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Investing in a quality washing-machine is very crucial but it’s not an easy task since you have to consider a lot of factors before deciding of type of washer to purchase. In fact, there is a huge variety of manufacturers or washing-machines on the market today and this means that there are a lot of washing-machines out there with different prices and features hence you have to pay extra attention when selecting a washer for use at home, business or apartment set-ups. However, there are generally 2-types of washing-machines and these actually include; top-loading washer and front-loading washer hence it’s upon you to choose a type that will perfectly fit into your laundry needs. Below is a guide containing some of the steps and factors to consider when buying a washing-machine and you actually need to read through this article in order to make a good purchase?

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  1. Determine the load-capacity required: incase the size of your family is about 4-people or less, then consider buying a medium-sized washer with a capacity of about 3-4 cubic-feet because this will fulfill all your laundry needs. On the other hand, purchase full-size washer with a capacity of about 6-8 cubic-feet in case you have a large family. All in all, you should know that washing-machines last for long and this means that you need to plan for the future and also consider possible changes to the size of your family when purchasing a washing-machine.
  1. Decide on the type of washing-machine to buy: there are 2-types of washing machines on the market and these include front-load and top-load washing machines hence this means that you need to decide on the type of washer to buy. Front-loading washers tend to be more energy-efficient, quieter, offer faster wash-cycles and can even be opened at any point during the washing-process in order to add more clothes. Likewise, front-loading washers tend to be more water and energy-efficient, gentler on clothes, offer shorter drying-times and even have more program options.
  1. Check for the energy star-rating of the washer: most quality washing-machines tend to have a rating of 4 or 5 with 5 considered as the highest a washing-machine can achieve. In fact, a washing-machine with a higher energy-star rating will save you at least 25-percent on electricity and water usage.
  1. Test the noise and vibration level: most quietly running washing-machines are often equipped with direct-drive motor technology which eliminates the use of belts hence reducing on unnecessary vibrations and noise. Likewise, try to look for a washer that features a dampener system because it cushions the drum/tub from the outer-casing and this greatly reduces on the noise produced during the washing-cycle. On top of that, some newer models of washing-machines provide extra insulation and reinforced frames in order to reduce on operation noise.
  1. Measure the laundry-area: before going to buy a washing-machine, always first measure your laundry-area in order to know how much space a washer can take-up. In case your house has limited space, then you will have to buy a portable/compact washing-machine for best results. but if have enough laundry-space, then you actually purchase a full-size washer or even go for a washer-dryer machine which can is capable of washing and drying clothes in one complete cycle.
  1. Consider the brand of washing-machine to buy: the brand of washing-machine to purchase is very important because some common brands are known for producing high-quality washers. In fact, the major manufacturers of washing-machines include; Samsung, LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, Miele, GE (General-Electric), Electrolux and Frigidaire. So try to consider any of these brands when buying a washing-machine and avoid purchasing unknown brands in case you don’t wish to get disappointed.
  1. Consider the settings and programs of the washer: washing-machines also have adjustable wash and temperature settings which let the user to safely wash several types of clothes. So try as much as you can to purchase a washer that is equipped with settings for washing your clothes.
  1. Consider the washing-speed of the washing machine: incase you’re often rushing when doing laundry then try to make some research about the wash-lengths of a preferred washer before making a purchase. In fact, research shows that top-load washers are quicker than front-load washers although most front-loading washers offer a ‘fast-wash’ setting.
  1. Checkout the washing-machine controls: make sure that the controls on the washing-machine you’re about to purchase are accessible and easy to understand. In fact, cheap washing-machines tend to have mechanical-knobs while expensive washers tend to have one-touch digital buttons and display-screens.
  1. Consider the special-features that you may need from a washer: try listing the special features that might be of use in relation to your personal washing-needs and makes sure that the washing-machine you’re about to buy has these features or some of them. For example, some Samsung washing-machines offer a unique silver wash-technology which utilizes silver-particles in order to effectively eliminate up to 99-percent of bacteria hence keeping your clothes mold-free even after the washing-process. Some people may also prefer buying a washer that can do both washing and drying so that they can minimize on laundry-space and to save on time.
  1. Try to read through consumer-reviews before making a purchase: always read through consumer-reviews for each washing-machine brand in order to find the good and bad things about a specific washing-machine. You can actually find these reviews by making some research online and trust me you will get a good washing-machine by simply reading these reviews.
  1. Check whether replacement parts and repair is readily available before buying a washer: always make some research about any preferred washing-machine model in order to know whether if its replacement parts and repair is easily available around your local-area or online. This is because it can be very frustrating for your washing-machine to get damaged yet it can’t get fixed or when you just need to buy a new washer because there are no replacement parts.
  1. Compare the performance-rating for each washer-brand reviewed: comparing the performance-rating of the washing-machines you have reviewed will actually help you know the best and worst washing-machine. In fact, some of the essential factors to consider when making this comparison include; load-capacity, energy-star rating, size/dimension, noise/vibration level, unique-features and weight of the washing-machine.
  1. Evaluate the price in accordance to the performance on the washer: after comparing the performance rating of various washing-machines, try to find out the price for each item listed and at this point you be able to get a washers that fits your budget and even performs best for your laundry needs.

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