Braun Series 7 Vs Series 9 – Detailed Comparison

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MAIN DIFFERENCE: We had a quick look at the features of these two models, but we noticed one major  difference between Braun Series 7 & 9 and that is –  ”Series 9 has a Quadruple action cutting system which ensures maximum facial adaptability while Series 7 uses an ActiveLift trimmer to cut flat-lying hairs.” This means  Braun Series 9  will give you a clean closer shave thanBraun Series 7.

Braun Series 9 vs Series 7

OUR BEST CHOICE:- We recommend Braun Series 9  over Braun Series 7 because of the following reasons:

(1) SyncroSonic™ technology, (2)4 cutting parts, (3)Titanium coated middle trimmer, (4) Performs 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute thus making fewer strokes, (5) More skin comfort, (6) Wet & dry,  (7) Smooth foil which is friendly to sensitive skins, (8) Fully flexible shaving head which reaches all hard-to-shave areas like below the neck.  If you are after the best, efficient shave and most gentle shaver – Series 9 is the perfect choice.

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Brief side by side comparison between 9 & 7


Shaving elements 5 4
Smart Sonic Technology Yes Yes
Contour Adaption 10-D 8-D
Wet&Dry (on specific models only) Yes No
Clean&Charge Station (on specific models only) Yes Yes
Display 12 LEDs LCD
Premium Finishing Premium Grey
Battery 50m (Li-Ion) 50m (Li-Ion)
Blade Type Foil Foil
Pop up Trimmer Yes Yes
Score 4.5 4.3
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  1. Series 9 has a sleek and ergonomic shape while that of Series 7 is an ordinary one.
  2. Series 9 pop-up trimmer is at the back of the shaver while that of Series 7 is at the front
  3. Series 9 has a 10-D contour adaptation shaving head which reaches most hard-to-shave areas while Series 7 has an 8-D contour adaptation – so some areas might not get a clean close shave.
  4. Series 9 has 5 shaving elements from which you can choose from while Series 7 has only 4 shaving elements
  5. Series 9 has a Quadruple action cutting system which ensures maximum facial adaptability while Series 7 uses an ActiveLift trimmer to cut flat-lying hairs.


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  1. Fully flexible shaving systems, 100% waterproof (you can use them while in the shower),
  2. Pop-up trimmer (though that of series 9 is found at the back of the shaver),
  3. Advanced Clean and Charge system (this one makes the shaver clean and new all the time)
  4. Li-Ion battery (which lasts 50 min).
  5. Both are 100% Waterproof



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Shaving head:

Series 9 has a new sleek & stylish design with an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to hold.  Also when I compare the shaving heads of these two models, Series 9 has a well designed sleek shaving head equipped with  5 specialized cutting elements to offer you with a clean close shave. 


Pop-up Trimmer:

Pop-up trimmer

The pop up trimmer on Series 7 is found at the front which makes it hard to use, however on Series 9 it has been put at the back of the shaver just like that of Panasonic Arc5.



Close Clean Shave

Braun series 7 is still the most popular electric foil shaver and this is because of its closeness when it comes to shaving. In fact, many men are not willing to upgrade to the latest Series 9 simply because Series 7 is still doing a great job. But what is the real difference between Series 9 and 7 when it comes to closeness. Series 9 is equipped with MicroMotion which allow the shaver to adapt to skin contour. This means the shaving head & blades will adapt to your facial contour thus offer you with a uniform close & clean shave. Series 7 might still be doing a great job but it does not have a MicroMotion feature. However Series 7 has an 8-D contour adaptation technology which enables it adapt to your skin thus capture more hair with just one stroke.


Power & Speed:

Power & Speed

Braun series 9 is still the fastest and most powerful shaver ever made by Braun. Series 9 makes 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute yet Series 7 makes 10,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.


Shaving Elements:

Series 9 has 5 shaving elements from which you can choose from to get desired results. Each element is specialized for specific type of facial hair – so even those with short stubble – series 9 has an element for you. On the other hand, Series 7 has only 4 shaving elements from which you can choose from.


