35 Best Toys For 5 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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All kids develop differently and have different characteristics so you will find some five year old girls behaving different from others; however we also can’t deny the fact that there are some traits that all five year old kids have. Those simple common traits will guide you in choosing the best toys for your princess when she turns five. At five years your little girl is very fluent with speaking, tenses and plurals so one of her hobbies will be reading because she understands most things on her own, she also takes some of her time trying to discover new words to add to her vocabulary. Your girl loves to be challenged so she mostly enjoys quiz and showing off how creative she can be.  Of course she adores being in company with friends most especially fellow girls so the toys you buy for her should be enough for her to share with friends. Here are some of the ‘’Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls – 2016’’.

  1. Red Foam Pogo Jumper For Kids

Red Foam Pogo Jumper For Kids

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My first fly bar foam pogo jumper has managed to become a favorite toy for thousands of families and this simply because it is specifically designed for the little ones but this doesn’t stop adults from having some fun on the toy as well. Putting the fun aside, this innovative toy is also constructed with exceptional quality so it is doesn’t only last a really long period of time but is also sturdy enough for your baby to jump as much as they want, it supports up to 250lbs. it makes a squeaky sound whenever the little one jumps which encourages them to jump some more and in the process they will be able to burn off the excess energy and keep healthy. This kind of exercise is also good developing hand-eye coordination, balance and offers a fun way for kids to remain active. On its appearance some of the first things you will see include, very soft and comfortable handle bars and a foam base that is very durable. The jumper can be used both inside and outside the house.

  1. Little Apps Tablet

VTech Little Apps Tablet

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At five years she will do more of exploration and engage more into discovery and from Vtech’s little apps tablet there several features that will cure her curiosity. This kid’s electronic tablet displays a piano keyboard labeled with numbers, a large screen that changes color and letters therefore just like they see mom and dad doing, they will also keep busy on their own tablet as they put these features to use. It has twelve learning activities with step by step learning levels through which kids are introduced to letters, number, number order, counting and matching. From different activities such as the piano ore pretend camera, the child will learn how to interact with others after seeing the way Cody the smart cub interacts with her. It features both a volume control and automatic shut-off for saving batteries which makes it really friendly to parents.

  1. Zoo BackPack-Butterfly

Skip Hop Zoo Pack-Butterfly

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Nothing puts a smile on school going child’s face like having a new back pack which is why the Skip Hop Zoo butterfly Kid Backpack is featured among the best toys for five year old kids. With its fanciful and attractive accents plus exceptional quality materials, this back pack is definitely the perfect choice for kids who are always on the move. All items placed in this bag will be easily accessible by little ones because of the well-organized compartments, on the front it has a zippered pocket for snacks yet on the inside it has mesh pockets for crayons or colored pencils. On the side it is designed with a stretchy mesh pocket that perfectly holds drinks in either a bottle or sipping cup. And most importantly, the main compartment is spacious enough for all essential personal and school items.

  1. Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick Scooter

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When I talk about the best toys, I really mean the best and the Razor a Kick Scooter is undoubtedly one of the items that deserve to be on this list and that’s because of this scooter’s popularity in various audiences. Your baby will by all means fall in love with this toy after seeing how much fun their parents and even their favorite celebrities have while riding it. It is designed with a very unique rear fender brake and urethane wheels for the smoothest rides with maximum control. This scooter features patented folding mechanism which enable it to fold down easily making it easier for the rider to fit it into and take it with them on their journeys. The handles can adjust easily for comfortable fit. Girls love the scooter not just for the quality and performance but also for its astonishing beauty in pink color and white details.

  1. Princess Tent Indoor and Outdoor

BATTOP Pink Princess Tent Indoor and Outdoor

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For both outdoor play under the beautiful sun at the beach and more cozy inside the house BATTOP Pink Princess Tent will be just the perfect place for your little ones to have a good time. With its spacious interior, your little one has plenty of space to relax and play with her favorite toys along with the 200 balls that fit in here. For added portability, the tent is very light and comes with a zipper bag in which it can quickly be suited. Parents overly love the pop-up design that gets kids ready to play in just a few minutes. Battop princess tent is made from very safe and breathable mesh material that will not cause any kind of harm the child even if she closes herself inside. It is super easy to clean and gives you room to see whatever your little one does.

