How To Buy A Cordless Drill – Step by Step Guide

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Being multi-purpose a cordless drill is one of the really important things that any household ought to have. The little devices can perform several tasks such as drilling holes in different kinds of materials and screw drives but when you get into the market you will realize that different brands and types have different features which makes it quite a challenge to get the best cordless drill. There are different things that you need to consider such as weight, power, battery life and above all what exactly you want to use the drill for. Knowing how hard it can get for you buy the right cordless drill, here are things that you should look out for when you get out there to make your search simpler.

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  • Types of cordless drills:since different types perform differently you need to think well about which type will be good for your needs, let us begin by breaking down the types of cordless that you might come across when you get on the market.
  • Impact drivers: impact drivers deliver more torque compared to just standard drills and are designed to perform tasks that are really heavy.
  • Right angle drills:if you are looking for a drill to work in tight spots, this will be the perfect one reason being this kind of drill is made with a chuck fixed at 90 degrees.
  • Hammer drills: for drilling holes in masonry a hammer drill is exactly what you need reason being it rotates just like a standard drill and pounds at the same time.
  • Drill presses: these are designed to make well-spaced holes at the exact depth and when properly adjusted they can drill in just any angle without tampering with the shape of the hole.
  • Cordless screw drivers: these are best for lighter tasks so if you want to work on small tasks or work in hard to reach areas they are the most appropriate drills.
  • Design and comfort:most drilling or driving tasks take some time and require effort so you need to look out for a drill that will be super comfortable to avoid exhausting your hands. There are different things that make a drill comfortable like how light the drill is, soft grip handle and size of the drill itself. You have to look for a drill that is designed well to balance weight evenly making it easy for you to use the drill.
  • Size of the drill:drills come in majorly three sizes that is to say 3/8 inch, 1/4inch, 1/2inch and the tasks that you will using the drill for will help you determine which size of drill to buy. If you only want a drill that can accomplish lighter tasks you should buy a 1/4inch drill, if you plan to use the drill for a wide range of tasks in the home then the best drill for you to buy will be a 3/8 inch and finally for heavy duty tasks the most appropriate drill to buy is a 1/2inch.
  • Versatility: the more versatile a drill is the wider the range of activities that it can accomplish therefore it is always best to buy a drill with an adjustable chuck and variable speeds. This will mean that you can use the drill on different materials whether it is soft materials like plastic or hard materials like metal and hardwood.
  • Batteries and battery life: no one wants to use a drill that will stop only in the middle of the activity so you have to consider how long the drill’s battery can last. In addition you also need to consider the type of battery that the drill has, lately drills are commonly designed with two types of batteries including NiCad batteries and Lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries charge for a shorter period of time yet they last long but also cost quite a lot on the other hand NiCad batteries take long to charge, last for average time and are not that expensive so think about it and see which one will work for you.
  • Price: prices vary so there is a price for everyone, it will depend on what your budget can accommodate however I must say that it makes no sense paying a fortune for a drill with features that you might never use. Buy something that will be good for you, a drill that can perfectly perform the tasks you want it to and without having to strain your budget too much.
  • Power/voltage: first of all you need to know that the higher the voltage the heavier the drill that why you will find that drill that a really light have a voltage of between 4 volts – 8 volts while those that are heavy have voltage of 12 volts-18 volts. A higher voltage means that the drill delivers more power and has ability to undertake heavy duty tasks and vice versa.
  • Features: these features greatly determine how well your drill will perform and it so happens that people who go to buy drills usually have no ideas about these features and those who do are not sure what the importance of these features is. These are some of the most essential feature that you need to look out for;
  • Work light: if you will be working in dark areas or want to reach into those tight spots then you will need to buy a drill with a work light which illuminates the working area.
  • Built in level: this will help you to precisely screw drives and drill holes accurately.
  • Adjustable handle: for added control and stability it is essential that you buy a drill with a handle that is adjustable.
  • Accessories: a drill that comes with several accessories makes it easy for you to maintain the drill, you will need a set bits, carrying case and spare batteries and a charger.
  • Brushless motor: drills that have brushless motor produce very little or no noise at all during operation, they are more durable and require less maintenance which gives them added advantage.

In conclusion, with the knowledge you have just got about how to buy a cordless drill, you can now get into the market and purchase your drill with a lot of confidence that you are choosing the right tool for you.

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