wood which makes it extremely durable but the most interesting thing is that the numbers are printed on so well to perfectly see which number they want to reach out for. This game involves not just kids but parents as well or other members of the family and since it is made with bigger numbers it helps little ones learn how to add larger sums. While they have fun they also improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. When the weather is convenient, kids can play the game outdoors and when it rainy or snowy they can as well take it indoors.

10. Magic Science Kit for Wizards

Magic Science Kit for Wizards

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It is incredible how magic can blows your mind away, now imagine how it would be if your little one would turn into a real magic master, yes it is possible with the Magic science kit from scientific explorer. This kit is made up of nine different activities which help your little boy to understand and learn magical trick using reactions of different chemicals. From this kit not will not only gain knowledge that they can use in future but are also introduced to the history of some of the most famous wizards such as Merlin, Baba Yaga and circles which are kid’s favorites. The nine activities in the kit include Test tube crystal ball, Feverish Fizz, Frothing color changing Potion, Glow in the dark Bubbling potion, Fizzy Frenzy, Magic hat, creating a wizard wand to cast spells, Magic Wanda lava and Hocus pocus powder. All the necessary chemicals and supplies necessary for these magical activities are available in this kit. While kids engage in all these activities, adult supervision is paramount.



11. Crazy Forts

Crazy Forts

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The fun of building structures is enjoyable for kids and all ages, therefore to broaden your little engineer’s imagination with the beautiful crazy forts construction pieces. These pieces are not frustrating to kids reason being they super easy to put together and kids enjoy every bit of it. The game is all about connecting the different balls using the reinforced sticks to come with any structure depending on how creative they can be. When they are done creating the structure they can cover up with bed sheets to a fully complete place to play. The 69 pieces include 44 sticks and 25 geometrically accurate balls made from durable plastic material. This game encourages joint play among kids of both sexes. It will be super fun for kids.

12. Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars

Kid Galaxy RC Bump 'n Chuck Bumper Cars

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Encourage positive competition among your kids with the RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars, these cars are flawlessly designed ultramodern styles and colors to attract little ones to engage into play. Bumping into the opponent front on or from the side cause his driver to jump out into the air accompanied by some super cool sounds. The cars are detailed with working fans at the back to create the false impression of wind power. The set comes with two cars one with orange details and one with blue details, two cars and two remotes. The fun just never stops with these incredibly amazing and unique bumper cars. Kid Galaxy sure got kid’s attention this time round because not only are these cars rare but are also made of such fantastic quality.

13. Drop-through Longboard

Drop-through Longboard

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Whether it is his first time to use a drop-through or he has been at it several times, the Rimable Drop-through Long board. This long board has a much tighter turning radius but offers the same exact benefits as any standard drop through. It is more than perfect for performing some of the coolest tricks for those who like to carve around cones or through groups of people. It features a really wide deck measuring 9.5 inch for added power through turns, low deck height that makes pushing a lot simpler and lastly PU wheels with low rolling resilience to offer the smoothest rides. For all the fun downhill, this drop through long board offers ultimate stability and the fact that it is extremely easy to push makes it excellent for riding over long distances and going all round pavements at campus.

14. 2.0 Bit, Dual Pack

2.0 Bit, Dual Pack

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Discover how far your child can go and increase his self-esteem with the Ozobot 2.0 Bit, the Educational Toy Robot. Tiny as this robot may seem, it has the ability to improve your child’s critical thinking skills, how creative they can be and get them ready for a better future with its programmable nature. The ozobot bit robot introduces your little one to some of the most important skills in this ever developing life such as computer science and other advanced programs. It also encourages kids to engage into problem solving, playing games and many various adventures that enhance their creativity. Because coding and STEM isn’t so interesting to kids, this robot creates a fun way of teaching them how to code and STEM. The educational toy is excellent for both for all kids both beginners and pros who are already used to the game.