Intelligent SyncroSonic technology:

Series 9 has been tailored to understand the nature of your facial hair and deal with it accordingly. It is the only model with an Intelligent SyncroSonic technology powered by sonic micro-vibrations which capture more hair than Series 7.


Contour Adaptation:-

Contour Adaptation

Series 9 has a 10-D contour adaptation technology – this means it can reach all those hard to shave areas – capturing the shortest hairs in those areas. On the other hand, Series 7 has an 8-D contour adaptation technology – it will still give you a close & clean shave but it might not be in position to reach certain areas.




What you have to know is that this model has been crafted with care and it meets international standards. However, just like any other electrical gadget, the possibilities of jamming / refusing to work are high. So this is what you can do to get things right.

  • If it refuses to start:- This issue can be caused by various reasons such as (1) – Low charge, (2) Activated travel lock, (3) Plugged into power. SOLUTION:- Unlock the shaver and Unplug the shaver. The other thing you have to check is battery charge. If it’s completely ZERO, plug it into power charge it for at least 15 minutes for a quick shave and then charge it fully after shaving.


  • If it fails to charge completely:- This might happen but you should not freak out because sometime it caused by a change in Ambient temperature. The recommended Ambient temperature is 5 °C to 35 °C. The other cause might be a loose connection – check the plug and see if it is well connected in the socket. If you’re using a charging station and you don’t see any charging taking place, try to align the shaver properly with the contacts in the Clean& Charge station.


  • Bad Smell from the shaver’s head:- Always the first thing which causes this unpleasant smell is dirt and clogged shaving cream in the shavers head. When you wash this model with tap water, it does not get fully cleaned. Once in a while you have to use its Clean & Renew station to fully clean it. Braun cleaning solution has a pleasant smell and it kills all germs hence leaving both the foil and blades extensively cleaned and nice smelling. The other cause could be old cleaning cartridge. You might be using a cleaning station as recommended, but if that cartridge works for more than 8 weeks, its odor changes. So the best solution is to replace it with new cartridge. Please, don’t refill old cartridge with new cartridge….READ MORE ON TROUBLE SHOOTING YOUR NEW BRAUN SERIES 9….HERE….




  • Cleaning:-This model can be cleaned with tap water or alcohol based solution which you can put in the shavers cleaning station. If you use tap water, make sure you mix it with soap and also use a brush to remove clogged shaving cream / beards from the shavers head.


  • Charging:- This shavers battery can be charged using a Clean & Charge station. It is advisable to leave it fully charged so that you don’t get bother with quick (small) charges every time you want to shave. Good news is that once the battery is fully charged in (1 hour), you will have 45 – 50 minutes of nonstop shaving. An average user will shave for 5 minutes, so 45 minutes can take you for 3 weeks. Avoid quick battery charges and leaving on the shaver after use, this drains the battery and reduces its life span. Remember all electric shavers have non-replaceable batteries. So, once the battery dies, get prepared to buy a new shaver.


  • Lubricating: – Unlike most electric shavers which require regular lubrication, this model is quite different. It lubricates its self when being cleaned via the cleaning & charge station. Cleaning formula used in your cleaning station works as a lubricant, so as the blades get cleaned, they will be lubricated as well and this cleaning formula has a refreshing lemon scent which makes the shaver smell good.


  • Cleaning mode for your shaver:- You can as well select a fast clean mode and get a quick shaver cleaning of about 25 seconds.


  • Blade Replacement: – Since it is a premium electric shaver, you’re expected to replace blades after 18 months. After replacing blades, the shaver will perform and deliver in the same way.


  • Automatic Program Selection:- This will detect when your shaver was last cleaned before assigning the right cleaning mode.





Now that we have finished with our first comparison. I find it important to also look at the other two high end models from Panasonic and Philips Norelco. I’m sure you would like to know the difference between Braun series 9 and the other top models from Panasonic & Norelco.



I will center this comparison on two brands; that is Braun series 9 9095CC and Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5. Now when I look at features and design of these two models, much is different, but both models are fast and effective. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5’s head pivots to many directions / angles just like that of Braun Series 9. In terms of performance they both maintain a peak performance using very strong motors.

