How To Cook A Deer Roast In A Slow Cooker

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Cooking a deer roast in a slow cooker is not just good for your health but also one of the best ways to have the tenderest results all full of flavor. In a slow cooker there is plenty of heat and the slow cooking process helps you to make the best deer roast you have ever made. It is not advisable to eat red meat too often however venison is thin naturally which makes it the perfect option for beef. Some people do not actually like the flavor that deer meat but in a slow cooker you an easily manipulate the whole cooking process and make a deer roast just the way you like it with all the vegetables, spices or any other ingredients that you feel will turn deer meat into the flavor you love. A deer roast which also widely known as a venison roast can be prepared in different ways as shall be seeing in the post.

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Trim off all the fat: put the deer roast on a chopping board and properly cut off all the fat, that gamey flavor that prevents most people from eating deer roast concentrates in the fat.

Place the deer roast in the slow cooker: to get the best flavor of the deer roast you should pour in some beef soup over the roast or if you don’t have beef soup you can use marinade as it helps tenderize the meat and also remove the gamey flavor. However if you are choosing to marinade the deer meat then you need to do it at least an hour before you cook it.

Smear the roast with butter: smear soft butter on the meat starting with the top and then the sides, try as much as possible to smear the same amount of meat over all the meat. For those that use hard butter cut it into small cubes and equally allocate on top of the meat. You do not the butter to be too much on some areas with other areas having remaining plain.

Spice up your roast: different people prefer different spices but for a really tasty deer roast a blend of garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, parsley and vegetables makes the best spices for a deer roast. Mash all of them separately in a small bowl and nicely spread it over the meat as evenly as possible.

  • For better results, wash your hands thoroughly well and rub the spices deeper into the meat. This will help you get rid of any flavors that you don’t want to taste, and even for those that use soft butter this also helps to push into the meat so that nice flavor does not only remain on top.

Chop your vegetables ad required and add them to the slow cooker: for a good deer roast there is not much you need when it comes to vegetables, just onions, tomatoes and carrots will be enough. In fact you can even do away with all other vegetables besides onions, onions are a must for a really good deer roast.

  • Onions go first on top of the meat most preferably diced ones, then follow them up chunks of tomatoes and finally sliced carrots should be the last on top.

Start the slow cooker: the best setting for cooking your deer roast is the low setting which takes about 8 to 10 hours a defrosted roast will take 8 hours while a frozen on might go up to 10 hours. Just in case you are in a rush, you then choose the high setting that takes between 6 to 8 hours.

It is ready to serve: by the time you deer roast is ready to serve it will fork tender and will taste best if you eat it while it is still warm. Get it out of the slow cooker and serve the way you feel like having it.



Begin by cutting meat into small pieces: in the process of cutting meat into smaller pieces endeavor to also get rid of any fat and tissue that connect. Sauce will cook better with meat immersed under.

Add sliced to the slow cooker: evenly distribute meat over the slow cooker and put the roast above. In this method, yes it is onions that go down first before the deer roast. Evenly add pieces of the meat over onion so that gamey flavor is removed from each piece of meat.

Make a mixture of sugar and cider vinegar: have a separate bowl ready in which you should gently and perfectly whisk sugar into vinegar until it dissolves completely.

Add remaining ingredients to the mixture: all the spices that you will have prepared should be whisked into the vinegar solution. Try to make sure that everything nicely blends in there and also add some fat whether it is butter, lad or margarine.

Pour soup over the deer roast: after mixing up your soup, you can then evenly spread it over the meat until it is all covered. Try to pour the same amount of soup all over the entire roast. You can also add cola, water, beef soup or chicken froth over the meat to make sure it is all completely cover up in liquid.

Start the slow cooker: put it on low setting and leave it to cook for 9 to 10 hours at this time is when you will be able to get the best deer roast.

Some tips to consider:

  • Do not place meat in the slow cooker with its fat: it is in the fat that the gamey flavor of deer meat in found the most therefore cut off all the fat before throwing it into the slow cooker.
  • Keep the lid closed: to make sure that your deer roast cooks as perfectly as possible, do not tamper with lid until the process is completely done otherwise you will simply be letting heat escape from the slow cooker.
  • Make use of cooking spray: before you start preparing your deer roast in the slow cooker, consider applying cooking spray first on the sides. This greatly helps to make cleaning up of the slow cooker easier as food will not be stuck on the slow cooker’s inside.

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