Best Body Hair Removers for Women – Features Creams & Trimmers

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Best Body Hair Removers for Women

When it comes to women, some  body parts are more sensitive than others, you need to be extra careful with your body when removing that unwanted hair so that you reduce on the risks of getting skin irritations, cut and nicks or even problems bigger than this. We all know how much women are attached to their bodies and it is more likely that once in a while a woman will want to wear something that exposes their arms or legs or even wear the bikinis that leave a bigger percentage of their bodies out.

Wearing short outfits with hair  all over your body is just not appealing to look at, so you need to use the best body hair removal products to help you get that hair off your body. Their different techniques that you can use to remove hair quickly from your body, but it all depends on what you find most comfortable . If you do not fancy creams, you can choose to go with shavers or trimmers and in this post, I have listed some of the best body hair removals for women, you can try out any of them and they come at a very affordable price.

On the other hand, if you don’t find the trimmer effective, try to practice body waxing, this method is more effective and hair takes long to grow back, you can as well do waxing on your pubic hair, it’s painful but it will leave the pubic area clean and smooth.

”Female Body Hair Removal Products”

  • Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Trimmer:

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Sensitive Skin Types Durable DDStore

”This bikini shaver was made to specifically make all your bikini line grooming needs sorted, it is very easy to use, it is very safe and does not cost a fortune which makes it affordable for any one. It has that sleek design that makes it easy to hold in the hands and its light weight that enables it to maneuver over the entire bikini area really easily. Cleaning it up will also be a breeze as it comes with a cleaning brush that helps you have all the remaining hair removed in just a second. Any female who knows how important their bikini area grooming is, will hurry to go in for the bikini shaper.’

  • It is very comfortable to use: Unlike waxing that is very painful and at some stages you might not even be able to use this method for example when you are pregnant you need something that will be extra easy on your body which is what this shaver will give you. This trimmer is small in size and made with a light weight which enables to easily move over the entire area with great ease. It does its work within a short time and does not cause any cuts or nicks.
  • Does not cause any irritations: It is such an awesome product that much as it gives a really close shave it does not cause any kind of irritation unlike those trimmers that will make you suffer with red bumps and lot of itchiness after using them. Every single penny you spend on this trimmer will be worth it.
  • It is very gentle on the skin; the trimmer is made with high quality in that it will not cause any pain as you shave, not even nicks from the edges of the trimmer, it will do its work really gently all through.


  • Nose Trimmer:

Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

”It is not very easy to find a really quality electric nose trimmer, most of them will either cut you or be very painful because this area is just too sensitive, so the moment you do not get a quality trimmer to help get rid of that nose hair you will hurt yourself really bad. This trimmer is made with the highest quality steel so that you can differentiate it from all that other cheaply made plastic, this makes the trimmer very durable. It is completely water proof even when you use it in the shower you will not encounter any problems.”

  • Really solid construction: Judging from its look, this trimmer seems to be durable, whenever you use it, it will feel new  and smooth. I love the fact that the trimmer is water proof, it can be rinsed in just minutes and it will be clean, it works very well and does not cause any pain at all.
  • Clear Nose Hair on Instant: I have ever tried to shave my own nose hair using a pair of scissors, trust me, I didn’t like the experience, because not only was I exposed to hurting my self, but this scissor could not remove all hairs.With this type of nose trimmer, no hair will remain in your nose, all you have to do is to switch it on and let it do its job, within minutes your nose will be hair free.


  • Panasonic ES2207P Ladies

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade


”This Panasonic ES2207P is a ladies shaver that works in both dry and wet conditions, it’s endorsed with several smart and totally creative features that make the shaver give you an incredibly close shave . Panasonic ES2207P has three blade shaving system which reduces on the amount of time you spend while shaving and at the same covers a wider area so you do not have to go over the same area again and again. Its shape fits comfortably in any ladies hands which makes shaving / grooming experience much easier and enjoyable. This shaver uses the sharpest blades that cut off hair in every area of your body, so it doesn’t matter is you have thick or hard to cut hair, it will shave it off in minutes and leave you with a close shave.”

  • It gives a clean close shave: when you hold this shaver at the right angle, you will be able to achieve one of the closest shave ever. Many times people say close shaves come with red bumps and other kinds of irritations but this is the exact opposite when it comes to this shaver because much as it will get really close to your skin it will not cause any irritations. Unlike disposable razors  which give a close shave but it will be accompanied by lots of itching and irritations.
  • It’s Portable: Most women shave more than 3 times in a week, so if you plan to go for a vacation or a business trip, you need to carry this electric shaver with you, I’m sure you don’t want to be caught off guard while on vacation, never know the person accompanying you might be attracted to you because you don’t have lots of body hair, so don’t take risks. It’s a very light shaver with an adorable shape, it can fit in any travel bag.
  • It is Easy to clean: In most cases, people complain about hair clogging their shavers, this always happens when you practice a wet shave, because cold water  can make hair thick hence making it stuck in the foils & blades while shaving. However, this Panasonic ES2207P is tailored in such a way that shaved hair is pushed away from the blades and foils after cutting it, prevents hair from getting inside the shaver.
  • Affordable and simple shaver: now absolutely anyone can own this charger because it comes at a pocket friendly price and everything else is very simple. Starting from the way it looks, the design and the way it works. Everything about it is very simple.



  • Braun Epilator Se7921spa:

Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator Se7921spa 1 Count

‘You are not going to find a better device that can perform two functions at the same exact time which is exactly what this female body epilator does. You can call it a two in one hair remover , because it will epilate and also exfoliate your skin, now what more can you ask for. By the end of epilation process  you will have the smoothest and finest looking skin ever. It is designed to be used both in the shower or bath tab just to ensure that you have an experience that is really comfortable and peaceful. This epilator removes  even the shortest strand of hair as it stimulates your skin making it ready for an extra gentle experience..”

