35 Best Toys For 3 Year Olds – 2017 Selection

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The wonders kids experience at 3 years are never ending, most of the time you will notice that they love to listen closely, watch and pay a lot of attention, perfectly observe and copy from what they see or hear. It is now that they will begin to get more interested and focused to one particular activity and they are more attracted by games or toys that challenge their thinking take for example puzzles. At three years is when kids learn almost every word and store it in their vocabulary as they are really interested to conversing and saying out connected sentences so you must consider all these when buying toys for them. They love motor skills developing toys but educational toys will probably be the most perfect toys to get as they prepare them for the school life they are about to join. Now for those of you that are perplexed which toys will be appropriate for that preschooler of yours, here are toys that you will not ever regret investing in.

1.   Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bikeny

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

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Looking for the coolest and easiest way to teach your baby about how to balance on a two wheeled bike? I can confidently say you have found the solution to that and it is the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike, you will definitely not regret investing in this great toy. After just a few days on this training bike, it will be a lot easier for your baby to gain the balance and esteem they need to ride a two wheeled bike. Kids have the smoothest ride on this bike because of its high quality and durable pierce-resistant tires. The seat is nicely padded make riding much more comfortable for little ones and the fact that it adjustable makes it fit for them at any stage as they easily reach their feet to the ground.  Additionally it also features a tough strong frame and rubber handle bars for comfortable grip. It is really light so carrying it away for storage won’t be too much of a burden.

2.   VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

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The VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck gives kids a lot of fun but most importantly there is a whole lot that kids can earn from it. the beautifully colored truck comes with three balls in green, blue and orange which kids enjoy to pick up and throw into the truck’s bucket and enjoy looking at them stumble. This not all helps them learn how to identify colors but also teaches them about numbers and the correct counting order. Once all balls are in the truck, they pull or push it by its string to see the balls wobble while inside the bucket. Even more interestingly, the bucket is hinged for kids to be able to offload the blocks and load them on all over again. On the truck, there are three buttons of different shapes and colors to rewards kids with their favorite melodies, phrases and also helps them learn about tools.

3.  VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

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For that little drummer in your house there will definitely be no better toy than the VTech Kidi Beats Kids Drum Set. This set triggers sensory development in kids through its three drum pads that ensure each of the drums has cymbal to make it produce its own exceptional sound. To make the drums more attractive to little ones, they have all been made with a sparkly LED light. It is designed with four different modes of play and these include the Follow-along mode, free play, numbers and letters so it is up to your baby to choose whichever mode they wish. The musical toy delivers 9 melodies in pop, rock and dance for kids to play along to while the two drumsticks give him or her the feeling of a real drummer. From the amazing toy, kids are introduced to numbers, music and letters.

4.  Hape – Walk-A-Long Puppy

Hape - Walk-A-Long Puppy

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Because he doesn’t only stop at walking but also wags his tail and makes sounds like a real puppy, this Walk-A-Long wooden Puppy has widely become a favorite for kids. It displays a very pretty and kid-friendly design which gives it the ability to sit in a variety of interesting positions and of course with your little one’s help, the puppy will even be able to sit upright to ask for a tasty treat. As the puppy changes in the various positions, can discuss to know what causes it to sit or lie in a particular position, generally this is going to be your baby’s new favorite companion. It is very easy to clean and its feet are covered with rubber to prevent it from scratching the floor especially when it is walking indoors. It gives kid the courage to participate in storytelling and imaginative play and hence get more creative.

5.  Fisher-Price Little People Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park 

Fisher-Price Little People Loops 'n Swoops Amusement Park

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With its incredible sounds, sparkling lights and interesting songs, the Little People Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park from fisher price is bound to keep your kids really amused. The set features two vehicles, a double track roller coaster and it is two sided so for kids, this will be a whole lot of vehicle fun for many hours each and every day. The tower is 2 feet tall so it is really fun for kids to watch the racing vehicles zoom from all the way up to the ground while the songs, lights and sounds make the entire journey even much more interesting. Its rolling ramp is intricately detailed with corners, turns and twists for interesting an imaginative play that is unique yet just the touch of a button gets the cars tumbling down the roller coaster,. Kids can’t get enough of the fun loop and they also love how the cars are perfectly sized to fit into their tiny hands.

