How To Choose The Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain

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Back-pain is actually one of the top-reasons as to why people begin to lose their mobility especially in the middle-age. In fact, back-pain can keep away individuals from engaging in physical-activity and this actually makes it difficult for them to maintain a healthy-weight and to keep-up their strength, balance and stamina as they age. This means that treating and managing back-pain is very crucial if you wish to stay on the path of a healthy and active-life. On the other hand, for years there have been several debates on what the best mattress for people with chronic back-pain is. In fact, there have been a lot of advertisements directed towards promoting firm-mattresses as the most ideal choice for people with back-pain issues.  However, some people with firm-mattresses still claim to deal with back-pain problems despite having spent a lot of money on top-of-the-line mattresses. So, mattress should not be perceived as a miracle-cure for back-pain there are several underlying causes of back-pain. But the choice of mattress still matters in order to manage some back-pain issues. In fact, people normally spend 6-8 hours or more in bed and this is why you need to pay extra attention to quality of mattress you sleep on because sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause or worsen the lower back-pain:

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  1. Consider your personal-preferences: Personal preference should ultimately determine the best mattress to purchase in case you experience low-back pain. In fact, there is no mattress type or style that works best for all people with low back-pain. So, any mattress that helps the user sleep without experiencing back-pain and stiffness happens to be the best mattress for that particular individual. All in all, people with low-back pain should always choose a mattress that meets their standards of comfort and support so that they can be able to achieve a good night’s sleep.


  1. Inquire about the physical-components of the mattress: before making a purchase, first inquire and understand the physical-components of a mattress in order to know whether it will for you. In fact, get to know whether the coils/ inner-springs of the mattress provide your body with optimum support while sleeping and this is important because different mattresses vary in the number and arrangement of coils. Additionally, the padding on top of the mattress comes in different types and thickness-levels. Likewise, mattress-depths also range between 7-8 inches deep. All in all, selecting the number-coils, type of padding and mattress-depth should be determined by personal-preferences.


  1. Search for a mattress with back-support: a good mattress should actually provide optimum-support for the natural-curves and alignment of the spine. In fact, the right amount of back-support helps to avoid muscle soreness especially in the morning. Additionally, clinical-studies have shown that medium-firm mattresses tend to provide extra back-support and back-pain relief that firm mattresses.


  1. Determine the balance between back-support and comfort of the mattress: optimum comfort while sleeping on a mattress is equally important as sufficient back-support. In fact, sleeping on too-firm mattress can cause pains and aches on pressure-points and this means that sleeping on a medium-firm mattress may be a more comfortable option because this type of mattress allows the shoulders and hips to sink in slightly. Additionally, people who want a firmer-mattress for back-support should get a mattress with a thick-padding in order to achieve greater comfort at the same time.


  1. Know when it’s time to acquire a new mattress: incase your old mattress is sagging in the middle and its no-longer feeling comfortable, then it’s probably time to buy a new mattress. In fact, placing boards under a sagging mattress to prevent it from sagging is only a short-term fix and you will still need a new mattress to achieve optimum comfort and extra back-support. In conclusion, mattresses have a lifespan of 15-17 years although this period may vary in consideration to the difference in quality and type of mattress you purchase.


  1. Consider the bed-frame: always keep in mind that it’s only about the mattress when it comes to achieving extra back-support and comfort. In fact, your mattress-purchase will prove useless in case you place a new-mattress on an old worn-out bed. So, make sure that you place a mattress in good foundation in order to achieve optimum comfort and back-support while sleeping.


  1. Consider the size of the mattress: normally, a sleeping-person shifts his/her position for several times during the night and this implies that you have to acquire a mattress wide-enough in order to offer you with enough space to move around during the night. In fact, mattresses come in different sizes which include; twin-size, queen-size, king-size and California-size hence it’s upon you to select a mattress that provides you with enough space in order to achieve comfortable sleeping-experience with extra back-support.


  1. Consider the mattress-type and comfort-level: there are actually several mattress options on the market and these include; water, foam, spring and air mattresses. All these mattresses offer different levels of comfort but they can still work perfectly in terms of relieving back-pain. So, you will need to personally test any of these mattresses in order to properly gauge which mattress-type best suits you.


  1. Test out the mattress before making a purchase: don’t be afraid to lie down on lots of mattresses in the store because this will help you find-out the firmness-level of the mattresses so that you can get the right-mattress to purchase in order to solve the back-pain problem. In fact, spend at least 5-minutes on each-side, your back and stomach too but depending on a preferred sleeping-position.


  1. Don’t rely on the warranty-period: lastly, don’t count on the warranty-period because it only covers defects in material and workmanship but not comfort or normal-wear of the mattress. In fact, a long warranty-period does not mean that a mattress is very comfortable and supportive, so you need to test out each mattress individually in order to get one that makes you feel comfortable without over-relying on the warranty-period.


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