How To Buy A Lawn Mower – Step by Step Buying Guide

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Many of the lawn mowers don’t cost a fortune but even then you really need to think extremely carefully about the lawn mower you will be buying since it does not come for free. Because of the different needs that everyone has, you will find that what one person considers as the best lawn mower is not the best for you but at least there are some considerations that everyone would want to have, take for example comfort, quality performance and durability. The factors that you need to look out for when buying a lawn mower are what we are going to be discussing in this post. This should not be such a big burden for you and with these buying tips, it will become a lot easier for you.



  • Types of lawn mowers: they are very many types of lawn mowers with some types having more advantages and features than others but what your desires are will determine which type of lawn mower is good for you. Here are the different types of lawn mowers;
  • Manual reel mowers: these were the very first lawn mowers and back in the day they were the commonest type of lawn mowers in homes because they don’t produce any bad gases or fumes, they produce very little or no noise at all, they don’t require a lot of maintenance and they are quite affordable even for those with low budgets. However the draw back with manual mowers is that they require a lot of effort when it comes to cutting grass and if you have any obstacles such as trees and hills in your home it becomes even harder using them.
  • Corded electric mowers: these mowers are much more improved compared to manual reel mowers, they operate quietly, very environment friendly as they don’t pollute the air, they are super easy to operate and offer several mowing options. Many people who have such mowers complain about how hard it is dealing with cord and the fact that they don’t cut long grass as perfectly as they cut short grass.
  • Gas powered mowers: these mowers are another type that many people love due to the energy they have to mow a whole yard with no interruption and the fact they are really easy to use. In most cases they offer several mowing options but their major disadvantage is that they emit pollutant gases and fumes and can be extremely noisy.
  • Electric cordless or battery mowers: these mowers are easy to operate since they have no cord and hassle free, all you have to do is ensure the mower is always charged so that it is ready whenever you need to use it. The only problem with these mowers is that the weight of their batteries also affects how heavy they will be and they take a lot of time charging. Just like corded mowers, cordless lawn mowers are also environment friendly.
  • Self-propelled gas mowers: like their name, these mowers work on their own you practically don’t have to use any effort to run them. They cost quite more than mowers but they are always worth their price.
  • Size of the lawn: you also need to consider the size of your lawn before buying a mower because not just any mower can work on any lawn, some types are not good to be used on very large lawns and the other way round. If you have a small lawn of about 100 sq. Meters then an electric lawn mower is just what you need, if it’s a medium lawn of 100-250 sq. meters then you can go in for either a cordless electric or gas powered lawn mower to avoid the interruption of cables, and finally if you have a really large lawn beyond 250 sq. meters the best lawn mower will be a cordless battery powered or self-propelled lawn mower.
  • Price of the mower: how much you are willing to spend on a mower should also be at the back of your mind. If you will not need some of the features that high ends mowers have then there is surely no need for you to pay for those features. But you also need to be very careful with those low priced lawn mowers, make goo research, read through customer reviews and after you can confidently pay for the machine. you can get a good lawn mower from around $200 to $600
  • Blade width: keep mind that the wider the blade the faster the mower will cut grass because it cuts up a lot of grass in each and every pass. So try to check the mower’s manual to find its blade width before you actually pay for it.
  • Flexibility: in this I mean how adjustable the mower is, the handle and mower’s height should be adjustable to what you feel is most comfortable for you to work with.
  • Accessories:you also need to consider that the accessories that the lawn mower comes with, a good lawn mower should give you more option such as mulching, bagging and side discharge.
  • Consider the brands:the good thing with buying a lawn mower from a big and well-known brand is that you are more than sure that you are paying for quality. Known brands usually manufacture quality products and they have great warranty for their products and they have centers that are easily accessible just in case you need to service you mower.
  • Type of grass in your lawn: if your mower has grass that fine and short then you will have no problem using a small lawn mower but if it is filled with tough and long grass then you will have to opt for a large lawn mower. You will need to use a lot of effort if you use a small mower on a lawn filled with tough and tough grass.

Considering the amount of money that you have to pay someone to mow your lawn for you, I really think investing in a lawn mower will help you spend less. There is nothing that hard about using a lawn mower and with just a few maintenance costs you will keep your lawn looking perfect without straining your budget too much.

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