6.  The Learning Journey Match It! Spelling

The Learning Journey Match It - Spelling

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There will be no better time to introduce your little one to spellings, at three years is when they need it most right before they jump into kindergarten. The Learning Journey Match It! Spelling introduces kids to spelling through its four word puzzle cards and three word puzzle cards. The activities that these cards offers such as matching the right word with the right animal, finishing up puzzles help kids to learn not just how to spell but also teach them better problem solving skills. The super amazing puzzles offer an easy and interesting way for your kids to gain essential skills like confidence, building vocabulary from the many hours of pleasure. The cards are molded from durable cardboard to ensure that they last a really long period of time.

7.  LeapFrog My Pal Scout

LeapFrog My Pal Scout

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Learning that is personalized will not only be easier for your little one but also a lot more enjoyable and my pal scout is here to make sure the best happens. You can use your computer or smart phone to personalize your baby’s new companion even before he is out of the box so from the very first minute they get into contact, they will be ready to start playing. My pal scout aids kids in learning different vocabulary words, emotions, colors, counting, and feelings so he or she will know how to behave with others. He also comes with a lullaby timer with bedtime music of 5, 10 and 15 minutes so with this it will be a lot easier for your baby to fall asleep. His collar blinks while the volume control makes it more convenient for parents and kids too when it is time for quiet moments.

8.  VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull Toy

VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull Toy

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Looking for a quick way to make your baby learn how to accomplish things on their own get the pull and learn car carrier by Vtech for him or her. This electronic play set comes with space enough for its three vehicles and three characters to give your baby very busy hours of play time. This is a super fun toy with lots of surprises for your little one, for example how the vehicles recognize each of the characters with a name and sound. It also accented with a magical sensor that recognizes each of the cars as soon as it rolls over the sensor. It is also filled with lots of activities which they can access with the different buttons on this car carrier to learn about numbers, animals, shapes, letters, colors and so much more that is necessary during the child’s development. This car carrier features a CB radio but above all they extremely enjoy the fact that this plays songs, melodies and sounds similar to real car sounds.

9.  LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

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From leap frog, there is a newer and much more fun toy for your little one and it is my own leap top. With this pretend computer play has been taken to a whole new level, it has four different modes from which kids are meant to choose. The learning modes include the music mode which offers more than 16 melodies and songs, the mode messages for kids to pretend to chat with scout through messages, ABCs and the games mode that provides different letter games and animal game so from those you can expect nothing but the most interesting activities. My own leap top can be personalized to help your little one learn how to spell his or her own name. Its screen is much larger to ensure that kids enjoy their time on the lap top much more just the way mom and dad do on theirs.

10.Dimple 150 Piece Building Block Set with Carry Bag DC15381

Dimple 150 Piece Building Block Set with Carry Bag DC15381

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These are the cutest building blocks you can ever find for your three year old kid, the dimple building block set comes with 150 pieces all made with extremely attractive colors and unique designs for your little ones to come up with the craziest creations. All blocks are designed from long lasting material and they are easy to stack or pull apart, you can be more than sure they will be kept very busy for long hours.  The gorgeous bricks come in a plastic carry case which makes storage and carrying very easy, with such a spacious bag kids can always carry away the pieces when they are through with having their fun.




11.LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

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And now there is a way for your kids to learn how to play autonomously while at the same time learning how to interact with others and it is through these Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set from leap frog. This set has each letter of the alphabet but the most interesting thing about these letters is that they speak and sing to help kids master a particular, what is called, its shape and how it is pronounced. On a second press of the same letter, Tad says out a word with that letter and even constructs a sentence with that letter so kids can easily improve their vocabulary and skills in speech. It is also infused with learning songs such as wheels on the bus and the alphabet song not for kids to learn about correct alphabetical order but also to remember it always. There is no better way to help your little one learn better writing skills, fine motor skills and coordination skills.

12.VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone

VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone

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The very first time for them to hold a smart phone will be super amazing and that is all thanks to Vtech’s call and chat learning phone. This kid’s smart phone is designed with 15 App buttons among which they also have five contacts of their closest family members that is dad, mom, grandpa, grandma and a friend so that they pretend to chat and enjoy one of those important phone calls. Or better yet they can even save phone numbers. The phone also features a chat button which turns on its real voice recognition technology for babies to be have some interesting sessions with the parrot as he asks the baby questions and responds to whatever they say. Among these apps, there are those that teach kids about letters, numbers and how to count and to put an end to all the boredom it also has a music mode, interesting game app and photo gallery.