15. Electronic Pet Dog

Electronic Pet Dog

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And if he is not ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a real puppy, this electronic pet dog will definitely make life better for your little one. It doesn’t need the care that a real pet dog needs but will offer all the fun that they would have if they had a real dog. This electronic pet dog can walk and bark and also make several other dog sounds that will make your boy enjoy the fun of having a pet dog. The really cute Dalmatian dog is fun for the whole family as it runs and chases around on smooth floors and even responds to touch with its inbuilt sensors. Touching his back side makes Harry perform unbelievable surprises while touching his head makes him dance and sing. He makes so many unexpected phrases that will make him your child’s favorite toy ever.


16. OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot

OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot

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With the OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot featuring a lot more transformations and bigger parts, the little ones also get to enjoy the exciting fun of playing with robots. Because the robot operates with solar power, it introduces little ones to the mystery of solar energy. This high quality robot entirely works with solar energy hence saving you the burden and cost of buying batteries every other time. The T4 gets your little one having lots of fun out in the sun besides teaching them about solar as a cheap and new source of energy. Kids can choose from four different modes into which this robot transforms, it can act as an insect with legs to walk and jaws that move, a robot with legs for walking and wheels, the T-rex with two legs and finally as a drill vehicle. This is a completely exquisite toy for kids.

17. Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio

Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS-GMRS Two-Way Radio

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Each and every kid that loves the adventure of playing outdoors, the Motorola MH230R is one unquestionable toy that they need to have. With an amazing and strong range of 23miles, Talkabout MH230R is such a great tool for helping different family members stay in close contact at all times. It has become famous in many families due to the fact that it is unstoppable no matter the range. It is well protected from dust and vertical falling water drops, it is therefore great to use in various weather conditions. It comes with 22 channels each having 121 privacy codes to keep all those secretive conversations safe. The pack includes two radios that operate with 8 hour rechargeable batteries, an adaptor charger and two belt clips for easy carrying.

18. Pedal Balance Bike

Pedal Balance Bike

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With more advanced features, better adjustability, a whole new design and much better quality, the STRIDER 16 Sport model is just the bike you need to be getting for your little man. Its incredible components have made it a better bike for the pros that aren’t afraid of anything as well as the beginners who have no idea on where to start. This bike is designed with the main aim of bettering balance and leaning therefore for kids aged six to ten it will be so easy to learn how to ride on this bike. It has a lightweight of only 17.71lbs yet it supports up to 187lbs and the fact that it is adjustable makes it perfect for kids at various stages. Its simplicity and exceptional performance is attached to cross terrain inflatable tires and sturdy frame.

19. Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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For all younger riders out there who want to turn their dreams into reality, the Dirt Rocket MX350 will sure not disappoint. The MX350 has been able to beat all other pocket dirt bikes because of its incredible speed, this machine can go up to 14-meters per hour. It features long and large 12 inch pneumatic knobby tires that deliver exceptional transfer of power. This is a single speed bike that runs on high torque and very strong chain driven motor detailed with a twist grip throttle to ensure the quietest rides without compromising power. This bike is super comfortable and very smooth as a result of its adjustable and dual suspension riser handlebars. All those dirt hills cannot beat this Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike yet it is effortless so there is no need for pedaling.

20. Pro-Ball Set

Pro-Ball Set

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And for the sports die hard in your family, the Toysmith Pro-Ball Set is absolutely the ideal toy to get for your little one. There is a ball for the foot ball player, the soccer player and the basket ball player to ensure that whichever preference he has it will be sorted with just this one set. All the three balls are soft enough for his little hands to grab and play without difficulty at all both indoors and outdoors. All three balls have brilliant colors that are attract kids to play while the extremely durable plastic construction gives them the ability to withstand rough play, and resist fading and stains. The toy Smith pro-ball set is designed with the highest safety standards for more enjoyable imaginative play.

21. Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy

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Kids actually think they can have the most of fun when on the road but that is entirely because they haven’t tried out something as fun as off-roading but that is now solved with the Razor Dune Buggy. With its powerful 350-watt motor, this machine can go all the way to 10 miles per hour which means that the dune buggy goes at a speed that is fast enough to ensure that little ones are having fun but are also very safe since it doesn’t go passed recommended speed. Some of the features that have made this toy a favorite for many parents include the padded bucket seat with a seat belt which ensures maximum safety and a side roll cage to prevent kids from falling out. The buggy features a uniquely styled reduction drive which gives it the ability for high torque gearing as well as low torque climbing. It is perfect for driving on rough terrain and tracks.

22. Big Time Toys Sumo Bumper Boppers

Big Time Toys Sumo Bumper Boppers

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There is something much more fun than pillow fights and bumpers cars and that is the Sumo Bumper Bopper by big time toys. These boppers have a unique and really fun bop and sock design accented with colorful details to catch kids’ attention. Both boppers have handles on the left and right for little ones to firmly hang on to while they knock each other during play. The pack comes with the bopper and a repair patch incase the bopper gets a hole. Sumo bumper boppers are some cool toys for your little ones to enjoy each and every minute of their leisure time.

23. Swing N Slide See Saw Spinner

Swing N Slide See Saw Spinner

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The fun of playing on a traditional see-saw just never ends, kids have always enjoyed spinning on a see-saw and that hasn’t changed one bit that is why you don’t have to think twice about before getting the Swing N Slide See Saw Spinner for your little ones. It doesn’t only come with the necessary hardware and all parts but also comes with the instructions that will help you assemble the see-saw for kids to play. The traditional see saw spins 360 degrees and is sturdily constructed to ensure perfect safety of your kids while they spin. It can support all the way to 170 pounds, so create a fun way to better coordination and balance skills.  All siblings starting from those that are five years to those that are eight years can enjoy swinging all day on the spinner.

24. Swing Set

Swing Set

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With the super spinner swing that is super comfortable, super fun and easy to install kids are always assured of a safe place to play outdoors. It has a very comfortable solid seat with space enough for two kids so he will not get bored swinging alone but enjoy with either a friend or sibling. The swinging and spinning toy comes wholly put together, leaving you only with the job of hanging it on a tree or swing set with its weather resistant clips. It has flexible ropes for really simple adjustment towards the ground to make it easy for your little one to climb and for added safety the rope adjusters are made of tough stainless steel. It is constructed to support up to 200lbs, it is just absolutely the best swing you will come across.

25. Climbing Cargo Net

Climbing Cargo Net

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Swing and slide sets are extremely fun for kids but will be even more fun when this climbing cargo net is added on to it. It is great accessory that can easily be added to any play set not just for fun but also to help little ones increase their strength, develop balance as well as coordination. It is constructed from long lasting nylon ropes and wooden dowels for maximum safety and strength to support up to 150pounds. The climbing cargo set is designed for only home use and it goes passed the required standards for safety in the backyard. It is recommended for children starting from three years to ten years

26. Twist-Whiz


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The twist whiz keeps kids entertained while indoors but they can as well take the fun outdoors because this toy is weather resistant, no matter how weird the weather is it will not stop them from enjoying every minute of their play time. Because it is extremely easy to set up, little ones can start playing as soon as they receive their new toy, adults can fix it to a tree, swing set or any other support. This all time fun toy creates a super cool and interesting way for kids to cut off excess fat and energy. It is extremely sturdy to resist active play and last really long.

27. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

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Featuring a very unique and modern design the Fly bar Foam Master Pogo Stick will not just offer your little one all the fun they need to stay happy  but also give keep them very healthy. Both experienced jumpers and beginners are sure to fall completely in love with the pogo stick. It is designed from one of the best companies when it comes making pogo sticks which makes it quality unquestionable. Its structure and handles are enclosed in foam which not only make the pogo stick look good but also makes it more comfortable for those little hands. It features very stable and non-slippery legs for the trick masters to perform their best tricks with a lot of ease. It can support weight between 80-160 pounds.

