Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter Review

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The Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter is an accurate, well built, labor intensive and incredibly versatile laser. This laser turns on very quickly and easily just with the simple touch of a button, measures distance and displays the results in inches /feet or meters both in form of decimals and fractions. This tool doesn’t only measure distance, it can also be used for indirect measurement, volume, area and even subtraction and addition measurements. The Arama distance meter projects a very easy targeting but bright laser pointer that will help you work on different jobs both at home and on larger commercial projects.  It measures to a distance of 262 feet and displays all measurement information on a large 4 line LCD display for easy readability even in dark and dim light conditions. You can choose any of the many measurement modes that this durable distance meter offers such as the continuous measurement, single distance measurement, indirect Pythagoras and so many more. Here you are going to come across this meter’s incredible features that will get you wanting to try it out.

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What we like;

  • Multi measurement modes; the Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter is an all in one device that will help you accomplish so many different tasks and projects. This tool offers you the versatility you need for you small home projects as well as large construction projects by providing you with very many different measurement modes. These include simple ones like area measurement, volume measurement, single distance measurement and more complex ones like continuous measurement, indirect Pythagoras and greater distance measurement. This means that you will not go through the expenditure of buying extra tools just to perfectly finish up your jobs.
  • Wide measuring range; like I said in the introduction of this review, the Arama’s distance meter is ideal even for large scale projects and this is as a result of the really wide measuring range that it offers. It starts from 0.05m and goes all the way to 80 meters without compromising accuracy. After measuring such a long distance, this device will give you results in either inches/feet or meters therefore it will be up to you to select a unit in which you prefer your results to be displayed.
  • Bright laser pointer; this labor intensive distance measure projects a very bright and easy targeting laser pointer for added precision, accuracy and ease of work. Because of such high efficiency the distance meter is ideal for a very wide array of projects in construction industries, at home as well as larger areas like warehouses, apartments, factories and very huge buildings.
  • Auto/manual power off; the Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter offers you two different ways of powering it off, you can either choose the manual power off where you have to turn it off by yourself when you are done with work or the automatic power off whereby the laser turns itself off after some minutes of not being used. The automatic turn off is very important for saving the tool’s battery life.
  • Data clear function; if you want to start new measurements the Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter makes things very easy for you with the data clear function which clears off all the old measurements once you are sure you will not be needing them anymore. This way you will not go through the hassle of clearing off measurements one by one a process which is requires a lot of time and effort too.
  • Storage/ recall function; just like other high quality distance meters Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter also doesn’t miss out on the storage function. This function stores some of the last measurements you made and recalls them when you want to re-use them so that you don’t repeat the entire measuring process over again.
  • 4 line LCD display; this distance meter shows off a very large 4 line LCD display which allows you to read off measurements without straining your eyes even in dim light conditions or completely dark areas. Four line display is really large more so compared to other distance meters with two line or three line displays.
  • User friendly key pad; you can easily navigate through all the different function of this amazing distance meter with the help of its super easy to use key pad. On this key pad everything is very clear so you don’t need any sort of skills to operate the device.
  • Ergonomic design; for maximum protection and added durability the Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter is all surrounded with non slip, soft and firm grip rubber material to prevent possibilities of you accidentally dropping the device or when it does fall, it will not easily get damaged. Additionally it also features IP54 protection again water and dust therefore you can use it under tough site conditions.
  • Bubble level; it ensures that measurements are not taken out of level and this helps to make the distance meter much more accurate and at the same time gives you the confidence that you are making the right measurements.

What we don’t like;

  • It’s hard to use on rough surfaces; using the Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter on surfaces that are not smooth is one terrible experience because you will have to hold the device down with a lot of effort or else it will repeatedly indicate that there is an error. It is best to use this distance meter on smooth and flat surfaces.


Having the accuracy, durability, ease of use and versatility one would surely have nothing bad to say about the Arama 262ft Laser Distance Meter. This device projects a very bright pointer and measures distance to as far as 262feet in both inches/feet and meters. It flaunts a very large display for you to read off your measurements and packs a well constructed body that can handle all kinds of job site conditions. Whether it is for small home projects or large construction jobs this distance meter will offer you what you need to accomplish your job successfully.

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