Crock Pot Scr450-Pt 4-12-Quart Slow Cooker Review

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Crock Pot SCR450-PT 4-1-2-Quart Slow Cooker Review

For that home cooked meal that will bring every family member to the table, the Crock Pot SCR450-PT 4-12-Quart Slow Cooker will be the perfect choice. This slow cooker gives you the chance to experiment with your favorite slow cooker recipes with its high, low and warm settings. This in addition allows it to accommodate different cooking needs each other time. The SCR45O-PT provides with the chance to enjoy meals together as a family as it is large enough to serve 5or even more people all at once.

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In a snap you will have cleaned this slow cooker as it is made with dish washer safe glass lid and removable stone ware that makes it even more convenient. Just so you need a serving dish and you do not have one, the removable stone ware will be of great help. The crock pot has been discovered as one of the lowest prices slow cookers however it has exceptional functionality and durability so do not let its price fool you into giving up on it thinking it is cheaply made, simply go for it.


  • It comes at really affordable price, many other slow cookers that perform as well as the 4.5 capacity crock pot come at really hiked prices gives it a bigger advantage over all the rest. Anyone will find it fair to pay the few dollars that this slow cooker costs.
  • Excellent functionality and durability, you will not just enjoy the long lasting performance of this slow cooker but also love the great way it cooks food every other time. simple as it is, it still has the ability to perform greatly at all settings.
  • It is easy to clean, the stoneware and lid are all dish washer safe so you don’t have to bother hand washing when there is a faster way to get it clean.
  • It has amazing quality and is very easy to use, even first timers have no problem using the crock pot because it has only one button that you press to access any functions you wish.


  • It lacks the automatic shut off function which is a big savior especially for people who tend to forget a lot. Once you leave food in for a long period of time you might find it over cooked.
  • It has no programmable timer, you cannot customize the slow cooker to your needs since it does not have a timer.

Crock Pot SCR450-PT 4-1-2-Quart Slow Cooker Review



Features overview:

  • 5 quart capacity:with this capacity you can cook a whole chicken, meat or 4 pound roasts with all the ingredients and vegetables that you feel will make your food taste better. The capacity of the slow cooker is not just enough for you but also for your whole family hence making it easy for you to satisfy your needs together with the whole family seated at one table.
  • Removable stoneware:this makes thee slow cooker extremely convenient as it can be used also as a serving dish. Also when it comes to washing you will just have to remove it and throw it up into the dish washer, it is that simple.
  • Glass lid:the glass lid fits well on to the slow cooker to trap all the necessary heat inside there so that your food gets cooked to the best point. Through the glass lid it is very easy for you to look at the progress of the food you are preparing without necessarily removing it to let heat escape. It cuts down on the curiosity of having to have a glance at your food at the end of the cooking the whole process.
  • Dish washer safe parts:the glass lid and removable stoneware of this crock pot are very safe to be washed in a dish washer, within the blink of an eye you will be more than good to go after excellently cleaning your dishes.
  • Single knob control: the SCR450-PT 4-12 is very user-friendly since it only has a single button which is very easy for you to understand and use. You therefore do not need any sort of professional knowledge just to operate the crock pot, even when you have used it before it will be very easy for to on your first time.
  • Comes with recipes: for all your favorite slow cooker recipes, this crock pot simply has you covered, as you do not have to keep guessing around anymore. It comes with several recipes that will guide you on getting the best foods from your crock pot.

Crock Pot SCR450-PT 4-1-2-Quart Slow Cooker Review

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Product quality:

For exceptional functionality at a really low price, the Crock Pot SCR450-PT 4-12-Quart Slow Cooker is definitely the perfect slow cooker that you have been looking for. Compared to other quality slow cookers, the SCR450-PT-4-12 slow cooker comes at a really affordable price yet performs even much better than slow cookers whose prices are hiked way up. The customers that have used this 4.5 quart slow cooker found efficient for preparing a whole family meal as it can accommodate all ingredients and performs greatly when it comes to meat centered meals. To satisfy both your personal and family needs, this slow cooker will help to do it without you wasting too much time and energy. it is engineered with three cooking settings the high setting which takes a shorter cooking time, the low setting which takes quite longer and the warm setting which keeps you food warm without over cooking it.

This 4.5 quart capacity slow cooker is made with a stoneware glass insert which at the same time acts a serving dish just in case you need one when you do not have it. Both the stoneware and lid are dish washer safe which simply means you have them clean in just a snap. Featuring a single knob control, it is very easy to operate the slow cooker since it is extremely easy to understand and the fact that it has a simple design it becomes even much more user friendly. Just so you want a slow cooker that will not take up a whole fortune but enjoy a number of years enjoying exceptional quality then you will get all that from the Crock Pot SCR450-PT 4-12-Quart Slow Cooker.

Who does it benefit?

  • It is designed for large families: there is no way you will continue having meals alone when you have a crock pot that is large enough to prepare meals enough for your whole family. With its 4.5 quart capacity the crock pot can accommodate enough ingredients for meals that you can enjoy as a family.
  • It is recommended to anyone looking for a basic slow cooker: what I mean by a basic slow cooker is that if you want a slow cooker just for regular cooking without any exaggerated features then theCrock Pot SCR450-PT 4-12-Quart Slow Cooker is exactly what you are looking for. It is very simple to use, very easy to clean but most importantly comes at a very affordable price, you do not have to give all your savings just to have this slow cooker.

What else do you need?

  • Reynolds Metals 00504 Slow Cooker Liners:these liners completely eliminate the need to clean the slow cooker every after use, they are large enough to fit this 4.5 quart device and they are extremely easy to clean. Yes, it is now very possible to cook without the worry of cleaning up afterwards.
  • DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Everyday Kitchen Basic, Damask Printed Oven Mitt and Potholder Gift Set:these 100% cotton mitts and potholders are well insulated to protect your hands from getting burnt.
  • Crock-Pot SCBAG Travel Bag for 4.5 slow cooker: on holidays away from home or just any other party out of your home this travel bag just makes it easy for you to go around with your slow cooker. It is large enough to fit this 4.5 capacity slow cooker, it is spill resistant due to the strap that tightly holds the slow cookers lid. As you move the bag holds your slow cooker in the best position in which it can perfectly sustain heat.

Crock Pot SCR450-PT 4-1-2-Quart Slow Cooker Review

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