How to Become a Good Website Developer

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Web development is new field that is expanding everyday and ranges from creating websites to mobile-Apps. In fact, the demand for mobile-App developers it very today but it requires some work and learning. So, if you want to build a career in web-development then you will need to learn a set of skills involving programming-languages, graphics and marketing in-order to become a successful web-developer.


Knowing What Is Required To Become A Web-Developer:

  • Research and know what employers need: Most companies that need web-developers with advertise for a person who has multiple qualifications in web-development. for example, they will need a person holding a Bachelors degree in computer science, Computer science or information-technology because these courses equip people with skills needed for web development like programming, web design, database management, networking and mathematics.


  • Know the computer skills you need to become a web developer: You will need to know how the web works and how to program since there are many different programming languages that a good web developer should have knowledge about. However, new programming languages and interfaces are appearing daily and this implies that you will need to keep up with the trends in technology in-order to move forward in this field. On the other hand, you will need to know some basic aspects of design in-order to make a website or app look attractive and user friendly at the same time.



  • Know that web development is a very demanding career: The web-development career requires you some interpersonal skills to relate to clients as well as to handle stress and a busy work environment. This is very important because you may have to deal with difficult clients or people who need some extra help in learning how to use the technology you are developing.


How To Learn Different Programming Languages:

  • Understand the purpose and function of different programming-languages: without programming languages the web and other programs wouldn’t function properly. In fact, it’s the programming languages and platforms that developers use to create applications, scripts or other sets of instructions for computers to follow. On the other hand, there are multiple programming languages and each of them uses a different platform or program. So, you will need to learn the basic and most popular programming-languages in-order to become a successful web-developer.


  • Try to become familiar with HTML: HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and it’s the simplest and most commonly used programming-language for websites. HTML consists of multiple short codes that are typed into a text document but it also has its own grammar and syntax just like any other programming-language. In fact, HTML creates links that can be clicked to move around the internet from one-page to another. Lastly, to utilize HTML you may use a simple text editor or a powerful HTML editing tool like HTML Kit.



  • Learn about Java programming-language: This is one of the most commonly used programming languages for web developers. In fact, java allows web developers to write a script or set of instructions for an application. Some of the most popular websites that use this language include Netflix and Zappos. Additionally, the most commonly used tools for writing and coding in Java are JSON and CORE.


  • Try to develop skills using NET/ C#: Learning NET/C# is very essential especially if you’re working on Microsoft based systems. In fact, this programming language was created for Microsoft platforms and some of the web-development tools that will help you write in NET/C# include; Flippy, SQL Helper, Imagehandler and CodeSmith.



  • Learn some PHP: PHP is another great programming-language that is suitable for web development. In fact, it’s the most commonly used scripting language because it allows web developers to write quickly and it’s more flexible in its code than other languages. Lastly, companies like Facebook, Tumblr and Wikipedia use PHP as their programming language.


  • Develop some skills in writing C++ code: C++ is mostly used for systems programming because it’s very easy to use and has flexibility in its code. Some of the tools that can help you code in C++ include; Doxygen, Graphviz, Eclipse and Mscgen. Lastly, popular websites that use C++ include; Sony, JPMorgan Chase and DIRECTTV.



  • Learn how to use Python: Python is a very easy-to-use programming language that is used by many popular websites today. This language allows developers to quickly create code and integrate systems. Additionally, this programming-language has a programming syntax that is easy to read and follow while reducing on the cost of program maintenance. Lastly, some of the tools you can use with Python include; Komodo Edit IDE, PyCharm IDE and Eclipse with PyDev.

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