Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coir Mattresses

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Just like any other mattress type, coir mattresses also have advantages and disadvantages but before we even go ahead to look at what the advantages and disadvantages of these mattresses are, we need to know what exactly coir mattresses are.

Coir mattresses (Coconut Mattresses) are simply mattresses designed with fiber made from coir, coir is simply a natural fiber removed from the husk of coconut this is why coir mattresses are hard – that is to why majority of people do not actually put them into consideration when buying a new mattress. If you actually take your time you will notice that most of the benefits you can get from a coir mattress are good for your health. Any way let us look at those advantages in detail and also see the drawbacks of this type of mattresses.

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Palmpring Coconut Mattress Organic Coconut Coir Cambay Mattress


These are some of the reasons that will give a go ahead on trying out coir mattresses just in case you had the thought to try them out. so you can buy the mattress knowing what exactly to expect.

  • Hygroscopic quality: it is with this quality that a coir mattress has the ability to give you that restful and refreshing sleep that is very comfortable. Coir mattresses are designed with that kind of quality so with that they can easily absorb all moisture that would rather have made your sleep very uncomfortable.
  • Perfect ventilation: coir mattresses are well ventilated so there is maximum flow of air in and out of the mattress which keeps the mattress very cool. Besides maintaining that cool temperature for you to sleep in, it also has a natural way of calming you down so that you enjoy your sleep better.
  • Added support: because of coir mattresses are made with natural fiber only, they are naturally springy hence providing more support for the sleeper’s whole body. With the support provided from coir mattress, people with back are more at an advantage as it gives the perfect position to sleep in and allows aligns the spine correctly.
  • They are recommended for people with allergies: these mattresses contain nothing like dust which is very irritating for people with allergies most especially those who are allergic to dust.
  • Cooling sensation: coir fiber has the ability to absorb most of the moisture and continuously allow air flow which creates the perfect temperature to sleep in. most of the moisture in the air will be absorbed by a coir mattress.
  • Friendly to the environment: coir mattresses are made with 100% natural fiber, they do not contain any chemicals which makes them not just good for your environment but also good for your health.
  • Resistant to fire: Just in case of fire –  coir mattresses remain unharmed so they are much safer compared to other types of
  • Great affordability: a good coir mattress ranges between 600 and 1000 dollar and if you make a comparison with other mattress types like memory foam or latex you will realize that coir mattress are more affordable. You do not have to spend a whole fortune when you need to buy a coir mattress.
  • Ideal for children and the elderly: coir mattresses are the most recommended mattress type for normal and good development of bones which is why they’re good for young children whose bones are still developing and the elderly that need more support.
  • Very safe to health: absolutely anyone has the freedom to use a coir mattress without worrying about their health. These mattresses are made with natural material that is harmless even when you have a health condition of any sort.
  • They are slightly durable: when mixed up with latex which is the current trend they last a really long period of time, with the little that you may spend on this type of mattress it can quite long.
  • Require no maintenance: unlike memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses that require a lot of maintenance, coir mattresses can survive even no maintenance at all.



Besides that coir mattresses also have disadvantages which will change your mind about buying the mattress or you will buy it given the fact that the advantages it has suit your needs well.

  • They are too firm: if you are the kind of person who likes to sleep on a very soft and luxurious surface then you will surely not like the experience of sleeping on a hard mattress. They can get really uncomfortable sometimes.
  • Increase pressure points: coir mattresses increase pressure points instead of reducing them so you will end up waking up with body pains especially on those areas where most pressure is exerted like the shoulders and back.
  • Very uncomfortable for some people: if you have never slept on a hard mattress before then you usually find problems sleeping on a coir mattress reason being the materials used to manufacture are not soft at all.
  • They are prone to sagging: coir mattresses can easily slump or get depressions because they don’t push back the pressure inserted on them by your body so they end up sagging on those areas where you tend to sleep most of the time.As soon you lay on the mattresses it compresses and does not have ability to push back.
  • They are not so durable: when you sleep on coir mattress it cannot push back into its original shape unlike other mattresses, coir mattresses only last for a short while especially if they are not manufactured with any other material.
  • Does not provide enough relaxation: when sleeping on a coir mattress you do not get enough relaxation reason being the mattress is too firm which increases pressure points in turn you will keep tossing and turning the whole night
  • Only provides average sleep quality: the best sleep is got when body weight is nicely balanced and distributed over the sleep surface but coir mattresses cannot do that. All they can do is keep a cool temperature otherwise they are not the kind of mattresses you sleep on and get to feel the lavish and unique sleep experience.

In conclusion, in most cases it is your budget or health condition but besides that many people would prefer to sleep on other mattress types besides coir mattresses.

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