13.Kids Musical Toy Electronic Keyboard Musical Organ With Microphone

Kids Musical Toy Electronic Keyboard Musical Organ With Microphone

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Best Choice Products Kids Musical Toy is here specifically to help you and your little one explore and discover the musical start that he or she might be. First of all, you need to know that this toy is made of first class quality, it is very sturdy and above all beautifully detailed to get kids attention. It gives little ones a chance to show how creative they can get musically since they are even given the freedom to choose from the tempos in the background music, so they can either increase or decrease depending on what they prefer. On top of the toy, there are three super cute little animals that dance along to the background music for a really incredible band session. It features a keyboard with 22 keys which can as well be changed to make it sound like a flute, xylophone, guitar, violin and so on and so forth.

14. VTech Touch and Teach Word Book

VTech Touch and Teach Word Book

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Vtech’s touch and teach word book is not just a simple toy, it is magical your baby will not want to go anywhere and leave it behind. Featuring as many as twelve pages with four different activities Cora and Cody the smart cubs will introduce your little one to over 100 words. For every touch, there is a sound, phrase or music as a reward on all of the pages that this book has. It provides four different activities from which kids can learn and these include the Find it quiz game, music time, what’s that word and letter fun. While they learn how to read, they also get more experience in matching words with the corresponding images and also learn how to tell their own stories.  It is made with over 90 exceptional sounds, 100 vocabulary words and 25 fun melodies. You can get it in either orange or pink.

15.Piano Mat for Kids, 10 Selectable Sounds

Piano Mat for Kids - 10 Selectable Sounds

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Music is very exciting and not just for kids but for adults as well, by now I guess you must have noticed that through music get to learn a lot and at a much faster pace. From this extremely large and durable piano mat kids will get to learn through really exciting fun as they step onto the different keys and get surprised with actual sounds. This may only look like a piano mat at first sight but it is much more than that reason being it is further detailed with 10 more musical instruments such as a saxophone, guitar, violin and many others that kids can select from. It is made with features that enable kids to create their own song and accented with the automatic power shut off system to prevent power from running out when the mat is not in use. If you can’t stand the noise, it has a volume control for a quieter environment.




16.VTech Little Apps Tablet

VTech Little Apps Tablet

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Fun learning is the best thing can happen to child at three years is hoping to jump into school very soon and with Cody the smart cub it even more interesting, Vtech’s Little Apps Tablet is one perfect toy for your three year old. The incredible toy displays a piano keyboard and buttons with all the alphabetical letters from A-Z. This toy tablet lets your little one have some quality time with Cody the smart cub as they enjoy various activities with the pretend camera, calendar and piano. It features 12 learning activities with different learning levels to help babies learn how to match, count, the order of numbers and letters. There is no need to worry about batteries since it has an automatic power down feature and the volume control cuts down on the noise.

17.Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

Maisto Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

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Maisto’s rock crawler radio control vehicle takes turns radio control into a whole new experience. The powerful vehicle is loaded with low gearing and two motors for the toughest off road action. It displays an articulated front and rear suspension. It large TPE tires grip firmly to the ground so kids be able to use it even on slippery surfaces. Because of its tri-channel transmitter, even three people can have the chance to play together with their Maistos vehicles. This one comes in grey, green and black but there are other colors that you can choose from depending on what you feel your child loves most.

18.Educational Insights 5260 GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

Educational Insights 5260 GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

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If she or he has been not let go of your binoculars then you need to solve that problem by getting them the GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars by Educational Insights because it is the world’s first binoculars made particularly those little ones. This focus free binoculars allows kids to explore and discover nature in amazing detail even from a long distance and kids just love every bit of it. It is designed with larger and more comfortable eye pieces, this is three times the size of the usual binoculars. They have enlarged eye pieces and foolproof placement goggles that fit perfectly to enable little ones see much closer. For added convenience and ease of use, it has a removable neck strap.

19.VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

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Because each and every corner of the vtech Busy Learners Activity Cube offers something new for little ones to explore, each and every day with this fabulous toy will be a day filled with fun and learning. All its five sides are designed with extremely attractive colors and accented with light up buttons as well as music to make imaginative play for the little one really enjoyable. On its top, it features four large buttons that initiate animal names plus sounds also teach kids about various shapes. It also features musical instrument buttons to help kids learn about different instruments’ sounds and their shapes. It offers about 25 melodies and songs for kids to sing along to yet it also makes incredible sounds when taken from one location to another.

