DEWALT DW089LG 12V Beam Battery Review

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The DEWALT DW089LG 12V Beam Battery green beam light laser is built with quite a number of features that have made it perfect for several layout and leveling applications. This unit delivers exceptional interior and exterior visibility as it is built with green beam laser technology that uses golf green laser diodes that are much more visible than red beams. It delivers three 360 degree line lasers to aid in full room layout as well the full time pulse mode which allows use with a detector. This is a very durable unit and this is a result of the over molded housing and IP65 water/debris resistant construction together with the locking pendulum that keeps inner components of the unit well protected from damage. Its magnetic bracket also has a magnetic bracket that allows tight attachment to steel and other metallic surfaces. And last but not least, this laser is built with a powerful 12 volt battery for added convenience and longer run time.

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What we like:

  • Green beam laser technology; the DEWALT DW089LG laser is infused with green beam laser technology which uses green lasers instead of red ones that other lasers use. This is was after it was realized that the human eye can detect the green color much better than it can detect the red color. Green beam laser technology is up to four times brighter thus delivering better visibility both in long interior range applications and exterior applications. With such bright visibility this technology makes the laser a lot more accurate unlike the old traditional red beam lasers.
  • 12 volt lithium ion battery; instead of AA or AAA batteries, the DEWALT DW089LG is made with a much more reliable and convenient 12 volt battery. With this battery the laser can run for a longer period of time allowing you to get all your tasks done with in a shorter period of time. It comes with a charger so that when laser runs out of battery you can easily and quickly recharge it for the next time you will be using it.
  • Full time pulse mode; the DW089LG features the full time pulse mode which is responsible for maintaining maximum brightness and visibility over an extended range. This mode allows you to use a detector.
  • Integrated magnetic bracket; the DEWALT DW089LG laser is built with rear mounted magnets for really tight connection to metallic surfaces and steel. When you are working on such it will be much easier as a result of this integrated magnetic bracket with 5/8inch and 1/4inch thread.
  • Three 360 degree line lasers; this laser provides you with three 360 degree line lasers which are perfect in laying out the room fully. Instead of laying out only the area that you will working on, this laser aids you to fully layout an entire room.
  • Long lasting design; combining IP65 water/debris resistance with an over-molded housing maximizes this unit’s durability. The DEWALT DW089LG is sturdy enough to offer you so many years of use.
  • Locking pendulum; the locking pendulum that this laser is made with also increases its durability as it keeps the inner components of the unit well protected from any kind of damage.
  • Blow mold case; this is a very durable case in which you can store the unit hence making it much more convenient and easy to transport for those who are always on the move.
  • Cordless; you will not have any hard time using this laser because it doesn’t come with cord so you will not have to waste time arranging the cord when it gets twisted. You can reach any part of your yard without any limitations unlike when you are working with a corded unit which requires you to work within the cord’s limit to prevent it from getting plugged out as you work.
  • Very bright even outdoors; the traditional red beam lasers are not so bright from outdoors and those that are, cannot maintain brightness over extended range. But the DEWALT DW089LG features a very bright green beam which delivers up to 100ft visibility.
  • Maintenance free; even when it gives you the versatility to work on so many different tasks, this unit doesn’t require a lot of maintenance which makes it very cost effective. You don’t have to spend on buying batteries every time you want to use the laser, you just need to have recharge its power.

What we don’t like:

  • It is very bulky; the major drawback of this DEWALT DW089LG is the fact that it is very heavy which makes it difficult to handle. Compared to other lasers of the same kind, this one is quite bulky by the time you are through with your tasks you will be really exhausted.
  • Not reliably accurate outdoors; this laser offers the brightness that other lasers don’t and much better visibility but am afraid the same cannot be said about its accuracy. When being used outdoors, this laser as found to deliver inconsistent results. But this shouldn’t be too much of a problem reason being when being used indoors, it is super accurate and precise.


For several layout and leveling applications the DEWALT DW089LG beam battery laser is the perfect pick. Powered by a very powerful 12 volt battery, this laser allows you to work for longer periods of time with added convenience since it is rechargeable. Unlike traditional red lasers, the DEWALT DW089LG stand out with green beam laser technology which is up to four times brighter to provide better visibility both on interior and exterior applications. It also features three 360 degree lasers to help you out with full room layout as well as integrated magnetic bracket which allows attachment to steel and metal. This laser is ideal for large scale projects because of its full time pulse mode that allows you to extend range and at the same time maintains brightness. The DEWALT DW089LG is a very durable laser with the convenience of rechargeable battery tools and ease of use to allow quickly finish up various projects.


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