Babyliss Pro Babfrv2 Volare Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury Mid Sized Hair Dryer Review

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Babyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury Mid Sized Hair DryerBabyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury Mid-Sized Hair Dryer will give you nothing but an entirely personalized hair drying experience. This hair dryer’s design together with its exceptional functioning has managed to make it the favorite hair dryer for very many people. This dryer has been uniquely designed with a really wide variety of settings that you can choose from for an extremely enjoyable experience, it has six heat settings as well six control settings leaving you with all the freedom to select whatever best suits your hair needs.

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It provides very efficient and satisfying blow drying results due to its tri port ion generating technology, with such advanced technology the dryer gets hair dried at a really fast rate and offers you styling results that last for a long period of time. The Babyliss PRO is specially designed to maximize flow of air and minimize weight so that each time you use it is not tiring for your hands. At any moment you feel like having an air blast you can easily use the turbo shot feature that increases pressure of airflow up to 15% and have your hair styled just the way you want it.


  • It has a really wide variety of settings to make you style your hair to the best of your ability, from these settings you can easily choose what will work best for your hair. it has 6 heat settings and 6 control settings so there is absolutely no way you can fail to choose what is good for your hair no matter what hair type it is.
  • It leaves the hair super smooth eliminating the need to use a flat iron after drying your hair, it does not make your hair frizzy like other hair dryers tend to do.
  • It suitable for all hair types, when you have this professional hair dryer the particular hair type that you have is not such an issue of concern because it has a variety of settings to suit needs of many different hair types.
  • It features that turbo shot feature instead of the cool shot button that many other hair dryers have, this function offers you the chance to increase air flow pressure at any time you feel like.
  • It is really simple to use this hair dryer, first of all because of its lightweight that allows you to blow dry your hair without your hands getting exhausted and secondly due to its well-shaped handle that fits perfectly in your hands. With this your whole hair drying experience will be much more interesting.
  • It dries hair within a really short period of time this is simply because of the super powerful air stream to reduce the time you will spend just drying your hair.


  • It weighs a little more than other blow dryers which makes it quite difficult to maneuver to different parts of the head and it also exhausts your hands. it is actually a few people that find the hair dryer heavy so it is basically an individual experience so as some people find it heavy, you might actually find the hair dryer light.

Babyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury Mid Sized Hair Dryer

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Features overview:

  • 6 heat and 6 control speeds:all your hair needs will be perfectly sorted when you have such a versatile hair dryer, it offers you over twelve settings that is 6 heat settings and 6 control settings so it is all up to you customize your hair dryer to what you feel will work best for that particular hair type.
  • Tri-pot ionic generator: the hair dryer has been infused with this advanced technology that makes hair dry really fast and also delivers results that last for a long period of time. At least everyone would love their perfect blow drying results to last a while and that is what you will get from this technology.
  • Two ultra-thin nozzles: the Babyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari also comes with two nozzles that fit perfectly on to the blow dryer and are very easy to attach so you can switch to use any of the two depending on what you want for your hair.
  • Turbo shot instant boost:this features simply allows you to increase air flow pressure any time you feel like doing so. This is the most unique features on this hair dryer because not many hair dryers are designed with this feature.
  • Tangle free cord:the cord is 2.8m long which good enough for you to move around the room as you dry your hair but most importantly it does not get tangled while you are in the middle of your hair drying process. It is very frustrating having to pause drying your hair every now and then just to detangle the dryer’s cord.
  • Powerful 2200W:the Babyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari is one of the really powerful hair dryers you will come across, it doesn’t just give you the perfect blow drying results but also gets hair dry at a really fast rate. You will not have to sit down all day just to dry your hair when you have such a professional hair dryer.

Product quality:

The Babyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury Mid-Sized Hair Dryer has been made with the design to make your blow drying experience simpler and enjoyable as well the perfect functionality to make your blow drying results super exceptional which is why you really need to give it a try. The hair dryer maximizes air flow to make your hair dry as fast as possible yet in the other hand it has such a lightweight that makes it very simple to hold in your hands even for a long period of time. It features 2200W power and tri port ionic technology that dries hair really fast and ensures that you get long lasting blow drying results that are mind blowing each time you use this hair dryer. The is a very versatile hair dryer that lets you have an entirely personalized experience while drying your hair as it offers a really wide variety of both heat and control settings, you have 6 heat setting and 6 control settings to make a choice from depending on what you want for your hair.

Also to avoid any frustrations as you dry your hair, the Babyliss PRO BABFRV2 has 2.8m long cord that is completely tangle free so that you have nothing to interrupt your process at all. Just when you feel like air flow pressure, the dryer features a turbo shot feature that allows doing just that instantly, there no doubt very many people will love this feature. The two nozzles that it comes with, fit perfectly so you can choose which of the two will style your hair exactly like you want it. Generally this hair dryer gives you absolutely every reason you have been looking for to have the blow drying experience you have always wanted to have.

Who does it benefit?

  • It benefits all hair types: whether you have straight, curly, thick, fine, coarse or whatever else your hair might seem like, the Babyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari professional hair dryer is absolutely the hair dryer for you. Different from many other blow dryers that have just three heat settings, this hair dryer offers your six different heat settings to choose from which makes it perfect for just any hair type.
  • It is good for those with long hair: long hair is very beautiful to have and can grab you thousands of compliments but it can also be your biggest frustration especially if you don’t have the right tools. Since long hair takes longer to dry, you will need a powerful and great functioning hair dryer like the Babyliss PRO that will take less time to dry your hair yet produce extremely amazing results.

What else do you need?

Heat protectant spray: as some people actually think that using the low heat setting will reduce the damage caused by heat styling but it is much better for you to protect your hair before using the hair dryer. Applying just a small amount of heat protectant spray will be good enough to keep your hair safe from heat damage.

Babyliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury Mid Sized Hair Dryer

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