35 Best Toys for 9 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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By the time your little girl makes nine the things that interest her will completely change reason being she is no longer the little girl that used to cry for candy. She will love to be included in various activities decision makings that happen at home and that includes her toys too because to her contributing to decision making is a source of confidence, they feel important when they are involved. For example don’t take her for vacation without asking for her opinion on where to go or organize her birthday party without asking her which type of birthday party she should have. Nine year old girls also love to do things on a well planned schedule that is to say they will set a particular time for everything they plan to do through the day and don’t expect anyone to interrupt the schedule. You cannot call them infants anymore but they are still not yet adults so they are in between there which call for a lot of parental guidance to ensure that the little girl doesn’t go off the correct growth direction. Here are some toys to get for your 9 year old daughter, niece, granddaughter or whatever else they might be to you.

  1. Fairy- Flying Unicorn

Flutterbye Fairy- Flying Unicorn

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There is absolutely no way you can get used to the mysterious beauty of controlling the flying unicorn right from the palm of your hand. The fun of making this unicorn follow the movements of your hand is just so endless, as soon as you release it from its base with a simple push button the rest of the fun lays in your hands, it is up to you to direct the unicorn throughout its flights. The exquisitely beautiful flutter bye rises while you lift your hand and when you lower your hand it still follows and comes down with it. It looks so precious during flights as its wings sparkle and its attractive golden horn lights up. The flutter-bye flying unicorn takes breaks in between flights therefore when she is not fluttering her wings, she is resting on its golden dazzling base from which it gains the strength for her next flight. You just have to press the button on the charging base to enjoy the magical experience again.



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Education insight’s multiplication slam device offers one of the easiest yet very interesting ways of mastering multiplication concepts for numbers 1-9. It is through five different multiplication games that little ones get to learn all the basics of multiplication. This device has managed to win over parent’s hearts not just because of the pretty colors and unique design but due to its ease of use which only entails reading a problem, scanning the possible answers and slamming the one you fee is correct to score a point. Please take not of the fact that the quick answering yields higher scores. The multiplication device is such an excellent toy for practicing sequences, multiplication facts, and multiples reason being each and every problem that is answered wrongly is recycled till a right answer is given. It flashes some very attractive lights, makes amazing sound effects and fits so well in those little hands for them to easily carry it to any location of their choice.

  1. Explorer Kids’ Learning Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Kids' Learning Tablet

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With the extremely wide variety of features infused into the LeapPad2 Explorer Kids’ Learning Tablet it has the ability to entertain kids from their childhood stages until they are much older. It offers lots of ways for little ones including tapping its touch screen with a finger to make characters and figures appear, turning, shaking or twisting the tablet for stimulating play based on motion. Educational experts came up with the various apps and games on this tablet which teach kids skills in math, science and social life without panicking or rushing but at a particular chosen pace. Practicing these skills over and over will not at all be a bother for kids because they enjoy every bit of it. Kids can play and learn while listening to their favorite music and videos. The leappad2 tablet also encourages and teaches kids how to read through a whole new experience where characters are followed by animations to keep kids interested. It comes with five apps for unlimited learning, creativity and endless fun.

  1. Carousel Music Box

HoneyGifts Laxury Carousel Music Box

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Now the HoneyGifts Luxury Carousel Music Box is the most precious, most beautiful and is yet to become the most treasured toy for your little girl. I can’t even doubt for a second that she will immediately fall in love with a toy this flawless. The combination of blue, silver and white is absolutely remarkable. The music box has three horses that rotate around while playing music, Tune by castle in the sky in particular and lights up in seven different colors to create the most appealing in your room. It is accented with floral designs to make it the most attractive decoration anyone can ever have in their room. It is designed out of high quality polyresin that is very durable, therefore if her ninth birthday is coming up soon, this is the most perfect gift to grab for her.

  1. Singing Machine and Karaoke Player

Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

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And for the young musician in your home, there is no toy better than the Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player. The number one reason that makes kids fall in love with machine even before they try out the features is its super cute appearance. Its colorful sparkling lights make this player really outstanding. This player plays such awesome sound and it is very portable which makes it so easy to transportation to any location. It features balanced, auto voice controls and echo controls for a more comfortable and totally personalized experience and in built speakers for long lasting use. With that real working microphone I can guarantee your little princess will love this toy.

  1. Handheld Game Console

Handheld Game Console

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With over 162 in built games, the E-MODS GAMING Handheld Game Console is just what your little girl needs to keep her occupied all through her play time. It is designed with a TV port and it comes with a TV cable to let them play on your TV since the TV screen is much wider and much more fun to play from. For those little kids who can’t even let you enjoy your phone, this console with a speaker is absolutely the perfect choice. The E-MODS console is red and white in color and measures about 2.5 inches. It comes with an English user manual to make everything about the console and how to use it known to users.

