Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic 2100 Watt Review

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Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic 2100 WattTo keep your hair extremely gorgeous and a simple solution to get rid of those annoying bad hair days each single day, don’t look beyond the Hair Dryer – Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Turbo A/C Motor 2100 Watt. Infused with all the best quality, this hair dryer is amazingly durable to offer great performance over a long period of time. it is made with such a lightweight to make sure that even when you are slow at blow drying, the dryer still does not get your hands tired but anyway with the 2100 watt A/C motor, your hair dries much faster cutting down on the time that you have to spend seated in front of the hair dryer.

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Both men and women can benefit from the use of this professional dryer as it leaves hair free from frizz, very shiny and silky just the way it would when done in the saloon. With a variety of control mechanisms and a really long cable, this hand dryer is simply designed to make you enjoy each and every bit of using it.


  • It gives you the freedom to dry your hair from just about any part of the room that you feel is most comfortable for you since it has a very long cable.
  • Cleaning the hair dryer only takes a breeze due to the vent that can be removed whenever you feel like cleaning it up.
  • It dries hair really fast and at the same time produces super amazing results every time you use it to dry your hair.
  • It is designed with a very lightweight that allows you to dry your hair without having to worry about your hand getting exhausted.
  • Nozzles tight fit on to this hair dryer to allow you get your hair dry without having to go through the frustration of it falling off.


  • The hot setting of this hair dryer is actually not that hot, it is simply warm which means that for people who usually like to use the hot setting this hair dryer will not be satisfying.

Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic 2100 Watt 2

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Features overview:

  • Ceramic tourmaline technology:much as constant use of hair dryer does damage, the ceramic tourmaline technology infused in this hair dryer helps to protect your hair from any kind of damage so as to keep your hair very healthy and safe. Additionally tourmaline technology gets rid of frizz and makes your hair extremely smooth by maximizing negative ions really near to the cuticle layer of your hair.
  • Ionic technology:with this special hair dryer you will not have to go meet those expenses of travelling to your hair stylist and paying for their services as it does the job just the way it would have been done in the saloon. With its ionic technology, the hair dryer leaves free from frizz, silky and shiny just the way you have always wanted it to be.
  • Five control mechanisms:it is up to you to choose from any of the five adjustable mechanisms that the dryer has to offer, it has the power and off, slow drying when you are not in a rush, cool drying if your hair is not that thick, hot drying for those that have thick hair and finally hot blast so there is a whole variety of options that you can pick from depending on what best suits you as a person.
  • 9 feet cable:the hair dryer’s cable is long enough which makes it more comfortable and easier to use while moving around the room, like I said when I was introducing the review, the dryer makes your hair drying experience an enjoyable one.
  • Removable air vent:many other hair dryers miss out on the filter or air vent forgetting that it is very essential for trapping dust particles from entering inside the hair dryer however this hair dryer features one. Besides that, the air vent is removable so when you need to clean your hair dryer you can do it easily in just a breeze.
  • 2100 watt A/C motor:the big reason attached to why the hair dryer is able to dry hair really fast is its extremely powerful motor. This simply means that if you are the kind of person that does not sit in front of the mirror for too long, this will the perfect hair dryer for you as its strong motor dries hair within the least possible time.
  • 2 speeds and 3 heat settings:not all hair types use the same heat level and different people prefer to use a different speed setting depending on the style they want to create which is why this special hair dryer has been designed to deliver a variety of speed and heat settings. You can therefore be able to choose what speed or heat setting will be best for your hair type as well as the style you want to create.
  • Sturdy construction: this ionic ceramic tourmaline professional hair dryer is completely different from all those dryers you have been using before, this is simply due to it super string body that ensure exceptional durability of the hair dryer. It is only after trying out the dryer that you will know its worth as it lasts for a really long period of time while delivering the same great performance.
  • Automatic anti-overheating mechanism: when the style you want to create requires two heat tools you will have to use a hair dryer that does not over heat your hair like this one. It is built with an automatic device that prevents the dryer from overheating your hair which makes it very safe for you to use any other heat tool like a flat iron after drying your hair.

Product quality:

The Hair Dryer – Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Turbo A/C Motor 2100 Watt does not just make your hair look its best but also protects it from any damages that other cheaply made hair dryers would have done to your hair. This hair dryer features ceramic tourmaline technology which releases negative ions right next to the cuticle layer to give your hair that smooth and silky appearance while getting rid of all frizz and ensuring that it is safe from any kind of damage. Therefore if you want your hair to remain healthy this is just the perfect hair dryer for you. On top of that, it also features ionic technology which leaves your hair with that admirable appearance full of fine and smoothness. The hair dryer has five flexible control mechanisms that you can choose from depending on what you want to achieve the power on and off, hot drying, slow drying, cool drying and hot blast. To make sure it suits a variety of hair types, this hair dryer come with three heat settings that you can choose from depending on how thick or thin your hair is and two speed settings.

This Hair Dryer – Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Turbo A/C Motor 2100 Watt also has a long 9 feet cable to give you the freedom to move around the room as you dry your hair making it even more enjoyable. It is very easy to keep the hair dryer clean and efficient every other time the mere fact that it has a vent that is removable, its really powerful 2100watt motor helps to dry your hair in just a flash so that you don’t take too long seated in front of the mirror. When you have such a quality hair dryer the safety of your hair is never at stake as it is built with an automatic anti-heating mechanism that helps to protect your hair from too much especially if you have to use a flat iron as well. Be ready to enjoy the exceptional performance of this great hair dryer because it lasts a really long period of time courtesy of its strong body.

Who does it benefit?

It is recommended for people with very busy schedules: tight schedules can be such a big cause for bad hair days as it becomes quite difficult to get the time to make you hair look really good but that is exactly what makes the Hair Dryer – Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Turbo A/C Motor 2100 Watt a necessity. It is designed with a very powerful 2100 watt motor that dries hair very first thus reducing the time you have to spend on just drying your hair.

What else do you need?

Boar Bristle Brush Best at Detangling Thick Hair Vented For Faster Drying: for extra smooth results and faster drying you will definitely need this boar bristle brush. As you use the brush during hair drying, it helps to get healthy looking and very attractive hair and also helps you to create any style of your choice perfectly.

Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic 2100 Watt

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