How To Air Out A Mattress

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Airing-out a mattress is very crucial when it comes to keeping the mattress clean. In fact, a mattress that is aired-out regularly contains less allergens and germs compared to mattresses that are never aired-out. Airing can actually be done indoors or outdoors on a weekly basis throughout the year. Additionally, winter-airing can result in killing of creatures like bed-bugs, lice and others. so, I have decided to list for you some of the steps on how to air-out a mattress in order to keep in clean through the year and this means that you actually need to read through article in case you mattress is very dirty and needs to be cleaned-out.

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STEP-1: REMOVE ALL THE BED-LINEN OR CLOTHING IN ORDER TO LET THE MATTRESS BREATHE: pull-off all the clothing, sheets and pillows from your mattress so that it’s left completely open into the air. In fact, try opening all windows and let the sun shine over your mattress while passing through the window. Additionally, during the airing process, it’s the ideal time for you wash your sheets and other beddings. Likewise, the recommended washing-time is weekly for sheets and pillowcases and quarterly for heavier bedding-items like blankets and mattress-covers.

STEP-2: VACUUM THE MATTRESS: in case you happen to have dust allergies then try to vacuum your mattress regularly either on a weekly or monthly basis because this actually helps to remove any dust and dust-mites that form on the mattress. Additionally, a vacuum-cleaner can actually help to dust thoroughly from the mattress without spreading-out this dust hence making it a perfect cleaning tool for people allergic to dust. However, before you begin vacuuming the mattress, you need to remove all the bedding s in order to achieve the best results.

STEP-3: AIR THE MATTRESS FOR AT LEAST 1 OR 2 TIMES A YEAR: ask for help in order to move your mattress to a dry and clean spot outdoors. But make sure that you do this on a sunny day during summer. In case the mattress is being aired-out on a snow, then put a groundsheet between the mattress and ground. This is very crucial because a wet-mattress is not only uncomfortable but can even encourage mold-growth.

STEP-4: LEAVE YOUR MATTRESS IN THE SUN TO AIR-OUT: take the mattress out in the sun in order to air it out for at least 3-4 hours but you may also decide to leave it under the sun for 6-hours or more in case you want to. However, never leave your mattress out until evening because the evening-air will make the mattress to feel damp. So try to return the mattress inside the house before the sun disappears when it’s still fresh and clean. On the other hand, if you’re doing winter-airing then take your mattress inside before the sun disappears behind the trees, hills or buildings since chill will set-in fast.

STEP-5: AIR-OUT THE MATTRESS INSIDE IF YOU CAN’T MOVE IT: in case you can’t move your mattress outside, then try to air it inside your house but with all the windows open but on a warm, hot or dry day.

STEP-5: FINISH BY PREPARING YOUR BED: after airing out the mattress, gets your bed-sheets, pillows and blanket then preparing it. This will actually help to keep your bed away from dust and dirt for longer period of time and you should in fact try to avoid sleeping on a bear mattress if really want to keep it clean and dust-free. All in all, remember to air-out your mattress on a weekly basis for at least 1-hour with nothing else left over it.


  • Try to clean-up any spills, bed-wettings and burns immediately in order to keep your mattress looking clean and fresh. In fact, if you don’t clean spills and other debris away from your mattress immediately, then it will get stained hence making airing and clean-up very difficult.
  • Acquire and use a mattress-liner in order to protect your mattress against stains and spills. In fact, you should purchase a breathable and liquid-tight mattress cover/pad in order to provide the mattress with optimum protection.
  • Never leave your mattress out until evening while airing it because it will become damp due to the evening air. So, return the mattress inside the bedroom before the sun disappears when it’s still fresh and clean.


  • Don’t eat in bed unless you’re ill/sick. This is because crumbs tend to encourage parasites to move-in while food or drink spills can result into stains.
  • Never air-out your mattress at night when the temperatures are down because this will make the mattress damp hence leading to the development of mold.
  • Avoid sleeping on a bear mattress because this will lead to dirt and dust accumulation quickly. So, try to always place bed-sheets, blankets and other items over your mattress in order to keep it looking clean for a long period of time.

CONCLUSION: all in all, airing-out a mattress is a very important process that you should try doing on a regular basis in order to keep your mattress looking clean and dust-free. Additionally, airing even helps to prevent mold and bacteria development within your mattress which may lead to certain skin-diseases. However, remember to cover-up your mattress after airing it out while using a mattress pad/cover in order to protect it from spills, dust and other debris.

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