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Buying a quality mattress is not an easy thing to do because this happens to be one of the most important purchases you could ever for your home. In fact, you are most likely to spend more time on a mattress than on any other piece of furniture within your house since you have to sleep on a regular-basis. It is for this reason that I have decided to list for your some of the steps that you may follow in order to purchase the best-quality mattress that will perfectly match your lifestyle. So try to take-off some of your valuable time so that you can read through this article in case you really don’t want to make a mistake while buying mattress.



  1. Visit mattress websites: you will actually need to visit online mattress websites in order to check out what types of mattresses are currently offered. In fact, if you have not purchased a mattress in a while, then it is good-practice to first see what options are currently available before going to any local-store. This will actually help you to know the price-range depending on the mattresses being offered, it enable you to decide on how high-tech you want a mattress to be and even to know the special features of mattress including the warranty-period or money-back guarantee.
  1. Decide on the mattress level-of-firmness: although this tends to be difficult to determine without first testing the mattresses available, a few physical-factors will actually help you to make a decision. For example, in case you have back-problems then consider purchasing medium-firm to firm mattress because it will support the lower-back hence reducing on back-pain or consider a pillow-top mattresses in case you are large in size because it will make you feel more comfortable.
  1. Measure the space/bed you plan to place the mattress: it can be very annoying to find and purchase a perfect mattress but later realize that you can’t actually fit it into your bed. So, you need to measure the space between your bed in order to perfectly decide on the size of mattress to fit into or to purchase. Mattresses are actually available in different sizes which include; twin-mattresses, full/double mattresses, queen-size mattresses, king-size mattresses and some brands even offer the California-king mattress which is extremely large. So always make sure that the mattress size you intend to buy fits perfectly into the bed-frame can also pass through the doors leading to your bedroom.
  1. Find a store(s) to buy the mattress from: specialty mattress stores tend to have more informed salespeople who will provide you will more information on the mattresses than with a generic furniture store. Additionally, make sure that where you select to purchase the mattress they have a good reputation coupled with helpful employees.



  1. Test-out the mattresses: in order to know how well you will like a mattress, you must test this mattress out in any preferred store. In fact, it’s recommended to search around while looking for mattresses which can meet your needs and you should actually lay on each of these mattresses to check how they feel like. So, try to lie on each mattress for at least 2-3 minutes because the floor-models are left out specifically for this reason hence you shouldn’t hesitate to lay on them when in a store. additionally, try to ignore some descriptions on tags like; ultra-push, super-soft or extra-firm because they may actually fool you into buying a mattress that is not very comfortable for you hence the best thing to do is to just lay on a mattress in order to get your own feel on how soft or firm it is. Lastly, ask for a cutaway of a specific mattress if available in order to see exactly what it is composed of before making a purchase.


  1. Inquire about a comfort-guarantee: a comfort-guarantee is actually a given period of time after making mattress purchase in which the user can return or exchange the mattress for free. In fact, a comfort-guarantee actually varies between mattress brands so you need take a closer attention about this when purchasing a mattress. So, always ask about this comfort-guarantee before making a purchase and even try to verify at purchase in order to make sure that you are receiving the right information on this guarantee. All in all, you just need to know how long a comfort-guarantee lasts when buying a mattress so that you don’t regret later.


  1. Take the mattress for a trial-run: several mattress brands and stores actually allow the user to test the mattress in his/her home for up to 30-days. In case you get this opportunity then use it to verify that the mattress have purchased meets or does not meet your sleeping needs just within 30-days.


  1. Check for the warranty period: always make sure that the mattress you’re buying offers a minimum 10-year, non-prorated warranty for best results. In case you happen to find a mattress with a limited-warranty of about 1-year, then don’t purchase it because it may not be durable.


  1. Buy other necessary mattress add-ons: although buying only a mattress is all that seems necessary, you may also need to purchase a box-spring as well in order to support the mattress. In fact, always purchase a new box-spring with a new mattress because old box-springs tend to wear-out over time hence losing the desired support and firmness. Additionally, you can also decide to buy a waterproof protector/cover with your new mattress because this helps to protect the mattress from any liquid-spills and even makes clean-up much easier. On top of that, a mattress protector also helps to keep a mattress-warranty intact because most warranties tend to be void in case the mattress is stained or spilled-on.


  1. Negotiate on the price: the price of a mattress can often be lowered with a little negotiating done with the sales associate or store-manager. So, it’s at this point for you to use the price you found online earlier in order to determine whether you are getting a better deal. Additionally, try to ask for freebies and in fact some stores tend to offer their customers with free-services if simply asked for.

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