  1. Bella Butterfly Chair

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

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Blending its sturdy construction with its really attractive design, the Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair from Melissa & Doug turns out to be one of the most amazing gift your can ever get for your five year old girl. This chair lasts years and years all as a result of the thick, easy to clean material it is made with and the unbreakable edges that cannot easily be torn. Even after using it both indoors and outdoors every single day, its colors still doesn’t fade away. It is detailed with grooved plastic feet which grip firmly to all surface grounds, soft or hard. Kid can effortlessly adjust the large armrest to make the chair more comfortable and even get access to the cup holder where they can place a drink. Transporting this chair and storing is super easy thanks to its foldable design.

  1. Pretend & Play School Set

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

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This learning resources pretend and play school set offers an amazing combination of early learning skills and creative play to little ones. First of all, this set teaches kids how to play with friends as it gives them a chance to act out everything that happens in a classroom. With this they can exchange roles whereby one day she is the teacher and the next her friend takes over and she becomes the student so that little ones gain a strong sense of self-confidence. On the inside, the set has over 149 supplies of pretend classroom activities yet when kids are done playing, it can easily fold up for storage. By supporting social skills, math skills and language among many others, this school set from learning resources is the perfect way to get your little girl ready for school.

  1. Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy

Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy

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Bring a fairy closer to your princess with the Deluxe Light up Flutter bye Fairy, as it glitters and magically shine it puts a smile on your princess’ pretty face. This flutter bye fairy dazzles with a multi-colored light as she flies up in the sky, the sight of her shining so brilliantly in rainbow colors while she spins her skirt around is absolutely breathtaking. If your girl has been dreaming about those fairy flights she sees in movies, the flutter fly fairy will hand it to her in her palms, her dreams will become a reality.  Its best to fly the flutter bye indoors and the most amazing thing is that she flies with help of the child, she simply has to raise her hand up and off it will go shining and twirling her pretty skit around. It comes with a stand on to which she rests when she is not flying.

  1. Read & Play Doll and Book Set

Dancer Girl M.C. Read & Play Doll and Book Set

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like I said in my introduction, your five year old princess really enjoys creative play and is greatly interested in reading stories, I am very happy to say that Go go sports girls has something really nice to satisfy her desires, the Dancer Girl M.C. Read & Play Doll and Book Set. This set includes two charming dolls that teach your little one to have the self-confidence and do their best at all times to achieve the best. This set creates a fun way for little ones to learn about the importance of maintaining healthy eating as well as sleeping habits and it also gives them the courage to engage in exercises while enjoying every bit of it. Along with the two dolls, the set also comes with six books with stories about girls learning different sports activities and the use of sports to the development socially and emotionally.



  1. Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

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Taking photos, capturing videos and playing games, all this fun is experienced from this small toy, the VTech Kidizoom Smart watch. It is made of such great quality which is why it lasts really long and not mention it looks extremely stylish. The smart watch features a large touch screen from which kids can easily access all the four games and enjoy using the different effects, frames and filters to edit their pictures and videos. It is designed with over 50 clock faces for little one to choose from. It also features a voice recorder with voice changing effects that kids enjoy so besides all this fun, kids also get to learn how to read time from the amazing smart watch since it has both digital and analog watch displays.

  1. In My Room Moonlight Mushroom

Uncle Milton-In My Room Moonlight Mushroom

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With the remarkably beautiful moonlight mushroom there is no way she will want to step out of her room, this simple toy will create a magical experience with its sparkling mixture of colors. It doesn’t only stop at the colors it also enlightens up the entire place as it projects flowers and butterflies onto the walls and ceiling. To ensure that it suits all moods and personalities this moonlight mushroom comes with eight unlike light show programs. This mushroom makes the room dazzle with natural beauty just the way little girls love it, it is such a unique way to decorate the room. The LED lights inside the dome turn on and off to project the gorgeous flowers and butterflies in reflection of color. It is designed to automatically shut off when it is time to go to bed.

  1. Kids Bowling Friends Set

Melissa & Doug K's Kids Bowling Friends Set

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Fun just doesn’t stop when your baby has toys as interesting as the Melissa & Doug K’s Kids 6 Friends Set. This delightful set comprises of six characters that act as bowling pins and a brightly colored ball, the characters in the set include a giraffe, a cat, two bears and two puppies. All characters have bright colors that attract kids’ attention and are perfectly sized for their little hands to easily grab and carry. The ball is easy to grasp and throw because it is small enough and detailed with indents. All pins are made of very soft and squeezable materials but with different textures to make both outdoor and indoor play more colorful. They can be used for storytelling and many other imaginative games, they can be stored in a very long lasting storage cage so they don’t clutter up your house.