  1. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

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For babies who are always on the move the Take along Tunes Musical Toy from Baby Eisten will be such an awesome choice. This simple but very unbelievable toy improves kid’s auditory skills through introducing child-friendly versions of some of people’s all time favorites from Vivaldi, Rossin, Chopin and Mozart. Both at home or when on the move, this toy allows kids to enjoy themselves as they listen to seven of the highest quality and most interesting melodies only with the touch of a button. This musical toy is not just good looking but it is also super easy for kids to understand and use so you can be rest assured it will be one of your kid’ favorite toys.  Its handle is detailed with bead to make carrying a lot simpler for kid’s tiny hands.

21.VTech Magic Star Learning Table

VTech Magic Star Learning Table

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Vtech’s magic star leaning table brings early education and learning much closer to you and of course your little one. The activity table brings across six activities that kids can explore to lear several things both in Spanish and English. The table features electronic leaning book that introduces favorite nursery rhymes when the pages are flipped and a steering wheels that actually turns to drive the bear all round the table. Its light up buttons trigger music from which kids learn about colors as they use the phone to pretend to chat with mom or dad. Just in case kids don’t want to stand, the legs can be taken off for kids to play more comfortably while seated on the floor.

22.VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard Toy

VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard Toy

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It is now time to gain some writing skills and the Doc mcstuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard Toy is ;here to make the process a lot more interesting. Infused with more than thirty melodies and sounds together with four learning activities, this electronic clip board offers a super fun way for little to learn. It boosts three stencils with letter recognition technology for little ones to learn about different health topics, gain early writing skills and also teaches them numbers and letters. By the time they get into pre-school they will be more than ready for it. It keeps little ones encouraged and interested in learning by saying out some motivational phrases and messages. The stylus it comes vnbbbb with is wisely designed to fit well in those little hands so that writing is more comfortable.

23.Smart Planet Piano Mat

Smart Planet Piano Mat

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Play time gets even more constructive and enjoyable if you play with your baby and there is now excuse you can give when the Smart planet piano mat has space enough for the two of you. With this gorgeous mat in your home, play time have no limits especially because it lets kids the various keys and enjoy the fun sounds simply by stomping on it. the mat if about six whooping feet and the most fun and wonderful thing is that besides a piano it is also infused with eight more instruments from little ones to select from. You baby will not enjoy the magical music moments alone, she or he can always hang along with friends since the mat can accommodate them.

24.VTech Stack and Sing Rings

VTech Stack and Sing Rings

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It is every parent’s joy to see their kid smile and trust me this Vtech’s stack and sling rings give your baby a smile each and every minute as it rewards them with a surprise song each time they stack a ring on. It comes with five stacking rings of different sizes and different attractive colors that will immediately grab the child’s attention. But the most interesting thing about this toy is that it encourages kids to engage more and more into play by playing an interesting sound or song each time a ring is stacked. Its base wobbles and the monkey lights up. The bay stacking toy comes with more than forty songs, melodies and phrases.

25.Fisher-Price Laugh ‘N Learn Laugh and Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table

Fisher-Price Laugh 'N Learn Laugh and Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table

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The Laugh ‘N Learn Laugh and Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table features four corners all filled with fun activities that will give your little several hours of play. With this special toy kids can either sit down comfortably or enjoy their play time of get on their feet to improve their gross motor skills as they play. The four corners have a laptop, book, piano and phone so that baby will always be encouraged to stretch their hands and reach out to each one of the corners. From over 60 interesting phrases, sing along songs, melodies and tunes, kids get to learn how to greet, get introduced to shapes, colors, numbers , letters, opposites and so many other educational things.

26.Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze

Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze

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There is absolutely no way kids can get bored when they have the Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze in their home. The classic toy features an unbelievable twist of four thick brilliantly colored wires that are fixed onto exceptional quality wood blocks. It also comes with 18 beads of different colors and shapes which kids spin and slide over the wires, this keeps little ones busy for many hours. Yes this toy will offers a lot fun for your little but even to make matters even better it is light enough and perfectly sized to fit well in any car so your kid can always go with it everywhere they wish to go. All beads have the perfect size for kid’s little hands, this is an all season toy that doesn’t ever go off trend.