  1. SEALIFE Assortment Plush Toys

SEALIFE Assortment Plush Toys

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But who on earth doesn’t love sea animals. Much as the adults to enjoy looking or eating some of them, the little ones would love to have sea animals to play with. Here are the SEALIFE Assortment Plush Toys to keep your princess company during play time, this is set includes 24 plush characters from the deep blue sea. Each one of these ocean creatures is beautifully colored so it makes the perfect addition to any doll or bear set. All of the animals are well staffed and made of great quality.

  1. Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

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For the little science lovers, Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal is a special science tool made just for them to enjoy several science activities and experiments. This microscope is very safe yet so much fun to the extent that it motivates kids to learn without looking out for parent’s help. With three different magnifications that is to say 30X, 100X and 400X, this microscope delivers close up views of any object just the way you like them. It doesn’t really matter what you want to observe as long as you have this professional microscope you are rest assured of seeing every single detail of the object. What makes this particular microscope different from others is the fact that it comes with a very big collection of science tools ensuring that whatever you will need for an experiment will be close by. Its rubber eye makes observing very comfortable as the 22 pages journal includes different experiments and activities for kids to learn and enjoy.

  1. Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech 80-171650 Kidizoom Smartwatch

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The VTech 80-171650 Kidizoom Smartwatch DX has many more interesting games and activities that any kid will love the fun of exploring and discovering what this watch has to offer. This watch is smarter than all those that came before it as it features a motion sensor, 5 games, 3 action challenges and three interesting activities. It is designed with more memory to offers those little photographers more space for lots and lots of pictures and videos. It displays an explore touch screen, a voice recorder with voice changing effects, a video camera and photo camera with some really cool and incredible effects. This time round the watch even has a calculator for kids to work out some simple addition, division, multiplication and subtraction equations and a calendar. Kids have a chance to make their personal selection from more than 50 clock faces while its luxurious water proof nature allows everyday use. It operates with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

  1. Xbox 360 E 4GB Console

Xbox 360 E 4GB Console

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The Xbox 360 E 4GB Console with a new design will make a really stylish addition to your home.  This machine has inbuilt Wi-Fi which has made it much easier and quicker to connect to the amazing world of entertainment that it has offer. With this entertainment system’s sleek and stylish design, even the neighbor’s kids will want to come into your home and join in on the great experience. The Xbox 360 console features a 4GB internal hard drive which is enough for kids to store movies, their favorite TV shows, photos, games and a lot more from Xbox’s market place. You can also enjoy its kinetic ready system which offers maximum control of the console from wherever you are and the wireless controller that provides easy to music and friends through a guide button. For added convenience, this console is compatible with all Xbox 360 accessories. This is a must have device in any home.



  1. Paint Your Own Horse Activity Kit

Breyer Model Horse Paint Your Own Horse Activity Kit

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And now with Paint Your Own Breyer My Dream Horse, your little one will be able to show off her creativity and the great ideas in her imagination as she gets a chance to paint her own horse. For time painters, this horse painting activity offers a very good platform for them to start and yet it still allows the more experienced artists to put their skill down and have some fun. This kit includes three paint brushes, six paint colors for kids to choose from, two different unpainted horses and an instruction book to give kids some guidance on what to do. The challenge of kids painting a horse is very interesting and will keep those little beings occupied for some goof time as they try to figure out the best way to paint.

  1. Forest Animals Wooden Block Jigsaw Cube Puzzles

Forest Animals Wooden Block Jigsaw Cube Puzzles

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One game that never gets boring at all ages is completing puzzles therefore any chance that you get to buy your little one a cute puzzle toy like the Forest Animals Wooden Block Jigsaw Cube Puzzles should never be put to waste. This beautiful puzzle is made up of nine beautiful pieces all detailed with flowers and a cute black and white bear. The task is similar to many other puzzles so you kid will have to concentrate and put the wooden pieces until the full picture of the bear is complete, this is a very interesting game.  This game stimulates the brain to develop the child’s critical and logical thinking skills.

  1. Science Club Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

Educational Insights 5351 Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

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There is no view that is as magical as the view of stars in the sky and the beauty of watching the moon with all the surrounding planets and mountain ranges at night, this is what Nancy B’s Science Club Moon scope offers. This moon scope is another of the incredible science that Nancy the science expert makes and I am more than sure it will don’t disappoint you just like all the other tools that were produces before it. It motivates to take on lessons without calling out for parents to help out, such individual learning is very great for a child’s development. For those obsessed astronomers, this tool encourages STEM learning and satisfies their desires by giving them a close up view of the sky and whatever else is up there with its 18X and 90X magnifications. It comes with an activity journal featuring 22pages of the most wonderful astronomy activities while its tripod is detailed with an LED light for easier reading the journal.