  1. Night light Cube

Minecraft Night light Cube

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The Mine craft Night light Cube Diamanterz will sure make your baby’s room glow, the toy itself is very beautiful but it will make the room even more beautiful with as it glows. The great quality turns out to be such an amazing light in the night, flashes a really nice blue shade and it is very to adjust its brightness. It also features the automatic shutoff feature that turns off the cube when it is time to go to sleep. Turning on the lights is super easy, she will be able to put in on as soon as she gets it out of the box.

  1. Princess Fantasy Notebook

VTech Disney's Princess Fantasy Notebook

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With your child’s favorite Disney princesses on it and the fact it looks just like a real laptop with a mouse and cursor pad, the VTech Disney’s Princess Fantasy Notebook will definitely be your child’s most loved toy. What parents love most about this notebook is the fact that is designed with QWERTY keyboard which will help your child develop expert skills in typing. On its LCD screen, this kid’s laptop shows off some really cool animations to engage kids and help them become more interactive. It comes with more than 50 interesting songs and melodies and over 20 activities that introduce kids to learning different math skills and music. Kids will love to engage in activities with the princesses Aurora, Belle, Cinderella and snow white from which they are introduced to numbers, letters and so much more.

  1. Baboochi Plush Kids Toy

Baboochi Plush Kids Toy

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The Baboochi toy is a cute, fun and educational toy so it will definitely become your little one’s next best companion. It is plush and really soft for little ones to hug while in bed so that they don’t feel lonely all through the night. The main importance of this toy is to aid guardians as they help their little ones learn about different essential life basic but above all it makes learning very interesting. Because of the fun way that it helps kids learn just a few months of playing with the doll will be enough to teach the child when and why to say please and thank you, be friendly to others, it teaches to have great love and respect for their families, keeping their rooms tidy, and have manners. For babies that love to play with toys, this will sure be a perfect pick.




  1. Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

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A terrarium is simply a small garden enclosed in something similar to the natural environment and that is exactly what the Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium by creativity kids is. It gives little ones a chance to explore their imaginations so as to come up with a tiny eco-system depending on how creative they can get. It is such an effortless garden since all you need to do is to arrange it well, add some decorative detail, pour some water and leave it to grow.  From this unique toy, your child will be able to get clear introduction to cause and effect relations. This set contains absolutely everything your young one will need for two complete life cycles. It will not only help the child learn more about plant growth but also add beauty to your home.

  1. Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro

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There is one simple way you can how big your child’s imagination is and that is through drawing, the Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro by Alex toys introduces drawing to your little one in a very easy but interesting way. This is a drawing station that offers a really wide variety of drawing activities from its 124 slides from which kids can come up with three different types of art work. With the lots of art materials that it comes with, can be personalized for the child to explore their creativity and easily adjust the size of images. It comes with a precut flip book, six markers, twelve slides, a flip book clip and 10 sheets of paper.

  1. Rainbow In My Room

Uncle Milton-Rainbow In My Room

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No one can deny the magnificent display of a rainbow even when it is far away up in the clouds, now how imagine it would be like seeing the rainbow in her own room. Don’t think twice about getting the Rain in my room by uncle Milton is designed in form of a project so it displays a rainbow over the ceiling and walls of your child’s room to make it look absolutely spectacular. This toy is made with multi-colored LEDs that create the magic of a rainbow appearing really close to your little one. It is super to operate since it turns on only with the push of button. Because it is very portable, your little princess can even take from the room and carry it to their favorite spot where it looks most beautiful. Young girls will fall head over hills for this toy.

  1. Ballerina Treasure Music Box

Ballerina Treasure Music Box

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With the Ballerina treasure music box, your princes won’t only have a safe place to keep her most treasured belongings but will also have one extremely pretty addition to her room. If she is into Ballet she will love this box even more as it is decorated with eye catching ballerina art work. The treasure box features a mirror attached to its top and a spinning ballerina figurine which twirls each and every time the box plays “Swan Lake”. It has a really roomy main compartment, a large drawer on the bottom and two smaller ones on the sides. For each little item that she treasures so much, this will definitely be the perfect place to place them. It doesn’t only stop and looking very pretty, it also sounds as gorgeous as it looks.

