Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

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Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer - 1

Many people that have used the Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer are sure that this is absolutely the best ever blow dryer they could have got. Its combination of a lightweight frame together with ceramic technology gives you the most amazing and hassle-free blow hair styling experience. This Allure hair dryer uses its proprietary technology to quickly dissolve all the water in your hair and leaves your hair extremely smooth with the help of negative ions.

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From this gorgeous device, you will get nothing but pr
ofessional and excellent results just like you would get from the saloon due to the concentrator nozzle which offers maximum control. With this hair 2200w hair dryer, even the type of hair that you have is not a hindrance reason being it has been designed to perfectly take care of all hair type whether thick, fine, straight, curly or whatever else it may be. Along with its powerful motor it also offers you two speed settings that you can select form depending on what you want to achieve.



  • It styles hair with a lot of ease so you don’t have to use too much just to achieve the kind of hair style you want. Its very powerful motor as well as light weight frame give you the simplest and most enjoyable styling session ever.
  • It is extremely time saving, it is infused with technology that dissolves water from the hair at a very fast rate which in turn makes hair dry much faster. With this dryer you are always on time.
  • It provides a salon worth look from home so you do not have to spend more money going to the salon when you can have your hair looking its best with this quality hair dryer.
  • It is very good at taming frizz, the concentrator nozzle and cold shot button work hand in hand to make sure your hair gets dry without becoming frizzy.
  • It is a two in one machine as it can be used to create any style of your choice and at the same time it perfectly dries hair.


  • It produces some noise while performing, the good thing though is that the noise is only average and with other hair dryers you probably find that they produce noise that is a lot louder than that produced by the Allure.

Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Features overview:

  • Light weight frame: the whole hair drying process takes some time yet it will need you to keep your arm raised, with that in mind the Allure hair dryer has been designed with a really lightweight just to make the process less effortful. This is different from those other dryers that leave you hand paining as a result of their heavy weight, it rather makes you enjoy using the tool.
  • Strong 2200w motor:the perfect results produce by this hair dryer are greatly attached to its super powerful motor, it constantly and continuously performs exceptionally to ensure that you get the very best hair styling results every time you use this hair dryer.
  • Tourmaline ionic ceramic technology:even on those very busy days where you barely have a minute to get those good looks, this ceramic hair dryer will get the job done for you as fast as possible. It does not dry excessively yet it adds up on the volume of your hair. Its proprietary technology helps to quickly dissolve water from hair which explains why the dryer takes less time to get hair dry thus cutting down on the amount of time you have to spend just to style your hair.
  • Negative ions:each time you use this hair dryer you achieve the same splendid results you would get from the saloon as it is designed to produce negative ions which do not just seal but also make your hair very smooth. They also give your hair that natural and healthy appearance, make hair shiny and greatly reduce chances of hair getting frizzy.
  • 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings:with the Allure hair dryer, you can always have your favorite look despite of what hair type you have with its three heat speed setting and two speed setting. The versatility and control offered by this hair dryer give an entirely personalized and professional hair styling experience. If you have thick hair that takes longer to dry, you can use the high heat setting and for thin and delicate hair, it is better to go in for the low heat setting.
  • Concentrator nozzle:the Allure is made to specifically help you get rid of all those bad hair days, it is designed with the concentrator nozzle which guides compressed air flow to a specific area, this focus therefore helps to overly control frizz and accurately produce the style that you want to achieve.
  • Cold shot button:just one touch on this button releases cool air that fixes your style and keeps hair in place while taming frizz.

Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer - 1

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Product quality:

If you thought styling your hair is the hardest thing you ever had to do, well that might have been so because you had the wrong hair dryer but the Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer just make everything extremely easy for you. This is the hair styling tool that you have been looking for, it has a very light weight frame to make avoid adding more weight to your hand as you work yet it has a very powerful 2200w motor that produces the very best results. With such a quality hair dryer, looking good does not require any effort for you, it features a concentrator nozzle that points all the air flow on the area of focus thus minimizing frizz and producing a more precise and perfect outcome.  It is also infused with tourmaline ionic ceramic technology which greatly save up on the time you will have to sit in front of that mirror as it 80% faster at getting the job done but does not get make your hair excessively dry. This technology also helps to dissolve water much faster out of your hair to greatly reduce on the time you spend styling your hair.

The Allure hair dryer releases very strong negative ions which are very good at giving your hair the ideal smoothness, reducing frizz only to leave you with healthy, moisturized and natural looking hair. this is a very versatile hair dryer offering exceptional control over your styling process, it offers two speed setting plus three heat settings that work upon any type of hair, it is therefore all up to you to choose whatever you feel is best for your hair. When you want to hold your style into place for a longer periods of time and give your hair extra volume, the hair dryer comes with a cold shot button which produces cool air to do just that for you.

Who does it benefit?

  • It is ideal both for those with thick and fine hair: this hair dryer works well both for those thick haired women and the fine haired ones too. It has two speed settings and three heat settings hence giving you the chance to choose which one will best work for your hair type. If your hair is too thick and it likely to take longer to dry then it is best to use high heat but also has the low heat which is ideal for those with hair that is too delicate like fine or thin hair.
  • It is very good for people with very tight schedules: if you are the kind of person that runs from this activity to the other, the Allure hair dryer allows you to maintain your perfect look without necessarily sacrificing your usual busy schedule. It performs its job 80% faster so you don’t have to sit in front of that mirror for too long.

What else do you need?

XTAVA Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser – Enhance & Define Your Curls & Waves: in case you need to give your curls or waves more definition, this diffuser will be the perfect choice to make. Its size allows you to pull off your style without making hair frizzy and also makes it easier to dry hair from the roots to the ends.

Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer - 1

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