27.Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin Activity Bugs

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin Activity Bugs

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Because it requires no batteries to operate, the Brilliant Basics Boppin Activity Bugs doesn’t require any maintenance so it has become a favorite for parents all over the world. It shows off four beautifully colored and designed bags that bobble and make some really fun sounds. Its classic pop-up play design is completely unbelievable, whereby by turning, sliding, pressing or pulling any of the buttons a bug will pop up to surprise your little angel. It operates only with the child’s energy so when they press the bugs down they will get locked down and when they do any other development activities the bugs will pop up. There is no better way to help your child learn about cause and effect relations.

28.Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

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The deluxe pounding encourages kids getting up and putting their tiny hands to task. This bench is constructed from super durable wood and it comes with a wooden hammer that they use to pound the pegs. The pegs cannot be removed but they pop up and show off their friendly faces as soon as the child hits a peg. The colorful pegs also play peek-a-boo just to ensure that kids really enjoy practicing fine motor skills. Kids totally love how the fun of hitting one peg and seeing the one on the opposite side popping up, this is a really cool way to get introduced to cause and effect relations. Each of the pegs has a different bright color and since they are non-removable you will not have to worry about them getting lost.

29.VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

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The sit and stand learning walker gets even the most inactive kids getting up to become participative and more interactive all thanks to its adaptive technology. With the whole lot of features that keep kids engaged and space enough for them to play with friends, the toy helps your baby learn while keeping them entertained all through play time. Kids can run around with the toy or sit down on the floor and enjoy the wide range of activities on its busy and easy to remove play panel. Even from a distance you can notice how busy this toy is and some of the incredible features it displays include an interesting telephone hand set, three light up shape sorters, five piano keys, spinning gears and so much more.

30.Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

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It is now time for your baby to learn how to properly identify and recognize various shapes so don’t think twice when you come across the Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks because your little will definitely love it and learn a lot from it. Kids enjoy sorting the shapes through the lid as well as filling the bucket and emptying it. It comes with ten blocks all of different shapes such as the star, triangle, circle, heart and so many others and all of them fit inside the bucket. It is also detailed with a carrying handle for kids who are always on the go.

31.Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote

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The Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote from fisher price will make your little angel but will also teach them different things they did not know. It is realistically styled just like a real remote and each button the child presses teaches them either about numbers, letters, first words, opposites, colors or greetings. You will see how easy it will be for them to learn with their remote. It is also infused with some fun songs that kids love, trust me they will not go anywhere without their remote.

32.Bontempi Toy Trumpet Horn for Kids

Bontempi Toy Trumpet Horn for Kids

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Maybe you have come across many trumpet toys before but I can guarantee you haven’t seen one that looks so real like the Bontempi Toy Trumpet Horn, this one look exactly like the actual trumpet but it is designed specifically for your little one. It has four colored notes which play different keys to enable kids to play songs just the way they like it. The toy really encourages creative play and more so kids love its stunning glittery silver finish.

33.Green Toys Watering Can Toy

Green Toys Watering Can Toy

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Green Toys Watering Can Toy is great for role play both in the garden and at the beach. With this you will see how incredibly kids love to take care of the environment surrounding them. As you take care of the plants in your garden, you will have your little one following you to imitate what you do with their own set of tools. The tools are dish washer safe and molded from 100% recycled plastic material.

34.Green Toys Dump Truck 

Green Toys Dump Truck

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For construction and building needs, Green toys dump truck is just what your baby needs to get the job done. It is designed from plastic recycled materials and its sturdy construction makes not just a perfect toy for kids but for their parents as well. This truck is much recommended in improving both gross and fine motor skills.

35.LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm

LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm

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LeapFrog’s Sing and Play Farm gives little ones a fun to enjoy what happens on a farm while also get familiar with different animal sounds, names, colors and enjoy various melodies and rhythm. It features five play areas that kids spend a lot of their time exploring as they learn early vocabulary, kids also enjoy interacting with the talking cow and owl which asks interesting questions about their sounds for kids to also make the same sounds ad it all happens only with a touch of the big blue button. This sing and play farm can even be personalized to make kids to enjoying their play time much more as they get to choose exactly how they like to play. Flipping the switch will introduce your little one to features that engage them into practicing fine motor skills.

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