  1. Premium Bracelet(Jewelry) Making Kit

Mazichands Arts and Crafts for Girls

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For any special occasion coming up soon for your five year old girl, this bracelet making kit is just the way to go. The Mazichands Arts and Crafts set comes with various things that your girl needs to get creative and make her own bracelets, necklaces and rings during her free time, any girl will sure love this as a gift. It comes with 600 rubber bands, an extremely strong hook and loom and 24 c-clips, this is all the material that she will need.  These high quality rubber bands allow your little one to show off how unique her creativity is as she turns mere rubber bands into the most attractive jewelry. It comes with an instructional manual for the child to follow and come up with some cool ideas.

  1. Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

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Toys offer quite a simple way for your little one to learn good manners and if you completely have no idea on which toys will teach your princess the best manners the Little People Surprise & Sounds Home is just what you need. This is a real home and it makes your baby feel like they are part of the huge family as it speaks a welcoming phrase as soon as the front of the house is open. All through play time, kids get to enjoy the most interesting songs, music since this house comes with more than 50 sounds and phrases. On opening the refrigerator and oven doors, kids are surprised with a phrase and a flash of light. The toilet flashes and instructs little ones to wash their hands after using it. This little people’s house creates a real home environment for kids to play.

  1. Kids Small Acoustic Guitar

Kids Toys Small Acoustic Guitar

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For those of you who have been thinking of any easy way to bring music closer to your little one here is perfect toy to look out for. This small four string acoustic guitar features a really lightweight which give the child courage to lift it up and start playing. It only has four strings, each with a different tone so it is very easy for young guitarists to understand how to play a nice song on this guitar.  It teaches children to get more creative musically and brings the world of music much really close to them.

  1. Outdoor Indoor Play House Tent Tunnel

Outdoor Indoor Play House Tent Tunnel

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You can create paradise for your little girl right in your backyard with the Bounce play house tent by Life VC. Because of its foldable design and portability, it is extremely easy to carry this tent house to any place that your child wishes to have her fun from. The play tent set includes a triangular tent house and a square tent house all made with really light weight. The spacious two tents can house a really big number of ball and they are connected by tunnel which makes it easy for little ones to run from one tent to another. This is a really great toy for both indoor play and outdoor play.

  1. Wooden Merry-Go-Round Horse Music Box

Gtt Wooden Merry-Go-Round Horse Music Box

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But of course is her birthday is coming up soon and she will turning five, I really don’t think there will be a gift prettier than this Gtt Wooden Merry-Go-Round Horse. The Merry go round is beautifully painted and detailed to get kid’s attention and make her look even more beautiful. As the horses go round and round, they play some really beautiful music. This is such a precious toy to own.

  1. Stained Glass Made Easy-Butterfly

Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Made Easy - Butterfly

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Stained glass art is now easier for kids to create thanks to Melissa &Doug’s stained glass east stick butterfly. This is a strain free procedure where kids simply have to peel and press that sticker onto glass, this is such an easy way for little ones to explore their imagination and recognize how creative they can actually get. After sticking the butterfly on a frame, they now have to hang it over the window to see how beautifully it glitters. It develops several skills in children such as fine motor skills, coordination and others.

  1. ABC Text and Go Motion Phone

VTech ABC Text and Go Motion

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Since your girl has just joined school, learning at school will be even easier for her if she has educational toys at home play with take for example this VTech ABC Text and Go Motion. This is a pretend phone filled with fun features that introduce kindergarteners to typing, matching, numbers and letters. It displays all numbers from 0-9 and all letters on QWERTY keyboard which is very essential in developing kid’s early typing skills. It is infused with crazy animations and phrases that give little ones the courage to explore all various features on the phone. For added educational fun, this hand held toy offers eight different games that are motion controlled, she just has to tilt the phone left or right to play, it is that easy to use.

  1. Fairy Tails Mermaid Water Doll

SwimWays Fairy Tails Mermaid Water Doll

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The Fairy tails Mermaid Water Dolls by Swim ways make pool time interesting like never before. Kids are in love with these fairy tail pool toys simply because of how they magically turn into mermaids. They go ahead to surprise kids even more as their mermaid tails switch color when they are in water and when they are out of water. Each of the fairies comes with her own comb for your girl to create a new look for her every other time. These pretty water dolls are so helpful when it comes to imaginative role play.

  1. Frozen Magical MP3 Microphone

KIDdesigns Disney Frozen Magical MP3 Microphone

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After watching the famous movie frozen, your baby will love to copy a few things here and there from the latest Disney princess and this microphone is designed specifically to make it happen. The Disney Frozen Magical MP3 Microphone isn’t just a toy, it is a real working microphone constructed with an inbuilt speaker. The extremely chic microphone has some inbuilt music that your little girl can sing along to and also features flashing lights which shine as she sings to make this seem like a real performance at a concert. It can easily connect to any MP3 player for kids to perform to their favorite music list. It is very compact and its cord perfectly stores at the back of the microphone.  There is no way she will not love a microphone beautifully painted with her favorite Disney princesses.

