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There are many juice-extractors on the market today but choosing a quality juicer is not that easy because juice-extractors vary in price, features and design. On the other hand, choosing the right juice-extractor will enable the user make his/her own juice quickly and easily with fun  but it also very important to first consider the main purpose of the juicer before acquiring one. All in all, before purchasing a juice-extractor make sure that you have determined a few basic things you expect from it and below are some of these considerations that you should look into:

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  • Determine how-often to use the juicer: it’s very important to first determine how often you will use the juicer whereby in case you plan to use the juicer on a daily or weekly basis, then choose a high-end juicer because it will less frustrating to use and offers more benefits. On the other hand, if you choose a lower-end juicer for daily juicing then expect to experience hardships when making juice.
  • Estimate the amount of juice you want to achieve from a juicer: you should try to estimate the amount of juice you and your family will need from a juicer before buying one. This is because many juicers have a limited juice-capacity of 1-2 cups and this may not be enough for you and the entire family. So you should try to look for a large juice-extractor that will make enough juice for you and your family but it’s also ensure that the juice-extractor you have chosen is of high-quality for best results.
  • Decide on the types of juice you want to extract from the juicer: at times the quality of the juice-extractor actually depends on the types of juice you want to make while using it. In case you only want to extract orange juice, then an OJ specific-juicer will be enough for you. If you are going to extract a variety of fruits and vegetables, then a more powerful juice-extractor will be a more appropriate choice.
  • Set your budget limit: you should first determine what you are going to use the juice-extractor for before setting your budget or how much to spend on a juicer. In case you are going to use the juice-extractor on a daily basis, then expect to pay more in order to get a quality, high-end juicer. On the other hand, if you are not going to use the juice-extractor regularly, then you can get a cheap but good-quality juice-extractor.
  • Make some research on juice-extractors: it is good to first make some research in case you want to purchase a quality juice-extractor. You can visit websites like Amazon and search for bestselling juice-extractors because in most cases such juicers are of high-quality compared to their counterparts. Additionally, you can also decide to do some window shopping in order to check-out for different juicer brands until you get a juice-extractor that meets your requirements.
  • Choose a juicer that extracts enough juice in one use: a quality juice-extractor will actually yield enough juice for you and the family in one use. For example, a masticating juice-extractor will enable you to extract more juice though it may take a bit longer than other juice-extractors.
  • Consider the speed of the juice-extractor: faster juice-extractors don’t usually squeeze all the juice from the produce and this means that a lot will be wasted. So try to get a quality, slow-speed masticating juicer because it will squeeze every last drop of juice from the produce thus providing you with a great amount of high-quality juice.
  • Consider the feed-tube of the juice-extractor: a large feed-tube will facilitate for quick and easy juice-extraction from produce and also minimize prep-time compared to juice-extractors with smaller feed-tubes. This implies that if you hate spending a lot of time chopping-up your produce for extraction, then just purchase a quality juice-extractor with a large feed-tube.
  • Choose a juice-extractor with few moving parts: make sure that you select a juice-extractor with fewer moving parts because such a juicer tends to be quicker and easier to clean compared to juicers with many parts. Additionally, make sure that juicer’s components are made of stainless-steel and are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Check-out the warranty-package of the juice-extractor: juice-extractors with a longer warranty period actually tend to be of higher quality compared to juice-extractors with short warranty period. So you should take note of the warranty period while purchasing a juice-extractor and in fact, the price of the juice-extractor does not determine its warranty period or quality.
  • Consider the juicer weight and design: make sure that the juice-extractor is lightweight and has a small footprint to ensure easy storage and movement. In fact, heavyweight and large juicers tend to take-up a lot of space on the counter and even make it difficult to travel with.
  • Take note of the safety-features on the juice-extractor: quality juice-extractors tend to have extra safety-features like a user-lock that ensures that you only use the juicer after putting on the lid. Some juicers even have anti-slip rubber feet that help to keep the juicer in one position when extracting juice.



  • It is better to pay extra money for a quality juice-extractor in case you are going to use it daily. But in case you don’t want to spend more on a quality juice-extractor, then wait for the product to go sale then purchase it at an affordable price.
  • A good juice-extractor will come with a long-warranty period on all its parts compared to poor-quality juicers. So take note of the warranty period when choosing a juice-extractor.
  • Masticating juicers are good juicing appliances because they offer extra features and even provide more quality juice since they operate at a lower-speed compared to other juice-extractors that operate at a higher-speed.
  • Purchase a juice-extractor that is easy to assemble and disassemble because it will be very easy to set-up and to clean-up compared to other juicers.

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