Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

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Online Learning is an education that takes place over the internet. In fact, it is also referred to as e-learning, m-learning or computer-based-training and it’s done without meeting the teacher in a physical classroom but instead via a computer and web browser with internet-connectivity. Additionally, online learning usually involves creation of PowerPoint presentations that describe the learning content but it can also be presented in other formats like audio and video clips. Likewise, all the learning content is converted into a single course-ware that is uploaded onto learning management system then accessed and downloaded by online-learners. So, below are some of the advantages and disadvantages on online-learning:


Advantages Of Online Learning:

  1. It saves time: Since online-learning is done over the internet, it will save you a lot of time that you would have spent travelling to school. In fact, this type of education is just perfect for working-class people and people leaving in remote areas because they can easily and quickly access all the learning-material from anywhere.


  1. It saves your money: With online-learning, you won’t have to spend your money on travelling-costs since all the learning is done over the internet. Additionally, you won’t have to buy printed materials like text-books because all the learning-material is uploaded online and can be easy downloaded for reading later. However, there are some few costs you will need to incur like paying a small fee for some online-course and internet-charges.


  1. It is very convenient: With online-learning, you can actually learn from anywhere and at any time irrespective of your location. In fact, it provides a flexible learning environment making it perfect for people with a busy working schedule. However, you will need to have good internet connection if you live in a remote-area in-order to keep the learning process going.


  1. It provides you with maximum learning freedom or self-paced learning: With online-learning, you can learn at own pace and this makes it a perfect type of education for most people. In fact, it allows you to study at anytime of the day and you can also decide to study new things you don’t know and skip the ones you already know.


  1. It offers top notch training: Online-learning provides a high level of specialization because it offers cutting-edge content is taught by highly-skilled teachers and professionals. Additionally, online-learning will provide you with a unique and specialized skill of your interest taught by an expert thus increasing on your confidence.


  1. It offers updated educational-content: Online-learning actually keeps up with the updated content compared to traditional education programs. This is actually possible because the internet is capable of keeping up with the rapidly changing world.


  1. It improves interaction within shy students: Online-learning also provides shy students with an opportunity to interact and participate in class discussion easily compared to traditional face-to-face class discussions. In fact, this is the main reason as to why most people today prefer going for online-learning then traditional-learning.


  1. Improves on concentration: With online-learning, it’s easier to concentrate on studies because you won’t be affected by other students and classroom-activities like in the traditional way of learning. In fact, with online learning you interact with the computer and educational-material provided to you only thus giving you a chance to learn more information.


  1. It increases on self-discipline: With online-learning, students actually acquire self-discipline and self-motivation since there is no one pushing them to go and learn. In fact, the self-discipline acquired during online-learning is a great quality that will benefit learners in ways beyond learning.


  1. It allows for multi-tasking: Online-learning also offers a great way to learning different fields at once in-order to increase on levels of knowledge in different industries. In fact, online-learning offers a variety of short-courses on different topics so that you can get more knowledge in a short period of time.


  1. It provides students with more time for hobbies: With online-learning, students can quickly finish their homework and get more time for hobbies. This actually helps to improve mental and physical well being compared to traditional methods of learning.


Disadvantages Of Online Learning:

  1. It leads to isolation: Although online-learning provides you with a more flexible learning-routine, it also gives a feeling of isolation whereby you feel like you’re learning completely alone. In fact, this type of education may not even give you chance to discuss difficult topics with the teacher or friends. It eliminates human-interaction which is not a good thing for students.


  1. It eliminates practical-skills: With online-learning, you can learn all theoretical knowledge but you won’t be able to get practical-skills. In fact, practical-experience is very essential for some subjects like; engineering, medicine and a lot more and this implies that you will need to learn some of these courses in a traditional classroom for best results.


  1. It requires self-motivated people: With online-learning, no-one is going to ask to learn or do homework. In fact, if you can’t manage your time between home, work and study then online-learning will not work for you. Additionally, less-motivated people who study at their own pace may fail to complete online degree-program.


  1. It causes several health hazards: Online-learning requires you to use a computer and internet-connection. This implies that you will need to sit for several hours while learning which in turn affects your posture and strains your eyes.


  1. Increases on plagiarism and cheating: With online-learning, students use remote computers that can be monitored during tests or exams hence leading to plagiarism and cheating. In fact, this is one of the main disadvantages for online-learning when compared to traditional learning.

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