  1. Knitting Studio

Knit's Cool - Knitting Studio

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To learn life skills in making of the most astonishing designs in all styles and size, this knitting studio is just about everything that your little girl will ever need. This studio takes you away from the old and traditional way of making clothing using needles and brings an advanced and easy way to knit your personal items and accessories. The knitting studio comes generously equipped with enough yarn to make a very stylish scarf, a cute boho headband and unique phone case. The studio doesn’t only stop at knitting, it also offers makes it easy to add those finishing touches like adding accessories and buttons. With this knitting studio, you will also receive knitting videos with clear directions that you can follow to make your own staff using the knitting studio hence making it much easier to use.

  1. Disney Marvel Bowling Set

Disney Marvel Bowling Set for Kids

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The fact that the Frozen Bowling Set by what kids want is a bowling set made specifically for kids is number one reason as to why this set is loved by so many kids. Each of the bowling pins is designed with a recognizable character which makes the set really attractive. Every bowling pin measures 7.5 inches tall while its round plastic ball is detailed with hollows that make it easier for kids to grab with their tiny hands. Bowling is a fun game and it doesn’t really matter whether they play from inside the house or take the fun outdoors, they will still enjoy. Your little girl can play alone if she wants or compete with a friend or family member to find out who hits the pins better.

  1. Gund Girls Marla Doll

Gund Girls Marla

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You don’t even have to think twice before buying the Gund Girls Marla Purple Orangutan for your little princess because it is pretty obvious she will fall in love with the huge bear. It is made with plush touchable and very unique fur coat which has made it a favorite for everyone that comes across it. this huggable new friend will always be there to accompany your little girl when she goes to bed, or during playtime and offer her a shoulder to lean on during those tough times when she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Marla has very friendly looks and feels extremely soft, from the very start she will be there to give your little princess all the love she deserves.

  1. Rapid Red Blaster

Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster

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You cannot imagine how much fun your little girl as she acts the role of a spy and sends out important but secret messages using the Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster. The rapid red blaster has a total capacity of 12 dart clip giving more than enough fire power to perfectly take on your spy mission. Six of the darts it comes with are collectible darts and the other six are secret message darts. The blaster at the same time acts as a decoder that reveals messages that are hidden on the message darts. You will enjoy each and every second of your mission reason because the rapid red blaster makes the mission so easy for you with its ability to fire darts all the way to 75 feet. Your secret messages will be very safe and well delivered since they are hidden on the secret message darts. Even for kids that are crazy about watching TV, staying indoors to play games on the play station, this is the perfect toy to make them stand up and get active.

  1. Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

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The Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium includes each and everything you will possibly need to have two full planting life cycles which means you can actually plant the terrarium, look at it grow and enjoy the process all over again. This set comes in a terrarium plastic jar with a wide mouth for simple assembly of plants.  The other items included in the set are 15 stickers that are garden inspired, a plant mister for watering the plants, potting mix, 45 glowing stickers and so much more. This terrarium will win over kids’ hearts because it looks beautiful during day and even much better during the night as it glows. The terrarium’s jar is transparent for kids to see through and learn how plants are supposed to be layered in a terrarium. As they continue to water their plants and watch them come out perfectly, they will learn the importance of giving plants attention and care and what could result from not watering your plants. You can be rest assured that your little science lover will love to have her own terrarium at home.

  1. Skechers Kids Twinkle Toes Light-Up Sneaker:

Skechers Kids Twinkle Toes Light-Up Sneaker

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No sneakers have this great quality and look this stylish so if you are looking forward to putting a smile on your little girl’s face, look no further than the Sketchers Kids Twinkle Toes sneakers. With their three strap closure, it is extremely easy for kids to put these sneakers on and off. Everyone will have their eyes glued on your little girl when she is wearing these designer shoes with studded lightening, various colors, some animal print and an outstanding star. It is designed with a durable synthetic sole and vulcanized rubber midsole to deliver maximum comfort. With that glittering top and multi-colored rhinestone details, the fashionable low top sneakers are sure to get your little one’s attention.

