8 Steps On How To Buy The Perfect Present For Your Ex-Love

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Today, the financial state of the world has made relationships very hard to maintain and that’s why many people are getting divorced today. However, getting back with your ex is not that easy because even a simple gift or love gesture won’t be effective enough as it was in the past. In fact, in the past an effective and simple way of getting back together with your ex was through buying them flowers, candy or sending them a love note. But today things have totally changed whereby a simple flower or candy is too shallow when it comes to getting back your ex. on the other hand even gifts can at times be looked at as negative things to some people and may actually become a horrible mistake that can transform a great love-gesture into a small fight. All in all, getting the appropriate gift for your ex can be a hard task but this article features some of the ways and situations in which a gift/preset would appropriate or of use to your ex.


  1. Give the present with an explanation: incase it is a special occasion for your ex like a birthday, graduation or any other function then consider offering the present together with an explanation. Explain him/her that the function is a major event for you even if you have been separated or when your relationship is not good and try to insist that you couldn’t have missed such an event for anything else in the world. Such an explanation will actually make him/her feel special again and this can actually be the step in making him/her believe that you still love them and they still play a great role in your life.


  1. Select the gift carefully: try as much as you can to select your present carefully especially if it’s going to compete with other gifts. for example, it’s your ex-girlfriend’s birthday and the has invited her friends who also happen to be amongst them, then consider wisely picking her a gift because there will be a lot of gifts on the party and this mean that your gift must somehow be more special than other gifts and this will actually blow her away. In fact, consider offering a gift that only you and she know about because this will probably draw her closer to you compared to the rest of guests invited to the party.


  1. Consider buying him/her an unforgettable gift: your ex should probably desire something that you may know that he/she loves. But make sure that such a gift is something that your ex can enjoy besides you and this can be like a ticket to concert that he/she really loves. In fact, such a gift will be so interesting and tempting for your ex to refuse and it’s even a great step to proving that you’re in quest of bringing back your ex.


  1. Analyze about the gifts you would offer them: when buying a gift for ex, try to analyze about all the things that he/she wanted and never had a chance or means of getting them. so, try to find for your ex a small but valuable gift that she always wanted to own but try to brag about such a gift after giving it out because it will make your ex to feel uncomfortable. Additionally, you should also just act like you just picked a random gift which you know that he/she liked very much and you just wanted to surprise her.


  1. Avoid giving your ex a gift that reminds him/her of the break-up cause: try as hard as you can not to get a your ex a gift that reminds him/her of your break-up or even any other poor-quality gift. in fact, in case your ex noticed that your insensitive then don’t try to be someone else in order to get him/her back because this will only make you look like a total hypocrite and ashamed in front of your ex. so, try to always be yourself and think about the situation before begin acting.


  1. Don’t buy an expensive gift just because you want to impress your ex: avoid buying expensive gift for ex just because you want impress or get them back. In fact, expensive gift don’t necessarily mean that they are the best in front of someone. So, try to get your ex something simple, nice and within your budget and she will probably love it.


  1. Consider giving your ex a customizable gift: customizable gifts like a photo-album containing a picture of you two spending time together can actually make a great gift for an ex girlfriend/boyfriend most especially when you want to get them back.


  1. Gift them with a handmade item: handmade items can actually make a great gift for someone you really care about and this implies that offering your ex with a handmade item like sewed-sweater, sewed phone storage-bag, making for them cookies or a cake and many others will actually create a feeling attachment between you two hence giving you a chance to get back with your ex if those are your intensions.



  • A bottle of wine or whisky: wine or whisky can actually act as a simple but awesome gift to offer someone even your ex but you should try to get them a particular type of wine or whisky they love most.
  • A classic piece of wall-art: a great piece of wall-art can actually make a great gift for ex most especially when he/she has a lot of interest in art. However, a piece of wall-art will even help to brighten-up your ex’s home especially when he/she is feeling lonely and sad.
  • Gadgets: if you knew the type of gadgets your ex loves most then you may consider buying them such a gift on that special day and they will really it. This can be a Bluetooth-speaker for someone who likes music, Smartphone, headphones and many other gadgets.
  • Gift cards: incase your ex boyfriend/girlfriend is picky about everything then consider buying them a gift-card in order for them to go to that specific store and pick what they love. In fact, gift-cards are just a perfect present for your ex because they give them a chance to pick what they like and even remove you the burden of looking for a perfect gift to offer your ex.

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