  1. Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy

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Candy is such an interactive puppy, even a child who doesn’t love puppies will be attracted to play with this one. With her lovely pink shades and gold details, candy looks super cute as she sparkles. There are several fun games that you can play with the cuddly puppy and you can even tame into revealing her secret tricks so the more you tame her the more she will show you what is got. She has the ability to respond to touch, she can actually sense it whenever she is touched. To make playtime even more interesting, candy even plays some really interesting music, she has articulated while her LED eyes flash off a bright light during playtime. This zoomer zuppy is great for little ones as a personal pet, any five year old will love to own this puppy.

  1. Princess Girl’s Deluxe Makeup Palette with mirror

Princess Girl's all-in-one Deluxe Makeup Palette with mirror

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Right from childhood, little girls love to look their best and they will really love to own their own make up kit to keep themselves looking fly just like mom or their other siblings. The princess Girl’s all-in-one Deluxe Makeup kit features all the cosmetics a girl needs for a perfect make up session. It has a really mirror and super unique design where two of its sides slide out open, it if is such a fashionable kit.   Whether you want it for learner or those young make up pros, this kit will definitely please. The set includes 8 colors of eye shadow, four large blushes, eight glittery lip gloss colors, and six round pans of color lip gloss. The entire set is made of really safe materials that don’t contain any toxics so they will not cause harm to your little one’s skin.

  1. Breyer Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy

Breyer Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy

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If you are looking for the most unique and most appropriate toy for your five year old during bath time then don’t look further than Jasmine the surprise bath toy by Breyer. Even the littlest horse lovers immediately fall in love with Jasmine because of her incredible and realistic features it is designed with. It has a tail and mane that are brushable and for that matter kids enjoy brushing it to keep their toy looking splendid. The spots on this horse’s body quickly change as soon as it gets wet but when she dries all those spots go back to their original pink color. The horse will also come with its own brush for the mane and tail, an atomizer bottle spray and terry bathrobe.

  1. Crazy Forts

Crazy Forts

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You don’t how much fun it would for your little one to build their own place to play, the fun with Crazy forts pieces will never come to an end. There are purple balls with holes all round and small long sticks for kids to attach and come up with any structure of their choice. At the age of five, a child has a lot in her imagination that she would like to expose so these pieces will definitely keep her buys for hours. Among the 69pieces, 25 are ball that are geometrically made out of plastic material while the 44 are non-breakable sticks. All pieces are very durable and very portable to make building really easy for young ones. She will only need to add bed sheets to make her home real.

  1. Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle

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LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle takes kid to an adventure along with Olaf and Anna where they visit Queen Elsa on her extremely stunning ice palace. This set features secret stair case where kids take the characters to play hide and seek, an ice cream bar to refresh and skate down to the icicle tree to have a really fun picnic. Your little will also have lots of fun as she shows off her creativity by building Elsa’s castle before she gets the rest of her companions ready for play time. The characters to play with include Elsa the queen of the ice palace, Princess Anna mini doll figures and then the snow man Olaf.

  1. Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Game

Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Cooperative Game for Kids

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The mermaid island game is a cooperative game where that involves absolutely everyone, everyone one who participates in this game is encouraged to remain active so that they are not left out. It therefore gives your little one a platform to play as a team together with her friends and enjoy every bit of the game as a group. This particular game includes one sea with a stand, four wand tokens, a spinner and three mermaid tokens therefore your child’s effort along with her friends is what helps the mermaid reach the mermaid island before the sea witch gets to it first. It is very easy game to play but to for those who are playing it for the first time, it comes with some instructions to guide you. It is not just fun it also develops different developmental skills in children.

  1. Puzzled Pig Plush Huggie Bank

Puzzled Pig Plush Huggie Bank

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The ordinary piggy bank is so old fashioned for your little princess in this new era, why not get her a more stylish one like the Puzzled Pig Plush Huggie Bank. Besides being a safe place for your little one’s spare change, this plush piggy bank also makes her dresser standout beautifully. It will give her the courage to save while at the same time giving her the environment she needs in her room. Just like pink, purple is another favorite color for girls which is why I am more than sure your five year princess will love this piggy bank. The little cute animal is so soft and huggable, it will as well be your baby’s next best friend.

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