How To Be A Good Runner – For The First Time

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Running is a very good exercise that will actually keep your body looking and feeling healthy. However, to become a good runner, you must improve on your running skills and this will enable you to increase the distance and strength used while running. becoming a good runner also requires you to ensure that your body form is solid and you must also wear the right gear before you actually begin to add miles the your running routine. In fact, it’s recommended to set a running schedule and also find ways of motivating yourself to stick to it. Finally, you should even try to improve your endurance and speed while running by using several techniques. All in all, you can always become a better runner incase you make running a priority no matter where you begin from.



  • Discover your stride: a stride is the motion your legs take as they spread-out and strike the ground while running. In fact, a natural running stride should feel easy rather than awkward. However, every person’s stride is a little bit different although the general form seems to be similar for most people. But the good thing is that once you discover your stride, you will minimize on the risk of getting injuries and even gain speed while running. You should also know that the length of the stride is affected by your height and length of the legs.
  • Ensure good posture: you should have a good posture while running by simply keeping the torso centered over the hips and the back kept mostly straight with just a little lean forward. It’s not actually good to bend too far at the waist while running but it is fine to lean a bit especially when running uphill. Additionally, try to keep the shoulders back and the elbows bent as you pump them with every stride taken.
  • Always remember to breathe when running: try to breathe in a way that feels easy and natural while running. In fact, never hold your breath or forget to breathe when running because you will end-up gasping for air and slowing down. While any type of exercise including running, breathing is most efficient when you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  • Put on the right running-shoes: in case you are just beginning to run, any old sports shoes will work for you. But if you plan to run for several times in a week and you also wish to start adding some distance, it would be a good idea to invest in a pair of running-shoes that fits in order to support your feet while running. In fact, the running shoes should not be so wide to slip around or so tight because this will make you feel uncomfortable while running. It’s also advised to leave about ¼ to ½ inch between the toes and front end of the shoes.
  • Dress according to the weather: in case you are over or under-dressed for the weather, you run not be that successful. This is why it’s advised to aim dressing for the weather about 20-degress warmer than the actual day temperature because you body will be able to warm-up quickly so that you can be able to run comfortably.
  • Stretch after finishing running: stretching after running helps to keep the muscles from getting sore. In case you wake-up with tight muscles the next day, you will actually be less likely to run and that’s why it’s a good idea to stretch each time you finish running.



  • Set a running schedule: in case you want to become a good runner, then you should set running schedule and stick to it because it’s the best way of steadily working towards your goal and you should never even take more than a few days off this schedule. In fact, make a commitment to follow this schedule no matter what even though it’s raining or shining, in a good or bad mood. This means that you just have to get up and run and with time you will become a better runner.
  • Never be judgmental of your running abilities: try to understand that there is no reason to judge yourself because if you get down on yourself because you are not progressing as you wanted then you will find it hard to stay motivated. So it’s better to get up every day and try a little harder because each day gives you an opportunity to make a fresh start. Whether you can only run for 5-minutes or 10-minutes, you will only improve by continuing to run.
  • Keep the hands busy: it makes running less difficult incase the hands are doing something but in case you are a pro-runner then this tip is not meant for you because you know how to keep the hands intact. On the other hand, if you’re new to running and just starting out, then occupying your hands is a great thing which will help to improve on your running.
  • Make your running a bit more fun: incase running is starting to feel boring and you feel like you would rather do something else, then it high time you begin adding some fun to your running routine. The best part about running is that it’s very versatile whereby you can run from anywhere, with any person, at any time without needing any extra equipment apart from your running-shoes. Some of the things you can add to your running include; running in different places, listening to music as you run, losing yourself into your though and many other practices.
  • Try running to the beat of the drum or mouth: you are created with 2-feet and this means that you create 2 syllable words to chant as you run. This will help to motivate you while running.
  • Run with friends: although some people like running alone, other find running with other people very nice and motivating. You can actually run with friends, neighbors or join a running club or team in order to improve on your running motivation.
  • Sign-up for a running race: whether you decide to sign-up for a marathon or any type of running race, having a goal to meet in mind will make you get up and run a few weeks before the race. Actually, training for a race is quite exciting and amazing since it comes with a reward of competing in the race with a goal of finishing it. but to gain more form this, try to sign-up for another race after finishing the current race and also try to make sure you beat the previous running time in the new coming race.



  • Try a run/walk method: in case you are just a beginner, this method can actually be a very effective way to help increase on your running distance and amount of time you spend on the road. This can simply be done by running for a minute and then walk for a minute and so on. However, the next time you got to run, try to increase the time spent running and decrease on the time you are walking. With time, you will eventually be able to run for the entire period.
  • Increase on the running time every week: try to add at least 10-minutes to your running routine every 2-weeks. This little time will actually increase on your distance depending on running pace and after a month or 2, the distance run will really add-up.
  • Do some speed exercises: incase you are contented with your running distance but you run faster, then there are a variety of exercises that can help to increase the muscle mass and enable you to gain running speed?These exercises may include; hill repeats, tempo running and track workouts.
  • Feed your body with healthy food and a lot of water: as you transform into a better runner, you will actually notice how important it is to keep the body in good running shape by keeping it well-hydrated and having a healthy diet.

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