  • It is well built and very easy to use: Some times it’s  frustrating to purchase a tool expensively but when it comes to using it, you can barely understand a thing about it. However, this epilator is very easy to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions well and in just a few minutes you will be able to have it performing like it is supposed to. More to that is the fact that the product is well built so you do not have to worry about it getting spoilt just after using it, even when it falls down it will not easily get dismantled or spoilt.
  • Works great in both dry and wet conditions: This epilator will work perfect whether you use it completely dry with nothing at all or when you use it in the shower with shaving gel or foam. This is how convenient this shaver is, you have to charge it first before you can start shaving otherwise it will not work well if it has no power.
  • Very comfortable and effective: As it removes any unwanted hair the epilator first of all massages your skin to make it ready for hair removal. At the end of your epilation time you will not find any hair on your skin, this is what makes the epilator effective. As you get hair removed, it does not cause any unbearable pain which means that you will always be comfortable when using this device.
  • Holds charge for long: since the shaver does not work when plugged in power, it was engineered in a way that it can hold its charge for some long time, at least it will not run out of battery just in the middle of  the shave. If you plan to travel with it, charge it fully and also move with its charging cord just in case its battery runs low.



  • Olay Facial

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

;;This set contains a skin balm and hair removal cream combining to work together to leave your skin very smooth, soft and of course looking beautiful. It works well for fine to medium hair therefore if you have really thick hair it would be better to try something else as this one may not give the results that you may require. To use this cream you are required to apply the skin balm that helps to keep your skin well protected then massage the skin guarding balm into your skin. Apply a small portion of the cream on your finger and put it where you want to remove hair, let it stay for 6-8 minutes and then remove it with a cotton ball or tissue.”


  • It Removes hair in the least possible time; using creams is a really cheaper way of  removing body hair as compared to shaving or any other type of hair removal such as shaving or even laser treatments. This cream in particular works really great on facial hair especially the upper lip so when you apply it you should leave it on for around 5 – 10minutes and after this all that unwanted hair will be gone, now this is how fast the cream works.
  • Great on sensitive skin; In most cases, ladies with very sensitive skins can use safety razor or electric trimmers to shave off body hair, so, the only option they have is a cream. Hair removal creams work in a different way, but they give a clean shave related  the one provided by a safety razor, however, with creams, you stand less chances of getting bumps and ingrown hairs, because they make hair weak and easy too remove, hence causing no irritation on the skin.
  • Perfect for those with fine to medium hair: In most cases, manufactures & sellers of these body hair removal creams use persuasive adverts, they show you that these products can clear off any type of hair, yet  when you try them out, the story is different. However, with this product, everything is in black and white. It only works better on medium hair, if you have thick body hair, you might consider using a trimmer first and them use this cream.


  • Veet Gel 

Veet Fast Acting Gel Hair Remover Cream

”When it comes to creams you really need to follow the instructions exactly as they have been given or else you will hate the results. Otherwise the moment you have the instructions right you will not find any problem with the cream. Now females you know that you have to get that skin of yours incredibly smooth and touchable that is why you have to get yourself Veet Gel Hair Remover cream, instead of removing hair with methods like shaving that just make your skin irritated, this amazing formula is made to remove hair while leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. And also remember that results will last longer than when you have shaved because hair will take longer to grow back. Feel free to use the cream on any part of the body.”


  • Perfect for many different body parts; Now this will help you save your more money since you do not have to buy a different creams to remove hair from different parts. This one works on the legs, underarms, the arms, hair on the jaw line and also works perfect when it comes to the bikini area.
  • Friendly To Your Skin; If you have used creams before, you know how difficult it is to find a cream that will give you good results without causing any sort of irritation. Some of them have a really ugly smell which you can’t stand, and sometimes they don’t even do the job well. But this product is tailored to take care of your skin in a very friendly manner, it will clear off all unwanted hairs and leave your skin smooth, yet at the same time, the product smells well, which makes it friendly to use.
  • Very easy to rinse off: After removing all unwanted hairs, you have to rinse off the cream from your skin. You can easily wash it off with warm water. When you use warm water, it opens skin pores and allow oxygen to penetrate through your skin, avoid using cold water when rinsing of hair removal creams, it does not give the best results.


  • Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit

”You do not have to always go through pain to have that unwanted hair removed when there is a simple, easy to use and painless way to remove hair. This Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover, contains Vitamin E that soothes the skin and leaves it really soft. It is made with all the best ingredients that are very gentle to the skin, you therefore do not have to worry about it causing any harm to your skin.”


  • Clears Upper Lip Hair:- It is specifically made to remove any facial hair especially on the upper lip and the chin without causing any irritation or pain.
  • The cream removes hair from below the skin surface:-  Hence leaving you with a smooth skin for a really long time, so you can save yourself the burden of having to shave each and every day.
  • Smells nice: Many of the creams made for hair removal come with a really ugly scent which many people hate, but this cream is infused with vanilla to make it smell nice. I do not think there is anyone who hates the way vanilla smells.
  • Comes at a cheap cost ant it out competes most expensive shaving tools: when you are to look at some ways of hair removal like waxing or threading they are so painful and yet so costly but when it comes to this cream you buy it at low price, and get hair removed within a short while and the results last for a long time.
  • Good for first time users: It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time to use hair removal creams,  this creame comes with easy to understand instructions, simply read them carefully and follow them.
  • Removes hair for a longer period: unlike shaving where you have to shave every single morning or night depending on your routine, after removing hair with this cream, you will have a smooth skin for even more than two weeks..

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