  1. Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Mini RC Helicopter Drone

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Whether she has flown a drone before or not is no issue of concern when it comes to the Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC drone. With the headless security system, it is specifically designed to make flyers of all levels fly the drone without difficulty due to its headless security system.  It also features 2.4GHz technology that allows it to fly without interference at all as the 6-axis gyro stabilization system provides more flexibility and stability even when the drone is flying outdoors. The 4 channels quad copter has exceptional performance with incredible wind resistance control which keeps it going for about 30-50meters. To get the drone to fly for about six to eight minutes, it has to be charged for around 60-80minutes. The HS170 drone is one great toy to interesting world of flying drones.

  1. piggy-bank Code Electronic Money Bank

Ainypiggy-bank Code Electronic Money Bank

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Introduce the world of ATM machine to your little princess with the Ainy piggy-bank Code Electronic Money Bank. This modern piggy bank actually operates like a real vender machine since it sucks in money and even has a number key pad display that kids can press to enjoy role play. To ensure maximum safety of your little girl’s savings, the piggy bank has a safety lock that opens with a selected password however they can as well use 0000 which is the default password. In this cute little bank all your little ones coins will be very safely kept and at the same time teach them about an aspect as important as saving money. This cute electric money bank will make goes away from just helping kids saving their money to becoming a great decoration to the child’s room.

  1. 3D Craft Drawing Printing Pen

3D Craft Drawing Printing Pen for Children Kids

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Drawing has never been so much fun yet so easy however the Floureon 3rd Generation 3D Craft Drawing Printing Pen turns it into the easiest yet most interesting thing kids have ever done. The pen comes with three different filaments and it is extremely easy to control so those little hands will not find any difficulty in using it. This is the most flexible 3D pen you will ever come across because in addition to its really lightweight design, its speed and temperature can easily be adjusted depending on what the child wants. With its own heating coil and nozzle integrated cartridge , using this pen is just so convenient. For kids that love getting creative this 3D print pen will be an excellent choice.

  1. Princess Castle Kids Play Tent

KiddeyGäó Princess Castle Kids Play Tent

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The Kiddey Princess Castle Kids Play Tent is definitely what your kid has been looking to make her playtime much better than ever before. The exquisitely outstanding tent in its gorgeous pink shades will definitely be a great addition to your kid’s bedroom, playroom or in the garden while she plays outdoors. With such a pretty place to play, your child is assured of having hours and hours of fun since there is enough space for her and her friends. It is designed with outstanding quality to maximize durability and has been securely grounded with fixed ground pegs to ensure that it stays in place even with vigorous play. It is a completely effortless tent, very easy to set up yet very easy to fold away when play time is over.

  1. Art Shimmer n’ Sparkle Nail and Tattoo Studio

Cra Z Art Shimmer n' Sparkle Nail and Tattoo Studio

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Give your little one the luxury of designing their own finger nails from home just the way they would love to with the Cra Z Art Shimmer n’ Sparkle Nail and Tattoo Studio. What I love the most about this kit is that it is not only limited to kids, the entire family can join in on the fun. the kit is made up of glitter, four polishes, nail art stickers, body makers, nails and a lot more that will get kids taken up for long hours. They can as well get to broaden their imagination as they create different designs of nails and tattoos. This is an extremely cute set that any girl would love to have in her room.

  1. Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Headband Kit

Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Headband Kit

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Why suffer looking for headbands that may not even match her taste when she can make her own headbands with Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Headband Kit.  This is a kit including 12 rolls of tapeffiti tapes with extremely attractive designs and each tape measuring about 9 feet. In this same kit kids will also find a dispenser and cutting tool which makes designing super easy and convenient. With headbands created from this kit, trust me your little girl will become the center of attention reason being each tape included in this kit has very unique designs that will make her stand out. It also comes with an instruction guide to provide some directions for little ones to follow and pick a leaf from. Personal and homemade headbands will the best ever.

  1. Sketch It Nail Pens

ALEX Toys Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens

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With Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens you can actually come up with the most amusing and long lasting nail designs. These brightly colored pens come in a package of five giving you the chance to choose whichever pen you want to use and design your nails like an expert. With the help of this 2-tip point pen, your little nail artist can design or create professional quality nail art. The pen features a precision tip on one end which create various designs and a brush on the other end for detailed painting and shape filling. It comes with first class quality nail polish, therefore those that thought painting nails was too much work, this is the kit to simplify everything.

  1. Butterfly Combination 3D Mirror Wall Stickers:

Butterfly Combination 3D Mirror Wall Stickers

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Add a touch of modern beauty to your princess’s room with the 30PCs Butterfly Combination 3D Mirror Wall Stickers. These Do It Yourself stickers will give the room a magical appearance yet they don’t require too much effort to decorate. They are made of acrylic material and easily stick to any kind of wall so you can feel free to stick on any side of the wall that you feel will make them stand out. Their silver color is very attractive, very trendy and very modern as well. The set contains 30 pieces so it is up to you to design them the way you like.