28. Wearable Inflatable Bumper Balls

Wearable Inflatable Bumper Balls

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Some toys are not just loved by kids but their parents too and the wearable inflatable balls are one of those toys, the smile they out on kids’ faces in turn make their parents smile. For several events such as barbeques, birthdays, picnics, beach hangouts and outdoor play in the backyard these balls are such a perfect choice. Inflating them only takes about five minutes and when little ones finish playing they can quickly be deflated to a size that is more convenient for storage. The balls encourage kids to engage into active play instead of the usual dormant activities they do like watching TV all day, playing video games so they promote coordination, improve social skills and balance. They are designed of really durable plastic, they are very safe to give younger one several hours of play.

29. Bald Eagle 3d Kite

Bald Eagle 3d Kite

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Almost everyone is now glued to the ever advancing technology and has forgotten all about the unending fun of playing outdoors, the might bald eagle 3D kite stimulates the need for kids to try out natural fun that is not just educational but also very healthy. The 3D kite features a well proportioned body and large wings which make it drift through the air smoothly, it doesn’t operate with batteries but you simply have to hold the spine of the eagle kite, throw it into the air and off it will go. It is designed from long lasting nylon that is much stronger than polyester to keep the eagle going even through rain or other obstacles like rough tree branches. It sets up in just as little as 15 minutes and it is extremely easy to fly.

30. Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Trampoline Basketball Hoop

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We all know it is super fun jumping on trampoline but on the trampoline basket ball hoop it is even more amazing, the fun is just endless as kids compete and find out who makes the highest jump trick or the highest air dunk. This trampoline unlike many others is constructed to fit all sizes and it easily adjusts to match perfectly with many enclosure pole types including arch type poles, straight poles and curved poles. It is constructed with UV protected durable material as well as breakaway rims for much safer play. The basket ball hoop can easily be attached to a pole.

31. Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure

Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure

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Kids love to jump on trampolines at all ages so getting the JumpKing Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure Combo would definitely not be a mistake. The trampoline is well made with a very sturdy steel frame, a net closure to ensure maximum safety and enough space for two kids. Its off the ground height is more than perfect reason being it is not that low and neither is it too high. All kids above three years will love their toy.

32. Platform Swing

Platform Swing

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The HearthSong Deluxe Platform Swing features a nylon rope and padded steel frame which explains its ability to support not just one but two kids at the same time. The swing makes outdoor play a lot more enjoyable for kids making this swing one of the most perfect toys for little ones. Assembling will require two adults since it might be quite difficult for kids. Its holding weight capacity is 250lbs.

33. Wind Surfer Skateboard Rope Tree Swing

Wind Surfer Skateboard Rope Tree Swing

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The Wind Surfer Skateboard Rope Tree Swing is designed for both kids and grown-ups to enjoy flying high in the back yard. It can easily be fixed to trees and swing sets as its adjustable hand grips offer maximum stability for those who love to swing while standing. Its weight capacity is 300lbs and it offers two swinging options so they can either stand or sit on it while swinging depending on what they enjoy most. The child only needs to use one foot to push the swing and off they will go.

34. Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

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If he loves to hunt or games to do with hunting then he will love Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow. It is great for left and right handed kids and they enjoy the sight of watching an arrow go over 125 feet away. This bow and arrow set includes two X long range arrows in red color plus a zip clop for holding arrows. This is game that helps kids improve their shooting accuracy and enjoy playing outdoors. It is constructed with great consideration for safety but supervision is greatly recommended to ensure that kids don’t shoot others in the face.

35. Star Wars Resistance Troop Transporter

Star Wars Resistance Troop Transporter

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The LEGO Star Wars Resistance Troop Transporter is great for all those little men that overly enjoy building. This toy includes different items that encourage kids to engage make the best of thee thinking capability and hand-eye coordination to put the pieces together and come up with something unique. It comes with mini figures from star wars like princess leia, admiral Ackbar plus two resistance troopers which keeps kids very occupied and entertained. At the battle field, kids can load troops and drive them to the field and use the dual loaded shooters to keep fight the enemy. This game is super fun any seven year old will go crazy about it.


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