When it comes to shape and design, I will give credit to Braun series 9 because its head is quite slim (so it can reach some hard-to-shave areas) yet that of Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 is a little-bit bigger ”though it has been improved. Other features like cleaning system and pop-up beard trimmer do the same job so I will not spend too much time on that.


  • CUTTING SHORT BEARDS/HAIR:- I’m sure many of you have issues shaving that o’clock stubble. For some shavers you have to wait until the beard grows fully but with these two premium models, you can easily shave off that 5 o’clock stubble and gain a smooth face. The technology used by these two models to uplift short and flat-laying hair is different but you will get the same results. For example, Braun Series 9 uses HyperLift & Cut trimmer / Direct & Cut trimmer to get rid of short hair and ES-LV95-S Arc5 uses an Innovative Shaving Sensor technology to monitor beard density and adjust its blades & power to clear that beard.


  • SPEED:- When it comes to shaving speed, Series 9 wins the competition because it makes 40,000 rounds per minute yet our Panasonic Arc5 makes 14,000 CPM. If you do some math, you will notice that their is difference of 26,000 oscillations.



Learn more about  Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5  here….



These two models are completely different in design and functionality. Braun Series 9 is a foil shaver yet Philips Norelco Series 9700 is a rotary shaver. Now, for those who have never used rotary shavers, they shave in a circular motion and there blades get in direct contact with the skin so some men find them hard to use on sensitive skins and shaving ingrown hair.


However, when it comes to Philips Series 9700, blades are very smooth (which makes them friendly on the skin) and the head movies in 8 direction hence cutting more hair than any other norelco’s. When I compare the flexibility of Philips norelco 9700 with that of Braun Series 9; I give credit to the Philips norelco 9700 because its head pivots to all angles hence offer you with more shaving options.


  • SPEED SETTING:- This is a feature which makes Philips Series 9700 very unique and relevant to every man. You can manually choose the speed setting basing on the nature of your beard / skin. This means if you have a very sensitive skin, customize the shaver so that it deals with your skin in an appropriate manner. Now for those with thick beards, you can opt for the fastest speed to get quick results. On the other hand, when I look at features for Braun Series 9, I don’t see ”Speed Setting” feature being mentioned any where and that makes Philips Series 9700 a winner. (But you have to remember it shaves in a circular motion, so if you have never used a rotary shaver before, I suggest you buy both foil & rotary models and try each on either sides of your face to compare results.”

Learn more about  Philips Norelco Series 9700  here….


What We Like About Braun Series 9


  1. It has an improved Pulsonic Technology and More Shaving Power than Series 7
  2. It is great at cutting through long beards
  3. It has 4 specialized cutting elements & intelligent sonic technology with up 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute thus cutting more hair in just one single pass.
  4. It has an advanced OptiFoil structure which guarantees you with a perfect close shave
    Comes with a 5-action Clean&Charge Station which Hygienically cleans, charges, lubricates, selects cleaning program and dries at the touch of a button.
  5. It has a great design (sleek & beautiful)



  1. It is affordable (yet it delivers good results)
  2. It has a Pulsonic Technology Which Provides Better Shave
  3. It has a Personalization Option (3 shaving modes) Which you can use to customise the performance of the shaver
  4. It has a good shaving speed ”uses up to 1,000 micro-vibrations per minute when needed.
  5. Comes with a Clean and Charge station which sharpens the blades and makes the shaver clean and new all te time
  6. It has a 2X OptiFoil system which cuts short hair of about 0.05mm
  7. Its ActiveLift trimmer can lift & cut flat-lying hairs thus offer you with a close shave



  • AFFORDABLE:- If you want to save money but still get a close and clean shave, I recommend getting  Braun Series 7 – Check price on Amazon. It might lack a few features and technologies but still it is the best Braun electric shaver of all time.  


  • BEST PERFORMANCE:- If you are after the best, efficient shave and most gentle….., I recommend getting  Braun Series 9-9095cc – Check price on Amazon  simply because of its cutting edge technology, sleek design, good weight, better speed and perfection, extra closeness, head flexibility, nice design and durability. The price of series 9 is quite high compared to that of series 7. But if you can afford, why stop you from owning this amazing shaver.



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