  1. Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick Scooter

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The Razor A original kick scooter combines sturdy construction and exceptional performance to give little riders the smoothest and safest rides ever. Its urethane wheels are accented with a rear fender brake which gives riders full control of the scooter and maintains a very smooth ride. The scooter’s patented folding mechanism makes it super convenient for those kids who are always on the move its folds up easily into a compact footprint which makes it very easy to put in a bag and carry to any destination. Its handlebars are adjustable for perfect fit while its outstanding pink finish has made it a favorite for the girls. Just like skateboards and bikes, this scooter will make transport very easy for your princes.

  1. Mini Parafoil Kite

Mini Parafoil Kite

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Instead of her getting glued inside the house all day to watch television, help her get more active with the mini parafoil kite. This type of active play kids a chance to enjoy nature and the beauty of the outside environment while at the same time stimulating their bodies for better health. It is not just super cute but also made of great quality from polyester fabric that can withstand all kinds of weather. This kite is big enough, very colorful so it looks very beautiful as it flies in the sky yet it is extremely easy and quick to assemble. A kite is one toy that never grows old, even your grandparents have played but up to now kids still enjoy flying kites.

  1. Bow Blaster

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster Pink Deco

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The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster makes kids get on their feet to join in on the action of different spy missions. With its real bow action kids get to enjoy testing their target accuracy as they shoot all the way to 85 feet. Shooting with this blaster is quite effortless reason being arrows shots are electronically sight lined up for pinpoint precision so there is not much kids need to do besides pressing the sight trigger. This Nerf Rebelle blaster is also a great option for spy missions reason being each arrow contains a secret that has to be decoded using the included decoder. Your little ones will enjoy outdoor play as they show each other their spying skills.

  1. Mickey Mouse Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Mickey Mouse Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

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Put a smile on your little girl’s face with the Mickey Mouse costume, in these pajamas she will go to bed very happy knowing she is dressed exactly like the most famous of all cat of all time. The 100% genuine pajamas come from one of the best makers in Japan with high quality fiber that is machine washable. It will be no bother for you to clean these amazing pajamas. It comes in two different sizes the 110cm which is for younger kids and the 130cm which perfectly fits kids who are 9years old.

  1. Jump Rope for Kids

Aoneky Lightweight Jump Rope for Kids with Comfort Handle


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For all kinds of workouts, fitness and all other types of exercises, the Aoneky lightweight jump rope is the best rope you can ever find for your little girl. It features ergonomically designed anti-slip grip handles that are not only comfortable but also never slip through your hands even when they become sweaty. The rope is enclosed in a very attractive yellow color which makes it grab kids’ attention right from the start. By unscrewing the plastic circle at the end of the rope you will be able to adjust this rope’s length without too much trouble. School going kids and women are huge fans of this stunning jumping rope.

  1. Princess Girl’s all-in-one Deluxe Makeup Palette with mirror

Princess Girl's all-in-one Deluxe Makeup Palette with mirror

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Whatever your kids need to get themselves looking all glamorous is included in this Girl’s all-in-one Deluxe Makeup Palette. From lip gloss to eye shadow and brushes, everything is in here for your princess to make herself look like the princess she really is. There are eight different colors of eye shadow, eight wet shimmery and glittering lip gloss and eye shadow, six pans of lip gloss in various bright colors, four big brushes in pitch and pink and so much more. Inside the kit, there is a two sided mirror for them to apply the makeup.

  1. Building Blocks and Gears Construction Toy Set

Building Blocks and Gears Construction Toy Set

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With its 81 pieces, the interlocking building blocks and wheel construction puzzle play set offers hours and hours of fun for your little angel. Building something nice out of these blocks may look like such a simple task but it quite challenging which is why this set is much recommended for developing instilling better critical thinking skills in her maturing brain, motor skills and better problem solving techniques. With all those colorful blocks in different shapes, kids will definitely be motivated to get creative with this one of a kind building blocks set.

  1. Classic Best Family Fun Games for Kids

Classic Best Family Fun Games for Kids

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If you thought stacking was a game left to the infants and toddlers, you totally got that wrong because this 54 pieces fun game makes stacking super fun for older kids. This is a whole new unique way to enjoy board games which is why both adults and kids can’t get enough of it. All the blocks are labeled with numbers to make the game a lot more fun. All blocks are made from great quality wood with rounded edges to prevent them from causing any harm to kids.


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